Saturday, July 31, 2021

Leo Slow Blinks You

 I have a little video today. An accidental video actually. You see, my silly phone makes moving pictures if you accidentally hold the camera click the merest fraction of a second too long. It drives me up the wall... 

But this accident turned out to be a happy accident! 

It caught a very sweet 'slow blink of love' from Leo! 

So now how do I share a moving picture? It's not an mp4, not a gif, not anything blogger will recognize or that I can even easily transfer to the laptop and still have it look right. So I went looking for help and found a way to turn it into a video! But, it's about a second long! Can I loop it? not easily. But I can make a new video duplicating it a few times and making a still short video that looks like it's looped! 

Alright,, so who cares, right? I'm even boring myself. 
So without any further ado, here's an adorable slow blink of love from Leo! 

Edit: You might have to full screen it to really see the blink well... I discovered that after I posted.

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Caturday Art with Leo

 Hi all! Please excuse our long absence, it's not what we wanted, but it happens. We decided to jump back in with Caturday Art using lunapic and a picture of Leo's profile from a while back. Hope you like!





the original

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Package Party Results!

 Y'all make me so happy! So many people joined in on the Package Party for Chrystal's birthday and sent donations and wish list items to Winnie's Wish! Thank you thank you!!

And a bunch of you donated to my paypal so I could combine them and make a big package purchase and boy did we get to send a lot! Between those donations and a few commissioned cat beds, we raised $350!! Which translated into a really really big Wish List order! 

Chrystal posted pictures of that package today, minus some bags of dry cat food that arrive later today, so pop over there and see what all of us have done together! 

Thank you again! 

Glitter: One, final, big, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Chrystal!! Yay!!!!

Monday, May 31, 2021

Happy Memorial Day!

 Happy Memorial Day! And a huge thank you to those who serve, who have served, and especially to those who gave all in service! 

This Memorial Day eCard - Free Memorial Day Cards Online


Leo: Thank you!



It's the 31st, that means, as promised, this is the last day I'm going to bug you all about Chrystal's Birthday Package Party!

If you've joined in already, THANK YOU!! If you haven't, please consider it! As little as $5 can help the kitties of Winnie's Wish! 

Remember the three ways to help: 
Go to Chrystal's Blog, Daily Dose of Dogs AKA Cats With Your Coffee and use her donate button
Go to the Winnie's Wish Amazon Wish List and send something, or several somethings
Use the donate button on my sidebar and I will combine your money with others who've shared and send as big a package as I can

We can make this an awesome birthday day month for Chrystal who has been working to rescue and save kitties for oh so long (way longer than I've been around and I've been here over 10 years now!) so please, if you can, join in! 
(of course, just because the package party ends today doesn't mean you can't help later! ;) the need is always there, and always great with so many Wishers needing daily care!)

Thank you again, and we loves you all!!!

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Overly Late Caturday Art

 Ok, so I'm a day late... I kept thinking all day that I better get this done or I'd never get it posted on Caturday, and.. well you see how well that turned out. I still wanted to do it because I wanted to play with Cashmere's pretty picture from last Sunday's selfie. I used lunapic and had fun with it! 













And the original


Just a few more days until I stop talking about the Chrystal's Birthday Package Party! Still time to get in on the fun!

I'm hoping that together we can make this a birthday to remember by supplying the Winnie's Wishers with so many packages and donations that she doesn't have to worry about where the next week's litter and food and oh so many other things is going to come from. Every bit helps! Like I said, even $5 helps, it's like ten cans of food, and when you combine it with other $5 donations it can really add up! 

You can see THIS POST for all the details but basically there are three ways to help:Donate on the sidebar of her Daily Dost Blog, Use the Amazon Wish List, Or use the donate button here on my blog and I will combine your donation with other donations to make a big order on amazon. I will be sending my Wish List order after the 1st to make sure I've given anyone who wants to give this way the chance to do so by the end of the month, which is Monday. :) 

(whenever possible, use the 'send to a friend' option on paypal because then they don't take any fees out and more pennies and dollars go to the kitties, if that doesn't work when using the donate button (havent tested it) then feel free to send to me using my email anniclan AT aol DOT com, thank you!)

Please share the last few days of our Package Party! And a huge thank you to those who already have!


Thursday, May 27, 2021

Throwback Thursday

 Today's Throwback comes from May 8th, 2012. A fitting post seeings as today is Chrystal's birthday!! Happy Birthday Chrystal!! 

fyi, I did not have the girls yet, just Leo and Star. So when I'm talking about Leo being included, so are the girls! 


Looky Looky I Got A Booky! 

I did! I got my book! The bestest book in the world! Know why? Because my dear friend Chrystal wrote it!!! And it's about ANIMALS! And that means CATS!! And do you know what's even better than a book about CATS?? A book that has MY cat in it!

That's right! Leo the Chinese Lion makes his entry into Chrystal's Rescue near the end of the book! My kitty, my heart cat, my sweet snuggly baby boy is FAMOUS! He's in print! He's the handsome hero at the end of the book that gets rescued and gets to live happily ever after with ME!

Ok, it might be the pain drugs still talking.. but I'm seriously excited about this!!!! And I'm not the only one!

Wow! Look Winnie's on the cover! *I* am a Winnie's Wish Kitty!
This the most awesomest bestest book EVER!!

What? You want to read it? What ARE you on? This MY copy, get your own!

Seriously Leo?? Little brat! I'll read it while you're sleeping... Or I'll read it to you! that'll work!

But you people can get your own copy! And when you do, part of the moneys for it go to help the rescue kitties! Kitties like Leo!
Go to Chrystal's site to see about it, Daily Dose of Dogs (aka Cats with Your Coffee) (this post talks about the book)
And go HERE to get the book! Yes, you can get it from amazon, but then the kitties only get half of the money they'd get if you went straight to the publisher!

And seriously, see the size of it? It's super thick and really big! (remember Leo's a giant cat) So aside from being a great book about a great subject writen by a great woman, it's a great value pound for pound! :D


 See why it's fitting? Chrystal's book, and today is Chrystal's birthday! Yeah, I know you got that already. ;) And yes, you can still get the book! And yes, buying one (or multiples!) helps the wishers!

So you know what I'm sharing next! Still time to get in on the Chrystal's Birthday Package Party! I"m planning on running the banner through the end of the month! And I'm holding off on using the funds sent to me already until then also, then I will make a big package from all the donations that came to my paypal for just this purpose! (use the donate button on my sidebar for that)

You can also send donations to the donate button on the Daily Dose blog, Chrystal's blog, to send cash which help with vet bills, meds, and other things the wish list doesn't cover. Also, there's a link to the Wish List to send your very own package! 

Please join in and do what you can to make this a wonderful package party! Like I said yesterday, even $5 helps! And share share share! Thank you!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Wordless Wednesday With Leo and Glitter



I hope you've all seen the Chrystal's Birthday Package Party by now! 

And I hope you have, or plan to join in! 

It doesn't take much! Even $5 would be a help! $5 could get about ten can's of cat food! If you combine your $5 with other people's $5 it really adds up! Some people have already sent me money to combine into a large package purchase on the Wish List, if you want to get in on this joint package, please use the donate button on my sidebar! (or paypal to anniclan AT aol DOT com, send as a friend and paypal doesn't take a fee!) 

Details are on THIS POST, check it out if you haven't yet! And don't forget to share! 



Sunday, May 23, 2021

Sunday Selfie with Cashmere

 How is it possible that sometimes I forget just how pretty Cashmere is? She posed beautifully for her selfie this week and I think she's swoon-worthy, so watch out mancats out there! 

Cashmere: Let me mesmerize you with my two tone green eyes and blow kisses with my little puckered grey lipstick, and if that's not enough, there's a marking on my forehead so you know just where to kiss me!


Please don't forget about Chrystal's Birthday Package Party! It's so close to the end of the month, but we can start sending stuff now! Let's make sure she's got lots of packages for the Wishers by the time her birthday arrives! 

Details can be found on THIS POST, but basically lets use the Winnie's Wish Wish List and send packages, or use the donate button on her blog, Daily Dose of Dogs AKA Cats With Your Coffee, or use the donate button on my sidebar and I will pool all the money sent here to get a large package from the wish list sent to her! 

Feel free to use the banners!


Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Wordless Wednesday With Leo



(click the picture to go to the details of the Package Party at the bottom of THIS post)

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Sunday Selfie With Leo


Leo: I'm up for a Sunday Selfie today! Here I'm practicing my "there's a horrible serial killer behind you" look. Of course all you cats know we do this to freak out our humans, heh heh, it works so well!

 Leo: I have to include this profile shot from the same day. I'm still giving the stare at invisible horrors. Pretty good focus, huh? 

I hope you all saw the other day when I posted about Chrystal's upcoming birthday. Chrystal is the amazing lady behind the Winnie's Wish Cat Rescue and Sanctuary and her birthday is at the end of this month. I am asking anyone who can to join in on a Package Party! 

All you have to do is go to the Winnie's Wish Wish List and send something to help out the Wishers, thus making for a very happy birthday for Chrystal! 

This is starting now, you don't have to wait til the end of the month! Let's have a whole string of packages start arriving right away! 

Feel free to use the banner above, or the side bar banner below, to share the Package Party! 

All the details are on my previous post, HERE
Ways to help include sending wish list items, making a donation using the donate button on Chrystal's Blog, or using the donation button on my blog and I will combine all donations that come here to a big order on the wish list. 
 Thank you! 


Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Weird and Wordy Wednesday and a Wild Idea!

Ok, someone help me here... Can anyone tell what is exactly happening here, is this even possible? Has Leo slipped into some sort of fifth dimention where nothing has to make sense? Or did someone fail to read the assembly instructions correctly and.. well.. this is the result.
Ok wait, lets try a different picture from a different angle..

Still no thoughts? Here, let me label the parts I think I understand..

I forgot to label the tail, but it's that fluffy thing across the top and down the left side of the picture, the thing the one visible back paw is tucked into. 
So what the heck?!?! Leo without a face! Without... well, without any kind of proper alignment that I can see! I'm not sure how this happened, but there's a picture so it must have, somehow, some otherworldly way, happened.. 

Leo has been silent on the subject! Any questions about it are met with bored expressions, or is that disdain at my complete lack of understanding of how felines work? Either way, I'm looking for super glue and duct tape, just in case he requires reassembling!


Oh have I got an idea! 

Chrystal, you know Chrystal, the wonderful person who runs the Winnie's Wish Cat Rescue and Sanctuary, the darling lady who gave me my three precious kitties after rescuing them from a feral situation and trained them in the arts of twisting humans around their little paws, yes, that Chrystal! Chrystal is having a birthday this month! May 27th to be precise! And what does that have to do with you, you might ask? Go ahead. Ask. 

Thank you! Let me tell you what it has to do with you! 

I am thinking we could have a Birthday Package Party! 

But we can't have a big party, haven't you heard of this little pandemic we're having, you might ask. Go ahead. Ask. 

Oh don't worry! This is a party where the gifts all get together, but the people stay home! 

What kind of gifts.. Ok, don't ask, I'll just tell you. (thankful that I abandoned that plot tool? I thought so) 
The thing Chrystal likes most of all is when she gets Wish List items or donations for the Wishers! 
So I'm asking that anyone who can, go to the Winnie's Wish Amazon Wish List and send something! 
Or, use the donation button on her blog, Daily Dose of Dogs AKA Cats With Your Coffee
Or use the donate button on my sidebar and I will pool all the donations received and send stuff from the Wish List! 

There is a way for everyone who can to help a wonderful Rescue run by a wonderful lady that makes some wonderful kitties wonderfully happy! 

Please take the banner above, or the smaller one below, and post it on your blog to help spread the word. Whether you can send something or not, spreading the word helps a lot too! I'll be posting about this through the end of the month, so please consider how you can help!

Thank you for your time! And don't forget to wish Chrystal a Happy Birthday on the 27th!

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Sunday Selfie with Cashmere

 Cashmere: Well hello, I guess we're getting all up close and personal today. Ok, but only if you are generous with the chin scritches and belly rubs!


 Love this pretty girl. She's Greg's baby all the way, she waits for him, watches him, and demands his lap any time he sits down. Yes, he's owned by a kitty whether he likes it or not!

Notice the line down her nose? it's one of her cutest features along with her dark eye liner and her gray kissy lipstick, the latter of which rarely shows in pictures. 



Updates: Greg is still down with his broken foot, another month probably. Slow healing. But he's going to try going back to work three days a week, fingers and paws crossed that he doesn't do any more damage!

We lost Greg's dad in the early morning hours after Easter. With Covid and other issues the funeral was a whole week later. It's kind of why we've been a bit absent. 

I've been in therapy again, hoping to get strong enough to get out of the house again and to work on fundraiser stuff more. I have some projects in the works and will show them off soon. And since it's out there on other blogs on my behalf, I'll just say that yes, I do take commission work for many of the items I put on auction; puffy beds, crochet beds, nip toy sets, taco toys, lots of it. I will probably put something up about it with pictures and more info sometime soon. It's exciting to have items going out without the work and worry of a big auction at the moment!


Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you all have a great day!           



Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Our Tenth Blogoversary!

 Just realized that today is my blogoversary! Oh my gosh! Ten years of posting about my kitties! 

Since I'm not prepared for anything... long week, many unexpected things happening... I am going to post my first blogoversary post! 




Can you believe it?? One year ago I wrote my first ever blog about how I'd just adopted Leo the Chinese Lion from Chrystal! I can't believe it!

I had never thought about blogging, ever! Even though I loved loved loved reading kitty blogs every day. But when people on Chrystal's blog found out that I was adopting him, they kept saying I should blog so they could keep track of Leo. I was surprised really, then intrigued, then I said, what the heck, I'll try it!

Then I met so many wonderful people! And I found so many more blogs! It was like, wow, there's a whole bunch of other people out there as crazy about cats as I am! Cool! So I was hooked! Now I can't imagine not blogging and I have all of you to thank for it!

I know I recently shared in two separate posts about how I got Leo, first for the share your kitten pictures day and then for Leo's gotcha day. And before that, his birthday. So I'm not going to go into that again. You're welcome to scroll through my archives if you want to read about that, especially that first week or so of posts last year.

Right now, I just wanna celebrate!

Come on and celebrate with us!

One way I'm gonna celebrate is by buying Chrystal's book! Please please scroll down and read about it in yesterday's post! And click over to her blog, Daily Dose, and read about it there too! She does so much for hurting and feral and abandoned animals, and by buying her book, you can help her help them.

I still feel so blessed to have been able to do this and to meet so many other people crazy for kitties! I know it's been a rough year for posting.. and visiting... but I still love each and every one of you! And your humans too! 
Oh, and Chrystal's book is still available, just look on her sidebar for a link to buy it! Leo's family's rescue story is in it!! As well as many many other wonderful stories of saving and helping cats and dogs! A good read!
Of course, I need to upgrade the balloons.. ;) Rose Gold Number 10 Balloons,10 Year Old Birthday Party  Decorations Balloon,Large Foil Mylar Digital Balloons and Decorated Latex  Balloons,Suitable for Anniversary, Engagement, Wedding Party Balloon S:  Toys & Games