Friday, May 31, 2013

Vacation Happenings

We were on vacation last week and you'd think I'd have taken more pictures of the kitties than usual. Actually, the opposite happened. They were being adorable as usual, but we would watch them and laugh and then think, rats I should have take a picture of that!

So I thought I'd tell you about a few of the things that happened since I was slow on the camera.

The first one was after we picked up a little and put most of the cat toys in one pile. All the sudden out of no where, Leo dived into the middle of the toys, spreading his body out on top of as many as he could! He wrapped his arms around several of them and bit one after another as if he didn't know which one to play with first! Then he stopped, probably because we were laughing, and he looked up at me, eyes wide and bright and I swear, you could almost see him grinning! What a big goof ball!

Star has her seasonal allergies going and we've been slack on her coconut oil. So one day I grabbed it up and spun the lid off... and it had been so hot that it was completely melted! I knew it had a low melting point, but I didn't think it was that hot that day! I must have poured half a cup down my front.. And Star wouldn't have anything to do with it in liquid form! I thought I was being smart that night and put a half teaspoon in her evening treat. She didn't notice, or didn't care, I don't know which, but she ate it.

I had the big idea to give a bit to Leo the same way. Cant hurt him right? And I figured he wouldn't notice it in his snack. Well Leo HATES human food in every form. (even bacon! gasp!) And he noticed! He sniffed his snack, drew back as if I'd given him cream of skunk and then he ran off! Later he went and sniffed Star's bowl, thinking probably to finish her snack. But he smelled that coconut oil and took off again! So much for the jar's claim that it was taste and scent free!



We trimmed claws during vacation, all four feet on both cats. Star struggles and acts like she's being soooo put upon and sooo harassed.. but she takes it for the most part. She does tug her feet away from me as many times as she can, but I get them again.

Leo gets all wide eyed and tries to get away and it's a struggle to keep hold of his big ol' paws. But he needs it more than Star does. Polydactyl kitties claws grow faster! And of course, there's more of them! And let's not forget his wonky claw which is flat and wide and shaped like a lobster claw when it gets too long. Boy is it hard to cut! Luckily it has very little quick and I can cut it into a little square so short that it takes a while to grow back to a clip-able length.

I hadn't done Leo's back feet last time because he's so hard to handle, so I knew they needed it. Leo does NOT like having his back feet touched when he's laying around, no matter how cuddly he might be at the moment. But this was the first time he grumbled at me when I started trimming those back feet! It was the little whiney grumble he uses to tell me when Star is stalking/staring at him! Does claw clipping fall in to the stalking category now??

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Two Kitties, One Kicky

I'm not sure they intended to take turns, but Star and Leo both played with the kicky, one after the other. Leo threw himself into it first and made himself into a giant goof! Then Star decided that he'd had enough fun and played with it herself for a while, calmly for once.

No sign of Princess Hissyface? Time to play!

No getting away from me, kicky!

*kickity kick kick kick!*

Ha! Take a karate chop to the middle!

I bite what's left of your tail! *chomp!*

I stealed each and every one of your fevvers myself! Princess Hissyface is not a rough tumble boy like me! She keeps her toys all neat for years, the sissy girl.

Oh no, kicky is trying to get the upper hand! ARGH!

uh... Hi.. didn't know anyone was watchin'...
Hey! No getting away! Time to attack!
Star was kind of watching this display. All she had to do was jump down and Leo left the field!
That kicky looks like fun, think I'll take it.

*grab, strangle, lick, squeeze*

I don't always play with kickies, but when I do, I rub my ears.

I like kickies, and I like them best when I steal them from the barbarian. heh heh heh

Honestly, the best part is making him watch me play after I do the stealing!

I hope your kitties share better than these two!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Still Nappin'

We're still around! We're still on vacation! And we're still nappin'! Not getting a lot done, but we'll be well rested hopefully.

Here's more sleeping kitties!

Star, still enjoying the stacked pillows:
I'm saving a spot for Spitty. We'll be wanting privacy please.

As a princess, I deserve an extra soft beddy.

Leo enjoys rolling around on the Royal Footstool.
I can make an almost complete circle!

But I like the belly up best!
Hope you are enjoying your favorite nap spots and positions!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Vacation Snoozing

Star takes full advantage of the fact that there's still a bed downstairs and is taking a lot of vacation snoozes on it.

First she snugged in among multiple pillows.
Nap time is not camera time, lady..

Take a closer look at my face, do I seem amused? Didn't think so. No more flash!

Later she decided that on top of the blankets was the place to be.
I really should have a pile of pillows you know. But this is a start.

Hope you all find great nappy spots this week!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Whoo hoo!

Well, it snuck up on us. In fact, we totally forgot about it until Greg's boss had him sign the paperwork.
We're on vacation this week! Whoo hoo!
So that means our posts might not be as regular as usual. I'm sure the kitties will get after me if I miss too many.. But I have plans for them this week anyway. Claw clipping! They're gonna be thrilled! hee hee!
One thing I know we're going to do a lot of... This stuff:
Star: zzzzzzzzzzzz
Leo: zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Snoozing! Have a good week everyone!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Cardinal Rules

With the warmer weather the door and windows have been open a lot. And of course there have been visitors. Leo loves visitors.

This red guy for one.

Oh hello Mr. Red. Why don't you come closer?

Hey, I said closer, where are you going?

I can follow you, you know, Mr. Red..

I can still see you! Oh, uh, don't mind the drool, it just means that I like you. Now hop up here and join me for dinner...

We hope you only have wonderful visits this weekend!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Star Toy Wars

When Star plays, she goes wild. She loves chasing after this toy, and forgets everything just to pounce it!
You might notice the place on her back where she had previously licked off all her fur and the coconut oil healed it. The fur is almost completely back in now, but it's a brighter gray. I'm sure that after she bakes it in the sun for a while it will match the rest.

Ha! Gotcha! Nothing escapes my paws of doom!

Now to put the bitey on you!
I've got you in my claws now, tug all you want, you're mine!

Star is so intent on play that she does not notice who's above her.. He wants to play with her so badly! But all he does is occasionally poke her in the butt when she passes.
Oh, you think you're getting away! But I'm gonna pounce you again!

Wait.. I sense a disturbance in the force...

Oh great, it's a hovering barbarian.. Isn't there a spray for those yet?
Yeah, I think I'm done playing now. I don't like to be observed. Don't want him learning my moves.

Don't worry, she'll play again. Once Leo goes off to nap.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Advanced Sleeping Positions

Leo has a few advanced sleeping positions he'd like to share. We do apologize for the quality of the photos. Greg took them on his cell phone which does not have a flash and we didn't want to turn on too many lights and thus disrupt the special sleeper.

The Tail Hug
Note the tail held firmly in both front paws, the nose tucked carefully under the arm, the curled position, and yes, even the almost inside out ear. This could indicate a slight chill or perhaps trying to tightly contain a good dream.

The Tail Hug 2
Note the subtle changes from The Tail Hug 1. The nose is no longer buried, the ear is inside right, the hug not as tight. This indicates warming up and relaxing into a deeper sleep.

The Reach Out
This can be done with the body in nearly any position, the important part is the long reach of at least one arm/paw. It doesn't matter if there is anything to reach for, it's the stretch that's the thing.

The Rumpled Belly Up 
Any kind of twist in the body only enhances this move. The rumpled tummy furs add a big cute factor. If the picture was not cut off, you would note the addition of The Reach Out to this pose. Curly toes are almost a must, of course they do tend to relax as sleep deepens.

The Chin Over 
Yes, he's awake here for the moment, don't worry, it won't last. The idea in this pose is to hang the chin over the edge, the rest of the body is flat out above. It gives the illusion of looking down on everything and keeping an eye on everything, but in drifting off to sleep, it allows for some really nice snoring if the neck gets too heavy on the edge.
This is not a pose Leo uses much as he prefers to be upside down for the most part, but it's still cute.
Leo would thank you for joining him for this training session, but he's sleeping to soundly at the moment, so I will extend his thanks for him. Nap well everyone! And do it with style whenever possible!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Star Lays Out Some Wisdom

Apparently Star has something to say today. Only for kitties so us humans are not allowed to read it ourselves..

Go ahead Star.

Pull up a cushion, kitties, I have some wisdom to impart to you all.

See my butterfly blanket? Well, my parents were going to put it away since I hardly use it any more. And they claim that warm weather means we don't need blankets. Well, you know what our job, as kitties, is in such circumstances, right? That's it. Start treating the blanket as if it's your best pal in the world and no where else will do for a nap!

And that's how I'm keeping my butterfly blanket, spring or no spring!

Now pardon me while I catch a fast 9 hour nap here. Zzzzzz