Thursday, August 30, 2018

Thankful Thursday

My mom, Piper's mom, underwent a surgery on her carotid artery yesterday. She did very well and we are very thankful!

 Piper: I don't know what I'd do without her, she knows all the good spots!

Piper's happy and so are we! She gets to come home today, and that makes us doubly happy and doubly thankful!


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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Wordless Wednesday


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Monday, August 27, 2018

Three Way Birthday!! and Comment-A-Thon!

Oh my gosh, my babies are 8 years old today!! No no, they are young, kittens even! They cannot be aging! I absolutely forbid it!

THIS is how I still think of them, without the frightened expressions maybe, and not with Spritz trying to crawl backwards under Leo.. but see, my babies!!! (Glitter in front, Leo on the left, Cashmere on the right and Spritz lower left. Spritz and the other two sisters, Trixie and Mitz were all adopted and living the good life with great families!)

 But this is how they actually are, sigh, grown up adult kitties. But that doesn't mean they aren't still my babies!

Who put that chart here? Ignore this! They are not 48! They are more like 3 year olds! Goofy and wild, and.. ok slightly lazy, but still babies!

Happy 8th Birthday, my loves!

And please, stop getting older now, ok?

On the special occasion of their birthdays, I'd like to remember, and remind, that they were once feral kittens rescued by Chrystal and were Winnie's Wish kitties! We had a garage sale over the weekend (the reason we haven't posted was the sale and getting set up for it) to benefit Winnie's Wish and we raised 134.50!!! Yay!

But the kitties would like to raise a bit more, so we're doing a Comment-A-Thon! We will donated $1.00 a comment up to $100!! And we'll probably send it in the form of litter and food from their Wish List!

If any of you would like to help Winnie's Wish, aside from commenting! You can send a donation or something from their Amazon Wish List! Every bit helps!! There is a donate button on the sidebar of the Daily Dose of Dogs AKA Cats With Your Coffee blog! Thank you!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The Princess and the Pillow

Glitter is a bit of a princess. She looks down from on high (on her cat tree perch) onto the rest of us lower class creatures. At snack time she doesn't pace back and forth meowing for her treat, she sits in her spot and waits for someone to serve her. She takes what she thinks of as the best nap spots as her due and if a better one pops up, she takes that one too.

The self heating nap mat is considered prime real estate whether it's on the chair (at night) or the bed (during the day). During the day it sits next to some pillows. So which is better? Pillows or nap mat? That can change from day to day and depending on the material of the pillow case.

Apparently cotton knit (which I was giving a test and didn't care for) is hot property.

I know I appear to be asleep, but I'm contemplating.

I just know there is something amiss... I mean, I like this pillow, but still...

ah ha! Now I know! There is a wrinkle in the sheet under the pillow. Not as annoying as a pea, but still, it disturbs my naptime. Fix it, servant.

Of course, your highness. Immediately, your highness. Your comfort is everything, your highness!

By the way, please notice her gray lipstick in the last picture. Honest to gosh, it's so cute! And it defines her smile, so sweet. I have pointed out Cashmere's before; hers does not follow her lips but makes a sort of circle in the front and it looks like she's pursing her lips for a kiss. I think both of them are adorable!

I don't remember noticing this on any other tabby cats I've had in the past. Does anyone have a tabby with markings like these?

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Caturday Art

For today's Caturday Art I'm using the picture of Glitter on the Celestial Skyway shelf from earlier this week.
I used both Gimp and Lunapic.

This one is called Beauty


This is edge and invert. I was going for an embossed effect. I think I failed at that but it still came out kinda neat.


This is sketch
And here's the original!

Friday, August 17, 2018

Black Cat Appreciation Day

It's Black Cat Appreciation Day! But I don't have a black cat, you say. Oh don't I? Ok, technically, not really..
but did you know that gray cats are really dilute black cats?? That's right, just like a calico with lighter colors is a dilute calico, a gray cat is really just lighter black. So really, my Leo is a dilute black cat!

Leo: I always knew I was special! About time I get some appreciation around here. (I know my mom gives me slave like devotion and all the love and snugglies I will accept, but you know what I mean..)

Leo: I'm gonna celebrate my appreciation day with a big ol' nap. How about you?
I'm gonna celebrate by giving him even more snugglies and kisses! :D

Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day!

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Throwback Thursday

This post is from way back on August 18 2014. Glitter and Cashmere hadn't been here that long at the time and Star was still with us. It's all about the:

Game of Red Dot
We pulled out the red dot to see if the new kitties would like it. Leo has always refused to so much as look at it and acknowledge it's existence! I wondered if his sisters would feel the same.
Cashmere noticed it right off the bat, but it was hard to get her to do more than follow it around.
What is this? Some flat red bug?

Sure moves around a lot..

Oh, now it's way to high up, couldn't reach it if I wanted to.

She finally reached for it, just this once. The camera focused and flashed on something else, so it was way too dark and this was the best I could do lightening it.
Hey! I put my paw on it, how'd it get on top of my paw??

Yeah.. seriously don't know what to think about this thing. I'm just gonna watch for a while..

Glitter was on the tree, so we swung it over so she could see it. All she did was watch it too.

Hmm, interesting. I guess.

Ok, it moves. Not worth getting out of my comfy spot though.

Star usually LOVES the red dot! She can hear you pick it up from across the room! But after watching the girls interact with it, she was huffy and decided not to play.

You come to me last? Me?! The one who loves you the most! Forget it, red dot, you're on your own today. So there.
Guess we'll have to try it another day..
We have had the red dot out occasionally and Cashmere still likes it, but isn't about tearing after it like Star was, she usually waits for it to come near, then pounces. Glitter will try to give it a pat or two, but also does not chase. Leo, most surprising, actually ran after it a little bit once! Highly unusual since he usually acts like he can't even see it!
We hope you all win at Red Dot someday! Thanks for looking at our Throwback Thursday!!

It's also Thankful Thursday and we're thankful for throwbacks! And red dots! :D


Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Pillow Baby

I can think of few things cuter than a kitty who likes to use a pillow to sleep on! Cashmere adores pillows, actually, so does Glitter.. And Leo is not opposed to them at all.. But today is Cashmere's turn! She's showing off how to use one pillow for her weary little head and another for her paws. I think she's got this whole nap thing down to a science.

Cashmere: zzzzzz admire if you must, but do so quietly pleasezzzzzzzz

Monday, August 13, 2018

Waiting Game

So, I must have dared the universe last Thursday when I said that I would start blogging more regularly starting then.. Because my internet went down right after that! I finally got my laptop fixed and then no internet, yup, sounds about right for me. It's back up now, but I'm not going to make any claims about posting or anything this time! I hope I learned my lesson.

Because everything has been so wonky, I decided to post this wonky picture. I've had it for quite a while but didn't think it was good enough to post. Greg took it on his cell phone. This is what waits for him every time he gets a shower. Glitter leans against the wall opposite the door to the bathroom. Even though the door is open, she waits there.

I assume from her weird twisted pose that she was giving herself a bath while she waited. Gotta love the side eye she's giving him, coy girl!

Glitter: I'm the designated bathroom life guard. I'm here to make sure you're safe. However my job is only to observe and report, don't expect me to try to save your butt should you drown!

Here's hoping I see you all again tomorrow!

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Thankful Thursday!

Oh boy do we have a BIG Thankful today!! It's been SO long since our laptop has been down and I haven't had access to my kitty pictures or the way to download from my camera; it's really been driving me nuts! But finally! FINALLY! it's all fixed and put back together! Yay!!!!

I've missed my kitty stickers too. It's not as much fun looking at a plain black laptop as it is my shiny red one with all the kitty window clings on it! Not to mention all of my programs!

We're getting organized, and will be blogging kitties again, hopefully starting tomorrow! Whew, it's good to be back! We've missed you all!!!!!!

So thankful to be back up and running and that there were no parts left over! :D

Thankful Thursday Blog Hop