Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Sickies Sticking Around

Hey pals, Leo here! I's reportin' on the sickies in our house. They refuse to leave! Mommy and daddy are both down with the Awfuls. Who has to nurse them, you may ask? Well lemme tell ya, the bulk of it is fallin' to ME! That's right Leo the Nurse is on duty! For the most part..

Here's the deal. Glitter won't have nothin' to do with anyone sneezin' or coughin' or shiverin' under blankeys. She tries, bless her heart (if you're southern, you know what that means!) She will crawl up on mom for a snuggle, but one sneeze or cough and you never saw anyone move so fast! She leaves claw marks on the patients! Not cool, Glitzy, not cool at all.

Cashmere tries a little bit too, but she gets offended by all the movement that comes with the coughin' and sneezin' and so forth so she takes off too. Not as clawfully as Glitter does, thankfully. She will tuck up close to daddy to keep him warm, as long as his snores aren't louder than her own.

So that leaves me to care for the mom. I'll put up with more of the bouncin' from the coughin' and sneezin' then the sisters will, but even I have my limits! Besides, it's not like I'm super appreciated while performin' my duties anyway... "Leo, I already can't breath, get your furs outta my face please!" Well really, hrrmph! Fine, I spend a lot of my nursing time leaning on her ankles, and that better be good enough because I leave her entirely like the girls do if she doesn't watch it, right?

Seriously though, if you don't see us much, this is why. Daddy might go back to work tomorrow, and maybe after that mom (who got sick a day after daddy) will start feeling somewhat better too.

Thanks fer yer patience!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Earth Day

We are sick sick sick! Greg, who never takes off work, has been home for two days and tomorrow isn't looking good either.. The kitties are trying to keep us warm because we have the chills, so we probably wont be around much.

I don't know what to say for Earth day other than please help find homes for 'unwanted' kitties. If you don't know where to find some to help, consider Winnie's Wish! Thank you!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Opt to Adopt Blog Hop - Sallie


  Today's Winnie's Wisher Is Sallie! She is a pretty dilute calico, or cali-tabby. Whatever you call her, she's adorable! She is a special case, she will need time to adjust. She does not do well with large groups of cats but would probably be good with one or two friends. She has two buddies in the cathouse, but she'd be ok on her own.

Sallie LOVES to be petted! She would love someone who has time to give her the attention she wants so badly. Won't you please help her find home? Surely there is someone out there, a friend of yours, a friend of your friends perhaps, who needs this pretty girl as much as she needs them! Please share her everywhere so she can find her forever.

Look at that smiling face and tell me you don't want that in your house!

Read more about Sallie, and her roommates, HERE and HERE

Contact Chrystal to adopt! (c3k@lazernetwireless.net)

Monday, April 18, 2016

Marathon Monday

I want to thank everyone who visited us for our Blogoversary! I enjoyed having a peek at our very first post and am glad you did too. We are very thankful!


Anyone catch the Matrix marathon? Glitter did! All up close and personal.

Trinity is my fav. I can do all of her parts by heart "I know you're the one, Neo, because the Oracle said when the one showed up, I'd fall in love with him."

Hang on, squirrel check.. Ok, we're good.

Oh no! Sentinels! I give them the Back of Disrespect!

Oh, ugh. Commercials.. I'm outta here!

Can't blame ya, Glitter. Neo, we love. Heartburn commercials give us heartburn.. ;)

Thursday, April 14, 2016

It's Our BLOGOVERSARY! Throw Back Thursday!

This is the ultimate Throw Back Thursday! This is our Blogoversary!

FIVE YEARS!!! Holy Smokes I can't believe it's been this long! I'm SO thrilled to be here, SO thrilled to have met you all! Thank you for visiting us and for being out friends!!

I'm not going to put the entire first post here, just part of it, but if you want to read it, here's the link:

The post was called Face To Face and here's how it started:
Two and a half weeks ago, 8 hours from home, I fell in love all over again. That’s when I met the new man in my life. His name is Leo. Leo the Chinese Lion. And he is absolutely the mostly cuddly, sweet, fluffy, snugglishious grey kitty I’ve ever seen!

And I owe it all to Chrystal of
Daily Dose of Dogs (AKA Cats With Your Coffee)! She is a private rescuer who took in a family of 6 little feral kittens last October, one of which is Leo. She’s an amazing woman with a heart as big as all outdoors! If you want to read about Leo from his very beginning, check out her blog. Leo’s story starts in the archives on October 8th. (Note: It's now in her book, which you can find by the link on her sidebar!)

That is the day I first set eyes on Leo, even before he had a name. I saw that little grey face with the huge scared eyes and my heart melted. I looked for mention (and pictures!) of him over the next few months and I shared the stories with my husband, Greg. I kept telling him that if we lived closer I’d want to try to adopt him. Of course, neither of us thought our older kitty, Star, would accept another kitty even if we did live closer. So I tried to content myself with pipe dreams of that fuzzy little baby.
Like I said, you can read the whole thing by looking back at that original post, but the important parts are here: I fell in love just seeing him on Chrystal's blog. I never thought I'd get him, but I did. And I was a huge supporter of Chrystal's from day one! :)
First picture I showed of Leo:
He was nervous and obviously a bit scared on that long first drive, but when I held him he melted into me! I had him in my arms for about half the trip and he hugged me and held himself on my shoulder any time I had him out of that cage. He repeated that hug hold a lot that first year in his new home, becoming my Leo Scarf! Something he doesn't really do much any more, either because he's more comfortable on my chest or because I don't sit at the computer any more where he would do that adorable neck hug (love my laptop, miss my hugs!)
The love has lasted for five years and has grown and grown! I cannot imagine my life without my Leo, my heart kitty! And I could not imagine my life without this blog and all of you!
Thank you!!
The blog has changed over these five years. We got two of Leo's sisters! That was a big milestone for us and we love them so much! We lost our dear Star and still miss her. But the love is unchanged! Love for my kitties, for all kitties, for our bloggy friends, for all of you!! Smooches and niptinies all around!
I wouldn't be the advocate for Chrystal and Winnie's Wish if I didn't say: Please drop by and see her today! Help find homes for the Winnie's Wish kitties! Donate if you can, check out the Wish List, and Buy the book!! If you can, ADOPT!! Thank you!!!

Monday, April 11, 2016

What the Heck Weekend?

Don't you just love spring? When it's nice and warm and you can start opening windows and doors, when things start growing and budding and everything looks so fresh and brand new again?
We do too!
So how come this was the view out our windows this weekend??

This snow was so heavy that our tree branches were hanging really low, we were afraid we were going to lose some of them!

The humans were not the only ones unhappy with the situation.

Glitter: What is wrong with you, mom, why did you turn the snow back on?
Leo: I'm not even going to look at you until you fix this mess.

Glitter: That's it, I can't even look any more. I'm going to bury my head and sleep until it's all gone.
Leo: I'm giving it the back of disrespect with an impatient tail twitch to show it I mean business!

Hope your weekend was sunny.. And boy do we hope next weekend is better around here!!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Fez Friday

I couldn't believe I actually got Leo to sit still and model a Fez that may show up in an auction one day! I was able to get a few shots off before he had to have a look at it himself and pulled it down! Whoo hoo!

I wish the background had been better so as not to hide the tassel, grr but otherwise, I think he looks so cute!

Leo: So, did I join a lodge or am I the new Doctor?

I tried for a profile to show the tassel, but could not get the flash to work again (dark corner) so I played with the picture and this was the best I could do. Almost works for Caturday Art, right? MOL
Leo: I'm glad that flash didn't work because that's what makes me get up and leave. And I have to say, I'm rocking this fez!
That you are, Leo, that you are!
I want to apologize for missing days during the week and for not being around to comment as much as I would like. We are struggling to adjust to Greg's new work schedule and it's hard to figure out when we should be (and can!) sleep and when to post and visit when we're not falling asleep in the middle of doing things. Hopefully soon we'll get the hang of it. Meantime, we'd hate to lose you because of our randomness, so please bear with us if you can! Love you all!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Opt to Adopt Snowflake


Since it's spring and we had snowflakes on Saturday, I thought it was time to show another snowflake. I know a really adorable one that I guarantee you'll want to keep around all year! She's a sweetheart who loves to talk and really really needs a home of her very own! Won't you find room for a sweet Snowflake in your home? If you can't, then won't you share her just in case her forever family is someone you know? And ask your friends to share her too, because it could be one of their friends! Lets get this pretty girl in front of a whole bunch of people so she can finally have a home of her very own!

Find out more about Snowflake HERE

Contact Chrystal to adopt! (c3k@lazernetwireless.net)
Remember, kitties can be transported across the country and even into Canada!

Monday, April 4, 2016

One Good Day

These pictures were taken a little while back. It's not the same day as the last post I did with the kitties in the door, that day it was only open for a few minutes. This day was very nice and the door was open for quite a while.

But Spring has fooled us and we have not had a nice day since. In fact, we had SNOW on Saturday! Seriously, Spring? Snow?? We want more open doors and windows, not more furnace and blanket time!

We want more days like this one:

I love that all three of them were in the door together this time, no one standing back! This is Leo on the left, Cashmere in the center and Glitter on the right.
Leo: Spy anything good yet?
Cashmere: No, but the air is wonderful!
Glitter: What are we looking for anyway?

Leo: Squirrels or birds. Anything that moves!
Cashmere: The trees are moving in the breeze..
Glitter: Toys move when I whack them. Maybe I'll go play while you look.

Don't worry guys, Mr. Ornery Squirrel always shows up eventually! He loves to walk right past the door and drive you all crazy because he knows you can't get him! He's got guts, that one!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Caturday Art


Leo finally gets a turn at Caturday Art!

Here's the original

This is a favorite, cartoonify

This is mosaic

Edge detect

This is called predator, and it sure is weird!