Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Toy Tuesday and Opt to Adopt Blog Hop

We got these new toys earlier in the month and these pictures are from a few days after that. That purple toy with the pink tail with feathers on the end goes all by itself. When you push the button to turn it on, any time it's bumped it rolls around, whipping that tail and flipping it enticingly.
And all the kitties did was watch it.
Until Glitter finally decided that those feathers were intriguing enough to risk it. She waits until it stops and is careful not to set it off again then she lays there and plays with and licks the feathers to death.
Leo, or rather "feather boy," wants to learn her technique very badly.
Leo: Hey, are those feathers? That might be mine..
Glitter: These are not the feathers you are looking for..

Leo: No? Well, I was pretty sure they were.. But I'll look over here instead.
Glitter: *whisper* That was almost too easy!

Glitter: Oh hi.. Um, you didn't catch all that, did you?
Leo: Nope, not finding anything over here yet..

Glitter: Oh sure, I can leave this toy any time I want to. See, I let go. No big deal!
Leo: I'm running out of things to look at over here that might be my feathers..

Glitter: Oh come back here feathers! I missed you so much!
Leo: Did you say 'feathers'??

Glitter: Um, nope, no one said anything about these juicy delicious feathers!
Leo: But I swear you just said.. Hey! Those are too feathers!
Glitter: Ok ok, almost done.. *slurp*
Leo: Uh.. on second thought, maybe I'll wait til they dry..

Glitter: Sounds good to me! *sluuuurrrrpp*

Leo, I don't blame ya!




Read more about beautiful Sienna with the extra toes HERE. She's a Winnie's Wisher who is wishing for a patient forever home soon!

FUNdraiser for Winnie's Wish still on!


Sorry for so little writing. I can only go without the brace on my wrist for so long before the aching sets in, but I can't type with it on!

Blog Hop!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Mostly Mute Monday

So hard to type with a wrist brace! So here's a cute picture that says a thousand words!

Glitter playing princess and the pea? Sleeping triple decker! Had to move the beds out of the way and she decided that it was nap time anyway and that was her spot!

It's oddly comfortable.. If it's in my spot, it gets napped on! zzzzzzzzz

Nap wherever you can!



Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Mommy's Woe and Opt to Adopt Blog Hop

Hello kitties and peoples, Leo here!

My mommy says she can't wait for this year to be over. First she spent 7 weeks away from me, ok us, by bein' in that rehab place because of her legs or knees or whatever. Who cares other than that she was not here petting me, right! Then she got sick sick sick for like over two weeks! And now.. Now she's got some big black brace on her wrist/hand that makes it so she can hardly type our blog!

Do you think she's faking it to get out of writing??

Do you think I did it by making her hold me on top of her belly for hours and hours while I napped there?

Do you think she's going to get out of this year without anything else happening to her??

Gosh I hope so, cause it aint no fun trying to get pet and held when she's got that big ol' thing on her wrist.

Ok ok Mom, I know you said 'short post' but I got things to lament about here!

Anyway my friends, if you don't see big posts here or see her commenting much, you know why. I'll make sure she doesn't milk it and slack off for too long!

In the mean time we hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season! Happy Chanukah! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

Opt to Adopt Blog Hop!


In light of mommy's hand issues, we're just going to take the pictures of some adoptable kitties straight off of Miss Chrystal's blog and post them here! They are great kitties in need of great homes! Won't you please help find them?

All of these kitties can be found on the Daily Dose blog, on the sidebar and on this post

Nisha would love to take her sister, Yardley, with her!


We know that there is no time to get a Cozy Kitty bed to your house by Christmas, but we thought we'd suggest it as a New Year's gift to your fur babies! Every donation goes to help the kitties of Winnie's Wish!

Please check out our FUNdraiser page HERE


Friday, December 19, 2014

Groomed Glitter and Where It All Goes

Quick update on Glitter's groomer visit. Remember me telling you that she's impossible to hold and trim fur or nails? Well Greg warned the groomers. And when he went to pick her up, he was prepared to see shredded groomers and a freaked out kitty.

But the groomers told him she was an angel! She gave them no problems at all! Did someone switch cats or something??

Glitter came home happy. She didn't even hide or act irritated. Her nails are not snagging on her cat tree any more. And the sanitary trim! They did such a beautiful job that at first I thought they forgot to do it! But no, they just trimmed so neatly that it looks natural! Oh, and she smells very sweet now!

Of course I smell sweet, I'm a sweet girl! Just ask my new friends, the groomers, they'll tell you how nice I am!


I want to thank everyone who's participated in the Cozy Kitty FUNdraiser. It means a lot! And it does a lot of good. The Winnie's Wish kitties need, and deserve, the help they get through these fundraisers. I know for a fact that Chrystal greatly appreciates every single donation.
When the FUNdraisers are over, I send her a detailed list of every donation and I know it brings tears to her eyes to see the names of every special person who have helped out the cathouse cats.

I wanted you all to know how the donations are being spent, so I asked Chrystal to let me know what things cost her. This woman knows how to squeeze every penny until it screams! She is very frugal with every bit of the money raised. Here is a list of where it goes.

Vaccinations are very important. Every kitten and adult cat gets their vaccinations. Those of you who follow her blog know that one of her daughters is a vet tech. Chrystal saves a lot of money by buying the vaccines in bulk and having her daughter administer them. This cuts the cost of each vaccine down to $7 to $8 per shot. Kittens receive a series of three shots and adults get annual shots. Yes, that does seem like a great price, but when you add up how many cats and kittens are currently in Winnie's Wish the number grows. The cats listed on the Daily Dose sidebar are the adoptable kitties, there are many more who are not considered adoptable but who still need care. As you can see, it's a little over two shots per FUNdraiser bed.

When a Winnie's Wish kitty does have to go to the vet, it's $28 just to walk in the door, that is not including any labs, medicine or treatments. That's about a bed and a half.

All kitties are spayed or neutered as soon as possible. $60 (or three beds) for males and $90 (or four and a half beds) for females. Remember the little family of four females that recently came out of the woods and into the cathouse? $360, or 18 beds.

Hungry kitties eat a lot! Chrystal has a hard time estimating how much she spends on food and says it seems like she's always buying it. But she figures it has to be at least $30 or $35 a week. That's between a bed and a half to two beds a week.

What goes in must come out! Litter costs her about $40 a week, that's two beds per week!

She goes through a ton of paper towels! And then there's trash bags, floor cleaners, spray cleaners, laundry soap, etc. Things that she doesn't have to buy every week, but are a continued expense.

The great thing about the Amazon Wish List is that so many people send her those things directly so she doesn't even have to go shopping for them! This is great for someone who lives way far away from any town. I'm pretty sure she's said before that the closest store is half an hour, but a better one is an hour. Same goes for vets. That's a lot of gas. I've tried to tell Chrystal that gas money can come out of the fundraiser money, but she feels that gas is her responsibility.. I disagree but I can't force her to use it for gas either. She felt this way even when she was driving an hour away several times a day trying to capture Truly, Shiloh and Autumn from the middle of nowhere!

Anyway. Now you might have a better idea of why I push and push these FUNdraisers and ask you to share them. Every dollar helps!

You can still get a Cozy Kitty FUNdraiser bed, mat or crochet bed! Just click the link to go to the Cozy Kitty FUNdraiser page! And please, share about the FUNdraiser anywhere you can! We thank you, and so does Chrystal!


All of the other FUNdraisers I've done for Winnie's Wish are listed on my sidebar, and if you'd prefer toys to beds, you are more than welcome to choose whatever one strikes your fancy! Just make sure you email me and tell me which set or bed you want! anniclan AT aol DOT com

Thank you all!!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Awkward Sleeper

Ok, I know. It's going to feel like Glitter is getting a lot of face time on the blog lately. But since she's going to endure a day at the 'spa' today, I figure she could use the attention.

By 'spa' I do not mean vet. I mean groomer. She's going for a much needed sanitary trim and claw clipping. But wait, don't I usually do the claws myself around here? Yes, yes I do. But sweet, gorgeous, gentle Glitter is a special case.

She's freaking strong!!!

Every time Greg tries to hold her for something, medicine, clipping, bathing, he gets clawed up. A lot. He's got battle scars from when she needed ear medicine for a week. He seriously could not hold her up for me to put the drops in. She's strong and can wriggle out of his grasp as no other cat has ever done! He wound up holding her on he floor between his knees, one hand on her back, one hand with the ear drops and hope like heck any got in before she shredded his legs by spinning like a weed eater on turbo!

The last time, ok, the ONLY time I clipped her claws I was only able to do the front ones. Mostly because she was using the back ones to eviscerate Greg while I clipped the fronts as fast as I could!

The next time she needed claws trimmed, she was already going to the vet for something else and he did it. He also gave her a sanitary trim. But, because as I said, she will not hold still, it was a horrible looking job, almost like a reverse Mohawk on one side and a wavy stuttering chop job on the other side.

I feel sorry for the groomers.. I really do. Last time they had Leo and Star with lots of mats and a sanitary trim on Leo. Leo's trim looked fantastic and they got all the mats and managed to make them look evenly trimmed at the same time. Unless you knew that Leo has huge pantaloons you wouldn't think he'd been trimmed at all! I had tried to do their mats, my cousin had tried to do their mats, it was impossible. So if anyone can work with Glitter, it's these people!

Still, I won't be surprised if it's a chop job and they ask us not to return.. But fingers crossed that it all works out!

So today's picture of Glitter! You have got to see this..

Do you see how her head is hanging down over the edge of the tree perch? There's what? a two inch rim on that thing.

And she is sound asleep.

If you think she might be cutting off her air supply and nearly strangling herself, you'd be right. When she does this and falls asleep heavily, you can hear her snoring and gagging! It's awful! It takes me hollering at her at least a couple of times before she wakes up too! Then she picks her head up, shakes it, curls back up with her head on the platform and goes back to sleep like it was nothing..

How can she do that??? Shouldn't it wake her up? Isn't it uncomfortable?

Silly kitty...


Ok, on Tuesday I said I was going to post about what the Winnie's Wish FUNdraiser money was used for in Wednesday's post. Wednesday I fell asleep, posted late and went with a fast Wordless Wednesday post!
So I should do it today right? Yeah, but I'm not going to. I'm going to post it on Friday so it's up for the weekend. So we're asking that you stop back over tomorrow or on the weekend and see and maybe think about helping out Winnie's Wish or sharing the FUNdraiser on your facebook or blog or twitter or wherever you use social media.

Thank you!


Remember, for a $20 donation, you get a wonderful cozy kitty bed or mat or crocheted bed! At least $12 of that money goes directly to the kitties of Winnie's Wish! (The rest is postage and a small materials cost)
Please help in whatever way you can! And don't forget that the kitties are looking for great homes, so please share that need too! You'll find them on the side bar of the Daily Dose Blog!

Thank you!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Vine is Fine

As I was making up some beddies for the Cozy Kitty FUNdraiser, I realized something. I don't think I'd ever introduced the girls to silvervine. I was getting it out to put it on one of the beds when that thought occurred to me.

Leo, who must have a great memory, heard the sound of the envelope I keep it in being opened and suddenly he appeared from out of nowhere! There was no doubt that he knew what he was after. He was already hyper, paws on the table, huge eyes looking all over for the magical powder.

He also knows the delivery system I have used to give him the 'vine. When he saw the plastic bag full of squares of fleece, he started dancing even more. You could almost hear him singing "The vine is here! The vine is here!" as he waited impatiently for me to sprinkle fresh silvervine onto his cloth.

The girls seemed to get the idea that something was up, but they didn't see any cans of stinky goodness so they weren't impressed. Glitter barely looked up.

Leo took off with his, so I gave the next one to Cashmere who was waiting to see what the big deal was. I think you'll see in the following pictures that she found out that the big deal is big indeed!

Good heavens! Wha.. What is this intoxicating scent??

Cashmere: Hey Leo! This stuff is awesome!
Leo: Preachin' to the choir, sister!

I think.. I think I need to lay on top of this and rub it all into my furs..

Ooo I'm getting a little woozy.. I don't think my eyes and ears are going in the same directions any more.. No one can tell, right?

I want to absorb this red thingie right through my skin!

Or maybe through my nose.. I need another whiff..

WeeeeeEEEEEE!!!! Oh yeah, good stuff!

Weee heee hee! Yeah! Wait.. what was that? It's a blue one! Oh, there's nothing there, heh.. Glitter, I can't believe you're missing out on this!

Glitter: Fine.. I'll check it out. What's the big deal? This cane is more interesting..
Leo: Are you out of your mind? Wait, let me sniff, maybe I can see if your mind left..
Glitter: Uh..
Leo: Hee hee hee, I think it's gone! Long gone!
Glitter: Yeah, SOMEthing is gone, but it ain't MY mind..

Leo: Oh lookie! A fresh one! *sniff sniff snort lick*
Glitter: Seriously? Is this some kind of joke? 'Cause I don't get it.
Leo: That's ok, more for me then! Weeeee!

I love this picture of Leo.. I don't know why other than it makes me say: Long cat is LONG!
I must have more.. Can I make a nest out of all of these little cloths and nap on it?
Tomorrow I'm going to give you a list of things the Cozy Kitty FUNdraiser is used for. I find it interesting an I think it helps people visualize exactly how they are helping. So please tune in tomorrow for that! Thank you!
Winnie's Wish needs adoptions! As I'm really late (fell asleep before finishing this post last night) I'm not going to do Opt to Adopt Blog Hop, but please please go to the Daily Dose blog and look at the adorable kitties on the sidebar and see if you can help at least one of them get a home! Thank you!!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Cashmere Cove

Recently we've had a look at the Leo Lounge and the Glitter Grotto, so what's left? The Cashmere Cave of course! Although I'm thinking it's always a cave.. so it needs a new name when Cashmere is in it. So now it's going to be The Cashmere Cove!

You kids get off of my lawn!

Hee hee, kidding.. Well, I had to do something to get the spotlight off of me, right?

There may be no one on her lawn, but Cashmere does have an upstairs neighbor! There's Glitter on the roof!
At least the upstairs neighbor is quiet!


Dear friends, I'm asking you to please share about our Cozy Kitty FUNdraiser. We have flannel beds and mats and crocheted round beds available for donations to Winnie's Wish! They really need the help. I know not everyone can join in, but perhaps a friend of yours might be interested? The beddies make great gifts!
Things are going slow right now, but the need is there. If we spread the word we can reach new people who might be interested. And who knows, they might rather become an adopter instead and that would ROCK!

In exchange for a minimum donation to Winnie's Wish of just $20 US you get your choice of bed/mat and your choice of nip or vine or plain! Please see the Cozy Kitty FUNdraiser page for details!

Beds!                                                Mats!

Crocheted Beds!