Thursday, November 28, 2013


Yes, we're late. I'm sure you'll understand that we are not especially joyful today.

But we didn't want the day to pass without saying Happy Thanksgiving to our dear friends. We are very thankful for all of you. Especially how you have all rallied around us at this difficult time for our family. It's been a hard first holiday without my dad but we are thankful that we were mostly together.

Hope your holiday was wonderful.


To those who celebrate it, Happy Hanukkah

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Play Day

Star is feeling much better as her seasonal rash disappears. Despite how it looks in these pictures, her fur is coming back and she's looking better too.

Because she's feeling better, she's been extra playful. She found this little Fat Cat toy and went nuts on it. Fat Cat toys are her favorites, her favorite butterfly is from them too. Wish I knew where she lost it this time.. Both of them actually. Silly girl, I wonder if she hid them from Leo?

When she plays with favorite toys, she HAS to lick herself while playing.. Just one of her quirks.

Oh happy toy, I love you!

Oo wait, I have to rub my ear for a minute, purrrrr

Pure bliss..

Kiss kiss, little fishy attached to the weird little dragonfly, I loves you!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Whap and Nap

Every time I think the kitties are getting along better, they start fighting. Every time I think they're in fighty modes, they wind up near each other. Honestly, I think I'm going to give up trying to decide if they are tolerating each other, becoming slight friends, or still in hate mode.

Whenever I think I've got them figured out, they do something totally outside of what I think. Either they are trying to make me think I'm crazy, or they are crazy themselves. All I know is that one of us is probably bonkers...

This week was a perfect example of what I'm talking about. You saw the picture on Wordless Wednesday, right? They were curled up quite close. What had happened is that Leo sat on that bench and Star has, recently, claimed the couch and materials on it as her very own. When she saw Leo near her spot, she walked a wide berth around him and jumped up behind.

He knew she was there, and probably thought she was going to smack him. She kept giving him dirty looks, but he stayed. I think he thought that if he ran, she'd chase him. Which is usually true.. but all she really wanted was her spot. So it was peaceful.

They did exchange a lot of smacky paws this weekend. She was so intent after him at one point that nothing deterred her, except for the fact that he retreated to the top seat on the tall cat tree and she, to this day, has never gone up that high. I think she was going to attempt it though.. so I got after her.

Leo did some romping around the room, quick bap, dive under the bench, moves. We know this is playful because he basically pokes her in the butt, no claws, no real smack, just a quick poke, like he wants to play.

He also waited until she was whisker deep into her favorite treat and, ignoring his own treat, spent what felt like almost half a minute sniffing her tail and back (no, not her bum, she eats tail down) until she got fed up and took a mouthful of her snack to the carpet to eat in peace.. thanks Leo.

Star tried playing some whack-a-mole when Leo was under his bench. She rarely goes under after him, but sits on top and reaches down to smack, or sits at the side and reaches under the blanket on it. Some of that was playful this weekend, some was decidedly not playful.

Early Sunday there were a lot of not playful whaps. I was frustrated enough to toss empty tissue boxes between them to make them leave each other alone. All that got me was some stink-eye from Star.

That's why I was so surprised when this happened Sunday evening:

Almost the exact opposite of what happened Wordless Wednesday. Leo considers the bed his for the most part, for napping and playing and diving onto his cat tree. I had moved the bench over near the bed to set up a little crafting station as I tried to work on something that didn't work out. Star decided that she HAD to sleep on the bed.

Leo took umbrage but what are ya gonna do, she was there first. I figured he found somewhere else to nap, until I turned around and saw him right behind me on the bed with her. I don't know if he figured being closer to me would protect him or if he just flat out wanted his bed and wasn't going to be intimidated, but he chose to get up there when she was already there. It was a day of whaps and naps.

I'm hoping for more naps, less whaps!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Nappy Weekend

Leo is getting a head start on weekend naps.

Hope you all have as relaxing a weekend as he intends!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Star's Turn

Spitty has hinted rather pointedly that it's time for Star to get a post of just her. Ok Spitty, just because we love you, you get your wish.

I don't have a lot of recent pictures of Star, well I don't have a lot of recent pictures of either of them, but I have more of Leo because he's such a goofball. And Star, well, she's having a bout with her seasonal allergy.

The coconut oil did a good job with small outbreaks and keeping her soft and fluffy, but when the heat comes on, it's just too much for poor coconut oil to keep at bay. So she got a rash and licked off a lot of her fur, especially on her belly and bum.

I do have these few pictures of her that shows a little of her favorite obsession: hair. When the hair dryer comes out, Leo takes off. Star hangs out because she knows there's wet hair somewhere and there's nothing she loves more than rubbing her head in wet hair.

I'm keeping an eye on this stuff until the wet hair shows up.

She's hidden the best end of the brush on me.. but I'll get it later, and I'll rub it all over my face and bite the bristles..

Until then though, I'll just curl up for sweet dreams about rolling around in wet hair.. purrrr

I love how her back foot is over her head in the last shot, what a silly girl I have.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Hanging out

I think Star and Leo are getting along a little bit better because they know how sad we are lately. It's funny, but I think they've even been playing together a few times. At first I thought they were fighting, but there was no hissing, no growls, no smacky paws either, just chase. First one chases the other, then the other way around. It's cute, and I sure hope it's progress in their relationship.

Leo loves his cat tree, which I've still not gotten around to fixing. He really has the carpet on it shredded and the rest is covered with his fur. He jumps around on it, shaking it wildly, thank goodness it's pressed to the ceiling!

He's always hanging on and off of it.

I get a unique perspective from here.

Oh hi, I see you have a unique perspective of me too!

I can keep an eye on pretty much everything, and everyone, from here.

Allow me to give you kitty kissy eyes from here.

Oh, look out, now I gotta watch the squirrels outside the window. Bye!
Hope you all get to spend some time just hanging out this weekend.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Two for Tuesday

Sometime in the last few weeks we had one last sort of nice day. It wasn't warm, but it was nice enough to leave the door open for the kitties for a little while. They took full advantage, including sharing the space.

I think the ebil squirrel was trotting around tormenting the kitties.. or possibly the bouncy bunnies, but I'm betting on the squirrel because he loves to get the kitties all riled up and then laugh at them as he saunters off with his tail swishing happily.

Leo: I know he's out there...
Star: Keep your eyes peeled, he'll be by soon..

Leo: Is he under the car?
Star: I don't see him yet...

Star: Let me get a different vantage..
Leo: Anything?
Star: Nope.

Leo: There!
Star: I see him!

Star: Come closer you jokester in a fur suit, it's lunch time!
Leo: Yeah, come here! ..lunch time? Are you sure? I think it's closer to dinner..
Star: Sigh.. Leo, you're a goober.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Mancat Monday

Happy Veteran's Day to our friends who have served.

I wanted to make sure everyone knew that Sir Moose-a-lot was fine. No, he won't be coming to live with us as some have suggested. He was my dad's buddy, but he loves my mother too. I think perhaps it didn't sound like mom was there, but my parents had just celebrated their 50th anniversary in June, still very much in love, soul mates and best friends.

My sister and brother in law pretty much moved in there to help take care of my dad and mom, and are staying there still for my mom. Moose has decided that my brother in laws lap isn't so bad and sits on him some now. Moose and my mom are being very well cared for.

We all very much appreciate all the comments, prayers, purrs and love you've been sending our way. We're doing our best. And I'm going to try to post a few blogs this week. I have several good pictures I want to share.

For Mancat Monday, Leo has been doing his patented Dangle again. On his tree this time, the tree that is rapidly getting very ratty.. I wish we had not put it in such a hard to access corner.

Just hangin' out on my tree..

Hey Princess Hissyface, see me on my tree?

Too bad you still won't get up here on the top shelf! Bwahaha!

Hey, you sure do zoom fast! Where you going?

Wherever you're going, it sure ain't up here!

Hey, is that my singing birdie toy?

I can see the real birdies from here!

Hey Star, I'm on your shelf now! Hee hee Silly Princess Hissyface, I own this whole thing now!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Thank You and Blog For Peace

Sir Moose-a-lot and I would like to thank all of you for your kind words, thoughts, and prayers on the loss of our daddy. We are deeply sad as I'm sure you can imagine. But good friends and encouraging words do make a difference, so thank you again.

We're going to try to get back to reading and commenting soon, and posting, but we'll probably be intermittent for a while. I know you all will understand.

I didn't want to let blog for peace to pass without mentioning it, so I'm using last years badges.