Thursday, December 1, 2022

Throwback Thursday Fight Night

 This is a fun one! And I didn't notice that it was a sequel until I copied it here, so if you are interested, I've left the link to the first fight night in the start of the post. It was fun too. This was called "And In This Corner" and was from September 25 2015. Enjoy!

Welcome to another wonderful evening of pawdicuffs, fight fans. I'm Meoward Cattail, and This! is Fight Night once again!

In this corner! Wearing grey on grey stripes, the champion! The great Glitzy Gloves Glitter!
And in that corner, wearing solid grey, the newest challenger to step into the ring! Long and lean Leaping Leo!

This is going to be a night to remember, folks! So hurry up and take your seats, the bout is set to start!

Time to touch paws and come out fighting!


At the bell, it looks like the champion has the upper paw! The challenger readies one of his extra toed mitts as he contemplates the Glitzy Gloves!

Taking to the higher ground, and putting himself in tooth's way, the challenger seems pause to assess the situation..

Oh what is this?!! Is the challenger running away? Is he giving up? Is he getting bit on the butt for his trouble? In all my years of commentating, I don't think I've ever seen such a thing!

Oh wait! I spoke too soon! He's turned around and is battling back! Glitzy swings.. and MISSES! Blocked by the large paw of her competitor!

She is not happy about that, folks! Look at her battle back! What form, what style! Look at the ears, the tail, the ready paw, the fierceness!

*inaudible whisper from the sidelines*
*Meoward in a whisper* I am not favoring the champion! I'm giving the blow by blow, just as I'm supposed to!

*back to his normal loud, stoccado voice* Sorry about that, back to the fight! It looks like the challenger, Leaping Leo, is running away yet again!

What's this? Not running! He's getting down for a better vantage! Oh! But he's repelled! He takes a paw to the head, but successfully blocks one to the chest! But he's unable to land a single shot of his own!

Leaping Leo lives up to his name and leaps back up to an even level! He looks for an opening! But what is the champion, Glitzy Gloves Glitter, looking for??

OH! MY! GOSH! This is.. It's unbelievable fight fans! Glitter has quit the contest! She fled the fight! She booked out from the bout! She bailed on the brawl! She has walked on the wrangle!

That's right, Glitzy Gloves Glitter has thrown in the towel! And that means...

Leaping Leo is the new Champion!!

I've seen enough to know when I've seen it all, fight fans.
This has been Meoward Cattail, reporting live from ringside! Thanks for coming tonight, drive home safely!
More items are going to be added every day (my plan anyway) for the next few days so everything is up at least five days before the auction ends on December 10th. Be sure to get your bids in!!

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Thank you!!


Today we are thankful for the fun posts we can look back on! Thankful for Throwback Thursdays! Hee hee, now that's a combination we can get behind!


pilch92 said...

That was a fun flashback. XO

Brian said...

That really was some fun smack down! Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Marley, and Laz) said...

That was a right proper whap-fest. Concats to Leo...