Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hanging Out

We've been very lax about posting. There was the back issue, then vacation, then the niece moving to Wyoming for the summer, then my mom having surgery, and physical therapy making me tired and cranky. But I think I'm done with that because my back is doing great!

The kitties are doing pretty well, still hate each other, but individually taking turns being my snuggle buddies. We're working on making the rounds visiting and reading back posts too because we hate to miss anything! So if we haven't gotten to you yet, we're on our way!

Leo, poor dear, a little too big for the window. But we did manage to get the wood for trim and a window sill while we were on vacation so soon he'll fit there better!
We's just hangin' out

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day!

Those who have served, we thank you!

We's free 'cause of them!

Happy Memorial Day!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mid-Vacation Post

Wow, it's Wednesday already? I don't want our vacation to go this fast! Especially with physical therapy taking two of the days.. Which stinks, but might actually be working. Or else the meds did their job. Or, as the pain specialist said, it goes away in about 10 weeks. I don't know how many weeks it's been, but I am actually feeling a whole lot better.

I had to give up the pain meds, they were making me crazy and everyone around me as well... Apparently I ticked off both of my nieces so badly that the one who lives here didn't come home for three days and the other one hasn't talked to me much since. I don't recall all of what I said, but I believe I acted like an indiscreet drunk, let out everyone's secrets and dissed all their friends.. Bad bad aunt! No more drugs for you!

I think we're all ok now, at least I hope so. I feel pretty bad about it. So I hope they forgive me. And yeah, this is kind of a shameless bid for that forgiveness! I love you girls!!

Oh, but the one who lives here? She's getting back at me spectacularly! You remember last summer when she left to work in Alaska for the summer for the sole purpose of killing me or breaking my heart? Well come this weekend, she's doing it again! Wyoming this time! Little brat... Can't nail them to the floor I suppose.. And the other one will be out of town this summer too, not as far away, but still, not near enough to hug! Little brat too....

Ok, enough of my whining, that's not what you're here for anyway!

Spitty, I know you are bugging me for Star's gif, and I will make her one, very soon. But until then, I hope this sultry look she's sending your way will help you get through the wait!

Come up and see me sometime...

Things have been calmer, kitty wise, thankfully! Don't know if it's because Greg's home more, because they both had one more session in the harnesses, but they have been much better. Even sharing the bed a few times. Not for long, but enough that they both stayed and got pets and realized that they didn't have to attack each other for sole ownership of the bed. Whew!

I'll try to toss up another blog or two this week, but no promises! And hopefully without the need to plea for forgiveness! Love you girls again!!


Oh how could I forget! Happy Birthday ML! Thank you for all your work on the blogosphere!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Gifday for me!

I know I'm very way behind on a lot of people's blogs, but I'm catching up, trying to read back posts too because I HATE missing anything!

I totally missed Katie and Glogirly's instructions on gifs and I've always wanted to learn so when I saw it tonight, I decided to give it a try.

Leo had actually sat in the same spot long enough for me to get a series so I decided to use it. Especially since it was the first series I ran across in my files and honestly, I'm still kinda whacked out.. So my first gif!

Vacation next week, yay! So I'm not sure how much I'll be around, though I'm sure we wont be going anywhere much.. I will have a few days of physical therapy and hopefully a few visits out of the house. And naps, lots of naps!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Straw Hat Day late

Dang, I missed straw hat day!

Well, we still wanna play so here's Leo first.

And here's Star in her fashionable pink straw hat!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Belated and Battled Mother's Day

Still out of it, still trying, still here!

Got a few comments on my last post about letting them sort it out if it's just like bapping at each other so we made a concerted effort to do that over the weekend. It was hard, let me tell you! But they kept it down to a few small tit for tat pats back and forth. I can live with that.

I also got another comment, and forgive me for not looking back to recall who said it, about putting something like a towel as a curtain between them. I've been doing that, when I have time to get between them. That does help, most of the time. Sometimes Star gives me a look like I'm an idiot if I think she's fooled by that and tries to go around.

We did pretty good, as I said, over the weekend, but today got really bad. They weren't back and forth baps, they were out and out wrestling that I had to break up, three times in a row. And if you think it was easy, with my back, to follow this attack around the house, you'd be as crazy as I am.

So we did our one tried and true trick to settle Star's attack mode. We put her in her harness and leash. And to be fair, we put Leo is one as well to see what would happen. What happened was that Star turned into her 'humble bumble' self, low to the ground and very meek, and Leo kept trying to figure out what this was and rolling around on the leash.. In other words, fairly unfazed.

We took off the leash and let Star go in her harness for a while so she crawled up stairs and napped. Leo realized he was safe and took a nap on ever surface in the living room. Then we released Star from her harness and she's been behaving all night.

This harness thing usually keeps her chilled out for at least a few days so I'm hoping for a few days of peace before we have to revisit any issues.

Here's a few pictures of Leo taking advantage of the open window the other day.

Almost too big for the window, my baby boy....

Pepsi? Do I like Pepsi?

You sure that not battery acid?

In my drugged out, painfilled weekend, I missed Mother's day, mostly because I fell asleep and partly because I fell when trying to get into the car.. So with a few more owies, bumps and bruises, I wish to say a belated Happy Mother's day first off to my mommy, then to all you mommies, kitty mommies, doggie mommies and loving mommy heart people out there!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Mad or Crazy?

Abby from Manx Mnews said something about wishing it was like Star Trek where they wave a little thing over you and know immediately know what's wrong. Yes, oh boy yes do I wish it was like that!And then they give you a little zap with a needless hypospray shot thing and boom you're all better! The big surprise for me, I think, was to see another Star Trek fan in the kitty world?

Being a major Trek fan myself, it was nice to know I wasn't alone here in the blogosphere! MOL And what's really funny is that when the doctor said I had a desiccated disk, all I could think (but I'm glad I didn't say it) was isnt that what they do with dead Ferengis? You buy a disk with a desiccated piece of whoever in it and the more the disks go for, the better Ferengi you must have been! So, any bids on a desiccated piece of Andrea? 1 strip of latinum? 1 slip even?

Ok, now you gotta forgive me again for going all foggy brain weird AND Trek speak weird please!

So today I'm kind of mad at Star. But again, that could be all medication talking. The new one that the wonderful new doctor put me on can cause mood swings, yay...... I needed more side effects.. But I think you'll agree that I should at least be a little miffed at my sweet little arthritic almost 13 year old six pound kitty..

She's gone into another of her really aggressive against Leo phases and it drives me crazy. I try to distract her, but once she's got those huge luminous eyes fixed on him, it's pretty much assured that she's going to whap him. When is the only question.

Leo was rolling around on the Royal Footstool and she snapped her eyes on him. I did what I could to distract her, to make her look at me. Leo noticed her and stopped and crouched down and watched and waited. Just when I was reaching out to put my hand between them, she lashed out and tore up my finger. Then, of course, since I was now the bad guy, she hissed at me and went to hit me again. Luckily she thought better of it and took off. Leo took the opportunity to run hide under the bed.

Later, when she was no where to be seen (probably in the nieces room) he came back and was playing and running around like the little nut he is. Ok, BIG nut that he is! I mean, my boy is at least twice Star's size! And you know he's got more toes/claws than her with those huge polydactical feet of his!

He wore himself out and decided to take a nap on my sewing machine cabinet. That's when Star came out of no where and started stalking him. She creeped across the floor right up to where he was half hanging over the edge. (like he NEVER isn't hanging over the edge of whatever..) I caught sight of her and called her. She ignored me. I told her she better stop and I shook a bottle of advil at her because I've heard that if you put stones in a can and shake it it makes them stop their bad behavior but all I have close to me is drugs.

That made her look at me and realize that I was watching. But I'm not her daddy so she didn't have to pay attention. She started her slow advance again and I shouted at her to stop it. Ok, don't judge me here, it's hard to move and I know it's not the ideal way to deal with the situation but please recall the pain, the drugs and the frustration that she doesn't listen to me. I threw a pillow case at her.

I missed but she did look at me again and consider not attacking. For about 10 seconds then she was back at it. I rattled a plastic bag at her. She looked at me again. I rattled it again and told her to move away from the kitty. No dice, she sped up her attack mode. So I threw the bag... it contained only a small soft item, so even if I had hit her with it, she would have been fine.

She backed off. Whew! Crisis averted.. NO! Suddenly this tiny cat who can't jump but must climb up on couches and chairs, leaped up and started whapping the crap out of a cowering giant baby!

To heck with the bad back, I got up and headed toward them, but he ran before I could get there, with her in how pursuit! He must have eluded her because I didnt see him again but she ran the circle of the house at least three times like she was after him but he was not there. He probably got up the stairs before she noticed, thank goodness!

So she hissed at me again and disappeared until her daddy came home..

Ok, so can I be mad at her or is this just another day in the life of kitty momma-ness?

Oh! And later, after Daddy came home and we finished dinner and she was thinking it might be close to snack time, she crawled all over me purring! Do you think she's been into my drugs?

Poor Leo..
I having a bad day..

Is she coming back?

Oh, hey! check the link on my sidebar for Chrystal's book! You gotta get one, it's awesome! And the profits go to help the kitties who need homes!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Evening Whiffies

How many doctors does it take to diagnose a back problem? My magic number is 4! Apparently I have a disk dessication (probably not spelled right but I'm too tired to look it up). And it can take up to 10 weeks to go away, even if we do nothing, but since no one wants to be in that much pain, this wonderful fourth doctor gave me more of the drugs I don't like and another one that I probably also wont like. But maybe I wont be so wonky in the brain. Maybe...

Anyway, I do appreciate all the prayers purrs and good thoughts! And the patience with my hit and miss posting and reading and commenting on your blogs. I'm trying to catch up little by little but the meds make me fall asleep and sometimes my laptop even slides right off my lap. But I love you all and I will be around!

So kitties! The weather finally turned nice and the kitties were enjoying some early evening whiffies the other day.

I likes ta lay by the door, then I can watch the birdies who get real close! One day I will magically poke my paw through the screen and grab me a snackie!

I love the outdoor scents, but when the barbarian sits by the door his stink comes in and irritates my sensitive, perfect little nose.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Looky Looky I Got A Booky!

I did! I got my book! The bestest book in the world! Know why? Because my dear friend Chrystal wrote it!!! And it's about ANIMALS! And that means CATS!! And do you know what's even better than a book about CATS?? A book that has MY cat in it!

That's right! Leo the Chinese Lion makes his entry into Chrystal's Rescue near the end of the book! My kitty, my heart cat, my sweet snuggly baby boy is FAMOUS! He's in print! He's the handsome hero at the end of the book that gets rescued and gets to live happily ever after with ME!

Ok, it might be the pain drugs still talking.. but I'm seriously excited about this!!!! And I'm not the only one!

Wow! Look Winnie's on the cover! *I* am a Winnie's Wish Kitty!
This the most awesomest bestest book EVER!!

What? You want to read it? What ARE you on? This MY copy, get your own!

Seriously Leo?? Little brat! I'll read it while you're sleeping... Or I'll read it to you! that'll work!

But you people can get your own copy! And when you do, part of the moneys for it go to help the rescue kitties! Kitties like Leo!
Go to Chrystal's site to see about it, Daily Dose of Dogs (aka Cats with Your Coffee) (this post talks about the book)
And go HERE to get the book! Yes, you can get it from amazon, but then the kitties only get half of the money they'd get if you went straight to the publisher!

And seriously, see the size of it? It's super thick and really big! (remember Leo's a giant cat) So aside from being a great book about a great subject writen by a great woman, it's a great value pound for pound! :D

Thursday, May 3, 2012


What have we been doing?

Lots and lots of this kind of thing:

Star, not quite asleep, but the camera does tend to wake her up.

Leo, sleeping with his red stringy and on top of the blue one.

It's been quite nice to have kitties to cuddle with while I continue to sleep at the drop of a hat. It's also quite nice that they sleep around 20 hours a day and that seems to be about where I'm at too!