Friday, February 27, 2015

Last Day to Bid!!

I'm so sorry I haven't had time to post today! Today of all days!

This is the last day of the auction! If you haven't seen Leo's plea in yesterdays post, please see it now, but remember today is it!!

And be sure to look over at Chrystal's blog, Daily Dose of Dogs (AKA Cats With Your Coffee)!

Lets make sure every item gets a bid and if you want something, don't be afraid to bid again! It's not a bidding war, it's a giving war!

If there is nothing you like in the auction, please see the gofundme and give as generously as you can!

I'm sure Chrystal will talk about it next week, but we need to get more than the $5000 to add the new room, if we can, because the ice and snow did a number on the current cathouse's roof.. Bad stuff happening and it's going to take more green papers to fix that before the new room goes up. So please, please help if you can! Spread the word also!!!

Love you all!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!


Leo: *taptap* Is this thing on? Yes? Ok.
Hear Ye, Hear Ye! I gots somethin' important ta say here!
There is only TWO more days left in the auction for Winnie's Wish!
That means Today and Tomorrow! That's it! Then it's over, done, kaput, Toodle loo cool items I wish I'd bid on, so long opportunity to help, buh bye now, sorry we missed ya! You don't want that to be you, do ya? Didn't think so!
So what are you doing here? Head over there and get your paws, claws, hooves, fins, or whatever ya got, on the stuff you want!
Winnie's Wish needs that new room! Gotta give the timid cats some space to not be intimidated! Gotta have more room for a few more kitties! Gotta help Winnie's Wish be a wonderful waiting station for kitties until they get their forever homes!
That's right, I said it! Waiting station! This ain't supposed to be their perminant home, this is the safe, warm place they get fed and get healthy BEFORE they get adopted! Not instead of. K? Ya understands me right? *taptap* this thing is on right?
Anyways! The auction! Awesome stuff! There's a few things that aint got no bids and all the other stuff ya can outbid! Don't think of it as a bidding war, think of it as a giving war! It's all for a good cause!
Ok, I'll shut my mouth now! But ya hear me right? TWO days! Whoo hoo!!!!
Click the banner to go to the auction!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Missing Picture and Opt to Adopt Blog Hop Sallie

I had a really cute picture of Glitter to share today but I couldn't get it to load... Since it's getting so late in the day, I'm going to give up and try it again tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday.
For now, On to Opt to Adopt Blog Hop!
Dr Seuss day is coming up soon and I have this cute poster I did for sweet Sallie last year.
Sallie has been waiting long enough! Please please share her and help her find her forever family!



Four days left in the auction for the Winnie's Wish new cat room! Please check out the items up for bid! New ones have been added today!!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Video Monday Featuring Leo

It was Da Bird time and Leo jumped into the Leo Lounge instead of challenging his sisters for a turn to play. Since he was so polite, I rewarded him by bringing Da Bird to him!

I highly recommend that you turn down your sound because I forgot to mute the TV, oopsie.
Oh, and the first one is sideways.. Because I didn't realize that I can't turn a video like I can turn a picture.. Maybe I shouldn't share it with so many problems. But it's cute!


The Auction for Winnie's Wish ends on the 27th! But there are new items being added even now! Please check it out and bid bid bid!
The proceeds go to help build the new cat room which is very much needed!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Stacking Kitties

All the kitties love the caves. I think it's because it's cold. But we can't test that theory until summer.

Glitter, of all the kitties, loves the trees the most. She spends a good part of every day in a cat tree. Usually on the top most perch. Leo never uses the top perch, preferring the second highest. Cashmere will take any, she's not fussy.

With the caves, it's first come first served.

Now, I don't know if Glitter was waiting in line, or if she was enjoying the lower sun puddle. But this is a kitty configuration I hadn't seen before.

That's Leo in the cave, you can tell by the extra toes. And Glitter below.

Leo: zzzzzz
Glitter: Zzzzzz

Love how you can see the extras on his back feet, a rarity!

Leo: zzzhmm.. Do you see the ear of slight annoyance? Do I need to make it the ear of great annoyance before you go away?
Glitter: zzzzzz

Glitter has her face smashed into the chair next to the tree. On purpose! Silly girl.

Leo: That's better..zzzzzzzz
Glitter: zzzzzsnortzzzzzz

We hope you have uninterrupted, cozy sleep this weekend!

On the occasions when you are awake, don't forget t check in on the auction! I know there are some new items about to go up!

Thankfully Marg got her power back yesterday! I'm sure once she thaws out and catches up those items will be added.
Please take and post the badge!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Toy Thief

We have long kept stick toys on the back of the couch, leaning against the wall. For years they sat undisturbed by our kitty companions yet they were handy when we wanted to play with them. After Leo arrived, he would sometimes sit on the back of the couch and nibble on the feathers attached to these toys.

Once, he bit through the string on Da Bird and disappeared with the feather end which we recovered from behind the couch. That stick is the one we tied a piece of left over fleece to that Cashmere loves more than any other toy.

So was Leo the thief for breaking and taking half of Da Bird? Maybe.

Cashmere cannot leave the toys on the back of the couch alone. Especially the one with the fleecy end. She drags it down to the couch seat all the time to play with if no one will play with her with it. 

She is the thief! She doesn't just play with those toys where they are, she has to take them where she wants them! Thief! We'll say, then play with her with it since that's what she's after.. So I guess we reward her thievery..

Then this happened:

Cashmere, as usual, had drug down the fleecy toy stick while Glitter watched and occasionally licked a the feathers on another stick toy. Cashy was busy playing with her stolen booty when FLASH! Leo lept onto the scene and tried to run off with the stick!

Caught the 'end' of his attempted get-away!

Cashmere: Hey... no fair! That was mine..
Glitter: Did you see that? Because I saw that. Are you seeing this??
Leo: Bwahaha..oof... um...

Unfortunately for Leo, his route of escape would not allow the long stick to follow him from the angle he was going. It kind of jammed and 'twaaang'ed and stayed where it was while he kept going, through the bench tunnel and up the stairs! Cashmere seemed stunned during the whole incident. Glitter just takes everything in stride, nothing either of her siblings does ever bothers her.

Cashmere: But.. but... MOM!
Glitter: One thief steals from another thief.
Cashmere: But it was mine!
Glitter: Because you stole it. Can a thief complain about someone stealing?
Cashmere: Yes, yes she can!

I wonder if she even noticed that the toy was still next to her or if she was too stunned by the sneak attack to realize it?


Have you seen all the wonderful things in the auction for Winnie's Wish? Oh boy, we're so excited! We're so thankful for everyone who donated and for those who are now bidding!
Click the badge to go to the auction!

There has been a little confusion, so I'm going to try to spell out exactly how to bid.
First off, when you get to the auction site you will see the list of items and current bids. Marg updates this but she has been without power (please pray for her and her furry family!) so it's out of date but that's ok, we can look below also.

Under the summery of items, the actual item listings begin. If you see something you like, click on the title or the comment button and you'll see if there have been any other bids. Then you use a comment to make your own bid.

Remember, your bid will not automatically go up to the summery! That is done by hand later.

When the auction is over, the winning bidders will be contacted and asked to pay, after they pay the item donator will be contacted to send it out. Easy peasy!

Now that you know how it works (for those who hadn't known!) how about heading over and checking things out? And then please take the badge and share it?

Thank you!!!

Edit: Thanks to a comment I realized I forgot to say to be sure to click the older posts button at the bottom to see the rest of the items! There are two pages now, but when more items are added, there may be three pages or more!


This is for the man who runs the cat blogosphere!
Thanks for everything Mo! Happy birthday!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Opt to Adopt Blog Hop and Auction News!

Because the auction for Winnie's Wish launched yesterday I decided that this blog hop I'd post about all of the adoptable kitties of Winnie's Wish! Don't worry, you don't have to read a ton about each one! :)

There is a link to every kitty so if one attracts your attention, you can go to their page on Daily Dose and read more about that one!

There are more cats than these in the Winnie's Wish cat house, but not all of them are ready for a home of their own yet.

Here are the adoptable kitties!

Tibby Bean

Tinkerbell and Peter Pan, bonded pair






Sugar Cookie


Traci Mae

Yardley and Nisha, bonded sisters

Some of these cats need a very patient home, but all of them, like any adopted kitty, will need time to adjust to a new home. But they will be wonderful members of a family and will give furry love!
Please help find these kitties the perfect home for them! Thank you!

Email Chrystal with interest and/or questions about adoptions.

The auction is up and running! Oh boy are there lots of awesome things up for bids! Please check it out!! Still taking donated items also!

Please take the above badge and use it on your blog! Everything you can do to help make the new, very needed, cat room a reality is VERY appreciated! Thank you!!!

Monday, February 16, 2015

It's Finally Here!

This is the day!

The Winnie's Wish Auction is open for business! There are dozens of awesome items up for bidding! And every dollar raised goes toward the new cat room that's so very much needed!

And we all get to be a part of it by bidding and by donating items! I do hope you'll take some time and have a look at all the wonderful things up for auction!

In what can only be called 'wonderful timing' on the very day the Auction for her catroom opens, Chrystal is about to be hit with a major snow storm. Maybe not as bad as on the east coast, but because of where she is, she is likely to lose power, and if not power, then she could still lose her internet connection. Timing!

Speaking of timing..

Ever try to take a picture of your kitty when they are looking perfectly adorable?

Cashmere was looking so cute, and my flash did not go off.. Here is the picture lightened as well as I can and still have it look like her and not a mess..

Can you make out the look on her face, how cute she is? What a wonderful shot that would have been if it had been lit properly!

I quickly took another picture, the flash went off, but this is what I got:

Sigh, can't win some days.

But you might at the auction! (see how I did that there?)

Please take the graphic,. made by Ann of Zoolatry, and post it on your site and on facebook, anywhere you can to share about the auction, please! It looks great on a sidebar! ;)

Thank you!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Waiting is Hard!

Greg send me this picture from his cell phone. It was so dark! I've lightened it as much as I can. But you still get the idea!

Greg wanted to stretch out on the couch so he put the ham-mock on the floor. I guess it's true: If you put it in a new place, they will come!

Glitter: I guess this time you have to wait for your turn!
Cashmere: Yeah, but at least you got to wait on a soft cushy couch.. This floor is hard and cold!
Glitter: No one said you have to sit right there, did they?
Cashmere: I'm in line in case Leo thinks he gets a turn before me!
Glitter: Oh he's probably on a big cushy bed somewhere.
Cashmere: He is, he's on mom!
Glitter and Cashmere: Bwahahahaha!!

Thanks a lot girls...

Speaking it being hard to wait! The Winnie's Wish Building Fund auction starts MONDAY!!! I can't wait!!! I'm so excited!

If you have anything to donate, please email Marg!

And on Monday, check out all the great stuff up for bids!!

The site is up, but the items aren't there yet. Please take the badge above and display it and the link?? Thank you!!

Can't wait!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Is it..

Snack time yet?
Almost, Cashmere, almost.


If you have anything you could donate to the auction please email Marg  at margaretmsan AT gmail DOT com.
Auction starts Monday!! We're so excited!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Gratuitous Tummy Shot and Opt to Adopt Blog Hop Tibby Bean

Cashmere showing the caramel tummy furs!

Only one person gets this much tummy love! My beloved NF! I've got her hoodie as a pillow and her hip as a butt rest, all is good in Cashy's world!


Opt to Adopt!

Today's Winnie's Wisher needs a special home! She is not only one of the shyer kitties who will need patience to adjust, but she's a nibbler, it's how she shows love. She's not biting to hurt, she's just loving with her mouth. Please share her and ask your friends to share, you never know who might have a soft spot for this older, pretty, sweet nibbler!

Learn more about Tibby Bean HERE (note, her sister Circe, also on that page, has been adopted!)


Winnie's Wish needs a new catroom! There is a gofundme page for this endeavor!
And we're having an auction for the building fund starting on the 16th! If you have anything you could donate to the auction please email Marg  at margaretmsan AT gmail DOT com.

Please take and use this graphic on your own blog and/or facebook page! Help us get ready for this wonderful auction!!

Check out these two pages to understand the need for the room: This One and That One

Monday, February 9, 2015

Leo's Response

What do you do if you're a big handsome Mancat and your sisters have taken over your Mancat Cave?

Leo knows!

I guess I'll just pack up my posters and move up to here!
Movin' on up! To the west side (of the room.) Finally got a piece of the nip!

This Leo Lounge is a better fit anyway.. Mostly.

That's the problem with being a giant Mancat, it's hard to get a cave in your size!


The Auction for the Winnie's Wish Building Fund to build a new cat room starts next week! One week from today to be specific! Got anything to donate??

Send it to Marg at margaretmsan AT gmail DOT com   Then when the auction opens, I hope you find something wonderful to bid on!

Please feel free to use the graphic above to advertise the auction on your own page! Thank you!!!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Girl Cave? and Auction News!

First Cashmere invaded Leo's Mancat cave on the short tree. And now look who's in it!

Glitter: Cashy is right. All this needs is a little redecorating and it's perfect! On the walls I'm thinking.. a little Spit shine, some Rumbling, maybe something from a Finny place, a few other furs and it's perfect! hee hee!

Oh dear, I have a feeling Leo better claim his posters before it's too late!

The chair leg is partly covering the opening to the Mancat cave (girlcat cave??) Much further over than when Cashmere was in it. That's because every time someone leaps really hard from the platform on top, they send the thing rocking! The base turns a little each time because of the wild cats we have! Guess it's time to turn it back again so somecat can keep getting in, or reclaim it!


Lookie! New auction graphic courtesy of Ann of Zoolatry! Isn't it gorgeous?! She's sending out an email about the auction today! If you're not on her email list, go to her blog and sign up. She sends out graphics for holidays, special days (like Pirate day) and notices about auctions and Rainbow bridge and purrs needed posters. We find it very helpful and appreciate her doing it so much!

Auction for the new Winnie's Wish room!! Got anything to put in please??

Please, if you have a blog, consider posting about the auction and displaying the above poster graphic! Thank you!

Email Marg your items at margaretmsan AT gmail DOT com.

Thank you!!