Tuesday, June 26, 2018

A Year of Piper's Peeps!

First things first, I still don't have my computer back up. The part did arrive! yay! And it looks right! Yay! But I haven't gotten it put back together yet. boo! I need to soon though, before I forget which piece goes where and end up with the whole thing duct taped together every which way, pieces and parts sticking out of random spots... Anyway, soon! 

I didn't have to wait for the laptop fix to do this post because my mom emailed me the pictures! 

You see, it's been one whole year since we went down to Columbus to meet up with Jeanne of Random Felines to adopt Piper for my mom from the rescue she works for, Colony Cats! Thank you Jeanne! Piper has been a wonderful blessing for my mom and a great Mother's Day Gift! 

Yes, Piper was a Mother's day gift, even though we got her in June.. it took that long for mom to pick out the kitty she wanted, and for me to have my appointment that took us down to Columbus so we could choose from that rescue. 

Piper has taken over her house like a champ! She has her spot to watch birdies, and those knick knacks that used to be there? Moved! Because she'd toss them on the floor like a true queen if they stayed! The turtle tank gets regularly inspected. Toys get brought to her mom's bedroom at night. Yummy treats are never long in coming. Yes, she has whipped things into shape; Piper's shape! 

Here are the newest pictures!

Piper: This is where I sit next to my mommy. She pets me very well. See the bruise on her arm? That's from when she pet me one stroke more than I wanted. I smack her with my teeth because that's how I roll! 

Piper: The things I have to put up with sometimes.. Ok, yes, I do like chasing the yarns that make these things, but that doesn't mean I want to wear them. Confession! I steal these when they are finished and unguarded and toss them all around the house! The can be found in the kitchen, the bedroom, anywhere and everywhere, hee hee!

Piper: Oh yeah, that's the spot.... I love scritchin' time.. purrrrrrrrr

Piper: Smug cat is smug! Yes I am, because I totally got her wrapped around my paw!

Piper: Sorry, not interested in playing string now. Nap time. Stop the flashy flash box and let me sleep!

Piper: Here's my new spot to "Oh wait, I gots ta groom!"

Piper: Nom time! It's about time you gave me my snacky, I'm wasting away to nothing! Or at least merely large.. 

I hope you enjoyed a peek at Piper's Peeps! 

By the way, she's not sick. Cat's with mostly white around their eyes can tend to have weepy eyes, it just is what it is. 

Also, confession time... I told myself all week that I needed to do her post on the 26th, her gotcha day! But now that I look at her first post... But her first post was on the 23rd. And it pointed out that her gotcha day was actually on the 20th. Sigh, I have missed everyone's gotcha/birthday dates so far this year. I think I need to take my brain in for a tune up!

Piper's first post is HERE, and the rest of the story was the next day HERE

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Computer Down!

Don't you just love computers? They make everything so much easier and faster... right, yeah, sure... My computer, or I should say, laptop, is sitting in a box in about six pieces at the moment. And it's going to stay there until sometime next week when the new network card arrives..

It had been going on and off for a while, and I should have looked at it sooner, but it totally crapped out the other day so here I am, without my laptop.

How am I making this blog post then? Well, Greg had a laptop that we'd loaned to our niece, Twin 2, so I borrowed it back. But it does not have any of my pictures or photo tools or anything on it, so we're picture-less today.

We will be back next week, fingers crossed! And hopefully in time for a very special day!

See you when we're up and running properly again! Purrs and head bonks until then!

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Sunday Selfie

Cashmere did a sleeping Sunday Selfie this week and I think she looks just adorable! She's even got a little bit of a grin going!