Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Leo's 7th Gotcha Day!

This is the face I fell in love with on Chrystal's Blog, Daily Dose, even before it was known as Winnie's Wish, seven years ago.

Baby Leo: Um.. Halp, I dun like no peoples.. I's just a wee baby kitten, why you touchin' me? Halp pwease, someone...

Such a scaredy-cat! Such a feral little thing! And please, scroll back up and look at them feet!! Fronts and backs! Oh my gosh, who wouldn't want that little fuzzball with all them toes and that sweet face?!

And then these:
Baby Leo: Um, hey, I think I already gave you my opinion on peoples and the touchin' thing.. no like!

Baby Leo: Ok, now this distance, I can deal with. You stay over there, I'll stay over here. All good?

Baby Leo: Hey, human lady, I'm ready to play now. Where's muh toys? Ok, no touchie, but you can play with me now.

Of course he got over his fear of people, well of Chrystal, and tamed nicely. I contacted Chrystal and after several email mishaps where we couldn't get mail from each other, we eventually started working on finding some way for me to get this little darling.

Teen-age Leo: So, 'kay, the lady here is ok. I kinda like her, she can pet me and give me snacks and I'm happy that I'm not outside in the cold now.

He was nine months old when I got him and I expected a lanky half grown kitten. I got a lanky adult size kitty! But we connected immediately! He rode home half the time on my shoulder, half the time in a kennel. He was not happy in the kennel as you can see.

Teen-age Leo: Um, halp? Not so sure about humans again.. Well, really just not sure about this cage thing, or the man person, but the lady person has a nice shoulder. Can I go back there?

Sure you can!

Teenage Leo: Ok, this is better. I might even purr.. (he did, but only for a little bit)

It was an eight hour drive back home with him, he was on my shoulder about half of that time. Talk about a stiff neck! But it was more than worth it!

Leo and I bonded on that trip home and in the days to come as he adjusted to our house and Star, the cranky senior kitty we had then, he attached to me even more. When he came out of his safe room/homebase/whatever you call it, he would follow me around. When he'd explore on his own, if he couldn't find me again, he'd meow and call for me and I'd go get him. He'd come running up as if to say, "You wont believe where I've been! Let me tell you all about it!" Eventually when he'd get 'lost' and would meow, all I had to do is call his name and he'd figure out how to get back to me. Such a smart boy! It didn't take him long at all!

Once he got over his fear of the stairs, he started sleeping with me all night and has never stopped. That's my boy, my baby, my little (BIG) sweetheart! He's my heart kitty and I love him so much!

I am so grateful to Chrystal for trusting me with him! And then a few years later, for giving him two of his sisters too! I love them all! But Leo is, and always will be, my heart kitty, my special boy.


There are several kitties in Winnie's Wish right now who want a person of their own. Someone they can maybe be their heart kitty? Someone out there is the absolute right wonderful person for each of these kitties! Are you one of them? How about a friend or family member of yours? Perhaps your friend knows the wonderful forever home for one or more of these kitties. We wont know unless we share! So please, Look over at the Daily Dose blog, pick a kitty from the sidebar and share it on whatever social media you use!
Just below my posts is a link to their petfinder, share that if nothing else!

Thank you!! I couldn't think of anything better than to have Leo's Gotcha day post to be the catalyst for another Wisher getting a home!

Here are the two most wanting of a home and person of their own of the wishers!

Sunspot! Doesn't like other kitties, but LOVES attention from people

Theo! He's a lover boy! He may take a while to adjust, but it will be worth it!
Thank you for sharing!! Thank you for caring! And thank you for being our friends for so many years of blogging!

Those of you who know me on facebook will have noted that it was actually Yesterday that was Leo's gotcha day.. I kept thinking the date was Wednesday... oops, bad mommy! Don't worry, he got lots of love and a special snack to make it up to him!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Thankful Thursday Piper's Progress

Do you remember last June when I went to see Jeanne of Random Felines to adopt a kitty for my mom from her rescue? I told that story in two parts HERE and HERE.

Piper fell in love with my mom right away and accepted my sister, on her own terms. She did not like anyone else though, and still wont come out to see me. My sister's husband was on the 'do not like' list too, even though he's up there a lot with my sister. But things have changed! Piper comes out quickly for my sister though she still runs when anyone comes to the door. And she has come out when my brother in law in there and has even, I believe, let him pet her! My niece, Twin 1, was over the other day and I think Piper mistook her for my sister and came out, got startled by,  "Hey, you're not who I thought you were!" Then went "Meh, I don't feel like hiding any more. So Hi, want to pet me?" I really hope next time I get up there that she will come out for me too!

I got my mom to take some new pictures to share Piper's progress from shy kitty to outgoing playful girl.

This is Piper's sunny spot! The back of the couch by the bay window. I think you can see how much she likes it, snoozing in the sun, glowing like a little angel!
Piper: zzzzzzIhearCameraClicksButDontCarezzzzzzzzz

Piper: Oh, hello. Do you like by soft cushy sunny spot? I loves it! See that empty spot on the bay window? That's my bird watching spot. My mom knows not to put anything there or I will rearrange it. And by rearrange, I mean toss to the floor behind the couch. We have an understanding now.

Piper: Do you see all these yarns? These are the most fun to play with! My mommy does something with 'plastic canvas' whatever that is, and I get to play with the strings while she does it!
(Before anyone worries that she'll swallow the yarn, don't worry! We know the horror stories of how yarn/string can kill a kitty and it's only out when my mom is working on her crafts and Piper is always supervised with it.)

Piper: I try to get it away from my mom! But she's a wily one... I can only tug the ends. But it's still fun!!

Piper: See the wonderful colors in my yarn waterfall? I can lay here and bat at them all I want! But I'm done already, so I'll just lay here and look at the pretty colors!

Piper! Where are you now? Where's the kitty? Hello??
Piper: Hee hee, keep looking!

Ah, the sun came out! There you are!
Piper: Shh, bird watching... Ooo! there's a little yellow one! And a red one! Bet they're crunchy..

The window behind the bed is Piper's new spot. She just figured it out and loves to see the birds on this side of the house, which faces a small bit of woods. She probably has a view of lots of squirrels, chipmunks, possums, raccoons, and who knows what else!

We are so thankful that Piper has decided that other people are ok now and has found so many wonderful places to enjoy her new home that we're putting this on the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!


Saturday, March 17, 2018

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Leo: Grab a mug and raise a toast, it's time for the wearin' o' the green, it's St. Paddy's Day! Have a good, and safe, fun day!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Caturday Art

I decided to use the Long Tail picture of Leo for the Caturday Art. I love that tail!

This one is Beauty, I don't care if it is pink and he's a boy, I think it's so pretty!

Cartoonify, one of my favorite filters

This is Erode, I applied it twice. He looks goth, doesn't he? like he's got on guy-liner!

Escher, whatever that means..



And the original! Love my long tail boy!



Sunday, March 4, 2018

Leo's Sunday Selfie

My new phone does selfies! Ok, my old one was supposed to, but I couldn't figure it out and it took crappy pictures anyway. So this is kinda new and interesting for me!
Of course, when you have a cat sitting on your chest, this is the kind of selfie you wind up with. And frankly, I like it better anyway!
Leo: I hope you don't expect me to look right at that thing 'cause it ain't happenin' lady.

Happy Sunday everyone!


(I could be wrong, but I think this might be our first Sunday Selfie!)

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Thankful Thursday, Grass Edition

This Thankful Thursday the girls are thankful for grass! Cat grass, sheesh, what were you thinking? Leo can take it or leave it, and mostly leaves it, but to the girls, seeing a new pot of cat grass is time to celebrate! And by celebrate, I mean eat.

Love this first picture because it shows off Cashmere's floofy pantaloons! (that's just a part in her fur, she's too fluffy for you to see what you think you're seeing!)
Cashmere: A new pot? Ooo fresh! *munch*

Um, girls, I can't see your pretty faces. Turn around?
Glitter: Oh my cod, it IS fresh! *chomp*
Cashmere: I was here first..

There's Cashmere's face! ..with her tongue out.. Glitter, aren't you going to show your face?
Glitter: You lick that half, I get this half.
Cashmere: Half? We'll see..

Hello? Girls? Are you hearing me? Show me your face Glitter!
Glitter: Do you hear something?
Cashmere: Can't hear, eating.

There's your face, Glitter! Hmm, that's some look..
Glitter: This is so good I think I'm going into a grass-trance..
Cashmere: Trance your behind somewhere else then, please. Your big head is hiding too much of my grass.
Glitter: I got my side, you got yours, stop complaining.
Cashmere: My "side"? All sides are my side of the grass!*

Stop fighting over the grass, girls, you're going to...
Glitter: Daddy! Cashmere knocked over the grass again! Come stand it up again!
Cashmere: I can still eat it on it's side.. Almost easier, like when humans eat that yellow stuff on a cob.

Cashmere got a little grass-drunk and took a break. Glitter has no 'full' meter when there's fresh grass. Right Glitter? Glitter? Hello? Still can't hear me with your face in the grass, huh?
Glitter: Doggone daddy.. wont stand it up again. Not my fault he got one that wasn't weighted. Hmm, it is easy to eat like this. Cashmere has the right idea sometimes!

Glitter actually stood it back up all by herself at one point, but I had already put the camera away.. She knocked it back over again.


Sweet Sunspot here would be very thankful if you could help her find a forever home! She's a very cuddly, affectionate girl who loves pets and attention and wants nothing more than a forever family all her own.

More information about Sunspot HERE. Please share that page or a video from it on your social media. You could be the one who knows the person who's going to adopt her! And helping a cat get in a  home is the most wonderful feeling!

Thank you!


Thankful Thursday Blog Hop