Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Today is our big day!

Birthday times three!

Leo has celebrated his birthday all by himself for three years, but now, as he's turning the big FOUR, he has not just one, but two of his sisters living with him celebrating their fourth birthday all together! Yay!!!

We couldn't be happier that these three littermates have been reunited just in time for this big day! So we're going to celebrate in style!

First off, Ann of Zoolatry made us a wonderful banner!

Next, baby pictures!

Leo, the only boy, is on the far right. Cashmere is on the far left and Glitter is right in the middle!
(Tuxie/Trixie and Spritz fill out the group, Mitts was down below)
Are they not the cutest kittens ever?? Even still feral and afraid they were too cute!
 Here's the kitty age chart. Wow, I can't believe they're not kittens any more!

Time to party! Come enjoy the drink of your choice!

Dive into some yummy foods!

Join us for cake..

and nip ice cream!

Of course you know our heart is with the rest of the Winnie's Wish kitties and our biggest birthday wish is that there would be lots of adoptions! If you need some furry love in your life, please consider adopting from Winnie's Wish, and be sure to tell all of your friends what great kitties they are!
If you can't adopt, consider making a donation to Winnie's Wish, they are over full and expenses are rising. There's also their Wish List on amazon, the link is on their side bar. And if you don't have Chrystal's book yet, it makes a great gift to yourself, and the profits go to the kitties!

We're so glad you came to our party! It helps keep out minds off the fact that mommy is having to miss it and we don't wanna be sad about that today, so please, lift a glass and toast a Happy Birthday to Leo, Glitter and Cashmere!!

Thank you! We love you all!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Message From Star

Hello kitties and peoples, Star here, taking the blog today.

We are not happy campers around here lately. I'm sure you've noticed that our mom has not posted? Well, it's worse than that! She's not even here! Where are my tummy rubs? Where are my special treats? Where is the warm laptop for me to nap on while she's trying to work? It's not right, I'm telling you!

Everyone else can tell you their gripes whenever they want, but these are my gripes! With mom gone and daddy working all day, when he gets home, everycat runs to him for attention! That's MY dad! So mom being gone has inconvenienced me in many ways!

Where is she? Who cares!  Ok, fine. Mom did some kind of damage to her knee(s) and/or legs and they won't let her come home until she can walk again. And none of them will give us so much as a guess as to how long that will be! We're a bunch of frustrated kitties and humans around here lately, let me tell you!

The other three kitties, Leo and the introoders.. Ok, Glitter and Cashmere.. are having a big day tomorrow. IF mom can get an internet connection to stick long enough to post they will anyway. What do I care about that though? It has nothing to do with me! Hrrmph! But maybe you could check back tomorrow and see if she was able to post the "big day" (bleh) anyway?

I'll be back when I can, friends!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Leo Blogs and Opt to Adopt Blog Hop

It's me, Leo! takin' over the bloggy today!
Mommy has a busy day ahead of her and said she didnt have time to blog but let me post some old pictures! So here's my tummy and my fangs!

Please don't forget to look at and share the blog hop kitties lookin' fer homes! They are at the place I came from so I know they's quality kitties! Smoochas!


Peter Pan and Tinkerbell are a bonded pair, brother and sister, up for adoption from Winnie's Wish! They have been there since they were little, it's far and away past time for them to have a home of their own! Please help find their forever people so they can have a real family real soon!

Learn more about them HERE. Look at those matching golden eyes and tell me they aren't the cutest things!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Game of Red Dot

We pulled out the red dot to see if the new kitties would like it. Leo has always refused to so much as look at it and acknowledge it's existence! I wondered if his sisters would feel the same.
Cashmere noticed it right off the bat, but it was hard to get her to do more than follow it around.
What is this? Some flat red bug?

Sure moves around a lot..

Oh, now it's way to high up, couldn't reach it if I wanted to.

She finally reached for it, just this once. The camera focused and flashed on something else, so it was way too dark and this was the best I could do lightening it.
Hey! I put my paw on it, how'd it get on top of my paw??

Yeah.. seriously don't know what to think about this thing. I'm just gonna watch for a while..

Glitter was on the tree, so we swung it over so she could see it. All she did was watch it too.

Hmm, interesting. I guess.

Ok, it moves. Not worth getting out of my comfy spot though.

Star usually LOVES the red dot! She can hear you pick it up from across the room! But after watching the girls interact with it, she was huffy and decided not to play.

You come to me last? Me?! The one who loves you the most! Forget it, red dot, you're on your own today. So there.
Guess we'll have to try it another day..

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Who Is That Kitty?

Ok, now who's the one up on the cat tree? That particular perch hardly ever gets used!


Oh! It's pretty little Star! Why, she hasn't been on that tree more than twice since the first day we got it!
If you must know, it's because it's a quite spot while all the others scramble for that shelf thing across the room.

Well that makes sense when you put it that way, pretty girl.

Say, I don't suppose you have any treats, do you? I'm giving you 'adorable eyes' after all..
I really should give you treats because that is about the cutest pose ever! I don't even care about the laser eyes!

Hee hee, that was almost too easy... Fork 'em over, mom!

Excuse me, people, I have to go get some treats out now!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Hey! Who's that kitty on the Celestial Skyway??

It's Cashmere! She finally got her turn!!
I claim this and rename is Cashmereland!
She loves it up there! Now that the three of them, Glitter, Leo and Cashmere, have all had a turn, one of them is up there almost all the time! I'd have to say Cashmere is up there the most, followed by Glitter and occasionally Leo. But these three siblings love it! One at a time though, no sharing even though there's space for two.

Star, still no interest. I think she's glad the rest of them have somewhere to be out of her way thought, lol

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

All Four! and Opt to Adopt Blog Hop

I haven't taken many pictures in the last few weeks, just a bit busy.. :) But I found this one on my camera of all four of my kitties in one picture! Ok, granted they are not together together.. but all in one shot is pretty good!

That's Star on the far left in her ham-mock keeping an eye on everyone else. Glitter is having a drink while Cashmere and Leo keep an eye out for ebil squirrels! (Leo on the far right) I love my kitties!!


Sienna has only recently been added to the adoptable list at Winnie's Wish. She was a feral kitty but now has decided she likes humans. She is going to need a patient home to help her adjust. Are you her people? Do you know her people? Will you help send them to Winnie's Wish to adopt her?

Look at those paws! And those gorgeous colors in her coat! What a pretty girl!

Read more about Sienna HERE.

Monday, August 11, 2014


Twin 2's wedding is over, and it was beautiful! We're in recovery mode but I want to start blogging more regularly so today I'm offering a couple of pictures of sweet Glitter who decided that Star's favorite window is a favorite for a reason! Nice breeze, good sun, lots of squirrel action!

Oh, and very nap-able!


Got the picture now? Can I go back to my nap, thank you and goodnight!

We'll leave you alone now, sweetie!
Thank you to my nephew's fiance who snapped these pictures while helping me get things ready for the wedding!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A little Star and Opt to Adopt Blog Hop

This is it! The final week, the big push, to get ready before Twin 2's Wedding! Oh my gosh am I behind! Everything else was supposed to be done by Monday so I'd have all week to concentrate on the cakes! Not there yet, but close, very close, fingers crossed!

The kitties have had their own drama that has not been reported but I will get to soon I hope. Two went to the vet and two went to a groomer and NONE of them were happy about any of it!

Star would like you all to know that she has stayed away from the competition for the Celestial Skyway. Having no interest in it has left all the other great spots open for her to have all to herself!

That thing doesn't look near as soft as the bed, and it doesnt come with pillows and blankets to keep one out of the cold from that stupid air conditioner. So there.

I'm pretty sure that's her back foot covering her nose.. Does that look comfortable to you??


This week I have a trio of cuties from Winnie's Wish! Three tabby brothers who are just so cute and who really want homes of their own! They can go as a single kitty, as a pair, or even all three of them! They are so ready for a family to love, won't you help them find theirs?

You can see more of Slate, Toast and Smokey on the Daily Dose blog on these posts:
Toast and Slate: Pick a pair
Slate and Toast: Two for Tuesday
Slate, Toast and Smokey: Three Threes for Thursday
All Three: Kittens Kittens and one with Mittens

Please help find these guys, and the other kitties of the Winnie's Wish cathouse, a home of their own! See all the adoptable kitties on the side bar of Daily Dose!  Thank you!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Leo Makes It!

It took a lot of patience, but Leo finally got his turn on the Celestial Skyway!

Is she watching? Does she know I'm here?

Whew, Glitter doesnt mind! Guess she was done with the shelf. For now. I better hurry and get my nap in case she wants to come back, right?