Monday, February 29, 2016

Mancat Monday

We call this move.. The Vulture!

Leo: Quiet down, girls! I'm trying to pull off my newest move here!

Leo: Here we go.. yeah, this is Vulturing! Even with the back foot thrown up there.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Fluffy Friday

Glitter: ZzzzzZZZzzzzzz *  huh.. wha...

Glitter: Oh no, not the pawparazzi! Don't look at me! My floof is a mess! I just vant to be alone!

Glitter: Ok, fine. Look your fill. I hope you know that someday we kitties will rise up, learn to use a camera and start posting unflattering pictures of YOU humans when you've just been startled awake and haven't had a chance to get camera ready! Then who'll have the last laugh? Us, that's who! Bwahahaha!
..Can I go back to sleep now?

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Just in case, hide your cameras! (I will be, yikes!)

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Thankful Thursday

I think you all know what we're MOST thankful for this week! (If not, read Glitter is a Hero and A View from a Fire)

But we're also thankful for..


Cashmere: THIS is why this is the most coveted spot in the house!

Cashmere: Daddy gives good belly rubs, but he also leaves you alone when you're done!

Cashmere: Oh yeah, scritchy belly rubs are the best! Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

That is the most used kitty bed, aside from the cat tree and there is a daily contest to see who gets it first after snack time! When daddy is home, he usually sits right next to it and they can have any pets or belly rubs they want, or they can be left alone, or they can lean half out of the ham-mock and use him for a pillow! So yes, they are very thankful for the placement of this particular bed and thankful when they get there first! Do you have a coveted spot in your house?

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A View From A Fire

We have a tiny bit more information about the fire we talked about on Friday. What we did not see from our side of the fire was that our front the man who lived in the house was treated for smoke inhalation. But he and his four dogs were taken out safely.

Glitter saved four dogs! I wonder if she knew that.. Do you think she would have had she known? MOL Well, her experience with these doggies, and others, is just hearing them bark from across the fences, so she probably doesn't know that she's not supposed to like them.
(Yes, I know lots of doggies and kitties get along. When I was growing up we always had a dog and cats and they were mostly fine with each other.)

I have a few pictures of the damage. I'm surprised at how it hardly looks like anything. Of course, these are from a distance and from behind a fence.. but still, considering how bad and big the fire was, I expected to see more damage. Even from here.

The angle this is taken at may make this look strange, but there is the burnt down fence and behind it, although it looks like it's to the left of it, is the garage roof, sunk into the garage. If you look way over to the right, you will see how tall this one used to be. The black tree to the right had been on fire, as well as the part of the leaning over tree that is over the garage. The black on the standing upright tree goes much higher. Like I said on Friday, the flames were taller than those houses.

Maybe a better shot of the blackened trees.. Funny how the leaning one is fine at the bottom, but black from the middle up. (I don't know what those white things are back there, this is our neighbors back yard)

You an kinda see how much damage there is to the roof, even if you cant see the crumbled sides of the garage. I don't feel comfortable having anyone jump fences to get better pictures.. These ones were taken by Twin1 for me.

This is what you call bad placement. Our neighbors wood pile was at the exact spot where the fence burned down! A lot of it looks charred to me. That probably helped make the fire bigger because it's probably seasoned wood, nice and dry.

And here's the hero herself! Fire Chief Glitter! I'm so proud of her! I cannot imagine how much worse this could have been if it hadn't been caught when it was. It got so high so fast that I think even another five minutes would have been devastating.
Glitter: Dogs, you say? Hmm.. Well, I suppose that's ok. As long as they don't try to come over here to thank me! They can just bark it from where they are if they must. You can call me a hero if you want, I just wanted that orange light to go out so I could sleep. 

I'll stop talking about it now. Two days is a lot for a fire that wasn't even our garage! lol But it was a huge deal for us, being 'in the middle of it' and going through that night. We don't usually get a lot of excitement in our mostly quiet neighborhood!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Glitter is a HERO!

Ok, bear with me please. This is very fresh and I'm still a little freaked out here. But I wanted to write it down. When I think what could have happened.. I'm getting teary eyed and freaking myself out, so I want to write what DID happen, not what could have happened so hopefully to reinforce that we are ok!
My whole neighborhood is ok! And it's all thanks to Glitter, the sweetest, prettiest, cuddliest hero ever!

It started, like this things always do, when we were sound asleep. I still had the TV and a light on, but I'd fallen asleep and was probably out for the night, TV noise or not. (obviously not the first time this has happened..) I got woken up by Glitter stomping her way up my chest. She's not a little kitty, not fat, just a large cat, and certainly not something you can ignore. So I started petting her, trying to keep my eyes shut so I could stay asleep.

She was persistent, but she always is. So I gave her big snugs and hugs. Glitter, you see, is very fond of the 'two arm wrap around bear hug belly rub', so I obliged. She was restless and didn't stay long. But now I was awake.. I don't know about you, but when I wake up there is one thing I have to do.. and this woke Greg up who asked "do you smell smoke?" I did not but I looked out the window and the yard looked foggy. No, idiot, I told my brain, not foggy, smoky!

Greg looked out the front and back, especially the back because the idiot right behind us has been known to leave his fire pit unattended. But it's winter.. Didn't see anything. Greg looked out the side and yelled! Catty corner to us was fire! He ran to the phone and called 911 while I freaked out! Because, well, that's my thing... I'm a freak-outer.

I had reason to though. In the few minutes before we heard sirens, the fire grew! It was taller than the two story houses around it! There is no way to describe exactly how scary this was! It looked SO CLOSE and SO BIG! And all I could think was our van is broken and we only have two cat carriers and three cats! I kept screaming for Greg to get the carriers out so if we had to go they wouldn't freak the second they saw them. Rather, they could freak. then get used to them being out, then hopefully be easily caught if we had to run for our lives, which it looked like we'd have to do! Where were the firemen!?!?

Honest to God, it felt like an hour, but they were there within five minutes. By then the garage (which we found out in a little bit was what was on fire) was a conflagration, and the fence and a tree were on fire too!

Pretty soon we saw it... Sparks. EVERYWHERE! They looked like they were raining off of our roof, dropping past my window. I could see them everywhere, embers, sparks, whatever, little floating orange bits of stuff. They were rolling off of the garage behind us like fuzz from the cottonwoods do in summer!

That was enough for Greg, he ran outside. He said he was stomping out embers in our yard; the snow is gone and we never got the dried leaves off the lawn.. He popped his head in to say what he was doing and to say he was going to wake the neighbor, the one who's house the fire was behind, so they could check their yard. That left me to quietly (or not so quietly) continue to freak out in the house. And there are still only two cat carriers and now the cats out of sight! I don't know why a third carrier didn't just magically appear now that we needed it..

Again, it felt like it rained embers forever, but it was probably less than half an hour. Greg stayed out there stomping and checking the roof. So did the neighbor who lost his fence. I kept watching the fire get smaller and smaller, and was able to start breathing again..

Greg and the neighbor showed the firemen where embers were starting another tree on fire because they had gathered in the crook of branches up high. That tree was closer to our house! But they got it out, thank God!

The fire is out, Greg is back in, the garage that was on fire is now on the ground, nothing left, the fence is charred and burnt. The tree is still standing, I think we'll have to look at it in daylight to see how bad it is. Because as I'm writing this, it's 5am and dark out. Which makes me think.. the reason I could see the smoke outside must have been because of the light from the fire, because I can't see anything out the windows now.

If the fire department had been any later... If we hadn't woken up.. If Glitter hadn't woken us up.. I think the whole neighborhood would have gone up, certainly more than one garage and fence. It was SO intense and got huge SO fast.. Makes me wonder what the heck started it? It could have been so much worse. So I had to use a cold compress on my eyes because of the smoke that got in, that's little compared to if we'd have had to leave or if it had spread to our house or a million other possibilities that will keep me up for the rest of the night..

I'm thankful for the firemen. Thankful for Greg. Thankful for Twin2 who let me freak out at her on the phone while Greg was outside. Thankful to God for keeping us safe. And seriously thankful for my pretty Glitter for stomping me awake in time!

Neighborhood watch kitty saves us all!

Oh, and guess who's going to buy a new cat carrier so we have one for each kitty? Yup, me!

Thanks for listening! I know I am probably all over the place and will read this with horror later, but I had to get it out and I do feel less freaked out now! Maybe I will sleep some after all.. later. ;)


On a night when I'm all freaked out and had to tell you all this long story, I still don't want to forget to post this:

Mo is the guy who keeps the Cat Blogosphere going on a daily basis and posts about our fundraisers and so many other events around the blogosphere!
Happy Birthday Mo! Hope you know that we all love you!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Throw Back Thursday

Today's Throw Back Thursday post is from August 6, 2012 and it was called:

Leo Caved!
Continuing the story of trying to get Leo into the cave bottom of the cat tree... First let me say this: Frustration, thy name is cat!

No no, you goofy boy! That's back on the top! And you're being a lazy player too!
Bring it closer...

Is this close enough? It's right on top of you!
Meh, I's takin' a break now..

Oh! Almost! Um... get yer rump inside too!
Why? I can reach the birdie from here.

There you go! YAY!!
Hang on... gotta get turned around..

Ok, I all in, now I's gonna get the birdie good now!

Uh.. that is, if YOU can get it back in the hole...

And now a gif of him inside the cave!
I guess it ain't so bad in here.. maybe.

Whew! finally!

King Spitty is a prognosticator I think! Because even after all this work, getting Leo to see that the cave can be fun, he has not once gone back in after this session! Which, if you read his comment on the last post, Spitty dear suggested is what Leo should do! Thank you so much Sire Ornery! MOL
(TODAY: The comment mentioned here is in the 2012 posts previous to this throwback, not the current last post)
I chose this post for Throw Back Thursday because last night, post snack, Leo went and hung out in that same cave for about five minutes! We haven't seen him do that in ages! Maybe once or twice from the one this throw back post is about! Of course he was not in there long enough for any pictures...
If you haven't seen the auction that Katiez Furry Mewz is putting on to help a kitty who had surgery and to help keep his family from losing their home, please check it out. I put in a few things, a beddy and some sardines! They have some cool stuff for a good cause!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Opt to Adopt Smokey

This week I'm sharing Smokey! A great Winnie's Wisher who just wants a person to love and a cat buddy to hang out with! Someone who wont bully him at all because he is easily bullied. If you don't have a buddy for him in your home, that's ok, he has a buddy you can take along with him! Either way, won't you consider giving him a home? And if you can't, will you share him and help him find his forever?

Read more about Smokey HERE

Contact Chrystal to talk about adoption:

Monday, February 15, 2016

Sun Day Monday

Never take a picture into a sunny window.... Well then, how do you get a picture of kitties enjoying the sun??

Leo on the left, Glitter on the right
Glitter: I got the top, but somehow I feel he might have taken the better spot..
Leo: ZzzzzzzIdidzzzzz ah sun..zzzzzzzzzzz

Friday, February 12, 2016

Freaky Friday

First, I couldn't understand the appeal of sleeping in such a spot..

Then I thought he was just being silly..

And now... I have no words..

Leo: Sheesh, mom has no perspective..

Leo: I, on the other hand, like to look at things differently sometimes.

Leo: No reason to lose our heads here! heh heh heh

Leo: It's a topsy tervy world, sometimes ya just gotta roll with it! Amirite?

He's freakin' meowt!

(This, by the way, for those who wondered where he was, is the access shelf to the Celestial Skyway, the shelf made just for the kitties! This one they jump to in order to jump to the top where they can sleep up high!)


Do you all know Katiez Furry Mewz? They are getting together an auction for a kitty who needed surgery and who's family are in danger of losing their home. Hop over with a word of encouragement, a purr or prayer, or help if you can. thanks!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Throw Back Thursday

This throw back is from February 23, 2012 and it was called:

Mirror Cat
I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned that Leo hates mirrors. The first time I ever heard him growl was at a mirror. I've showed him a hand mirror on occasion, and he always gets all alert and a little growly at the 'cat' in there. I wondered if it was because it looked like a large Star... They are fairly close to the same color after all. Whatever the reason, he does not like mirror kitty!

This hasn't been an issue because we don't have many mirrors where he can get at them. The one in the bathroom where he sits on the counter to get a drink bothers him a little, but the towel rack and towel block the view while he's face first in the glass.

Everything changed last week though. We got a beautiful set of cabinets with glass doors and mirrors in the back. Oh they were so pretty! Used, from goodwill, but just exactly what I wanted. One of them was missing a little handle, but that's easily replaceable. Let me digress for a moment before getting back to Leo.

When we got the cabinets, we weren't quite sure where they were going to end up. It was late, we were hungry, and we just wanted them in the house. My brother in law and niece 2 helped get them in the house and temporarily set along the same wall as the TV. The second one wasn't back far enough so Greg went to move it backwards by kind of bear hugging it, leaning into himself and walking it back. Forgetting that the door was glass.. He barely moved it when the whole cut glass door shattered!

It was just a little devastating.. Not even completely in the house. Sigh. We're trying to figure out the manufacturer to see if we can get a replacement, but so far, no luck. This weekend we moved the cabinets to where they will probably stay. We clipped them together and they look great, except for the missing door. Ok, back to Leo!

Just about every afternoon, Leo comes tumbling downstairs from his all day nap and wants to sit on me. I always always always push aside the laptop and accommodate him. I can't ruffle him up a lot or go nuts petting him because what he really wants is to settle in for a post-nap snooze. He does this by stomping around in a circle on my chest and/or tummy depending on how I'm sitting.

He's gotten very distracted while in his circle stomp over the last few days and I finally realized what was going on. If he's in the right position, he can see the mirror cat in the cabinet! It won't stop staring at him! I wave at it, showing him how friendly it can be. But he doesn't like it. He will either take off, not wanting to look at mirror cat, or he will give it the back of disrespect and try to get his snooze despite the rude cat looking at him.

Sometimes he will peek back at it, but it's always always staring back! This state of affairs cannot continue. This intruder must be shown that he is not wanted! So today Leo, heart in his throat, went over to give that bad mirror cat a talking to! Or at least to get a closer look at him.

I'm not sure if they made peace or not, but after a long session of checking him out, Leo decided to live and let live. Until tomorrow probably..

Alright Mirror Cat, I think it's time you and I had a little talk..

 (note the ears of annoyance)
What's the matter, got nothin' to say for yourself?

(assessing the idea of jumping on the top... I hope he forgets about it because while I have plans to make a kitty shelf above it, right now it's full of wires and the top half of the light fixture!)
Distracting me by tempting me to jump is not going to work.. I wonder if I could make it in one leap..

Mom, I've given this guy hate eyes, laser eyes, and a manly growl, he's not responding! Does that mean I'm top cat over him?

I think so, Leo, I think so.
Today: Leo is no longer afraid of Mirror Cat, he basically ignores him. Thank goodness! Because they had quite a rocky relationship for some time! hee hee

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Opt to Adopt Sallie

 Today's Winnie's Wisher Is Sallie! She is a pretty dilute calico, or cali-tabby. Whatever you call her, she's adorable! She is a special case, she will need time to adjust. She does not do well with large groups of cats but would probably be good with one or two friends. She has two buddies in the cathouse, but she'd be ok on her own.

Sallie LOVES to be petted! She would love someone who has time to give her the attention she wants so badly. Won't you please help her find home? Surely there is someone out there, a friend of yours, a friend of your friends perhaps, who needs this pretty girl as much as she needs them! Please share her everywhere so she can find her forever.

Look at that smiling face and tell me you don't want that in your house!

Read more about Sallie, and her roommates, HERE

Contact Chrystal to adopt! (

Monday, February 8, 2016

He's Doing It Again..

This time with a dangle!

Leo: I don't know what the big deal is.. I think it's comfortable, even if mommy doesn't think it can be.

Leo: Hmm, my tail does seem to be tucked under me though.. That might not be the most comfortable thing ever. But still, not enough to make me move!
What a silly goofus...


Be sure to check over at Daily Dose today! Many of you know that Chrystal's daughter is a wild life rehabber. Well she needs an incubator to help with all the baby animals she takes in and brings back to health and eventually releases back to the wild! There is a place, called Baby Warm, that helps them get one! All she has to do now is raise $475 in 30 days! Donate if you can! Share if you will! Thank you!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Only One of These Things Makes Sense!

Every night there is a ritual around here. When the humans finish dinner, the kitties all perk up. Cashmere leads the things off by meowing at her daddy and staring at him intently because she knows it's snackin' time. As soon as Greg retrieves the snackin' bowls, everykitty gets into the act. Sometimes either Leo or Glitter will refrain, but usually all of them will get up. Leo and Glitter usually take position in the area they will be served in. If it smells especially yummy, Leo will come over, put his paws up on the table where the snack preparing is happening and attempt to ascertain whether that's what he thinks it is. If it is something extra yummy that he's in the mood for, he will pace back and forth a little. Cashmere paces a LOT. Glitter sits and waits patiently.

When the full bowls are about ready to move to the snackin' spot Leo will head over. Glitter will still be waiting. Cashmere will get even more animated and will escort the bowl carrier to the spot, sometimes nearly killing the bowl carrier! But she does not trust that the bowls will be delivered properly without her escort.

All that said to get to the next most important part of the evening. The after snack naps. There are some prime places that are in hot demand. A lot of times Leo and Glitter will vie for the ham-mock on the couch, whoever gets there first, wins. If Leo wins, Glitter will generally choose a cat tree. If Glitter wins, Leo lays on the pillows in the middle. Cashmere almost always goes to a cat tree. But everyone chooses a comfy spot, has a quick bath, and then settles in for a good nap. Snoring allowed.

So, dear friends who've read this far.. Explain what happened last night!

This shelf is for getting to the top of the Celestial Skyway. It's clearly not a Leo sized napping spot, and yet.. there he is.

And here! The hard cold floor and Cashmere is snoring away!

At last! Here's something that makes sense! Glitter got the coveted couch sitting ham-mock!

Friends, by my count there are no less than four other beds and at least ten reasonable sleeping spots on cat trees! Plus assorted couches, beds, and strategically placed blankets! Why, oh why! are those two sleeping in what can only be horrible nappy spots?? Why?? It makes no sense to me!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Packing Fun?

I have noticed on several blogs that when a package comes in, the kitties like not only the box, but the packing paper that came in it. Most of our packages come with air pillows, not packing paper. But recently, we did get a box with a long strip of packing paper! So I thought I'd see if my kitties enjoyed it like everyone else's seem to.

We laid it out on the floor and waited for somecat to notice.

It didn't take long before Leo was on the scene!

Leo: Hey, what is this stuff? It crinkles when I touch it!

Leo: And it is kinda cave-like, a little bit on this side. Cool.
Glitter: Oh yeah? Well give me a turn.

Leo: Sure. I wanted a drink anyway.
Glitter: Definitely crinkles! Even when my tail brushes it. Not sure what else to do with it though..

It was a while before Cashmere discovered it. We were sure our box crunching, tape tugging, paper shredding girl would be much more enthusiastic!

Cashmere: Hey, when did this stuff show up?
Glitter: Earlier, when you were napping. It's ok, but it wasn't worth waking you up for.

Cashmere: Oh, and a box too?! You know I love cardboard!
Glitter: *laplaplap* That wasn't there then. I think daddy put it there 'cause it was in his way.

Cashmere: Oh, hi mom. Uh, I'm not ripping up the box, honest!
Glitter: Yet, *laplaplap*
Cashmere: Hush up, sis...

Cashmere: Let me look at this paper stuff again.. It's not bad.. Doesn't shred a easily as envelopes and bills and important papers.. Worth a little digging though.
Glitter: You're the connoisseur..

Glitter: So, what's the verdict?
Cashmere: *looking at her daddy* So, what else ya got?
Well, I guess my kitties aren't into packing paper. Guess it's a good thing we don't get much of it!