Thursday, June 30, 2016

The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same

So Glitter's daddy needed sleep but couldn't leave the balloon where Glitter might be able to grab at it and chew on the ribbon when there was no one watching her. He did the right thing, he cut off the ribbon and left the balloon to stick to the ceiling away from her perch and went to bed.

Did Glitter lose interest?

Do you know cats??

Then you KNOW she did NOT lose interest!

All night, up the cat tree, meow, up the Celestial Skyway, meow, to the top of the cabinet, meow, and repeat..
I have never been so happy to have a giant cat with a teeny tiny itsy bits sweet little voice!

Now, the next day, after work, what do you think Glitter's, wrapped-around-her-paws-daddy did? Yeah, you know..

Glitter: Yay! Thank you daddy, for bringing it close! Mommy's too short to reach anything up here..
Oh, one thing you might notice about some of the following pictures.. something I did not notice until I downloaded the pictures to the laptop. Remember I said that Glitter and Leo went to the groomers the day the balloon showed up? They had some mats that needed to be trimmed out as well as sanitary trims and Glitter's ruff shortening. I blew up the pictures and it was very apparent where Glitter had had some mats removed.. it looks like she shaved a certain part of her body for beach season. Mancats, try not to stare!

Darn it, I still can't reach the part of the balloon that has the ribbon.. hey, where's the ribbon?

Wait a second.. I think I see a tiny little bit of ribbon left up there! Boy, some peoples cut some things way too short. Um, anyone feel a breeze?

Oh daddy! I accidentally batted Mr. B'loon too far away and he's out of my reach again... A little help please?

Does Daddy help? Oh please!

I got it! I got the itty bitty ribbon! Yay me!

Don't you be trying to get away again! You know daddy will just bring you back.. Now let me give you a good ol' chomp.

Ok, Mr. B'loon, let me take you up to my secret lair.. There's no way you can get away from me up there!

Now you're all mine! I can nibble and lick the stub of a ribbon to my heart's content.. And to anyone who thought I wouldn't get my way, THHHHPPPP hee hee!

That's the saga of Mr. B'loon! Except a few short videos. If I can get them loaded, they'll be your Friday films!


Also on Friday, I'll be adding some more items to the Winnie's Wish Insta-Auction!

Several of the auctions ended already, I will be contacting the winning bidders soon! Thank you for your support! The kitties of Winnie's Wish thank you too!
Please, if you can, share the link to the Auction Page!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Having Another Go At It

Yesterday, Glitter could not convince Mr. B'loon to come down and play with her. Or rather, to let her chew on his ribbon..

But she had another idea!

Ok, Mr. B'loon! I'm up here on the Celestial Skyway, close to the ceiling like you are, so now you play nice and come over here, ok?

Look at her, she's talking to it!
Please, won't you come play. I promise not to put the bitey on you.. much..

Once again, her daddy gave in and brought it over to her. He's such a softy!
See what happens when you don't listen? My daddy makes you do what I want! He likes me more than he likes you, so there!

*chompity chomp bitey bite nibbley nibble*

But as usual, it manages to get away from her!
Oh you are such a brat, Mr. B'loon! You take advantage of me when I reposition my jaws and that's not nice at all!

A few times she managed to get it back, and a few times her daddy gave it enough of a push to make it easy for her to get it back..
Ha ha! Gotcha myself now! Oh boy are you in trouble! I'm gonna chew you to bits now!

More to the story? You bet! Her daddy needed sleep, he couldn't stay up all night making sure she didn't actually ingest that ribbon. Next time: Changes are coming!


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Prairie Dog Glitter

Back on Friday I posted this:
Just WHAT could sweet Glitter be after? Whatever it is, it's just out of sight in that picture, and just out of the poor girls reach!

Before I get to that *big evil grin* please note that something is missing on Glitter herself. Know what it is?
Her big, long, beautiful ruff! That's because the day these were taken, she and Leo had been to the groomer. Among other things, they shortened her ruff because it was so long that she couldn't groom it without getting it stuck in her mouth, no matter how far she leaned her head back, there were bits still caught. So while its easier for her to groom now, that lovely fluffy ruff is gone, for now. I have no doubt it will grow back in quickly, it always does!

So back to the mystery!

You see, groomer day was also the daddy's birthday and he got a balloon! All of the kitties were interested, but Glitter was OBSESSED! We had to tie up the long ribbon on it because she would NOT leave it alone! So what she was doing in that picture was willing it to come back into her reach.

And here, her daddy, even after tying it up so she couldn't reach it, brought it down to her level for her to play with..

Glitter: Oh Thank you daddy! I knew staring at it and being adorable would do the trick! Um, just a little closer please..
Leo: (In the background) Hey! I thought they took that away from us! Still.. not sure it's worth getting out of my nappy spot for it..

Glitter: Much better.. *chompity chomp chomp*
Leo: So not fair...

Glitter: *chompity bitey bite bite* Hey.. iths twyin' ta det 'way, sthop puwwing!
Leo: I think she said "it's tryig to get away, stop pulling" but I could be wrong. Um, sis, it's not pulling, it's flying!

Glitter: It flew alright.. now it's hugging the ceiling again, sigh.

Glitter: Hello, Mr. B'loon? Can you come back down here? Pretty please with nip on it!

Glitter: Are you listening to me, Mr. B'loon? I'm trying to speak with you!
Leo: (now down in the other chair) Maybe he's hard of hearing?

Glitter: MR. B'LOON! PLEASE COME BACK DOWN HERE! Still not listening..

Glitter: I'm gonna figure this out if it's the last thing I do...
You can believe her, folks, she's not done. Not by a long shot! But you'll have to come back next time to see more of her tricks!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Butterfly Naps

I know, I know. You were expecting me to post the whole story about the teaser I put up on Friday. That's gonna have to wait because I totally forgot and I already got pictures together for today, sorry!

This butterfly blanket used to be Star's favorite blanket. We kept it out all year just for her. Lately its been a bench cover, making it into a cave that these three love. Then it got tossed in a chair.
Which is where Cashmere found it and decided it was the best nap spot ever!

Cashmere: Please note that I have assumed the exact same shape as the blanket, which is roughly the same shape as these United States of America! Which means you blew it, mom, you could have saved these pictures for Independence Day! Ha!

Cashmere: And now I'm done talking. It's time for my nap, so if you'd be so kind as to turn off the lights on your way out, mom.. Night night
I know a lot of people were at Blogpaws and Catcon LA this past weekend, so you may not know that there are several new items up on the Winnie's Wish Insta-Auction!
Every bid helps the kitties of Winnie's Wish! So please, bid early and bid often!

Friday, June 24, 2016

More to the Story

I had planned on posting about something very cute, but time was not on my side. So what I'm going to do is post a teaser! hee hee

Glitter: I think I can I think I can...
There is more going on in this picture than meets the eye! Something that should be there, but isn't. And something that is just out of sight. Oh boy!


Later today (Friday) I will be posting more items on the Insta-Auction!
EDIT: Posted more!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Carry On My Wayward Son

Leo and Glitter had to go to the groomer yesterday and in preparation we decided to get a new carrier. We have two, but that's not enough for a three cat house. One of the ones we have is a soft one and it's actually kind of small for my giant cats. Anyway, I figure if we ever had to take all three somewhere we need another carrier.

When Greg brought the new carrier in, he opened it up and put it on the floor so the kitties could see it and maybe even think it was not a horrible thing. Good luck, right? Especially after one trip!

I totally missed getting pictures of Glitter sitting up in it looking out at the world like she thought this was a new kitty cave for the cat tree! But I did get some pictures of Leo checking it out. Part of him anyway..

Leo: Well what have we here? It sorta looks like that horrible PTU (Prisoner Transport Unit) but it doesn't smell like hate and mistakes..

Leo: It's roomy-oomy-oomy-oomy.. Hey, there's an echo in here-ere-ere!

He got out pretty quickly after that. Then Glitter had another sniff.

Leo: I don't think it's the same as that other one but I don't think I'm gonna get any closer than this from now on.
Glitter: I like the color.. You're right, I don't think it's one of those things either. Why would they leave it out here if it was?
Leo: Still not chancing it..

If you think it was easy to load him up the next morning, you'd be WRONG! Yeah, he was not fooled! Glitter wasn't that hard to get in, but she tried to play dumb when Greg wanted to load her in, staying way back on the tallest shelf of the cat tree, all "What's that? no thanks, I don't need a pet right now. I'm all comfy up here.. la la la.." Had to break out the treats to get her down.. sucker!
Leo sung the song of his people the whole way. And like I said, good thing it's only sort of across the road!


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday
Leo, official product tester


The bed Leo's testing is available in the new Winnie's Wish Insta-Auction!


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Let's Talk Insta-Auction!

Are you excited?

Oh boy, I'm excited!

I have been hinting around about something awesome starting Tuesday and Tuesday is finally here!!

It's a new kind of auction to benefit Winnie's Wish!

First, a word or two about Winnie's Wish; you all know that I love to run fundraisers to help the kitties there. Beautiful, wonderful, ADOPTABLE kitties!

They are full/over full again and that means it takes a lot of the green stuff to keep things going. Kitties gotta eat! And if it goes in, it's gotta come out! And stuff's gotta get cleaned with something! Then there's the heat and air to keep them healthy and happy! And then the big stuff! Spays, neuters, medications, vaccinations, veterinary support, oh boy! Lots and lots of those green papers!

So I thought and thought about what to do this summer and I had too many things wanted to make, some too big for fundraisers, some too small for auctions. So I compromised. And went with the auction, lol!

But we're talking a different kind of auction here! I've named it Insta-Auction!

There is no set end date for the whole auction BUT there will be end dates for individual items.
How do we decide when the end dates are? Well, that's up to YOU!

There is no time on anything until a bid comes in. If you bid on an item on a Wednesday, then that auction will end exactly seven days later, but only for that item. So if another item gets a bid on Saturday, does it end on Wednesday? Nope, it ends on the following Saturday!

Bids will only be taken on items for seven days following the first bid, then highest bidder gets it! Some items may not get an end time for a long time, and that's fine. The idea is to leave the auction open so when you're ready or see something you like, you can bid on your time! (Unless someone else bids on it first, then you have a week!) :)

Making sense? I hope so! But if not, please feel free to ask in comments, or email me (anniclan AT aol DOT com), or send a message on facebook (Andrea)

Here are some of the kitties you'll be helping! Who also need homes by the way, so share please?

Bojangles                                                          Binks

Boy Blue                                                                Winter

Betty Lou                                   Pippen

Momma Monday                                       Clover

Finnick                                                          Slate

Kizzie                                                               Bunny

Traci Mae                                                           Snowflake

Smokey                                                              Tinkerbell