Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Waiting and Waiting

For the kitties, the waiting began three weeks ago. For me, it began in October. The kitties are waiting for me to get back home. I was waiting to see why I was so sick and what it was. I got my answer, mostly, and theirs is "a few more weeks, babies."

Leo: (in front) This is where we usually cuddle with mom.
Glitter: (in back) Yeah, so who stole her and when are they bringing her back?
Leo: Yeah, cause I need my snuggles!
Glitter: Yeah!
Cashmere: (from elsewhere in the house) Yeah!

~feel free to skip long boring human medical crap below~

If you had seen my few and far between posts lately, you know that I've been fighting something awful and could not find any answers even after so many doctors and specialists. Finally Greg bought a pulse oximeter because one of my biggest complaints was feeling like I wasn't getting any air. This is one of those little things they put on your finger to measure what percent of oxygen you have. You are not suppose to be under 90, 100 is best. I put it on and it read in the low 80's. I could not get it to the 90's for anything. It started dropping into the 70's and even dipping into the 60 and that's when we decided not to wait the month and a half to see the next specialist on the list (Ear, Nose and Throat, because pulmonology said it was my throat making me cough and distort my voice). We called my regular doctor and he sent us to the ER. ER admitted me, almost immediately. For two and a half weeks I had more doctors that you can shake a stick at, from every field of medicine imaginable.

I tell you, it was almost like being on Dr. House, they darn near killed me before they fixed me. We'll have to wait and see if the kidney damage they caused is lasting or heals.. But in the end, the cough stopped, my voice is back to normal, I feel good, and my oxygen is mostly back in the normal range. Oh, and apparently my CO2 levels were really high while my oxygen was really low, no wonder all I wanted to do was sleep, right?

Where am I now? Being in the hospital and not getting up is not good for you, especially when you have leg issues like I do in the first place. For every one day in, you lose three, so I'm pretty weak. Which means I'm in rehab, getting strengthened up so I can go back home and see my kitties! MY plan is to be here no more than two weeks and then get in home physical therapy to keep going. I'm also reconsidering more leg surgery. I'd kind of given up on continuing down that path since the first one just about reversed itself.

If you have a purr or a prayer or a good thought, I'd appreciate them! I need to get home! I miss my kitties! They miss me! And here's something I don't think I've told you all (did I?) I need to get home for Twin 2's baby shower! I have my first great nephew to welcome into the world in July!

I have an update on Piper that I'll post soon. I am going to try to be more regular, even if I'm not home to get new pictures. Greg is sending me them, like the one above.
Thanks for listening! I'm going to try to get back to visiting everyone too. I miss you all!