Friday, January 31, 2014

I Said Not... er Knot.. Oh I Give Up!

I thought I said not yours?

Knot mine? Thank you!

No.. not knot yours; not yours!
I heard you the first time; knot mine!

Wait.. you're misunderstanding.. Oh never mind. the knot is yours, you can have it, sweet Star.

I knew that. I love this thing! I'm gonna hug it and love it and call it George!

Seriously, could you say no to something that cute??

Want a Love Knot (and the rest of the set) for your kitty? For your kitty's purrfriend?

You know what to do! Just make a minimum donation of $15 to Winnie's Wish and as set is yours to enjoy or share as you wish!
See the details on the Spread The Love FUNdraiser page!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

That's Not YOURS Either!

The other day I showed Leo attacking the first kick stick off the line for the Spread the Love FUNdraiser. Well, he was not the only one to try to steal it..

Not long after Leo lost what he thought was his new toy and left, I heard another noise behind me.. Gee, I wonder who it was... Star! That's not YOURS either!

Oh sweet bunny-kickable 'nip tube... I think I love you!

I turn my back, if I can't see mom, she can't see me! Kickity kick, kickity kick kick kick!

Oooo I lick you, I rub you on my face, I hold you close, I.. Oh, hi..

Not yours, not yours. pfft, anything I want should be mine! Fine, I'll stop kicking it, but I'm using it as a pillow! See who wants it with my drool and fur all over it, nyah!

You know.. never mind. I think you two can keep it.. I'll make another. And I'll hide it better..

Good, about time you wised up!. Now put away that camera and stop looking at me so I can kick the snot outta this thing in peace!

If your kitties want their own, not previously kicked, kick stick along with the other toys, you know what to do, right? :) 
Head over to the Spread The Love FUNdraiser page and see the directions! It all goes to help the rescued kitties at Winnie's Wish and is very sincerely appreciated!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Late For The Calendar!

Argh! I can't believe I missed Leo's Calendar day! I've been waiting and waiting and waiting and poof, missed it!

Well, if you got the Cats of the Blogosphere calendar YESTERDAY you saw this:

In all his tummy floof glory, it's Leo The Chinese Lion!

I know you all don't want to be late to the Spread the Love FUNdraiser, right! (nice sequey? hee hee) So check it out HERE ok? It goes to a really good cause, Winnie's Wish!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Hey That's Not Yours!

When I was working on the toys for the Winnie's Wish Spread The Love FUNdraiser, I put the first completed kick stick on the bed behind me.. Big mistake!

I heard a noise and looked back and there was Leo...

Oh boy! This smells awesome!

Wait.. what's my foot doin'....?

Oh boy! Kick! Kick kick kick!

Kickity bend kick kickity kick kick ki.... uh...

..Uh, hey mom. Look at this huggy kickable thing I found! What you mean it's not for me??

Oh. It's for other kitties... I hide my face... *sniffffffffff* Are you sure??

Well poo, I never get anything good... Stop pointing out that giant pile of toys, there's not one of these in there!

Silly Leo, you might get one eventually. But that one was meant to be for one of your friends. All they have to do is join our Spread The Love FUNdraiser and they can have a set of wonderful toys! And the money goes to help the Winnie's Wish kitties, including two of your sisters who just came back! That's a good cause, right?

Leo: Yes mommy, it is.. sigh. I hope people get them in a hurry, the temptation is just too much for me!

I hope so too Leo. And I think I'll hide the finished sets just to be safe.

If you want to help get the temptation out of our house and away from Leo, please see the FUNdraiser page!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Spread The Love FUNdraiser!

Just in time for Valentines day, but really, good for any time of year, it's the

Spread The Love FUNdraiser!

Whether you want to spread the love to your own kitty crew or if your kitty wants to send a lovable set to their special kitty friend, this set really shows where your heart is!

For a minimum donation of just $15 US to Winnie's Wish, you get four love inspired kitty toy gifts!

Winnie's Wish is over full, over limit, and bursting at the seams. Adoptions are greatly needed, but so are funds. Your donations help keep the kitties fed, littered, and vetted. These kitties have been rescued from sometimes horrible situations, saved from the short, dangerous feral life. They are given hope and love and care. They need homes, yes, very much, but in the mean time, they have practical needs that we can help with. Joining in on our FUNdraiser lets you help them and get some fun toys at the same time!

You get:
One Huggable Kick Stick, approximately 17 inches long in a variety of colors, easy to wrap your paws around!

 One Refillable Love Knot, made of soft paw print red fleece with an opening so you can untie it, refill, and retie it for fresh play any time! EDIT: We've run dangerously low on paw print fleece and the store was out, which shocked us because they had tons when we got the first bit! So we now have a variety, pink tie dye, bright red and if we can get more, the red paw print fleece!

One Heart Toy in a variety of patterns. A tried and true favorite shape the kitties adore, they can bat it around, but it doesn't get away from them like an ordinary ball can!

A Winnie's Wish Red Love Heart. WW embroidered on one side to spread the love for the rescue each donation helps!
Now here's the good news! You can have your choice of either our favorite potent catnip or amazing silvervine. What the heck, get both, ask for a half and half set! Better yet, get one set of each! ;)
If you do not send me your choice, the default set will be catnip.
We will ship anywhere in the world. However, international postal rates have gone up so I'm afraid most countries outside the USA are going to require an additional $7 US making the total $22 in US dollars. 
Here's a list of some of the countries that will need the extra $7: Australia, Canada, Great Britain, France, Austria, and Singapore
All other countries, please email and I will check the rate before you donate.
EDIT: Postage rates have gone up since this FUNdraiser, please email me first for outside the USA.
CLICK the donate/paypal button on my sidebar and make your donation,
THEN EMAIL ME at anniclan AT aol DOT com with your mailing address. I’ll get your toys out to you ASAP and send the donation on to Chrystal and Winnie's Wish!
If you don’t have paypal or prefer not to use it, email me and I’ll give you the address to send cash, check or money order, once it clears, I’ll send your toys!
Winnie's Wish will get at least $12 per set after we take out paypal's cut, postage and a small amount for materials.
We hope you will love a set and spread some love to Winnie's Wish with your donation!
If you can, please share the Spread The Love Fundraiser on your facebook, twitter, blog, or wherever so we can spread more love around!
Also, let everyone know about the great kitties of Winnie's Wish waiting for homes!
Feel free to use our poster at the top of the page, or this sidebar sized one here:

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Baff Time For Leo

Baff time.. Floof don't clean itself!

What the... You're filming my baff??

Now you'll probably post it... I'm so ashamed..
I'd never post an embarrassing picture of you, Leo! Would I? Hee hee

(Love how he's got his foot up in every picture, silly boy)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tuesday Toesies and Opt to Adopt

I love love love Leo's paws! Extra toes are just so cool looking, and feeling. Leo lets me toy with his front paws, but does not like me to mess with his back ones. Which is a shame because the back feet have extra toes too.

He actually grumbles at me when I clip the back claws! He doesn't like having his front ones clipped, but he just tries to pull it away and gives me the most pathetic look like 'how could you do this to me, I thought you loved me." But the back, "grrrr no touchie mommy!"

There are at least two extra toes on each front foot, one extra on each back. One of the extra claws on the fronts have odd claws. One one foot it's normal looking just very large and thick. On the other the claw is flat and slightly wavy. There is hardly any vein in it so it gets cut into a tiny square when I trim them, (this is how the vet told me to do it).

I just trimmed claws this week (on both kitties, and medicated and gave a preventative flea treatment, they were NOT happy!) When I trim, he usually hides the paws from me for a while, but I caught him sleeping and showing his flat wonky square claw off a little! And the picture shows I didn't cut it quite short enough.. but it works for now, he'll just have to have them trimmed a little sooner next time, poor guy!

I may look like I'm sleepin' but just try touching my freshly massacred claws and I'll show you that they still work.. Ok, maybe not, but I'll leave!


Oh boy are there cute kitties in the Winnie's Wish cathouse! Oh boy do they need their forever home! Are you their people? Do you know their people? Can you share them somewhere so we can see if their people see them from you?? Won't you help be the miracle for them? Please help someone (or you!) Opt to Adopt a darling from Winnie's Wish!

Here are just a few of the sweet kitties. You can see the rest on the sidebar of the Daily Dose blog!

Autumn, Shiloh and Truly were three kittens when they were rescued. They were found in a very remote place with no homes nearby. Chrystal and her family drove back and forth, forty five minutes each way, for around three weeks to capture kittens they thought they saw. That's dedication!

They assumed that the three were siblings, but Autumn is now believed to be several months older than the other two. Not old enough to be their mom, but too old to be their sibling. She's a very friendly kitty and loves other cats. She'd love a family of her own and if you already have other kitties in your house, she'd adore them.

Truly was the first of the three to be captured, she walked up to them when the others darted into the brush. She is a small sweetheart who gets along with other kitties and loves attention. She would probably be fine on her own, but her brother, Shiloh, would really like to be with her.

Shiloh was the last to be captured, and how he kept disappearing is a huge mystery once they finally had their hands on him. He had a badly broken back leg, poor guy. He had surgery the very next day. There were also fractures in his hip bone but there was nothing that could be done for that. He's all healed up now and I don't believe he even acts like he knows there was ever an injury.

Shiloh is shy, but he loves his sister Truly. He's a sweet kitty, not aggressive, and he does like attention. He would do well with someone who could give him time to adjust, and hopefully, please, his security blanket sister.

Monday, January 20, 2014

A Hair Raising Post

A few posts ago I said I'd soon be sharing about a new development in Star's hair addiction. We know she likes my hair mostly when it's wet. She once sampled Twin 2's hair, but because she's a little bit scared, she only had the one opportunity. She ADORES Twin 1's hair, wet, dry or whatever and will do anything she can to get at it. In that other recent post she took a huff or two in the Nephew's hair as he so obligingly leaned over to let her get a sniff.

But so far that's the limit of her hair obsession. She took a quick sniff at her daddy's hair one time when it was wet, but decided it wasn't worth it. She has never sniffed anyone outside this little group of people's hair. If someone should happen to sit on the couch while she was on the back of it, she'd more likely give them a hiss and a whap than sniff any ol' hair! That's why after the Nephew left that other day and his Fiance sat down I was going to warn her to watch out for Star on the couch back as she could get possessive.

Imagine my surprise when she took a sniff! And more than a sniff! Fiance has very thick, curly, long, did I say THICK hair! And she'd carefully tamed it into a ponytail, even doubled it under to keep from having a big poof of that hair sticking out the back. Star cared nothing for the work that went into subduing this bounty. And bless her, Fiance let the silly cat do as she pleased!

Oh heavenly days.. What is this?!

Oh I could make a bed on here!

Gravity smavity, I have to lean into this!

Monkey Whole Head Hug move!

Oh goodness, that was delicious.. and it pulled from the holder so nicely!

Wait! One more big rub!

Oh my goodness, I need a nap now.. By the way, you are fobidden from brushing that and undoing all of my work. I may want another roll in all that hair later!

I still can't believe what people will let Star do to their hair.. I shouldn't talk though, I have scratches all over my back from where she tries to climb up while I'm still brushing mine out!


Please remember Winnie's Wish! They are over capacity and are in serious need of adoptions! If everyone shared them in at least one space, just think of all the potential adopters who'd see what great kitties they are! And remember, distance is not a problem, Winnie's Wishers have been transported all over the USA and into Canada!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Under Covers Operative

Leo is at it again, he's burrowed himself into some sheets. I wonder what he's thinking..

Super Secret Undercover Agent Leo aims his trusty laser at his arch nemesis, Madam Hissifits from within a secure hidden location..

Uh oh.. to avoid detection the wunderkind agent goes into stealth mode!

Scanning.. Threat of exposure by seemingly harmless camera happy tourists seems to have passed. Oh no! Super Secret Agent Leo has lost sight of his primary target! Starting from scratch, he searches for the evil Madam Hissifits again.. Scanning.. Scanning.. I know you're out there somewhere, Hissifits, you'll not escape me so easily! Scanning..

Hmm, maybe I was better off wondering what he was thinking rather than knowing..


Please remember the Winnie's Wishers looking for homes! Help spread the word so they can find their forever families soon!