Sunday, July 23, 2023

Find Us Again

Leo here! Well, mom finally had to make a new facebook account. That nigerian scammer apparently has more right to her old one than she does. After all, she only had it for around 15 years, this guy has had it for a whole couple of weeks! 
Anyway, she gave up and created a new account, you can find her under the name Andrea P Clanish
To celebrate being back in the world of the living she took funny filter pictures... I said she could only post one and I had to look cute. I'm not sure that one qualifies... 
Hope to see you all soon, loves you all!!! 

PS. does this qualify as a Sunday Selfie??

Sunday, July 16, 2023

I've Been Hacked!

 I follow many of you on Facebook and perhaps some of you follow me under Andrea Clanish. My account was taken over by a scammer and he's messaging my friends and family now trying to get them to click something or to fall for the trick of getting a hold of their accounts that I fell for. Please do not fall for it! 

I swear to you I am too smart to fall for scammers yet this one got me. I'm so mad I could spit nails! He pretended to be my nephew in law trying to get back control of his account and asked me to help and foolishly I did not confirm by calling him first. But he was using Twin2's husbands account so I could see our previous conversations right there! Argh! I feel so stupid for falling for this! 

As it stands, I have not been able to convince facebook that that is not me. I thought I had it, but something went wrong and now they will only accept a code send to "my" email, which is not mine! it's the scammers email! Not going to help.. There is no person you can talk to on facebook, so I'm kind of stuck at this point. 

I will probably have to make a new account, which ticks me off because that's been my account for almost 20 years! Like I said, spitting mad... But if you get a friend request from a new me, it's probably me.. 

I'm sorry if this has inconvenienced any of you or if you've been hacked because of it. Please be safe out there, the scammers are everywhere! 

The kitties are good! Leo has a cold and Glitter developed allergies, but we're dealing with it. They say Mew and they love you all!! So do I! 

Here's some old pictures so you remember how cute they are!

Cashmere in front, Glitter in back

Leo being silly!