Monday, March 31, 2014

Dream Post

I fell asleep last night with the laptop on. Nothing new. But I had dreamt that I'd posted so I shut it off and went back to sleep. Oopsie! Guess I should have checked. Or at least tried to remember just what I'd posted about!

Anyway, here's a quick picture of Leo, all curled up in his spot! (His when Star doesn't claim it anyway!)

Please do not disturb the sleeping kitty.. zzzzzzzz

Friday, March 28, 2014

Hot Crossed Star

Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by for Leo's Gotcha day celebration! It's so hard to believe it's been three years, and yet it's hard to believe it hasn't been much longer, know what I mean?

In case you are feeling sorry for Star because Leo is my heart kitty, you should know that she has always been and always will be my little baby girl. There is nothing sweeter than when she curls up on my chest and lays her tiny head on my shoulder and purrs until she snores. I love her dearly, even if she can be a little wench to me and Leo and everyone else. I wouldn't give her up for anything.

Today is about her being cute. I adore it when she sits with her paws crossed! Sitting with her paws crossed on the cabinet beddy is beyond cute!

Is that barbarian's day over yet? Is it safe?

Where is he anyway? I'm not coming down if he wants up here.

Oh there he is, lasers on full! hee hee

Hope you all have a great weekend, free of laser burns! MOL

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Can you believe it?? Cause I can't believe it! Oh my gosh, better believe it! My sweet Leo has been MINE for three whole years!!

I saw the sweetest little grey fluffball on the Daily Dose blog, and he was a Winnie's Wisher who needed a home! Oh boy did I want to give him that home! He had the wonderful name of Leo The Chinese Lion, which he only uses on formal occasions, and I was smitten with that kitten!

When he was 9 months old, my dreams came true and he became mine mine mine!

Here's how I first met my baby..

I's not sure 'xactly what's goin' on, but I dun think I wanna come outta this hidey hole thingie..
Ok, this is Chrystal's picture and her daughter holding him. But she passed this carrier into my car for me to transfer him to my carrier and when I opened it, this is just what I saw!

I reached in and pulled him out and he melted into my arms and clung to me. I so did not want to put him into my carrier! I just wanted to sit there and snuggle him and pet him and kiss him! But Chrystal was waiting to get her carrier back so I had to move him. Sigh. He was a good boy though and didn't fight at all.

It was an eight hour trip home and I held him about half of that time. He hung over my shoulder, much like in the following picture and I could not budge him! Strong boy, he knew where he wanted to be!

This is my spot, my shoulder to hang on, my mommy to cling to! Everyone else can just go 'way!

This is how he spent the other half of the trip. In a kennel with a litter box, food and water dishes, and a box that was supposed to be a hidey hole for him, but he was way bigger than I thought he'd be and that box did not fit him!

Ok, not crazy about this spot... I can has shoulder back again pwease?
I couldn't deny him, I loved him from the start.

My cousin once asked me what a heart kitty was, and really, I can't explain it. But once you find your heart kitty, you know exactly what it means! (And she has one now too! Made a cat lady of her!)
Leo, in case you hadn't guessed, is my heart kitty! I had never heard the term until I started reading Chrystal's blog, and then she went and gave me mine!

Thank you, Chrystal, from the bottom of my heart! I love my baby boy and I love you! (and I know you won't see this until your computer is back, but it'll be here when you're back on line!)

What does Leo want for his Gotcha day? Bet you can guess!

Yes, adoptions for other Winnie's Wish kitties! Especially his two sisters who were returned there this past summer. There are sixteen sweet kitties awaiting their forever families. Would you look and see if maybe your heart kitty is there? Or someone you know? Would you spread the word in honor of Leo's gotcha day?
Another thing you could do would be to send Winnie's Wish something from their Wish List. Food, litter, cleaning supplies and toys are always needed and appreciated!
All of our FUNdraisers are still available and they benefit Winnie's Wish too, so if you are in the market for some great toys and want to help, click on the banners on my sidebar to see the toy gifts for each one!
Of course straight up donations to Winnie's Wish are always appreciated too and there is a button on her sidebar as well as mine and it all goes to the kitties!

Chrystal has been without her computer for quite a while now and she's worried that her friends and followers will have forgotten her by the time she finally gets back up and running. Let's prove that wrong and get her lots of adoptions, gifts and support for when she gets back on line!
Every little bit and every good thought and encouraging word helps!

Thank you from Leo and me!

Now here are a few of my favorite pictures of the Gotcha Day boy!

Happy Gotcha day darling boy!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Unusual Toesie Tuesday and Opt to Adopt Blog Hop

Star is using her toesies to save one of her favorite toys! And not the toesies you'd think... This girl is not ambidextrous, she's quad-dextrous!

I can use any paw I want to save my toys.. What of it?

And apparently you can put your tail anywhere you want too! hee hee


As far as I can tell, Chrystal still doesn't have her computer back,  yikes! But also as far as I know, the cathouse is still over full! So lets get some kitties adopted while we're waiting for her to get back on line!
If you see a kitty you have to make yours, let me know and I'll put you in contact with Chrystal!
If you see a kitty that you just know your friend/family/coworker must have, please, let them know and let me know and I'll put you in contact with Chrystal!
Bottom line, lets get the word out and help Winnie's Wish! Thank you all!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Mancat Monday

Hey peoples and fur friends! We had a good weekend filled with lots of extra treats! Probably because Princess Hissyface needs to gain some weight back, but hey, I got them too! So whoo hoo!
Hope you all had a great weekend too!
Oh, and PS, we have to share my spot here now, but it's mine at the moment so double whoo hoo!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Curl Up, It's Still Kind of Cold

Do you remember this curled up picture of Star from February?

I said that she looked like a furry egg and speculated that she couldn't curl up any tighter if she tried.

I was wrong.

Here she's curled up tighter in a little ball!

Can't a girll sleep and try to keep warm without being bugged and called names? I suppose 'ball' is better than 'furry egg' anyway.. sheesh.
Ok, Star, go back to sleep. We won't bug you any more.
Star warm this weekend friends!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Watchman Leo

Here's Leo

I'm keepin' a close eye on my sisfur, I mean, on that mean ol' Princess Hissyface! I gotta make sure no one accidentally locks her in that little room again! And not just because I like to sleep in the sink up there.. She really didn't like it and I didn't like that she didn't like it. She does seem to be feelin' better though. She even chased me again!
Oh, and we're learning to time share my pink beddy on the top of the cabinet, so that's good! But I'm still gonna keep an eye on her 'cause.. ya never know. Don't tell anyone, but I do kinda like her. A little. Most of the time.

Star is doing better. No more problems, though she did sleep a lot yesterday. But since I'm sure she didn't sleep a wink when she was locked in the bathroom, I think that's pretty understandable.
Leo watched her carefully when she got home but kept a respectful distance. He meowed at her once and is silent again. Things are returning to normal in our little corner of the world.

Thank you, everyone for purrs prayers and advice! You all rock, you know that!


Chrystal at Daily Dose is hoping to have her computer back by Friday! (I don't know if I could survive losing mine that long!) So hopefully will begin blogging again on Monday! Cross your fingers with us that she gets all of her pictures and programs back!

Don't forget, the Winnie's Wish rescue cathouse is over full! She is desperate for adoptions! (But only to good homes of course) Will you please do what you can to get the word out on the wonderful kitties there? You can find the adoptable kitties on her sidebar, click a picture to learn more about each kitty!

There are many ways to help, even if you can't adopt a kitty yourself. You can see which kitty would fit in with your friends and families and try to match make them! You can click on the Wish List banner on her site and send much needed items. You can click on her donate button to send always needed money. You can choose to donate to the Winnie's Wish donate button on my site and get a set of toys from any of our FUNdraiser campaigns! (located on my sidebar, don't forget to email me which set you want!) Oh, and one more thing: You can adopt! :)

If you want to talk to Chrystal about a kitty, you can email me and I'll make sure she gets the message! anniclan AT aol DOT com

Thank you!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Star Update

My plan was to post last night just after midnight, but I fell asleep. I woke up just a bit ago with two kitties sharing space on me! Leo leaning on my feet and Star curled up on my belly! I thought, aw, maybe yesterday starts a new era of acceptance between my sweeties.

Then Star, disturbed by my waking up, turned to crouch and glare at Leo and grumble at him. I was worried about bloodshed. Mine! It didn't come to that, but when I left the room, I heard some brief fisticuffs pawdicuffs. It was short and no one was chased from the room. So I guess that's better than nothing. I'm gonna focus on the sharing of me for sleeps instead of the pawdicuffs!

So did we get a sample from Star... Heck no. She was not interested in that gravel box in the least. She sat by the door and sang the song of her people until we went to sleep and started it up again once she heard us wake up.

She did, however, eat her snack. Leo did not. Of the two of them I think Leo was the most freaked out. He refused to come down stairs and just sat at the top step across from the bathroom door where Star was singing and not peeing.

He was not by the door, not intimidating her, not bothering her, but being very concerned. Every time someone would walk past the stairs, he'd jump up and look down anxiously as if to say "Can you let her out now please!"

I know I know, shut up about Leo and get to Star's report! I'm sorry, I just find Leo's behavior during all of this inexplicable!

So Star went to the vet, sans sample. The vet checked her out and determined that she did not have enough in her bladder/kidneys/wherever they get it from to get it with a needle. They could have kept her, giving her subcutaneous fluids and lasic (sp) to get her to go or at least fill up enough for to tap the keg. But she would have had to spend the night because of Greg's schedule and we couldn't see stressing her for that when the vet seemed to think she was probably fine.

He thinks she might have been stressed or if she did have a crystal that it passed. She shows no signs of having a problem. She hadn't, in fact, for days, but I wanted to keep the appointment just to make sure. The vet did say that she could have some issues because of her age, and perhaps the litter boxes weren't as clean as she'd like... (we'll do better!)

He also wondered if she were hyper.. but her behavior at home has not altered. She just didn't want to be at that bad place and was running around looking for a way out when the tech put her on the floor! Um, hello! She don't like you people poking and prodding around on her! Of course she's gonna run around looking for an out! (She finally shoved her carrier away from the wall so she could crawl back inside and curled up in the very back of it!)

She does have some arthritis, which we figured since she does not jump like she used to. I told you how she now discovered Leo's cabinet top comfy bed? Well there's a jump to the shelves to get there, it's not that high but she did fall just two days ago trying to get up and landed on her side. On the bed, so whew! But still, she couldn't make a two and a half foot jump. But then explain how she almost made a leap of four feet to the vet table at one point, and only missed her back legs getting up. (Greg was able to quickly catch her rear and help her finish getting up.) She's a study in contrasts, our Star is.

I believe it was a week or so ago that I mentioned that she'd lost some weight over this past winter with some health issues? I thought it was a few ounces, turns out she lost a whole pound! On a cat as tiny as her, that's a LOT. Vet said more stinky goodness, which will work in two ways, more liquid from that than dry, and more food. 'Cause girlfriend can't leave stinky goodness alone! Just ask Leo, who'd rather eat a little, leave, come back, eat a little, leave, etc.. Once he walks away, it's fair game to Star!

About Star's sample. We will try again soon with the litter beads from the vet but we don't think they're going to find anything. Whatever it was seems to have resolved itself, thankfully. But we will still make sure.

So back to Leo's odd behavior. After Greg bundled Star off to the vet, I believe he went into the bathroom to check everything out. A few minutes later, he came running downstairs meowing! A lot!

When we first got Leo he would meow when he'd lose sight of me and not know where I was. But in the years since I could count on one hand the amount of times he's meowed, actually meowed. (He grumbles when I clip his toes and whines when Star stare intimidates him, but in no way can those be called a meow.)

He meowed all the way down the stairs and across the living room toward me, then proceeded to inspect the house looking for Star. He still did not touch his last night's snack. He just paced and looked for Star. Eventually he cat loafed by my feet and kind of watched the door.

When Greg and Star got home, Leo ran to greet them. He followed Star around, which she hated of course. He didn't get too close, just wanted to see if she was ok I think. Star ate his last nights snack and he sat watching her.

Now this is funny: When Greg went upstairs, Leo went with him and sat by the bathroom door. When Star thought she might come up, Leo charged at her! He's never done anything like that! But he was determined that she was not going up stairs again! I think he was trying to protect her from getting locked in the bathroom again! Does that sound crazy to you? I honestly don't know.

But I have to think he was worried about her, no?

You'll not be sneaking off with Princess Hissyface again, now will you. That's not a question, by the way, it's an order!

I'm going to try to nap away this bad day, no one better get any grabby hands, or grabby paws or there will be consequences..

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Unhappy Camper

Star is not a happy girl today. She has spent/will spend four to five hours locked in the bathroom with food, water and a small litter box full of aquarium gravel. This is to catch a sample.. has anyone done this? Does it work? I fully expect that Star would not pee for longer than this just to avoid the weird box. That or pee on something else..

She's had some issues in the past week, but they have been intermittent. And now they seem gone altogether. But we're going to keep the appointment just to make sure.

She has howled almost the entire time she's been locked up. And Leo refused to come down stairs, he sits at the top of the stairs, half way to the bathroom door. We think in commiseration as he does not seem to be trying to intimidate her. But that meant I don't get any furry kitty to sleep with!

Every time someone walks by the stairs and looks up, Leo hangs his head over the top step and looks down at them. With disapproval? As crappy as she is to him, he's really concerned about her!

Greg told Star that she will get out of that bathroom soon, but she's not going to like it. Because it'll be in a cat carrier! We can't let her out, and hope she doesn't escape, because if she does, we'll never get her in time to go to the vet. She's tiny enough to hide almost anywhere!

Fingers and paws crossed that we get a sample and that she's fine!

Why me?

Thanks in advance for any purrs, prayers and pawsitive thoughts!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Sleep With The Toys-es..

Remember Tuesday when Star was sleeping with a wand toy?

She's not the only one to sleep with toys. Well, duh, you might say, knowing that he's long slept with his stringie, and other toys on occasion. (His singing feather ball is MIA, one of his usual bed time toys) Leo brough a few extras this time..

So tired.. gotta make sure I got everything accounted for.. Stringie, weird thing, kick stick, jingly ball.. check.

Hey, it's a little chilly.. Where's my tail?

Lemme just tuck it up against my nose for warmth here..

Ah there we go, perfect. Fuzzy, warm, and snuggy!
Stay warm this weekend everyone!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

To Name A Snow Storm After Vulcan Is Illogical.

Apparently Lenard Nemoy tweeted what I used as the title of this blog. I was watching the weather channel with Greg and saw what they named it and said you can't name it after Vulcan! Vulcan is HOT! And then they popped up Nemoy's quote! We looked at each other and burst out laughing!

We got hit hard by the illogically named snow storm. Once again Greg got stuck in the driveway. In fact, the car sat at the very end of our very long drive all night because he was too tired to dig it out after midnight when he got home. That's the third time this year (or fourth..) that he's been stuck at home. And probably the sixth time (or seventh..) in the 27 years that I've known him! So yeah, been a bad winter.

We pulled the curtain up this yesterday morning (ok, noon) and the cats loved it. It's always clipped open a little for them to peek out, but when it's open full, they act like "Hey! I've never seen out there before!" Goobers.

The pictures are odd because it's dark inside compared to the white out we had going on out there while it snowed so hard and blew so hard. Half the time you couldn't even see to the street or make out the neighbors house!

First Leo got up in the front window on the little tree.

Where did all the stuff go, who erased all the colors??

As soon as Leo went to look for a warmer place to sit, Star jumped up.

There is not a bird or squirrel or rabbit to be seen anywhere. Someone remove all this white mess immediately!

This all started after 6 am and these were taken right around noon. We had a hard time getting the front door open because it was over half a foot deep pressing up against it.

Out the back window, things were no better except that it was hard to white out a tree that's that close to the window. Please ignore the filthy window..

Keep warm today friends!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tired Tuesday

Poor Star, wore herself out playing.

Chrystal of Daily Dose/Winnie's Wish had a computer crash. If you were thinking of adopting, and PLEASE, spread the word about adoptions! If you were thinking about it, you can contact me and I'll get word to her! Thank you!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Doin' the Dangle on Mancat Monday

Leo today, of course!

Just lettin' my super high cabinet post beddy air out, gettin' rid of that Hissyface sisfur smell..

Oh Hey peoples! I'm just hangin' out doin' the Dangle. If mom had more ambition, she coulda shoulda woulda made the Dangle a cat-o-lympic event! It woulda been cool, huh? Next time maybe.