Sunday, January 29, 2023

Glitter's Sunday Selfie

Glitter: Hello everyone! Hope you're having a lovely, fluffy Sunday, like I am! 

Oh we've missed you all! We won't go into any of it, but there's been a lot keeping us from blogging.  Frankly, we're tired of hearing it from ourselves too, so we won't bore you! 
We are trying, and we are peeking in at a lot of you when we can. So even if we don't comment, know we're there, cheering you on in everything you do! 
Love you all!


Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Auction Result Time!

Leo: Is this thing on? Hello? I has an announcement to make! Can you hear me now?? 
The auction was over a while back, I know, but mommy had a harder time fining a few peoples and getting everything mailed out. We's all sorry it has taken so long!! But I also think it's worth waiting for! oooo you're gonna love it! 

We waited until Miss Chrystal announced it over at her Daily Dose blog, go ahead over there if you want to hear if from her first! Then come back here after, we'll wait!  



Hmmm hmm hmmmm HMmmmMM hmmm 


Are they back yet? 

Can you still hear me? 

Oh boy, this is gonna rock!! 

Now, this is combined with the Raffle moneys and a few pre-auction hometown sales of some heavier things that we're glad no one had to pay postage for, and of course, our daddy's rounding up!

Ready for the GRAND TOTAL?!!?

Da da DA!


Can you believe it?? 

Whoo hoo! We is so very very happy! The Wishers can get lots of noms (that's foods for you non cat speaking folks) and litters and (even though no one likes it) ebil V.E.T visits with that! 


Yes, YOU! 

Every bid, every share, every visit to the auction helped us get here! And every extra sent, and straight donations, and extra help for postage, all helps!!! And we cannot thank you enough!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!! 
Nope, still not big enough. So please consider yourself head bumped/buddy bumped by all the Wishers and all of us!! We loves you!!!!