Friday, February 28, 2014

Double Bagged and FUNdraiser Information

Are you back in the bag, Leo?

WHAT did you call me?!

Oh, sorry Star! I didn't know it was you!

That's it, I'm outta here. If I can be mistaken for that giant hairball then it's time for a grooming session! Hrmph! ... the nerve!

I'm sorry, sweetie, I should have known the bag wasn't quite as full.

Star? .. Hello? I think I'm getting the silent treatment..


Today is the last day in the Month of Love! That means I'm won't be pushing the Spread The Love FUNdraiser so hard. How about one last big day of donations for Winnie's Wish?? Anyone who hasn't gotten a set or sent a set to their furry loved one want to join in??

Does this mean that if you decide next week or next month that you can't then get a set? Of course not!
Like all of my previous FUNdraisers, this one will not really close and you can donate get your gift set at any time! It just means that I won't be putting the link in every days's post.

You will find the link to this, and the rest of the FUNdraisers on my sidebar, always available!

Remember, almost all of the money goes directly to Chrystal and Winnie's Wish for the kitties day to day needs, medical expenses, and emergency situations. Aproximately $3 is used for postage and a little bit of materials cost. (The extra money charged for international shipping all goes to postage costs) I'm not making or looking to make anything on these deals, I just want to help the kitties of the wonderful Rescue that saved my darling Leo from a short awful feral life!

Here's a reminder of the other FUNdraisers we have! From now on, when you donate, make sure you tell me which set you want please!

What you get:
 What you get:
Or other combinations, check the page!
What you get: 

And of course,
What you get:

We're like a one stop shopping, 24/7 FUNdraiser store: We never close! :)

Thursday, February 27, 2014

It's In The Bag

I could swear that bag was empty.. but did it move?

*rustle rustle*

Let me try to get a better camera angle..
There IS something in there!

*hee hee*

Alright, who's in there?

Nobody here but us.. um, olives. And gardens?

Olives and Gardens, you sound suspiciously like a certain young mancat I know.

I don't know what yer talkin' about... hee hee

Ok, have fun, silly boy, I mean "Olives and Gardens".

I guess I'm done. For now. What can I say, it's a good bag!

I thought you might think so, that's why I didn't throw it away. Glad somecat finally found it!


Where else can you get four good sized catnip or silvervine filled toys for $15? So it's kind of a good deal, maybe? A minimum donation to Winnie's Wish of $15 gets you a gift of four toys with your choice of filling!

All you have to do is join in on the Winnie's Wish Spread the Love FUNdraiser!

The Month of Love is almost over, but there's still time to help the rescue kitties!

They are also seriously looking for great forever homes for the sweet kitties in the cathouse. Why don't you stop over at Daily Dose and look at the adoptable kitties on the sidebar? If there's not a kitty for you, perhaps you know someone who would be perfect for one or two of them, please spread the word!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tuesday Toesies and Opt to Adopt Blog Hop

Leo on his cabinet beddy again! But look! All four feet and ALLLL those toesies are showing!

The back feet are in front and the front feet are in back! And look at those jelly bean toes! I could eat them up....


Opt to Adopt Blog Hop!

These two doll babies were living in an abandoned hotel in Florida as feral kittens. They were rescued and Chrystal brought them to the cathouse to be Winnie's Wishers. They'd love to be adopted together, but they would be fine alone too. They may need a bit of an adjustment period after the start in life that they had.

Just look at the striking eyes on Peter Pan! Aren't they gorgeous?

Most orange kitties are boys, but Tinkerbell is a somewhat rare orange girl! She has gorgeous eyes like her brother, they almost match her fur!

Won't you consider a pair of sweeties? Or one? Do you know someone who would make the perfect forever home for them? Will you pass on their information?
You can see more pictures and read more about them on the Daily Dose blog.
Peter Pan's page
Tinkerbell's page


Just a few more days of me pushing the Spread the Love FUNdraiser, can you take it? I hope so! I'm hoping for lots of love to be spread in these last few days of the month of love! Four great toys for a minimum donation of $15 to Winnie's Wish!
(I'll add the bloghop thingie when they put it up)

Monday, February 24, 2014

Shelf Sitter

Leo has been using his high cabinet pink beddy a lot! He is up there just about every day. It's a safe space; Star won't go up there, not even to the second shelf on the tree leading up to the cabinet. So it's all Leo's all the time. I think he likes it that way.

I don't know about these boxes mom... They may have to go.

Then again, maybe I'll use them as a pillow!

I thought that was a fairly big space I created for him. But he's such a big kitty! He doesn't usually hang off the end like that, usually he's curled up more. If he starts hanging off a lot more, I might have to rearrange things though. But then he'd need a longer bed too, yikes!


Still time to get in on the Spread the Love FUNdraiser!
Every donation helps Winnie's Wish! And don't forget they are looking for great adopters, so spread the word to your friends and family please!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Pillow Talk?

On the first picture you are going to see a bare spot on Star's side. Yep, she liked off the hair. Again. Weird spot this time. And every time I think it's healing, she licks it lower and removes more hair, argh! I really need to give her coconut oil more regularly.. I have kind of an excuse, but I haven't had that excuse as long as she's been doing this, so I guess it's not a good excuse at all. I wish I knew what made her do this!

Greg took these pictures. You may think she was only stretching or climbing in the first picture, but no, she was standing there for a long time. (I'd have taken more than one picture) Kneading and rubbing on my pillow. I've seen her do it when the pillow is on the bed, but Greg never had. Here it's been tossed over on the bench with the butterfly blanket on it.

I believe this is part of her hair addiction... I go to bed with damp hair and it dries on the pillow leaving behind, I suppose, the scent of fresh hair. Something she can't resist.

Then again, maybe she just likes my pillow? It's a totally awesome big thick comfy part memory foam pillow with a 'warm' side and a 'cool' side and if I could find another like it I would totally buy at least two more because anyone who borrows it (nieces) threatens to steal it because it's, as I said, totally awesome!

Then again, maybe Star's just weird. Can't rule that out!

Give me a head with hair, long beautiful hair
Shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen
Give me down to there, hair, shoulder length or longer..
Or at least just give me their pillow..

Then she climbed up pillow mountain and thought about staying for a nap..

It's sitting on top of my butterfly blanket, it must be mine now too. Right? Right. Everything belongs to the kitties! And by kitties, I mean me, not the barbarian..
Hope I get my pillow back at bed time...
You know what's coming... That's right, another shameless plug for the Winnie's Wish Spread The Love FUNdraiser! I apologize if you're tired of seeing it, but I just want to make sure I'm doing everything I can to help the kitties. There is a huge need over at Winnie's Wish right now! Yes, for adoptions, and boy do they need them and quick! (kitten season is almost upon us!) But because they are so full, (read over full) there are lots and lots of everyday expenses! There's food, litter, cleaning supplies, vaccines, spay and neuters, vet care, did I mention food? Cause kitties like to eat, ya know!
Anyway, this is my way of helping care for the kitties. I'd love to take them all into my home, (which would make Star's head totally explode!) But since I can't, I can at least do these fundraisers!
If you've alredy got your toys, please consider sharing on your blog or facebook or twitter about the fundraiser to your friends? Thank you!!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Leo Finally Gets To Talk!

For reals now? It's finally my turn to talk? Not yankin' my tail, are you? Good.

Hi peoples, kitties, woofies, and everyone else! You will NOT believe what's been going on around here! It totally blew my mind! We had.. a visitor! But as far as I'm concerned, he didn't stay nearly long enough!
Ok ok, lemme start at the start! It was a day like any other day. Well, except for the part about mom whinin' and moanin'  on the bed and havin' this weird feelin' warmy thingie on her chest right where I normally like to sleep and get my scrtiches.. Oh, and daddy was home on a day he's not usually here.
So anyway, all's quiet for a while. Daddy was upstairs and so was Star. I was keeping mom company and trying to get comfy around that stupid warmy thingie. And then.. we heard it! it was loud! It was like EEP EEP EEP EEP EEP EEP EEP! And it kept going on! Mom tried to holler at Daddy, but she can't yell loud so he comes down and mom says something is dying on the front porch!
Now, by that time I'm on my cat tree by the front window and I can tell you, I didn't see nothing out there.. And when daddy came down the stairs the noise stopped. So he's thinkin' mom's imagining things 'cause of her owie medicine. Then he laid down to have a nap. Not a bad idea really, so all was quiet again. Then mom said, 'Listen!" I heard it! Star heard it! But dad said there was nothing to hear. Mom said to look at us, we were sitting over by the stairs, kinda near each other and there were no smacky paws or threats of smacky paws! That means something, right! Dad went back to sleep..
After a while we heard it again! It was definitely the sound of feathers beating against walls! There was a bird somewhere inside our house! And me and Star wanted it! But we couldn't find it anywhere. Mom finally got dad to do something about it, even if he still didn't believe her.
Mom said this used to happen a lot. There's a big empty space behind a wall between the hot water tank and the furnace. Sometimes birds would sit on the chimney and get dizzy from the fumes and they'd fall in and land at the bottom and not be able to get out. So mom would take the pipe off the water tank, giving it a place to get out of, then she'd open the front door and the birdie would leave. That was when there was a door on the hot water tank space.. but since dad still hasn't finished the living room (good heavens don't mention that part to mom or she'll go on for an hour about it!) So she could let the bird get into that little room before opening the door to outside. Brr
Dad couldn't do that, so he took the pipe off and opened the front door, hoping mom's 'imaginary' bird would fly out before we all froze our you know what's off! Mom had her heaty thingie, so I guess she didn't mind as much as dad who had to stand by the door to keep us from going out.
Guess what guess what guess what??!!! I DID go out! I got all four paws over the threshold! Do you all know how COLD icy snowy sidewalks are??? Holy Cod! Dad shouted me back into the house, but let me tell you, I was coming back in anyway! BRRRRRRR!
Dad was like, this is crazy, it's freaky cold and there's no bird and.. when all the sudden this little black bird FLIES OUTTA THE WATER HEATER ROOM, RIGHT PAST DAD'S FACE AND OUT THE FRONT DOOR!
And Star and I missed it!!!! We coulda had this fun visitor over for lunch.. hee hee hee but rats, he got away..
Star and I are taking turns stalking the water heater room, hoping someone else comes outta there, but dad says don't hold your breath. But we can hope, right?  We like that kind of visitor!
Mom says she never heard one cry like that when they fell in before, but the way it flew out it sure didn't seem injured! She thinks it was a starling. Anyone got a recipe for starling soup?? hee hee!
Oh, mom says that when this happened years ago, dad put a cap on the chimney, but it blew off in a big wind storm. Dad's gonna put another one up when the weather permits. It's icky out there right now! 


Wanna spread some love around? Give your kitties some new toys? Or send some to a kitty friend? our Spread the Love FUNdraiser is still going on! A minimum donation of just $15 to Winnie's Wish will get your kitties a gifty set of four love inspired toys! Check out the FUNdraiser page!
There is a serious need for adoptions over at Winnie's Wish, hopefully before kitten season starts! Please help find great homes for some great kitties! You'll find them on the sidebar of the Daily Dose Blog. Thank you!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Opt To Adopt Blog Hop Kippie and Sallie!


I know Star said Leo would tell you about a visitor that excited the both of them, but I totally forgot it was Opt to Adopt Blog Hop day! So Leo will tell his story tomorrow, ok? Maybe he'll be done surfing the web by then..
Uh, Leo, can I have my laptop back? Please? Leo? Hello...


Winnie's Wishers looking for forever homes! Please help them find their families!

Kippie is a beautiful Siamese calico mix. She loves people but can be nervous around other female kitties. She might be fine with males or younger kitties. What she really wants is some people of her own who will love her and pet her and play with her! Can you find her home? Are YOU here home?
More on Kippie HERE

Chrystal says Sallie doesn't really have a heart on her hip, but I think if you look at it just right, it could be a heart! Sallie went to a home once, but the established doggie wouldn't stop barking at her and she just hid and was not happy so she came back. She doesn't mind Chrystal's dogs after she's been with them for a few days and other kitties don't bother her at all. She wants human attention but she may be a little aloof at first. Who do you know who can give this sweet girl a chance? Is it YOU?
More on Sallie HERE


Another way you can help the Winnie's Wishers is by joining in on the Spread The Love FUNdraiser!
Let's end this month of love on a high note and make this the best FUNdraiser ever! If you've already donated and got your toys, please consider sharing about the FUNdraiser on your blog or facebook or twitter! If you haven't, please consider joining in on the fun, check the details on the Spread The Love FUNdraiser page!
Here's the Opt to Adopt Blog Hop!

Monday, February 17, 2014

The Most Awesomest Thing EVER!

Stat is taking over today's post.

Kitties, woofies, and all other gentle readers!

You won't believe the weekend we've had. It's been a long weekend, starting early and still going on. You see, we call it a weekend when Daddy's home. And he's been home with us since Thursday.

You may wonder why, and I suppose I should care.. blah blah blah, stay home, take mommy to the hospital, whatever yadda yadda yadda. That's not the important stuff.

What? You want to know anyway? Fine, long story short, mom either has cracked ribs or strained muscles between the ribs, x-rays couldn't tell for sure but since she heard a POP when she twisted and she was breathing weird, they figure it has to be one of those two. She's drugged up, so lets get on with the good stuff!

Friends, I have discovered the joys of The Heating Pad! Seriously! If you've never seen one, get your human injured and try it out! All I know is I walked up to sit on mom's chest and my feet touched heavenly warmth! I tried to see what it was by sharpening my claws on it, but I was stopped, the nerve... But what was the best, the bees knees, the most awesomest thing EVER was laying on it!

I'm telling you, it was wonderful, warm and toasty! I stretched out and curled up and rolled over and napped on this thing so much that it's going to turn gray with my furs! I could live on this thing!

What I really want to know is why has she been hiding this thing from me until now? And how do I get to keep it after she is better? I'm telling you, I am willing to bite her to get Heating Pad time if I have to!

What did the barbarian think of it? Heh heh heh.. Oh that was priceless! He walked up mom as usual and suddenly realized something was different. His ears went back and he started picking his feet up like he was high stepping while looking around trying to figure it out! He didn't stay long enough to get all four feet on it; the big chicken ran for his tree and looked back at mom like she was a stranger! MOL!

That was fine by me, more Heating Pad time for me! I was taking full advantage of it too, until the big goof got over his fear and decided to sort of nap on it, but mostly he tried to nudge it aside so he could nap on mom without the heat, what a flake!

Mom says it's easier on her ribs when it's me anyway. Because I'm so light and I spread out, she hardly feels the weight on her owies. Leo tends to stomp/dance before he lays down and that causes mom to make all kinds of unpleasant sounds.

I say he can have her feet, The Heating Pad is all mine! Right?

If you're lucky, Leo will tell the story of the surprise visitor we had on tomorrow's post!


We know Valentines Day is over, but the month of love is not! You still have plenty of time to get in on the Spread The Love FUNdraiser! Love inspired toys in exchange for a donation to Winnie's Wish, what could be better!
Show some love to Winnie's Wish by getting something cool for your own kitties!

Don't forget, please, that adoptions are so very much needed! Please help find homes for the sweet kitties of Winnie's Wish!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Day Love!


Star and Leo: Happy Valentines Day to all of our dear friends out there! We love all of you!


On this wonderful day of love we are hoping you'll Spread the Love with us and share word of our Spread The Love FUNdraiser! Show love to Winnie's Wish with a donation and we'll show love to you with some wonderful gifties!
Thank you to everyone who has already participated!
If you've already received your love inspired toys, won't you consider posting about them if you have a blog so we can spread the love further? If you don't have a blog, consider sending pictures of your kitties with their toys to us to post?
Winnie's Wish can  use all the help we can give. They are over full and you know how much it takes to care for kitties. With so many there's a constant need for food and litter and cleaning supplies and vet care. (They have an amazon wish list if you're interested, see the graphic on the Daily Dose blog)
As I'm sure you know by now, they have a great need for adoptions! Hopefully sharing the Spread the Love will also spread the word and some forever families will step up and make these kitties their own! Now that would really be spreading love!
Thank you all for listening to me! As the kitties said, we love you all!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Curl Up, It's Cold!

Can you tell the temperature by your kitties?

You know winter is coming when their thick fur starts growing in. If it's going to be a bad one, their fur is extra heavy.

When it's hot, they sleep all stretched out. When it's cold....

I don't think Star could curl up any tighter if she tried! She looks like a furry little egg!

We've had the coldest, snowiest winter that we've had in a LONG time! Last year we hardly had any snow at all! I liked that better.. And judging by the thickness of their fur and how tight they curl up, it's not getting warm any time soon. sigh

Try to stay warm everyone!


Want to spread some warm thoughts of love? Join in on the Winnie's Wish Spread The Love FUNdraiser! Your kitties will get some fun love inspired toys in exchange for a minimum donation of $15 to Winnie's Wish! Nip or vine! For your kitties or your kitties special friend! For Love!
The Winnie's Wish Rescue will love the love you send to them by the donation. And they are looking to help you find your kitty love, your heart kitty! Your friends heart kitty? Adoptions are greatly needed to wonderful good homes! Check out the kitties on the sidebar of Daily Dose and see if your love kitty or kitties are there!