Friday, October 25, 2013


We've been missing in action this week, but for a very good cause. My dad, Sir Moose-a-lot's daddy, has been in the hospital again. He's home now on hospice. If you don't see us for a while, it's because we're concentrating on him.

Moose was not happy when his daddy went in the hospital again and let his mommy know it by slowly biting her hand three times when she came home without him. But he wasted no time getting on his daddy's lap when he got back home. In fact, he ran down the ramp to meet him as the ambulance crew brought him in. Sir Moose-a-lot Roadkill Goodyear Thunderbottom is a daddy's boy to the extreme!

He had to get off the bed, or rather off of his daddy, for a while, and when he was allowed back they tried to get him to stay by his feet. That worked. For a minute..

See how he's not exactly thrilled by where he got put?
I know daddy's lap, I love daddy's lap, and this is not daddy's lap!

He slowly crept his way up, but at least he stayed beside him, not on him. 21 pounds of tabby love can be a bit much at times. Look at the smile on that face!
My daddy's home! And I'm so happy!

We'll visit and post when we can, but it will be hit and miss. We love you all!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Hiding From Monday

Leo: We're hiding from Monday! Mommy was too busy to get a real post up, but me and Star will make her do a good one for tomorrow, we promise!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Scenes From A Twin

Twin 1 sent me some pictures she took on her phone. They must have been from when she was here last time, when the cat tree was new, because it had not been destroyed yet. I know I had to have been home, I always am.. but I don't recall these events.

Then again, part of it may be the same event I posted about on Tuesday, but expanded. I know the pictures aren't the greatest, but seeing this story unfold may make up for that. You be the judge.

Leo: Hey Star! See where I am? I got the tree!
Star: .....

Leo: Star? Oh StaaAAaarrrr.. Are you listening to me?
Star: *ignore*

Leo: Star! Now I'm on the top shelf! Whatcha think about that??

Leo: Still nothin'? Well what about now, I'm on the cabinet!


Star: Oh look, now I'm on the tree! And I got the window view!
Leo: Hey.....

Leo: Um, hey, Star? Can you move so I can get back down?
Star: Who said that? Did I hear a little voice from somewhere? heh heh

Star: *feigned surprise* Oh, it was you. I thought a little bug was talking to me.
Leo: Eep.. Uh, yeah, it's me..

Leo: So, uh.. You gonna move?
Star: I don't think so, Leo.


Leo: So I'm trapped here? Well, I guess I can see out the window, sorta.
Star: Yeah, you can just sit there til I'm darn good and ready to move. Oh look, it's time for my five hour nap!

If I'm right about when this happened, then he did eventually jump down past her. Whenever it was, it makes my heart sing when they share space like this.

I hope you all have a weekend filled with good moments that make your hearts sing!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tracker Leo

When we got the new track ball toy thingie, we wondered if the kitties would play with it. They did. Not excessively, but enough. Star loves the scratchy part in the middle. But it's a big thing in a small room and it tends to wind up under a chair where they can't get to it.. So I make sure to drag it out once in a while so they can play with it.

Leo found it had been pulled out from under the chair the other day and took possession of it. He always looks so confused when the ball gets stuck under his fur and stops rolling, which is where it is in the following pictures.

Hey rolly ball, where did you go?

Dang, I hate when that happens..

Oh hey, a camera. Guess I had to stop playing anyway. I wonder where that ball ran off to though..

That's my big goofball!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Shelf Sitters

These pictures were taken before Leo totally destroyed the scratchy part of the blue cat tree. I just ran across several pictures that I haven't shared yet.

Apparently I was wrong, he HAS been back up on the cabinet, at least one other time.

Hey! Princess Hissyface! I mean.. Hey Star! Looky where I am!!
While he was up there, Star jumped onto the bottom shelf!

Star: See what I did here? I've trapped the barbarian up there.. heh heh
Leo: Um, I just wanted you to look where I was, not join me or anything..

Star: I think I'll just sit here and have a bath.. A long long long bath.
Leo: Um.. Don't you think you could do that somewhere else? I'm feeling a little stuck here..

Star: Oh look, the leaves are starting to change color. I think I'll sit right here and watch. Until they're done.
Leo: That'll take... DAYS! 
Star: Or longer.
Leo: Argh! I'm trapped forever!  

Leo must have gotten tired of waiting for her to move because suddenly, in a very fast move, he jumped down to the top shelf and then immediately to the bed from there! Then, as if to say he wasn't scared of anything, he quickly laid down and acted like it was no big deal.

Leo: See, I wasn't stuck after all! And now I got the comfy bed and my singing fevver toy!
Star: You came pretty close to touching me on your way past.. Try that again and I'll surgically remove your giant head, got it?
Leo: Hee hee hee, I don't hear nothin'!

She won't admit it I'm sure, but I think Leo jumping down like that kind of scared Star! She held her spot though!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Guess Who's Back!

Twin 1 is here again. This time for vacation, not for a family medical emergency. Thank goodness! Someone here is very happy about this. Twin 1's suitcase wasn't in the house ten minutes before Star claimed it.

My favorite scent is back!

This is the BEST place to take a bath. Who cares about claws in her sweater, I mean, MY sweater!

What do you mean she's not staying here the whole time??

That's right, too many people want to see her, so she's spreading her time at different houses. Sorry Star. But I'm sure you'll see her again before she goes back.

For the next few days she'll be staying with my parents, her grandparents, or as you all know them, Sir Moose-a-lot Roadkill Goodyear Thunderbottom's mommy and daddy!

Apparently Star is not the only one who likes Twin 1's scent. She opened her suitcase and left the room for a minute, when she came back, Moose was in it! He was not happy when she closed it and sent him packing.. But he soon found a place almost as good.

Twin 1's purse.
Hey, this stuff smells pretty good.....
It can't be her shampoo, she gets a different one every time. Can't be soaps for the same reason. I don't know what it is, but kitties love her scent! Maybe her mom ate catnip when she was pregnant? We'll have to watch Twin 2 for signs of kitty attractant too..

Friday, October 11, 2013

Well, That Didn't Take Long..

We've had that post... just over a month. And see what's happened already?

Oh look here! Someone is returning to the scene of the crime...

Whatcha talkin' 'bout?

Are you looking smug, Mr. Leo?

Don't know what ya mean.. all I know is when someone says "scratching post" I take them at their word!
Well, I guess  you get what you pay for! Guess I'm going to have to cover that with some sisal rope, think it'll work?

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Late To The Parties

We've been honored three times in the past few months but with all that's been going on we have not blogged about any of it! I want to apologize for being so late on these very special things.

First, we won a book give away from Fur Everywhere! They sent us a copy of Cat In An Alien X-Ray by Carole Nelson Douglas! It looks like a very good read, doesn't it? It's a Midnight Louis mystery.

SOMEkitty here always has to check out books that come in. Can you guess who it is?

If you haven't guessed, check the toes... hee hee

Sparkle the Designer Cat had a give away from Fancy Feast and we won that too! This cute shaped box showed up just recently!

They've made their cheesey food in classic pate and my cheese heads are in heaven! They also included a cute little cheese cutting board!

This was a big hit here and we will be getting more of it. Star, especially, loves cheese. She goes nuts for their other cheese varieties so I knew she'd like these. Leo likes them too, even though he's not a big snack guy. And of course, with his history of urine crystals, he can't have the salmon. No fish allowed for him.

Ah, here he is again, getting into the photo shoot. Silly boy. I suppose it's my fault for using his nappy towel for the background...

Finally, our dear friend Savanna at Savanna's Paw Tracks gave Leo an award! The Opposites Attract Award!

The rules for this award are:

  • Firstly, you need to thank the blogger who gave you the Opposites Attract Award and link back to their blog.  Easy peasy.  Thank you Savvy!!!
  • Secondly, you need to post the award on your blog.  Simple as can be…See it up there!
  • And thirdly, you need to pass the award along to at least one other blogger…Okie dokie!

  • Leo would like to pass this award on to:

    Star from Life with Ragdolls because not only is she opposite from him by being a girl, she's also opposite his sisfur with the same name in that she's not a big ol' meanie! hee hee!


    Momma Cat from the Blog of Otis because, again, she's a girl, but also because she was rescued as an adult when Leo was rescued as a kitten.

    Again, we're sorry to be so late here, but we truly appreciate every one of these honors!

    Tuesday, October 8, 2013

    Leo's Cabinet Post, part 2

    We left off yesterday with Leo checking out the top of the cabinet that he can reach from the new cat tree post. He seemed to be enjoying it.

    Hey! I can reach the scratchy part from here! Gotta keep the ol' claws sharp!

    Whoa! You filming me? Lasers on full!

    And then he hopped back onto the top shelf..
    This is what I think of you spying on my explorations.

    I don't know if I'm allowed up there or not, but you will never catch me up there again!

    Oh argh, did I just confess that I HAD been up there? Am I in trouble now?
    No, Leo, you're not in trouble. I wanted you to go up there!

    In that case, the reason I'm not going back up there because of the dust..

    Dust on my paws, dust in my whiskers, dust on my belly, dust dust dust dust!

    Seriously lady, I'm not going back until you run a Swiffer up there..

    I guess I've been told. He washed up for ten minutes! I'm too short to see dust up there, what do I know about the conditions?? And since he hasn't been back, I guess we'll have to do something about it. I also think I'm going to get a kitty bed and put it up there, that might give him the idea that it's his spot. Think that'll work?

    Monday, October 7, 2013

    Leo's Cabinet Post, part 1

    Ok, we got the new kitty post tree. Star started checking it out only to be derailed by Twin 1 and her  sniffable hair. She still has not gotten past the first shelf. (Which is really the second shelf, but the first one is lower than the bed it's next to so we don't count it)

    Leo liked the first shelf and it's view out the window. Then he discovered the top shelf and decided that was pretty cool. We were waiting and waiting for one of them to discover that they could get on top of the cabinet that I inherited from my gramma. I mean, we cleared half of the top just for them!

    They ignored it. Star because she couldn't really see it from her bottom shelf, and Leo acted like he didn't even notice it. Until out of the blue..

    I'm just hanging out here.. rollin' on my shelf..

    Boom! There he was!
    Well what's this place??

    *sniff sniff sniff, snort*

    Wow, it's a long way down.

    And I can almost see the hidden window behind that other cabinet!

    Still a long way down..

    Tune in tomorrow to see his assessment of the cabinet spot!