Thursday, August 27, 2020

Happy Birthday Ten Year Old Celestial Kitties!

 Ten years old!

Oh good heavens I can't believe it! My babies are ten today! Where did the time go?? They're still my baby kittens, they cannot be ten! 



I'm going to take one small moment to thank everyone for your comments in the past about my health. I appreciate all the love you have sent me! I'm getting better but now I'm having a hard time getting back into the blogging swing of things. I want to blog! it's now a case of the spirit is willing but the flesh is tired, lol. 

Anyway, back to the kitties! 

 I decided that for their tenth birthday I'd share a little bit about each of my sweet babies. Some you may know, some maybe not.


Leo, my heart kitty, my snuggler, my hot water bottle and my best nurse is currently curled up under my arm making it difficult to type. I'm being careful not to disturb him though, because you know it's against the rules to ever disturb a sleeping kitty! 

Leo's full name is Leo the Chinese Lion and he's the one who caught my eye on the Daily Dose/Winnie's Wish blog. I wanted him the minute I saw him but did not think there was any way we could get a cat two states and probably 12-14 hours away. I was shocked and surprised when Greg said we could and then Chrystal said yes I could adopt him! 

Leo is still the shyest of my kitties and likes me more than anyone else in the world. Although with all the time I've been in hospitals and nursing homes in the last few years he has become attached to Greg as well now. When Greg gets home from work, Leo must get pets from him and will occasionally even nap on him for half an hour or so. But I'm the one he sleeps on all night, so dont get any ideas of taking my baby from me, Greg! 

He will allow a sister to sleep on me as well, but only grudgingly and usually after giving them at least one slow motion baps on the top of the head which I try to intercept and put his paw back on his side of the momma. 

Leo has the longest tail known to cat. I have measured it before but I forget what it was.. but trust me, everyone who sees him says oh my gosh what a long tail! When he's very happy and content and walking across the floor the end of his tail flips back and forth slowly from left to right. I call it his semaphore flag tail expressing his mood.  

According to Leo, all human food is poison and treats like temptations are evil things that must be run from. Unless they are put in his snack bowl, then they become tasty and he will munch a few. He is the least food motivated cat I've ever known and nearly a quarter of the time cannot even be bothered showing up for canned food snack time. Medicating him is a nightmare because he wont eat anything regularly! He's also very good at hiding pills in his mouth for ages until you let him go, then, blorp! there it is on the rug! Thankfully he's fairly healthy though this past year he's had a few respiratory issues that required medication. Finally we just decided that it's easier to load him up in the carrier and let the vet give him long lasting shots. 

No one has forgotten that Leo is polydactyl have they? I adore his big giant, blooming onion mits! He has six toes on both fronts and five on both backs. He has one wonky claw that is wide and flat and will grow two points that make it look like a lobster claw. About the only time he talks is when he's getting a claw trim! He will sing the song of his people on car rides, long and loud! Other than that, he's a quiet kitty unless you count his big purr. 


Glitter almost came with us when we adopted Leo. I was back and forth about getting her too but in the end we decided that it would be too much on Star, our older kitty at the time. When she was adopted out with her sister Cashmere I thought well there you go, I made the right decision. But after a year I think it was, Chrystal went and got them back. She would not tell me exactly what shape they were in and refused to show pictures of them until they recovered, but they apparently went through hell in the last few months in that home. If I recall right there was a divorce and a new boyfriend who didnt want them to come along and they were left to fend for themselves in their backyard after a life of being indoors. It is no wonder to me that they show no interest in going outside now (That and their feral start in life probably showed them no good comes from outside.)

 Glitter is a very confident cat. She will say hello to anyone, as long as she's not napping. Because nothing is worth waking up early for, even missing seeing a friend. Glitter is gorgeous. I mean, drop dead beautiful with her long flowing fur, her fluffy tail (so very short, not just in comparison to Leo's, but wow, she has a really short tail for a cat her size!) She looks like a beauty queen and has all the grace of... a flat footed longshoreman. Seriously people, until she moves, you think she's the epitome of catlike grace. Then she jumps down from her perch, lands with a window rattling thud, steps on your foot, slides and gives you four long slices per foot. She will jump up on you, knocking the wind out of you before standing with pile-driver feet on your chest as if she had the weight of an over grown sumo wrestler on each tiny foot. When you open your mouth to gasp for air, she will shake her head causing her happiness-indused-drool to splatter in your face before she head bumps you and gives you a concussion that makes you forget why you wanted her to move in the first place. 

Glitter is the most easy going cat. She's also the most determined cat when she wants to be. If she wants to sit on you, there is nothing you can do to stop her. You cannot shove her or push her away, she will keep bulldozing her way to the spot she wanted, even if it's practically on top of your lunch. If she wants to share me/my bed with Leo, she will. He can bap her all he wants (I do stop him, see above), she doesn't retaliate, she doesn't respond, she just does what she wants when she wants. 

Snack time is not something Glitter is prepared to miss. But in true Glitter fashion, she will not wake up from her nap one second before she has to. She can hear the cat being opened, she can hear the dishes being prepared. She knows the exact second to get up, stretch, thud down from her cat tree perch, lumber across the room in an unhurried pace to meed her snack bowl as it is set down. She has the timing down to a science. Now, if she's, by some crazy chance, awake when snack time rolls around, she will sit in her spot, tail neatly wrapped around her feet looking every inch a beauty queen posing for a regal picture as she waits patiently to be served. 

Treats/temptations, are another matter all together! Girlfriend can hear the first crinkle of the bag from a deep sleep three rooms away. Let me tell you, if it happens to have been a cough drop bag instead of a treat bag that you crinkled, she will stand on your chest and stare into your eyes until you realize that oh yes, you had intended to do the right thing and get her some temptations the whole time, yes you did! Please let me breath and I will get them, I promise!

Glitter is at this moment sleeping between my legs, her head thrown over my ankle. I can no longer feel my foot, or move it, because she is sleeping so hard that her neck has cut off all circulation on three sides of said ankle. She will not move for hours unless it's to tuck a claw into my leg if I happen to try to shift a quarter of an inch. I have tiny poke holes in my leg from this treatment. I also have a full stomach full of scratches from her laying on me and doing that thing that I thought only dogs did; kick-kick-kicking a back foot from getting ear rubs. Leo may be a pain in the butt to nail trim, but she's a hundred times harder. Because besides having the grace of a mac truck, she also has the strength of one! If you don't get her first for nail time, and while she's napping, you just will have to wait til next time. 

She is a very loving cat at all other times. She's a cuddler, a snuggler, a gimme a smooch-er, and a pet me until your arm falls off kitty. There is only one person in the world she isnt crazy about, and that's my baby nephew Aleister who is one year old and wants to pet the kitty. She will allow it, for a minute, then, nope, she finds the tallest perch on her cat tree and stays there. I have no doubt that when he grows a little, she will love him like she loves everyone else. 

Cashmere has just come to take the spot Leo abandoned next to me. She has decided to grace me with a little of her attention since her daddy, her most beloved person in the world, has gone to work. I am only deemed worthy a few times a week. She's not particularly happy that I'm typing, but she's allowing it. To get to her spot she has to walk across me. This is the spot she prefers when she sits with me, slightly under my arm, on my arm rest pillow on the right. If I'm not typing, she prefers that I pet her and perhaps rub her tummy a little. (Oh, forgot in Glitters part that she adores tummy rubs! Goes near catatonic and flipped upside down for them. You can feel her purrs rumbling during this, but they are hard to hear, her purrs are almost as quiet as her tiny little meow) When Cashmere wants this spot, even if I'm eating or whatever, she will stare past me at that spot with intensity. She will lift one foot so slowly and move it imperceptible in the direction she wants to go. She will get there, make no mistake. If you don't give up and move whatever is in her way, laptop, lunch, Glitter... she will keep inching her way there anyway. I usually give up, raise whatever I have up into the air so she can walk under it over to her spot and then put back down whatever I was doing. (Leo is back now, but he will take the left side because Cashmere isn't as accommodating as Glitter and will not move for him. Giltter will trade sides, Cashmere will not.)

Cashmere is a very pretty girl and as soft as her name implies. Her long soft fur never mats like Leo's or Glitters and doesn't seem to shed as badly. Even a comb out doesn't get you a lot of excess fur. She has been sick once in the eight years I've had her (she and Glitter were two when we went back and got them) She had urinary crystals the one time I decided that maybe Leo didn't have a problem with fish any more since he hadn't had crystals in ages and gave them canned food with fish in it. She and Leo are the reason we are a fish free house and we have had no issues when we stick to that rule. I didnt even know girl cats could get crystals! On a side note, do you know how hard it is to find cat food without fish?! Why do cat food manufactures think these descendants from desert animals must have fish?? Do they think there are trout and salmon in every oasis? (ok, rant over! but seriously, if you have troubles with urine crystals, get off the fish, it's amazing!)

Cashmere has two great loves in her life. Canned food and her daddy. When it's close to time for Greg to come home from work, Cashmere appears from wherever she spends her days and sits down facing the door to groom herself, making ready to see the most wonderful person in the world. When he comes in she either trots over or jumps up on something to get closer to petting range and meows at him. She is the most vocal of our kitties. Every day she tells Greg about her day, or scolds him for being away, I am never sure which. She will follow him from room to room until she gets tired, then she sits on daddy's chair or the lower shelf of the Celestial Skyway by the hall so she can watch him go back and forth and remind him that she's still there every time he passes. If he sits down, she sits with him, giving him the most adoring looks ever. She can hardly wait for him to get in bed every night before she snuggles up by his knees and there remains the whole night long. If daddy gets up in the middle of the night, she does not move, but keeps his spot safe and warm for his return. 

As for guests, Cashmere has never met a stranger or a person she didn't like. Everyone gets greeted and is allowed to pet her and tell her what a good girl she is. Many times people think she's the only cat in the house because Leo is all 'Stranger Nope!' and Glitter only greets them if it's not nap time. Oh, and as long as I've told you about the other two's tails; Cashmere's tail is perfectly normal, average length that fits her size completely. But it's fluffy and gorgeous and quite thick! 

Oh, yes, the second love of Cashmere's life. Food. Canned specifically, but she will gladly take any treats/temptations/party mix you care to give her. When it's snack time, Cashmere will let you know. She stares, she paces, she looks at the snack bowls, she stares some more, intensely. She meows. Like I said, the most vocal of our three rather quiet kitties; she has one of those half meows that you can see before any noise comes out. It's not very loud, but it's noticeable.When Greg gets the bowls and can, she paces, walks back and forth, meows now and again, jumps up and down from chair to tree to cat shelf. She will not be still. To try to entice him to eat, Leo has been put in the habit of sniffing the can when it's opened. Cashmere, after many years of watching this ritual, has decided she needs a sniff too, but she doesnt limit herself to a sniff, she wants a taste and will try to lick up a bit before it's taken away to be divided into their snack bowls. If Leo has decided he will eat, he waits by where the bowls will be set. Glitter is either there already or on her way when the bowls are headed there. Cashmere considers it her sacred duty to walk the bowls over to their spot, hopefully not tripping daddy on the way. Sometimes she runs back and forth several times and it's really only about six-eight feet away! The first bowl down is hers and her head is in it before daddy's hand leaves it. Glitters is second down and she's patiently waited for it, then Leo's, whether he's there or not and it will take him a few minutes to start. In fact, if he does not start fast enough, Cashmere will switch bowls and take his. She'd do this to Glitter, but Glitter is immovable unless she also feels like playing musical bowls. Cashmere will be the last cat at the bowls too. She cleans them all up. And yet, she is at a perfect weight. Glitter might be a pound over, but she's more fluff than fat. Leo is as lean as he can be and still be healthy (what I'd give for him to gain an extra pound or two!) For as food motivated as Cashmere is, you'd think she'd be pudgy. 

None of these kitties are particularly active players. They are quite lazy actually. If you swing any kind of toy on a string, they will jump or grab at it for a bit, then invariably will lay down and wait for it to come to them and make passive swipes at it. Lazy players. They will all flip a mouse or other toy around occasionally, but, eh, days go by when no one does that. They will play and chase and play fight with each other occasionally, a few times a week maybe and it's usually all in fun. Sometimes it gets hissy and they will retire to separate corners of the house for power naps and then be all buddy buddy again. 

All of them like a good chin scritch, and beings as its their birthdays, I will make sure they all get lots and lots, as much chin scritching as they want! 

I hope you enjoyed my run down of each of their purrsonalities. Makes me realize how much I love each and every one of them. For being siblings, they are all so different! Greg compares them to comic book characters. Do you know the Archie comics? Greg says Glitter is Veronica, beautiful and knows it. Cashmere is Betty, happy friendly girl-next-door-lovely. Leo is... Well, Greg says not Archie, maybe Reggie. I say maybe a cross between slightly selfish Reggie and goofy Jughead with a touch of slightly dim Moose thrown in for good measure! 

Happy Birthday Leo, Glitter and Cashmere! Here's to at least ten more happy years!!!!

If you're a mind to it, you could make a donation to Winnie's Wish! Either in honor of their birthday or just because Winnie's Wish is an awesome rescue sanctuary with 32 kitties who need food and litter and supplies every single day! Donations can be made using the donate button on the Daily Dose blog side bar. Or the donate button on my side bar and I will turn it into food or litter and send it in your name. Or you can use the Amazon Wish List and send supplies! Every bit is needed and appreciated! Thank you!!

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Thankful Pillow Girl

 Cashmere: Gotta keep the pantaloons fluffy, la la la la la la..

Cashmere: Whoops, didn't see you all there.. Well, a girl can get carried away when she gets ALL the pillows all to herself. I feel like the queen of everything! This is Thankful Thursday and yes, this is what I'm thankful for today! 
Also thankful for all the well wishes for our mommy. She loves you all and appreciates everything! We're sure she'll get better, it's just going to take a bit of time. 

Know what else we are really thankful for? Miss Chrystal and Winnie's Wish! If it weren't for her, we'd have been feral all our lives, and would have had litter after litter of kittens and maybe even have starved or froze by now. She rescued us, took us in, made us Wishers and once we were all good and healthy, adopted us to our mommy! 

Miss Chrystal is an awesome rescuer and now runs Winnie's Wish as a sanctuary since the 33 kitties she has are not adoptable. They will have a safe, happy home for as long as they live because of her! 

And now her birthday is coming! Next Wednesday as a matter of fact!! Mommy wants her to have a wonderful birthday so she's asking if you will make a donation or send a wish list item to Winnie's Wish as a huge birthday celebration! 

You can make a donation on the Daily Dose/Winnie's Wish blog page, using the button on their side bar.
Or you can click the link/graphic to go to the Amazon wish list page and something
Or, if you don't have prime, or want to make it easy, you can use the donate button on my sidebar (use the send to friends and family option to avoid paypal fees) and I will add your donation to mine and other peoples and send a big order. 

Let's make this a wonderful birthday for Chrystal, and for the Wishers! However you can help will be so very appreciated!  Thank you!!!


Saturday, May 16, 2020

Straw Hat Day and A Big Idea

 Leo: I know it's an old picture, but hey, at least we got a post out! Happy Straw Hat day people. Um, I think I'm a day late though? whoopsie!

Things were starting to get better with mommy, but everything is going south again. No, she don't have the 'rona, she's got other issues. So many issues you'd need a subscription to keep up! Bwahaha! No, seriously, she's struggling again but she's starting a new course of meds and has a nurse visit, so hopefully it was caught in time because going to the hospital right now is a huge no no! 

But we got bigger things to talk about, which is why we decided we had to post now!

Miss Chrystal's birthday is coming up! You know Miss Chrystal, she's the wonderful rescuer who runs Winnie's Wish, the rescue and shelter for unadoptable cats. (Leo, Glitter and Cashmere came from there, when she still had adoptable kitties!)
There are 33 cats in her care, she can't take in any more because she's full up. But that doesn't mean there's no need for help. In fact, there might be more because without new kitties to highlight, there are fewer readers, fewer donations... Even though 33 cats need a LOT of food and litter and laundry and.. well you get the idea. 

So my proposal is this: 
For Miss Chrystal's Birthday, let's all do what we can!
If you can make a donation, no matter how small, please do! 
If you can send a wish list item or two, please do! 
If you want to send wish list items but don't have amazon prime or can't give enough for a whole item/order, you are welcome to send the money you want to use to me and I will combine it with anyone else who donates, as well as from myself, and send as big an amazon order as I can!
Doesn't that sound like a great birthday idea for Chrystal?? 
Please help if you can, and even if you can't, lets send her lots of birthday greetings when it's closer to her actual birthday, May 27th!

Thank you everyone!

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Leo's Gotcha Day!!

Oh I'm almost missing it! I haven't posted in so long because of health things that I nearly missed my sweet heart kitty's 9th Gotcha day!!

I would like to start by letting you all know that I appreciate your well wishes from Leo's last post. It means a lot that this cat community really cares and thinks about each other. I do indeed love you all!
I am improving, much better in fact, but just slowly trying to get back to normal. I fully intend to get back to blogging as soon as I am up to it! I have been trying to visit other blogs when I can, I don't always comment, but I'm there.

On to the Gotcha Boy! My darling Leo The Chinese Lion came to me 9 years ago from Winnie's Wish and I could not be happier! (and his sisters coming two years later only increased my happiness!) We drove 8 hours, and Chrystal drove close to two hours five hours*, to meet us and give me my sweetheart! My first sight of him I thought, oh my gosh, he's not little! At nine months old, I expected him to be a half grown teen sized cat. Not my giant boy! All long in the body and legs with his adorable fox-like face, I was instantly in love!

*edited, I messed that up, I knew she drove further and I wrote only 2 hours, no, she drove a long five hours and hit a freak snow storm on her way home to boot! She's awesome and always goes the extra mile for the kitties, and those who love them! Sorry Chrystal!

These are some of the first pictures I saw of him on the Winnie's Wish blog (daily dose of dogs, aka cats with your coffee)

How could I resist, right?? I have a thing for gray cats anyway and there he was! All gray, shy and adorable!

This is how he came to me with Chrystal, see how big he looked! 

I transferred him to a cage in my van and oh my, so big, so pretty, so scared! I had to take him out and he rode half the eight hour trip home on my shoulder! We bonded on that trip and he still clings to me and I adore him! 

He's leaning up against me in this picture, his favorite spot. Where he's spent most of my recovery also! His purr is healing!

Happy Gotcha Day Leo the Chinese Lion! You are so loved!!!

For Leo's gotcha day we are sending food and litter to Winnie's Wish. Times being what they are, Winnie's Wish is having a very hard time finding litter and food and other necessary supplies!
If you are able, and maybe in honor of Leo's gotcha day, or in honor of your own sweet kitties, could you please help to send Wish List items or donations to Winnie's Wish? There is a donate button on her blog sidebar.

Amazon seems to be out of the cat food they use at the moment, so is chewy.. I did wind up finding some at Target's delivery service. If you want to send food or litter and cant find it or use the services I mentioned, you can use my donation button on my sidebar and I will make sure to find and send every cent of it in food and/or litter! If everyone sends a little, we can get them through this shortage crisis and keep the kitties of Winnie's Wish fed and cared for!
Thank you so much!!!!

Stay safe out there everyone! Love you all!

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Message from Leo

Dear Friends, I know we've been missing for a while. A long while.. But please be patient with us. Our mommy is all sicky and weak and not up to helping us blog right now. Heck, she hardly has her lappytop out much at all! 
Don't worry, once I forgave her for being in the nasty ol' hospital for a week, I took over taking care of her and I make sure she has my purrs and furs to help her get better. 
Now if she'd just stop going out to see every doctor under the sun maybe we could get some good naps in... 
We will return! Just don't know when at the moment. Meows and head bumps to everyone!

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Late Caturday Art

Yeah well there are technically four minutes left of Caturday so..... here's our contribution for this week!

It's from Leo's Thrrpday!





And the original


Thursday, January 30, 2020

Thankful Thrrpsday

 Leo: It's Thrrpsday? What's that mean?

 Leo: Oh, I think I know what you want...

 Leo: Thhrrrrrrrppp!

 Leo: Bet you wanna know what has me so thrrrpy today.

 Leo: It was just snacky time! This is my post-snack baff.

Leo: And that's what I'm thankful for; snacky time! Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be finishing up this baff and taking my post-snacky-post-baffy-nap!