Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Two For Tuesday

Nothing special going on in this picture, just that they are closer than usual and you can see the size difference. And notice that Star has faded because she loves her sun puddles!

Star, of course, is the tiny one looking out the door. Leo is feeding his face. Unusual for him, he's actually got his face in the bowl rather than using his paw to bring out one piece at a time! He only goes face down if the bowl is overfull..

Star: If I keep my eyes on the door I can ignore the scarfing behind me.. Except for the noise.
Leo: *crunch crunch mmmm smack smack crunch*

Tried to get a second shot but Leo moved so fast that he photobombed! The goober..

Star: I wonder if he left any..
Leo: Lucky for me Daddy was by the door, otherwise I couldn't eat that close to Princess Hissyface!


Unrelated, but have any of you seen this video? My mom sent it to me and it's just amazing! A cat and an owl playing together!


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Monday, July 29, 2013

The Saga Ends

Can Star get her butterfly blanket back?
Can Leo own everything at once?
Can we squeeze one more post out of this saga?
Let's get back to our story and see!

Star: That barbarian thinks he owns everything, even MY things!

Leo: Yeah, everything is mine, all mine, I'm the big owner of everything! Whoo!

Star: Oh, I will get my spots back. Just you watch!

Leo: *snicker* There ain't nothin' Princess Hissyface can do about it!

Star: Ok, fine. Take my spots. I'll take YOURS!
You love this cat tree, but it's MINE now! Heh heh heh!
Leo: Say what now??
*scuffle scuffle smacky-paws scuffle shuffle*

Leo: Ok. See, I didn't really want that silly ol' blankey.. I got my great tree, I don't need nothin' else!

Star: Tell yourself whatever you want, goober boy, I won.
I got my spot back and that's all that matters!

All's well that ends well.
We hope....

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Gripping It

When last we saw Leo he was trying to hold onto both the Butterfly blanket AND the Royal Footstool! Has he kept his grip? Has he given up? Oh the tension of not knowing!

Lets check in, shall we?

It's so hard to keep a grip on two good spots... I have to ponder if it's worth it.

It is! *smug* And worth getting a better grip on the Royal Footstool too!


That clear enough? No? Let me make it clearer..

How's this? I have full possession of the Royal Footstool but I'm maintaining control of the butterfly blanket too!

That's right, Princess Hissyface, I still got them both!

Oh boy.. He's determined, isn't he?

Hope you all have a great weekend with full control of the best spots!

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Saga Swings

Star thinks it's time for this saga to swing the other way.

So the barbarian thinks he owns MY Royal Footstool? This footstool?
The fool, he only had one paw on it. I'm double pawing it!

It's time he learns; If I can touch it, I own it.
I guess that means I'm gonna have to touch his @$$.. *shudder*

Yikes, this saga is heating up!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Saga of the Stolen

After a brief diversion for Wordless Wednesday yesterday, we now return to the Saga of the Stolen Blanket.

Leo has taken control of the blanket again, but there's something on his mind...

I have the butterfly blanket! But.. Something is missing..

I.. I miss my Royal Footstool! There, I said it!

Don't get me wrong, I love this soft fluffy (and pretty) blanket.

I mean who wouldn't love it. It's just too bad it doesn't have something mancatly on it.. like maybe rats or crunchy birdies.. (I'd say fish, Tabbies o' Trout Town, but I can't has fish because of kidney crystals. Not fair, right?) Oh wait! I have a solution!

Tag! I's touchin' it! That means I'm using both at once and I own them both! Bwahahaha!

Yup, mine all mine.. I hope Princess Hissyface sees soon..

I wonder how long I gotta hold both to prove they's both mine..

How long can Leo hold on? What will Star do when she finds out? Oh where will all this madness end! Tune in next time as the Saga continues!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Star Response

What was Star doing while Leo was 'thief-ing' her favorite blanket?

Oh, she was getting revenge in her own sweet way...

She was busy stealing Leo's signature move,  Doing the Dangle on the bed!

Oh no she di'nt!

Oh yes she did!

We're living in a mad, crazy, upside down world around here! Help!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Butterfly Thief

Oh my goodness.. Fur is going to fly when someone sees this...

That is not Star on HER butterfly blanket...


Leo found the butterfly blanket unoccupied and stole it for the moment! He's putting his 'barbarian' scent all over her favorite blankey!
Do you think she'll notice?
Do you think he'll do this again?
Do you think he even fits??

Friday, July 19, 2013

Box Inspector

Star wasted no time in getting on top of and inspecting a new box that made it's way into the house. Leo preferred to inspect the goods that came out of it.

Star: Well, it's a tall box. And it says here that it contained a folded up mattress.
Leo: I'll follow the instructions. Step one. Unfold, check.

Star: This box appears mostly steady, worthy of sitting on. Good vantage point.
Leo: Step 2. Lay flat. Check. Wait.. me or the bed? Well, check and check anyway.

Star: My work here is done. I'm outta here.
Leo: My work is done. G'night...

Hope you all get a chance to unfold and lay flat this weekend! Or curled up works just as well!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bad Fur Days

Do you remember the TV show Friends? Remember the episode where they went to Barbados and Monica's hair went poofy frizzy in the humidity?

Star has this in common with Monica..

Star's fur is soooo soft, no guard hairs, all soft under-fur. Her belly fur is curly all the time, the rest of her fur is curly when it's wet. But Star does a great job keeping it smoothed out. Usually.

It has been rain rain rain rain around here lately and the humidity has been hovering around 97%. Seriously, you have to wring the air out before you can breath it! So guess what's happened to Star's fur?

Yup, POOFY! Frizzy fluffy puffed up! Even the parts of her hair that don't appear curly are extra fluffed out! She feels like she has twice as much fur as usual!

Just look at this curly tummy and legs!
See the rest of her, all floofed out!

Trust me, she's not usually this puff puff baby!

But it's causing a problem.. Because her hair is so soft and downy, it has been tangling. A lot.

Star usually grooms so well that I never have to look for furballs in her coat, but I went to rub her tummy the other day and felt some. Not good. So far I've had to cut matted balls of fur from each of her arm pits, up and down her pantaloons, on her thighs and near her neck.

And is she a baby about it! My gosh, she screamed so loud the first time I took scissors to her that I swore I must have cut skin not fur! My hands were shaking as I looked for blood. Nothing.. Not even close to skin! I made another cut, in the middle of the mat, and she screamed again! Still shaking, I made a cut AWAY from her mats, not touching any fur, just snip in the air.. Yup, she screamed...

Greg, who was holding her while I worked on the mats, was convinced I was slicing her skin.. I think he thought we were going to have to go to the vet to get her stitched up! But no, she was just being a drama queen..

Star is 14.. We've had her for 12 years.. And this is the first time I've seen her behave like this! Seriously! Is it age or did she think her daddy would make me stop if she cried?

Oh by the way, Leo is as sleek and smooth furred as usual.. Must be a girl thing.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Toothy Tuesday

Have you ever had a picture show up on your camera that you didn't know where it came from? Did it scare the crap outta you??

Well todays picture did just that to me. I have to think Greg took it because I doubt Star possesses the opposable thumb necessary.. Leo does, but since he's the subject I somehow doubt he did it. Unless.. he learned to use the delay setting? yikes!

In either case, this might scare you as much as it scared me! Hold on to your paws and scroll down!







Almost there...


You were warned..



I said this was MY stringy!


Ok, let me hold my heart for a minute and hope like heck that's a yawn!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Star's Sun

What a sunny weekend! Finally no rain! Star rejoiced by having a sun bath.

Now this is what I call a good sun puddle! And it's mine, all mine! In fact, the whole sun is mine!
The sun is a star, and I'm Star, therefore I own it! Bwahaha!

Now that I've claimed it, I shall melt into my sun puddle.

Leo objects to her sole ownership... He finds his own spot in the sun.
*mutter* your sun my big furry butt... I'm taking this part of it, so there! Shh! she might hear me!

We hope you find your spot in Star's sun! ;)

Friday, July 12, 2013

Fluffy Friday!

So much fluff on my Leo boy!

With a bonus side of toothies!

Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

No Sheet

No sheet. That's what I would have if it were up to the cats.

We got some new sheets the other day, (Jaclyn Smith, thank you for making actual percale sheets, no crappy sateen, no pill making muslin, no yucky microfiber!),  washed them and set them down before putting them on the bed. You know, of course, what happened next... Star was on them before the dryer heat dissipated!

I don't know what YOU'RE sleeping on.. But these are mine now.

Don't even think about trying to take them!
Now go away, it's time for my bath.

Once we wrestled them away from Star and put them on the bed.. Leo decided to try them out.

I have to ponder this for a while.. (please note the paw on the chin, typical thinking pose), but I think these are my new favorite sheets. Mine, right? Right.

Haven't been able to sleep without a kitty with me since we put them on.. Not that I'm complaining!