Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Tocktober and Halloween!

Wow, I'm getting in just under the gun! I almost missed Tocktober and it's late in the day for a Halloween post! But hey, it still counts!

First, Tocktober!

Leo shows off his fluffy tocks!

Leo: And my long fluffy tail!
And then the girls! Cashmere on the left, Glitter on the right.
Cashmere: I know it looks like I have floofy leg warmers on, but that's just how my furs grow!
Glitter: Well, my floof is everywhere! Except the bottom of my footsies..

Love fluffy butts, don't you?

On to Happy Halloween!
Now, I don't dress up my kitties, but they do test out items I make for fundraisers. So let me present..

Pimpin' Leo!

Little Cashmere on the prairie!
Princess Glitter!

Happy Halloween and Happy End of Tocktober! (pun intended! hee hee)

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Trying To Be Thankful Thursday

Leo Here, Last time we posted, we were Thankful that mommy was home from the hospital and yeah, daddy came home with her. We had our laps back, our lounging spots, our on time snacks! Everything was lovely and wonderful... for about a day!

That very Thursday mommy had to make appointment all the way back at the surgeons office, three hours away (that's six human hours of driving, hour or so for appointment, and about 2 kablillion kitty hours!) She got something called an Infection, though we didn't see anything new around here. Does it have feathers? Fur? Is it covered in catnip? Then what good is it? I guess mommy thought the same thing because she was not happy with it and got some pills to get rid of it.

Pardon this aside, kitties, but do you know that she took those pills without making a fuss, no scratching, no yowling, no spitting it back out and having to try again with a soggy pill! What kind of way is that to get pilled?? Humans is weird..

Anyway, back to the almost happy part. All the sudden, mommy started scratching her ankles off. She was flipping out like she had fleas! She assured us that she didn't, but said she needed a potato peeler to take care of the problem but daddy wouldn't bring her one. That next Tuesday she had what she called a post surgery appointment back at that surgeons again.. another 2 kabillion hours! But get this! She doesn't come back even after 3 kabillion hours! Not even after four!

And then.... the brother guy came over and gave us our snackies like he did when mommy was in the hospital.. this did not bode well kitties! Not well at all!

Apparently mommy's infection had a reaction to the medication and it wasn't good, so they put her in the hospital again! Without warning! Not nice! Bad surgeon, bad! Five days! 5! Can you believe it! They held her hostage for another 5 days! She said she was pin cushioned again, but not as badly as the first time.

Her infection has caused an infraction in my affection and attention collection! It's just not right to deprive a kitty of his rightful snuggles! Someone needs to pay for my troubles! And the rocks I throw at them will not be pebbles! Now give me my cuddles!

I guess we're thankful that she's home again, and daddy too! And that's a good thing. We are doing our darndest to keep her weighed down to the bed or chair or wherever she lands because we don't want her going out the door ever again!

She brought more pills home with her, and again.. not taking them right at all! I haven't seen her hold even one in her cheek and spit it out later.. At least she's not causing a disruption with any more scratching so I'm declaring her invisible flea free!

So it looks like all is well in our world! We are thankful and happy again!

Although.. I don't like the sounds of the words 'follow up appointment' and 'out of town wedding' that I've been hearing. But I'ma ignore that and maybe it'll go away, right? Right!

Pardon me, Kitties and friends, I gotta get me some more scritches under my chin so I'm gonna end this here! Get your cuddles kitties! You deserve them!!