Thursday, October 31, 2019

Vintage Halloween

I didn't want another month to pass without a post from us and as the last day of the month, today, is Halloween, I went through my old posts to find a Halloween kind of picture. What I found was one from way back in 2012! When Star was still with us and before Glitter and Cashmere joined us.

Princess Star and Viking Leo say Happy Halloween!! And pass over the treats, bwahahaha!

The reason I had to go looking for an old picture... is my laptop crashed. Big time. As in the hard drive is non-operable so I can't even get my data off of it. Meaning... I lost all of my pictures, everything. I'm going to try one of those data recovery places and hope for the best even though I know they're expensive. If it was anything but the hard drive, I'd do it myself, always have, but this is out of my scope. Darn it!

That's only part of the reason I haven't been blogging, but I'm really really hoping to get back to it. Gotta take more pictures of the kitties! And this time, save them somewhere else than just the computer before deleting the memory card..

Happy Halloween all! Or Happy October! Or just happy to see you again!!