Monday, May 23, 2022

Glitter Questions

Glitter: What shoe?
Glitter: Why does everyone keep asking me about daddy's shoe?

Silly girl, her fur almost completely covers that shoe! And she does not give it up easily, even if it IS the only shoe daddy can wear right now. (still has the boot on the other foot)


I have a couple of questions of my own, if you would indulge me please? 
I'm always thinking about ways to fundraise for Winnie's Wish (I know, you're shocked!) And a new idea is a Winnie's Wish car window cling or bumper sticker type thing. Or a Tshirt. 
Would anyone be interested in either or both or neither? Would you, or do you, wear tshirts or display things with a shelter name on it? 
Or would you prefer a cute cat shirt/car thing that has Winnie's Wish small so it's more cats, less branding the shelter?
Right now my design is several cats cavorting around and with the Winnie's Wish words. But I can start over. IF anyone thinks they'd get one to support Winnie's Wish. 
And While we're thinking about Winnie's Wish and Chrystal! 
Chrystal's Birthday is May 30th! 
What do you say we start another Birthday Package Party?! 

Use the Amazon Wish List and send something for her Birthday! 
Or use the donate button on my blog and I will make one big purchase with everyone's bits. 
OR use the donate button on Chrystal's blog and send money directly to her for Winnie's Wish.
Whatever way you can, if you can, please help out Winnie's Wish and make Chrystal's Birthday wonderful! 
PS: Please please do answer the questions about shirts or car window clings/bumper stickers! I don't want to make them if they wouldn't be used! Would your decision be based on the design? If so, next time I'll have a mock up what I'm thinking about to show you.