Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Looking Up

If you sit in a recliner at my house, and you lean back, and just happen to look up. Chances are good that you'll see something like this:

Glitter: Oh, hello. Don't worry, you don't have dandruff. I checked for you. You're welcome.

Glitter: See that step perch over your head. The minute you forget I'm here and look away, I'm going to jump down onto it just as loudly as I can. I want to see you jump. And then after that, I'm landing right on that chair. So.. I'd watch my face if I were you. hee hee
Bet you think that if you see it coming, that it won't startle you. You'd be wrong. Trust me..
I sure hope you saw the announcement for the big Holiday Package Party to help out Winnie's Wish! If you didn't, click the picture!
And please, share if you can!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Thankful Thursday, Nip Edition

Leo is ALWAYS thankful for catnip! He's our resident nip-head! I know this video is dark, I did try to lighten it, but it still shows my silly boy on the nip, so it's adorable!

I always try to put it on newspaper or ad pages in an attempt to keep it off the floor.. I think you can guess how well that goes!

Glitter usually gets some, but then wanders off. So Leo was left here with two papers full. Cashmere can take it or leave it, so this day she didn't come for any.


Read about the newest, wonderful, drive to help Winnie's Wish, the Holiday Package Party! I hope you'll join in!



Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Wordless Wednesday With Cashmere

(Is it still wordless if I ask that you notice her little back footsies pointed up in the air?)


If you missed it, please have a quick read about giving a good holiday season to the Winnie's Wish Cat Rescue and Sanctuary!





Monday, November 6, 2017

Big Holiday Idea!

You  all know Chrystal and Winnie's Wish, chronicled on the Daily Dose blog. It's the wonderful rescue that I got my Leo and his sisters Glitter and Cashmere from. It's also the rescue that I am always fundraising for; I am honored that Chrystal calls me her Official Fundraiser! I'm also a frequent donor, just to let you know I don't ask for more than I'm willing to do myself. Onto the Big Holiday Idea!

I have this idea, a little project I'd like to get rolling. I know it's early for Christmas, but it's not that early for Christmas shopping! Thanksgiving is coming, Black Friday is coming, Cyber Monday is coming, Giving Tuesday is coming, Chanukah is coming, Christmas is Coming Boxing Day is coming, New Year's Day is coming! So I would like to ask you to start thinking about Winnie's Wish.

As you know, she's had some recent unfortunate returns of some very sweet kitties who did not deserve to lose their homes. She has had to give up three of her dog runs (from her kennel business which she uses to help fund Winnie's Wish) to cats who cannot, will not live with other cats.

Donations are down, costs are up. More kitties means more money. If you read her blog, Daily Dose of dogs, AKA Cats with Your Coffee, then you also know that Tibby Bean, a senior Wisher who was never chosen was recently diagnosed with acute kidney failure. The prognosis is not good, but if you know Chrystal, as long as the kitty seems happy, she will try everything in her power to give them a good long life. This means vet bills on top of normal, everyday, vet bills.

The biggest budget buster though, is always food and litter. Winnie's Wish has a wish list on Amazon. If we could all pick out something, food, litter, another item, and send it, we could give her a HUGE WONDERFUL HOLIDAY! Imagine it with me; boxes and packages arriving every day through New Years! I'm not asking everyone to send a ton of stuff, just what you can.

If we start now, and keep it going, we can supply the kitties all through the holidays, and maybe, fingers crossed, beyond!

Are ya with me??!! Can we do this??!!

Thanks for listening! And thank you for considering joining in on the Winnie's Wish Holiday Package Party!!
Here's the link to the Amazon Wish List:
Please feel free to email me with any questions or suggestions! anniclan AT aol DOT com
PS. Paypal donations would be just as awesome! There is a button on her blog that goes directly to her, or use the one on my blog and I can convert it into litter and food and send it in your name!
PPS. You don't have to use Amazon, I've sent packages to her from Chewy! You just need the address which you can email me for or get from the amazon wish list.
PPPS. feel free to share the large Holiday Package Party banner, or this sidebar sized one and link to this post! Thank you!!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Tocktober and Halloween!

Wow, I'm getting in just under the gun! I almost missed Tocktober and it's late in the day for a Halloween post! But hey, it still counts!

First, Tocktober!

Leo shows off his fluffy tocks!

Leo: And my long fluffy tail!
And then the girls! Cashmere on the left, Glitter on the right.
Cashmere: I know it looks like I have floofy leg warmers on, but that's just how my furs grow!
Glitter: Well, my floof is everywhere! Except the bottom of my footsies..

Love fluffy butts, don't you?

On to Happy Halloween!
Now, I don't dress up my kitties, but they do test out items I make for fundraisers. So let me present..

Pimpin' Leo!

Little Cashmere on the prairie!
Princess Glitter!

Happy Halloween and Happy End of Tocktober! (pun intended! hee hee)

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Trying To Be Thankful Thursday

Leo Here, Last time we posted, we were Thankful that mommy was home from the hospital and yeah, daddy came home with her. We had our laps back, our lounging spots, our on time snacks! Everything was lovely and wonderful... for about a day!

That very Thursday mommy had to make appointment all the way back at the surgeons office, three hours away (that's six human hours of driving, hour or so for appointment, and about 2 kablillion kitty hours!) She got something called an Infection, though we didn't see anything new around here. Does it have feathers? Fur? Is it covered in catnip? Then what good is it? I guess mommy thought the same thing because she was not happy with it and got some pills to get rid of it.

Pardon this aside, kitties, but do you know that she took those pills without making a fuss, no scratching, no yowling, no spitting it back out and having to try again with a soggy pill! What kind of way is that to get pilled?? Humans is weird..

Anyway, back to the almost happy part. All the sudden, mommy started scratching her ankles off. She was flipping out like she had fleas! She assured us that she didn't, but said she needed a potato peeler to take care of the problem but daddy wouldn't bring her one. That next Tuesday she had what she called a post surgery appointment back at that surgeons again.. another 2 kabillion hours! But get this! She doesn't come back even after 3 kabillion hours! Not even after four!

And then.... the brother guy came over and gave us our snackies like he did when mommy was in the hospital.. this did not bode well kitties! Not well at all!

Apparently mommy's infection had a reaction to the medication and it wasn't good, so they put her in the hospital again! Without warning! Not nice! Bad surgeon, bad! Five days! 5! Can you believe it! They held her hostage for another 5 days! She said she was pin cushioned again, but not as badly as the first time.

Her infection has caused an infraction in my affection and attention collection! It's just not right to deprive a kitty of his rightful snuggles! Someone needs to pay for my troubles! And the rocks I throw at them will not be pebbles! Now give me my cuddles!

I guess we're thankful that she's home again, and daddy too! And that's a good thing. We are doing our darndest to keep her weighed down to the bed or chair or wherever she lands because we don't want her going out the door ever again!

She brought more pills home with her, and again.. not taking them right at all! I haven't seen her hold even one in her cheek and spit it out later.. At least she's not causing a disruption with any more scratching so I'm declaring her invisible flea free!

So it looks like all is well in our world! We are thankful and happy again!

Although.. I don't like the sounds of the words 'follow up appointment' and 'out of town wedding' that I've been hearing. But I'ma ignore that and maybe it'll go away, right? Right!

Pardon me, Kitties and friends, I gotta get me some more scritches under my chin so I'm gonna end this here! Get your cuddles kitties! You deserve them!!


Thursday, September 28, 2017

Thankful Thursday ~ Mommy's Home!

Leo Here: Mommy's home! And boy are we thankful! She was gone for elebenty hundred days! But she's home now!

Cashmere: So's daddy!

Leo: Yeah well, it's the mommy I'm more worried about. She's my best pillow!

Cashmere: Daddy's MY best pillow!

Leo: Well, you keep him held down and I'll keep Mommy held down. Glitter can float between both (but really, not to my mommy, not when I'm sitting on her.. no one takes my mommy time!) and we'll keep them from ever trying to go away again!

Glitter: We all need to work together to take care of them!

Leo: Holding her down IS taking care of her! If I can just shut up the shouts of 'my drains! my stitches! my bruises!' I mean, sheesh, she keeps disturbing me with that caterwauling! If she didn't want me to lay on her stupid ol' drains she shouldn't be covering them up with the big soft pink blankey! Am I right? You know I am.

Cashmere: Daddy doesn't have any of those problems. So I got the better one to take care of!

Glitter: That's because he's not the one who had surgery, silly, mommy is. Daddy just had to do the waiting thing. Sounds boring..

Leo: hey, I'm not done talking here! Now where was I... Oh yeah, the mommy whining. It's a good thing they sent her back to us with them bottles of pills that make her sleep a lot, she's quiet then!

Glitter: Pain pills you mean, they don't make her sleep, she just sleeps when the pain goes down.

Leo: *mutters* know it all sisters.. Anyway! I like the makes her sleep pills, and she's not nearly so hard to medicate as a certain sister who shall remain nameless (but I'd be even worse if it were me) coughCashmerecough! And I try my hardest to distract the daddy man from doing anything that makes her whine by walking back and forth over her, keeping him from touching her. It's not easy being so cute they can't yell at you! And if somesister would do her job of keeping daddy pinned down better..

Cashmere: Hey!

Leo: Then I wouldn't have to work so hard at my job! Maybe you both need to work on daddy and I'll take care of mommy all by myself.. yeah, that sounds about right! Ok, it's settled! I think we have this covered now!  And thank you, friends, for all your comments and purrs and prayers! I know mommy appreciates them all! Time for naps now, we'll try to let mommy comment and visit when she's feeling better, ok?

Glitter and Cashmere: Bro, we need to talk.. with our paws..

Leo: Sorry, already called nap time! ZZZZZZzzzZZZZ