Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year

We wish you and yours a wonderful new year with plenty of furry love!

In case you need some new furry love, please remember the kitties of Winnie's Wish are so very in need of homes and families! Spread the word so this new year is a record breaker for adoptions?

Monday, December 30, 2013

Basket Case

Young boy cats seem to have a great imagination, don't they?

Leo the great race car driver rounds the final turn three car lengths ahead of the number two car! He sticks a paw out the window to wave to his adoring fans as he crosses the finish line, breaking all land speed records! The crowd roars and chants his name! Leo! Leo! Leo!
Gorgeous girlcats rush the track, tossing collars at the race car hero! Leo has trouble keeping his eyes on the track as he makes a victory lap as those cute girlcats vie to catch his eye. What's this? A cute tuxie girl blows him a kiss! The hero stops and gives her a nod which sends her into raptures! Oh yeah, he's the mancat!
Oh hey! Uh... me? Nothin'.. just sittin' here in this basket, mindin' my own business... How long you been there with that camera?

Not long at all, Leo. Oh, by the way, your pit crew left, do you want me to change the tires on your basket? hee hee


On a more serious note. Two of Leo's sisters had to be returned to Winnie's Wish because of a change in the families circumstances, along with the two other Winnie's Wishers who'd been adopted by the same family. (One still isn't back yet, but soon!) So if you can, please share about the great need for adoptions (they're way over their limit!). These poor returned kitties could sure use a great home to make up for what they've been through! Please help find homes, spread the word everywhere. Use the posters I put up of them HERE if you want. See all the kitties on the Daily Dose sidebar HERE.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Please, if you haven't yet, or even if you have, read yesterday's post and try to spread the word about the Winnie's Wishers who desperately need homes. They are overfull and need adoptions like now!
Thank you everyone who has shared and will share!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Bookends and Begging

I love it when my kitties call a truce. But even when they don't, I'm still grateful that I have both of them. Leo is my heart cat and I could not resist getting him even though I thought Star may not like the idea of another cat. I was right, but I'm still glad I got him.

Knowing that they don't always get along makes it extra special when things like this happen:

Will they ever curl up together for a nap and make a grey fur snuggle pile? Probably not. No, definitely not! But that doesn't matter because I get to cuddle with each of them individually.

I'm glad for both of my kitties even if they are not glad of having each other. Peaceful coexistence is possible most days and we're content with that.

I'm saying all of this because I want you to consider that even if you already have a kitty or two that it might be possible to add another one into the mix. It might turn out great! It might be peaceful coexistence, but it will mean the world to the kitty you adopt.

I think you all know which kitties in particular I'm talking about you adopting. The Winnie's Wish cathouse is overfull. With three unexpectedly returned kitties and another that's supposed to have been returned with them and will be soon (very soon hopefully) the need for adoptions has become desperate. If you would consider the possibility of taking one or more of these sweethearts into your home it would change their world, and enrich yours.

Even if you cannot take one in, please share and spread the word about them to everyone you know. You never know who will turn out to be the next Winnie's Wish adopter!

I made little posters for each of the adoptable Winnie's Wishers, please feel free to take them, share them, use them on facebook or your blog. For every one of you who shares, many many people will see them. Consider it a seasonal gift to the cat world!




I hate to beg, but as I said, the situation is desperate. Please share!
You can go over to the Daily Dose blog to see more about each kitty. Just click on their picture on the sidebar. Thank you so much for helping find forever homes for these darling kitties!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hello, My Name is Star, And...

Hello, my name is Star and I... I have a hair addiction problem.

There, I said it out loud. I guess that's supposed to help. I'm not sure I quite need a 12 pawstep program, but I realize that my problem has gone to an extreme level now.

It started with some innocent hair sniffing. Just the wet stuff. It's like.. ambrosia! I moved on to claw combing it, then rubbing my head on it, now I have to roll in it and  don't care if my claws puncture tender human skin or not, I HAVE to have it!

Then I moved on to dry hair. Ok, it has to be the right dry hair, but I'm addicted to it. From there I graduated to hair brushes. I rub and roll on them, drooling until they're soaked.. Yes, I know, it's a sickness.

I'm afraid my addition has recently taken an unexpected and serious turn. And I.. I'm not sure I'd be talking about it if I hadn't been caught in the act. sigh. I guess you're wondering how low I've sunk now..

I was caught rubbing all over... the dreaded, hated, awful... hair dryer! Yes! Yes, I know! The thing that makes most cats run for the hills! That awful, LOUD, hot air blowing, menace! And it does still make me run from the room, honest it does!

But then I found it.. unplugged and clearly defenseless, and.. oh, it smelled like hair! I.. I couldn't resist! I hugged it, I rolled around it, I rubbed my face all over it! I would have drooled happily into its mechanisms if I'd not been found out! Drat mommy and her stupid flashy box, she documented my shame!

Pardon my chin, dear formerly hated hot air thing-a-ma-bob..
Oh why do you smell so good, evil beast?
Who cares why, just let me scrape my teeth over your vent screens!
Uh oh... Mom? Um, how long have you been there? I wasn't doing anything, honest!

She didn't believe me.. Untrusting mommy. Sigh, so anyway, that's my story. Am I supposed to be repentant now? ..Not sure I'm there yet!


If you haven't seen over at Daily Dose, three previously adopted Winnie's Wishers had to be returned, and one more from that family needs to stop hiding so she can be returned too. This puts them over their limit of rescue cats. Please help find homes so they don't get into trouble and so there's room to rescue more kitties!

Spread the word, if you facebook, share the link to Daily Dose. If you twitter, tweet the link. If you have friends who like cats, email them and ask them to forward it to their friends! If you blog, please mention them and link to them. If you meet with friends and family, talk about them! Do everything in your power to help these wonderful kitties find homes! If you have room in your heart and home, consider adopting yourself!

I know that Chrystal has had some email issues previously, so if you think you are having trouble contacting her, or if you can't post a comment on her blog (something I haven't been able to do for a while) then please email me at anniclan AT aol DOT com and I will get word to her.
Things are desperate, if there's anything you can do, please consider doing it.

Thank you! I love you all and appreciate you listening to me as I worry about this growing situation!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Trying to Catch Up

I'm behind, I know, in both visiting and posting. Rough week.
I was trying to put up Christmas stuff on my blog but I'm getting errors and issues and the only thing I could change was the header and even then it said THAT was an error and it wouldn't be done.. But I'm seeing my new header by Ann of Zoolarty, are you?

She also made me a card/sidebar graphic for Christmas and I love it too!

If you are someone who collects and displays these cards, please feel free to use ours as we DO wish you all a Merry Christmas!
Here's the sidebar size:

We have received many awards recently and have not done anything about them. I appreciate all of them and I'm sorry I haven't been in a place to celebrate them yet. I know you all understand and we're trying to get some normalcy here, but somedays it's not easy.

Back in October Life With Ragdolls gave us the Sunshine award. Thank you so much!

I am sorry I've misplaced the questions I was supposed to answer, but I will share the 11 facts requested.

1. Star begs for belly rubs.
2. Leo hates belly rubs.
3. Star has the softest fur ever, almost Persian-like with no course and stiff guard hairs.
4. Leo has the longest fur on his tail, it's got to be over five inches, while his body fur is more like two inches.
5. Leo is a birder type kitty and prefers toys that go in the air.
6. Star is a mouser type kitty and prefers toys that move along the floor.
7. Star gets very demanding about being pet, but the minute you start to pet her, she walks away only to come back when you stop reaching.
8. If I don't move my laptop out of the way fast enough when Leo wants a snuggle he will sulk and refuse all attempts at delayed pets.
9. Since my father passed Sir Moose-a-lot has decided that other people besides my dad are good for a cuddle and even laid half on me for a while, something he's never done willingly before. I know he misses my dad, but I'm glad he's getting love and snuggles. He really was a daddy's boy.
10. I read a lot more than I comment because my acute shyness/social anxiety issues keep me from knowing what to say. So please know that even if you don't see me comment, I'm reading your blogs.
11. I love how kindness and caring are a huge part of the blogosphere and that so many of you reach out and support me and each other. This is a seriously loving community and I appreciate every one of you.

It's Noodle! gave us the Versitle Blogger award. Thank you so much!
We have received this award a long time ago, but this is a new graphic so we'll display it too! (once we figure out our blogger display issues..)

I'm supposed to give tell seven things for this one. I'm going to let seven of the ones from above stand in for this.

Leo received the Friends and Followers award from Katie Isabella. Of course this makes him blush because he thinks she's the bees knees! Thank you Katie!

There is one more graphic I want to share because I do very much support our troops:

I think I'm all caught up now... I hope you all forgive how long it's taken us!

As always, please please head over to Daily Dose and see what you can do to help the Winnie's Wishers find homes! They are so full over there, we really need a Christmas/Chanukah/New Year/Holiday miracle!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Snuggy Weather

We got some yucky cold weather this weekend. Nothing like some of you got, but it was cold. Kitties, being solar powered, heat seeking beings, do not like being chilly. Neither do I.
I know snuggies get picked on a lot, but I like mine. So do the kitties.
I left my snuggy in a pile on top of a stack of magazines and someone decided it was too good an opportunity to pass up. Leo burrowed his way under/into it, then wormed his head out. He stayed snuggled in there for quite a while, even putting out a leg for balance when I assume he discovered the magazine stack was too small a bed for such a large boy.
Hello beautiful ladycats, I am the Sheik of the Green Snuggy!

Oh, hi... I was just.. nevermind..

There's something wrong with the foundation of my bed here.. it's slippery.

Ok, I think I'm all stable now.

Star? Did you hear someone snickering?

I wonder how long she was hiding at that end of the couch..

Where was I... Oh yeah.   Hi there Ladycat *purrrr*

That's my goofy boy, everything turns into a game.

Please remember Winnie's Wish at this time, not only are donations always needed, but adoptions have been seriously lacking and they are full up. More kitties cannot be helped if the current kitties do not get the forever homes they so richly deserve. Please, share and spread the word everywhere about them. You never know who else might pass it on or be the family the kitties are waiting for.
FUNdraisers on my sidebar are all up and running if you are looking for gifts for your kitties, and they benefit Winnie's Wish.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Hairy Obsession

I got a kick out of the comments from yesterday's video of Star and the hairbrush. Star is not a fan of being brushed. And that's not a kitty brush anyway. That's my brush! And I'd just used it on wet hair. Star's not so secret obsession is wet hair.

When she's done trying to climb my back to get at my wet hair, or after I've dried it, she goes nuts for the brush if I leave it where she can get at it. She rubs her face all over it, chews the bristles a little, and purrs up a storm while doing it. She'll fall asleep on it if given half a chance!

I know I've talked before about this obsession of Star's. And how though she likes anyone's hair when it's wet, she adores Twin 1's hair no matter what. Wet or dry makes no difference to her.

Star has never had much to do with Twin 2, mostly because Twin 2 is afraid of her a little. They've made peace in the last year so it shouldn't have shocked me to see what I recorded in today's pictures. I took these a while back and just haven't posted them yet.

Twin 2 was over and saw Star laying on the couch. She sat near-ish to her and leaned over to see if she'd do anything if it was her hair, not Twin 1's. I think the pictures speak for themselves..

Oh boy, hair! This seems so familiar!

Are you sure this is TSO? (The Scared One) and not TLO? (The Loud One)

Yes, Star, I'm sure. It's just now that The Scared One (what Star calls Twin 2) isn't so scared of you any more! Stands to reason you'd like her hair since she's The Loud One's uh, TWIN! hee hee


My dear friends, please keep up with, and spread the word about, Daily Dose/Winnie's Wish. There is a very desperate need for adoptions right now! And these great kitties deserve homes of their own, hopefully before Christmas. 
Donations are always appreciated to them, check out their Christmas Wish List link banner on the top right of their page.

If you need a gift for your kitties this Christmas, all of our FUNdraisers are still open and available! They support Winnie's Wish so check them out if you want.

If you do donate and want a FUNdraiser set, you MUST email me please, so I know which set and what configuration you want it in. I will update them all soon, but each are available with nip, or silvervine, or with nothing. Thank you!!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Tingling Surprise

As I write this post, my feet are nearly numb, they are full of pins and needles but I will not move them. If my legs should fall off, I will not move my feet. Can you guess why?
If you're a cat lover, you've guessed that there is a kitty on my feet. You'd be half right.
My feet were cold so I tucked a quilt around them. It took him a while to make up his mind, but Leo has accepted this new kind of blanket in his favorite sleeping spot. He curled up next to my foot as usual, then rolled over and is laying on it so hard I think he's crushing my ankle bone. He doesn't seem to mind in the least..
Star had been running around back and forth between Greg and me all evening. It was clear that she wanted attention and we were giving it to her. There are many things that Star considers hers that she likes to sleep on. Most of them are in the wash. She does like this quilt, but Leo's already on it.
Then the miracle happened. She laid down on my other foot. Granted, she's a much lighter load, but she's also ON the foot, forcing it to bend slightly in an unnatural direction.
When she decided to lay next to my foot, I was worried that she was after Leo, but we kept an eye on her and she was more interested in her bath than the boy. For his part, Leo slept blissfully on, purring a big vibration on my numbing other foot.
After her bath, Star curled up and crushed my foot into the shape she so desired. Much to our shock, she proceeded to sleep. THAT close to the barbarian! Then that foot started to vibrate with her soft little purrs!
Leo rolled over, further crushing my foot and I think he noticed his bedfellow for the purring on that foot stopped. Either that or I lost all feeling. I was sure something would go wrong. He has been known to poke her in the butt after all. But no, he seemed to sigh and go back to sleep and before long the purring returned.
Can you guess that I'm in heaven?? Even with numb, crushed, and tingling feet!
I have had them both sleep on me before, one on my chest the other on my feet, but never, ever, this close together! It's making my heart sing!
I was going to share just this video today, until the above happened. But as there are no pictures of that momentous event because I didn't want to do anything to disturb them, here's the video.
Leo on his tree being a big goofball. He was being even sillier before I got the phone camera going, but of course the kitty rule is to never ever be your most adorable when the camera is in view.

I know I've said it before, but the situation is becoming quite desperate at Winnie's Wish. I'm sure Chrystal will share what's going on when she posts this morning (not everyone is as crazy as I am posting in the middle of the night..), or someday soon, so I encourage you to please please read her posts. And please please please! Help find homes for the Winnie's Wish kitties!

Whatever social media you use, please pass the word. Whatever friends and family and coworkers you have, please tell them about these kitties. You never know who will be moved to give a special kitty a forever home. And please, whatever you do, check out the kitties on the sidebar and see if your heart kitty, your new best friend, is waiting just for you!

Please help in whatever way you can, as I said, it's getting desperate.