Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Leo's 8th Gotcha Day!

Eight years ago today I finally laid my paws, er.. hands on my sweet baby Leo The Chinese Lion. I had loved him from the first picture Chrystal posted of him on the Winnie's Wish blog. He bonded with me almost immediately, clinging to my shoulder for half of the eight hour trip back home, (when he wasn't in his carrier/cage.) He called for me every time he got out of my sight in those first few days and came running when I called back to tell him where I was. Meant to be.

Just look at this baby picture and tell me you wouldn't have fallen in love too.

Happy Gotcha day my sweet heart kitty!


I know we haven't been around, and I think most of you know why. The loss of my mother has hit me very hard and I'm having trouble getting back into the routine. Not to mention that I've been sick for five months now and have to see yet another specialist and who knows how long it will take to get into this one.
I have been trying to stop by for birthdays, gotcha days and unfortunate losses, but I'm sure I've missed many because I'm not on line much either. If we missed you, please forgive us and know that you have our best wishes and prayers.
Love you all, dear kitty people and kitty friends, doggy people and doggy friends, and everyone else!