Thursday, August 31, 2017

Thankful Thursday (And Auction News!)

My kitties are always thankful to be Guinea Pigs! They get to test out all the prototypes of toys I make! Here's a look at the first Fancy Fishy Kicky I made. I didn't like the eyes, not bulgy enough like fancy goldfish eyes.. But my kitties don't seem to mind, they kick this thing to death all the time and it comes back for more!

Cashmere: Do you really think I'm going to continue to kick and basically beat the heck out of this thing now that you have the camera out? Silly human..

Yeah, but look at that sly smile!
She went nuts with it again later. Still had a hard time getting any action shots!

Cashmere: What's that? Play? No I wasn't.. I was just sitting here, minding my own business.. resting my head on this wonderfully nip scented thingie.. You know I'm not going to move again until that flashy box is closed and put away, right?
 When it was Glitters turn to kick the fishy kicky, I couldn't get a decent shot of her. Heck, I had a hard time getting a shot where her head was in frame! She was biting it when Leo walked by, she turned to make sure he wasn't after HER toy just as I took the shot.. sigh..

Glitter: MINE! That's right.. keep walking..
Leo: Yeah, ok. You'll be napping soon and then I will take it under the bed where no camera can see while I beat that thing up, down, and all around!
Glitter: I can live with that.

Would you like to know what I'm thankful for? First of all for the WONDERFUL response to the Winnie's Wish Quick Auctions!! Nearly every item I posted on day one had bids, on day one!
I've added several more items and I'm still making some! But I have news!

Something else I'm very very thankful for! I have an end date for the Winnie's Wish Quick Auctions! You see, there was a reason I made it a Quick Auction, rather than the 7 days I usually give. I've been waiting (and waiting and waiting and waiting) to get a surgery date and I wanted to be able to close the auction in a timely manner so that I wouldn't have anything left to do when I finally (FINALLY) got that surgery.
And that's what I'm thankful for! I have a date! I'll be going in on September 22, and I'll have pre-op stuff on the 12th. So.. I'm ending the Auction on the 10th! Because my surgery is hours away from home, even the pre-op will take a whole day. I'll have the ten days between to make sure every item is claimed and paid and sent out and hopefully nothing to worry about by the 22nd except.. (hahahaha! did I say nothing to worry about? Me?? A born worrywart? How silly, but at least the end of the auction will get me something else to focus on, right? Oh I hope so...)

So there we are! I'm thankful! The kitties are thankful! And Winnie's Wish and Chrystal are thankful!


There is still time! Don't forget to stop by the Winnie's Wish Quick Auctions! Yes, the whole thing shuts down on the 10th of September, but up until then, there's still the three day bidding as each item gets it's first bid!

Tuesday night I added a whole bunch of new items, I'm hoping to sell out! :) Wouldn't that be wonderful for Winnie's Wish??!! Remember, every bid helps the kitties of Winnie's Wish!

also, there are some adorable kittens there who want a home very badly! Won't you share and help them? There are also some adult cats looking for their special forever home! Share and help, please!
All of the adoptable kitties are on the sidebar of the Daily Dose blog, click on one, and share their post on whatever social media you use! Tell your friends! Please?

Donations and Wish List items are always needed and appreciated, look for the Wish List also on their sidebar and a donate button!


Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Wordless Wednesday With Glitter

(Even though these are taken with the crappy camera on my cell phone, if they are blurry, it's because she's moving!)


Oh boy! I just added a whole bunch of new items to the Winnie's Wish Quick Auctions! More coming soon too!

All bids benefit the Winnie's Wish Rescue, Shelter and Sanctuary! Where you'll find some really sweet cats and kittens who really really need wonderful forever homes!


Monday, August 28, 2017

Mancat Monday

I guess this is my fault.. I put my toy making box next to the cat tree. The box that I keep all the bits and parts I use to make kitty toys. The box that I keep the nip in...

Leo: This is mine now. You better just step back, lady.. unless you want to use those thumbs of yours to take the top off the nip jar!

What chewed feathers? I don't know what you're talking about.. Maybe you keep them too close to the nip jar.. the still closed nip jar! You want to keep the rest of the stuff in my nest intact, you'll be makin' with the jar opening right quick!

That's my nip-head!


I know a lot of items on the Winnie's Wish Quick Auctions have already been won, but I am adding new ones as fast as I can make them! Check back often! I added some new puffy beds over the weekend and put them up!

Remember, all procedes (except postage where indicated) go to Winnie's Wish Rescue, Shelter and Sanctuary! They are over full and could also use some great homes for some wonderful kitties! Please help find those forever families! Thank you!

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Caturday Art

I decided that my mom's new kitty, Piper, needed to have a turn. So I used our first picture of her, watching the fish at the shelter when we picked her up. Piper has a fish (actually turtle, but with feeder goldfish) tank of her very own now, and she has figured out how to reach in and splash the water. A smart girl like that deserves to star in her own art gallery!

Here's the original:

And here's what I made of it!
The first one is Emboss

This is Neon edge effect

This is oil paint on canvas

This is fractal

And the one I always love, Cartoonify! I especially love how the fish came out behind her.

We're only a few days into the Quick Auctions for Winnie's Wish and the items are going like hot cakes! I am working hard to get more ready to go up so be sure to check back more than once! Remember, each item can take bids for only three days after it's first bid, so be fast if you really want something!
All proceeds, minus shipping where added, goes to Winnie's Wish Rescue, Shelter and Sanctuary where some of the cutest kittens and cats are waiting for wonderful forever homes! They are over full so please, share a kitty today and help it find its forever family!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Thankful Thursday

I have an update on Cashmere and her 'issue'! And it's good news! (and it's long, so if you want, skip down to the adorable pictures of flirty, healthy, Cashmere)

If you recall, she had been to the vet several times because she was trying to pee everywhere in the living room but nothing came out. And she was in and out of the litter box a lot without producing anything. Antibiotics helped while she was on them, but oh my goodness is this girl hard to pill! And as soon as she was done with all the pills, the problem would start up again.

We did try giving her the antidepressant pill that was supposed to help her to not strain, but they made her drool like mad for a while after taking it and then she would spend all day upstairs sleeping. When she would come downstairs, just in time for snack, she would barely get down the stairs and then she lay down and look like a depressive emo teenager.. She had no pep, no energy, she seemed... depressed. She'd eat her snack and then find somewhere to sleep again. She barely even slept by her daddy, her most favorite person in the world and her most favorite place to sleep! I reported this to the vet and he said we could stop giving them to her.

Quick aside here, I did finally get some pill disguiser/pill paste stuff on line. pill-doh I think I got. And while I was at it, I got some pill pockets since people said that cats who don't like greenies like the pockets. Pill pockets, nope, hated them as much as she hates greenies. Even Glitter, the treat queen, wouldn't eat an empty one. So I used the pill paste. Huge NOPE. I crushed up some temptations and rolled the pill-doh covered pill in it, still a big NOPE NOPE NOPE. I put it in her mouth anyway, and pardon my French but it was a huge "Oh Hells NO!" from her! It was not fun trying to get it out of her fur.. That's all I have to say about that.

So anyway, another appointment to the vet for a blood test. And while we were waiting for that appointment to come up, I had my bright idea. Anyone a House MD Fan? I sure was, loved the show. And I recalled, and mentioned to Greg, an episode where a woman at the north pole or somewhere remote and cold, had all kinds of problems, seemingly unrelated. If you watch the show, you know the formula.. At the end it turned out to be a broken toe that was leaking.. whatever broken bones leak, into her body that was causing all of the other things. So I said to Greg, what if this is all related to her getting stepped on, what if something was broken and, being a cat, she's hiding it? What if she's got bone stuff leaking into her and causing these issues? Greg, also a fan of Dr. House, said, hmm, ask the vet, could be!

The stepping on incident happened roughly about the time these problems started, (although checking the date of her first appointment for the issues, they started before the stepping on, but we didn't remember that then) My aid, not a cat person, not an animal person, stepped on Cashmere. She heard the scream/screech and froze! Now, a cat person would know that sound and jump, practically killing themselves to get off the cat, right? right! She stood there... I had to scream "GET OFF MY CAT!!!!" before she moved and it took me a second or two to say it because who expects a person to STAY standing on the cat! Cashmere, of course, ran off upstairs. I could not see her from where I was, and I didn't see her get stepped on, just heard it so I didn't even know what part of her had been stepped on. I couldn't find or get the poor kitty so Greg hunted her down when he got home and checked her over. He thought she was fine and we didn't think any more on it.

Until I remembered Dr. House! So I called the vet's office and told them my hunch, based on the good doctor. The receptionist, obviously a Dr House fan, said she'd ask the doc. He thought maybe, but either way an xray was a good idea. I agreed and had to change her appointment to a 'surgery day' because they might have to knock her out to get a good picture. But my girl, she's so good! They didn't even have to give her a sedative, much less knock her out all the way!

No broken bones, thankfully. Sorry Dr. House, no diagnosis here. And the blood test showed that there was no bacterial infection at all. We did finish her last two antibiotic pills though, poor kitty. But because we did the xray, we found the problem! So, in a way, Dr. House helped diagnose my kitty! Since he had the xray, he looked at her kidneys and found... kidney stones.

We had had an xray on the very first visit for this problem, with the substitute vet. So our regular vet got those out and looked, and yup, they were there then too. However, he said, the fact that the other vet missed it was understandable because they are really really tiny. So ok, we wont get ticked at the sub.. even though my poor girl went through months of issues and I think three rounds of antibiotics that she didn't need.. But now we had a diagnosis! The vet does not want to push surgery, hoping to deal with it in other ways, and I agree. We had another pill for the poor girl, but it was a capsule and it goes in her food. It doesn't mix in very well.. But it did seem to help. However, we found a better way.

Chrystal (Daily Dose/Winnie's Wish)  has a cat with chronic kidney issues and she gives them two over the counter things and doesn't have any problems any more. So we tried them. Cosequin is one, and it does basically the same thing as the prescription with bladder support and stuff, but it mixes up in her food much better. And Methigel Urinary Acidifier which helps with the ph. Together these help keep the kidneys/bladder/urinary tract from being a hospitable place for crystals and stones to form.

Since Cashmere has been on these two things, she's not had any more issues, no more frequent unproductive trips to the box, no more trying to go on everything soft in the living room. The cosequin, as I said, goes down easy because I put a little extra water in her snack and stir it in, she loves the extra gravy! But guess what? The methigel is the same consistency as hairball remedy.. and she hates it! I have to put it in a syringe and squirt it in her mouth. So fun.. But it works, so we're keeping it up. And once she's got it all down, she starts right up rubbing against legs, begging for pets while she waits for her snack, which always comes right after, so she's not too stressed about it!

That's what we're thankful for today, and I know this was long.. but wow, it was a long ordeal before we figured it out!

Now, for your viewing pleasure, here's our flirty girl Cashmere begging for her daddy's attention. And getting it!

Cashmere: Oh hello daddy! Look at me! I roll around, I tilt my head, aren't I cute?
Mommy: (taking the pictures) Aww, look at her flirt with you! She woves her daddy!
Daddy: She just loves being petted..
Cashmere: No no no, daddy! You pet the best! I never flirt with mommy like this!

Daddy: Alright, pretty girl, I'll pet you.
Cashmere: Yay! Exactly what I wanted!!

Yeah, she knows how to get what she wants, that one does!

By the way, in yesterdays post it was pointed out that you couldn't tell where daddy was in the pictures. Daddy's foot is the thing poked up behind Cashmere, she's laying on the footrest of the recliner leaning on his legs. I guess I cropped it too much for it to be clear. Sorry!


The Quick Auction for Winnie's Wish started this week, make sure you take a peek! I added a few new items already! And hopefully will be adding more soon!
Winnie's Wish Cat Rescue, Shelter and Sanctuary is full up! With so many kitties to feed and litter and medicate and kittens to fix, funds are seriously needed! So please, bid high and bid often! ;)
Remember, these are quick auctions. Each item is a separate auction on it's own. Once it receives it's first bid, there are just 3 days (as opposed to 7 in our regular auctions) for other bids on that item. After the 3 days, the top bidder wins the item! End dates for each item are different, so check carefully! Don't lose your favorite thing because you missed the end date and time!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Wordless Wednesday With Cashmere

(Napping with daddy in the recliner)


In case you missed it yesterday, we announced the start of a new Winnie's Wish Quick Auction benefiting the Winnie's Wish Rescue, Shelter and Sanctuary! Stop by and see all the wonderful items up for bid!


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

New Quick Auction Starting Today!

I can't believe how long it's been since we had a Fundraiser for Winnie's Wish! But this should be a fun one!

The Quick Auction starts today!
This Quick Auction will run just like our other Insta Auctions except that instead of having 7 days to bid on an item after it receives it's first bid, you only have 3 days! So if you have a favorite item, be sure to get your bids in quick!
Stop by and scroll through, there's sure to be something to please everyone!
All proceeds (except for shipping where required) will go to Winnie's Wish Rescue and Shelter!
They are FULL up so you know they are in need of funds!
If you don't find something you like, perhaps consider just making a donation or using the Wish List to send some much needed item!
Also, please look at the adoptable cats AND KITTENS on the sidebar there and, if you can't add to your own home, please share share share because they are desperate for Great Homes for these wonderful kitties!
Thank you!!
Also, Please share the auction if you will! Feel free to use the badge above or this sidebar sized one below:
Thank you again, and Happy Bidding!!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Nip Time

Around here, kitties get their catnip on newspaper (or ads) in the hopes that it stays contained. Yeah, I know, good luck.. Here's what happened when I got the nip out the other day.

Glitter: There's nothing better than rolling around in and laying on nip.
Leo: Sharing is better, right?
Glitter: You're only saying that because yours is all gone already..
Leo: No, seriously! I'd share mine with you! If there was any left..
Glitter: Uh huh, right, sure.. 

Leo: It worked! hee hee hee! All the nip belongs to me!

Yes, Leo is a nip-head. I'd try to get him into recovery if he wasn't so darn cute with it!

Be sure to pop over tomorrow for a cool announcement! :D

Monday, August 14, 2017

Toy Tuesday

We got a new toy recently. It's Da Bee from the makers of Da Bird! (not an endorsement, just one of our favorites!) It's safe to say it's been a hit! All the kitties love it and even try to get it out of its hiding spot when it's been put away! There will be more pictures to come, but today I wanted to share a quick video I took of Glitter with it. She's a lazy player, but it's still cute!

I know it's kind of dark; the flash doesn't work with video. At least not that I can figure out. So I'm also sharing a couple of pictures taken in the same play session.

Glitter: Hey, that's mine! Come here, Bee!

Glitter: Argh, just out of my.. ugh... reach.. Come back Bee!

Well, she tries!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Tuxie Tuesday

"Tuxie Tuesday?" you may be saying to yourself, "But you don't have any Tuxies!" And you would be right.

But recall, if you will, that we just got my mom a pretty grey Tuxie named Piper! So this is a Piper update!

First I have to ask you, do you know the sweet, darling, most lovely Lady Tuxie of the half 'stach, Katie Isabella? Leo is infatuated with her, of course, and is one of her biggest suitors (he hopes he tops the list anyway). Well sweet Katie has a rather endearing habit. You'll see in a minute why I bring it up.

Katie bring her toys, one by one, to her mom's bedroom every night. How she's feeling depends on how many toys show up, and it's always fun to know just which toys get the honor of being escorted to the room each day.

I have always thought that was an adorable thing. My kitties do not do this. They may bat their toys around, but they are left in random places, probably where they got tired of playing. But they do not bring us gifts.

So when my mother shared new pictures of Piper with me, I was floored! Because, look!

This is my mom's bedroom! And see what's there? Toys! Piper brings her toys in at night! There's a pink crocheted mousie that guess who made ;) And a grey mousie and a black mousie that I got Piper for a welcome that she HATED! Until now, apparently she now likes them enough to bring them to the bedroom at night, yay! And then there's the fuzzy thing... Um, I have no idea what that thing is. Maybe some kind of mouse because I think I see a face on it? But anyway, look, four toys!

So is this a tuxie thing? Do any other kitties do it, and if so, are they tuxies too?? Isn't it sweet?!

Here's Piper with another favorite toy of hers. Like the pink mouse and whatever that fuzzy thing was, this was also one of Sir Moose-a-lot's toys. Piper was very happy to inherit them. There is a toy on each end of this string. My mom holds one end and tosses the other as far as she can and then drags it back to herself, Piper following and attacking all the way!

Piper: It's time to play toss the toy, get on the ball, lady! I needs ta chase somethin'!

And here she is waiting patiently for her snack. Ok, maybe not so patiently. She's ready for her num nums!
I'm not looking at your camera until you gives me my noms! You're a whole minute and a half late already!

Still waiting for my noms, but now you can't pet the kitty until you FEED the kitty! See how smart I is? Crack open a can of stinky goodness already, please!

We hope you enjoyed our very first Tuxie Tuesday! We think it's awesome that we finally get to do one! Smooch a tuxie today if you can!

(Leo said he'd like to smooch Katie today, then he blushed and looked hopefully for a teleport tunnel!)