Saturday, October 29, 2022

Leo’s Prayer


Leo: Now I lay me down to sleep 
Vet, away from my bum keep
If I should get anther shot
I’ll claw you with all I got!

Sorry Leo, you’re probably getting another shot next week. Nasty seasonal colds got both you and Glitter again. Only Cashmere seems to escape those! 
Here’s hoping they feel better and don’t need the follow up shots! 

Sunday, October 16, 2022

Caturday Art on Sunday

 I suppose you could count this as Sunday Selfie as well as Caturday Art. Maybe? Either way I decided to play with the dangle picture of Leo from Tuesday. 
I used Lunapic to make the art. 
The first is Dreaming
Ink Portrait
Photo Spread

And the original: 

Thank you all for putting up with our long absences, we really appreciate every one of you! We are going to try to blog more often. Tuesday was an experiment to see if I could blog from my phone. Not so much.. If I were doing one picture and on set/paragraph of text, maybe. But as it is, I can't move the pictures where I want and add words where I want, it just all goes where it wants. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong.. 

PS. Fall is here, we will be having a Winnie's Wish Auction coming up.

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Dangle Day

 Leo: RAAAR! I are fierce! 

Ok, I'm done now.
Srsly. Dat's all I got today. 

I dun think they believin' me.. But I just gonna hang around, nothin' special.