Friday, November 15, 2019

Celestial Kitties: Paws Crossed

Leo:What do you mean, 'standing funny'?? I don't stand funny. I have my paws crossed for a reason!

Leo: What are they crossed for? Well lots of reasons really. Mostly because mommy says it makes me look cute as the dickens! But also paws crossed that everypawdy goes to the Winnie's Wish Holiday Auction and helps the Winnie's Wish kitties! I was a Winnie's Wish kitty when I was little *whispers* I was born a feral kitten! So I know how important things like the auction, and donations and wish list items are to them! Kitties get hungry, ya know.

Leo doesn't know it, but he needs paws crossed for a vet visit this afternoon. He's been sporting a little cold in his eye for a few days and all the sudden it's gotten a lot worse. He's not going to be happy, but when he's sick he doesn't want to eat and he never has any extra to spare! I wish he were more food motivated, darn his lean little soul. Anyway, here's hoping it's nothing too bad and he gets fixed up fast. Without pills, please.. because like I said, not food motivated, so can't put anything in food and expect him to eat it!


I'll be adding new items later today so be sure to check out the auction over the weekend! Lots of wonderful things available!
In fact, here's a few that are already up!
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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Thankful Thursday

Leo: Today we are thankful for windows! Well.... maybe not today since it snowed out there! But not that long ago we had ONE good day and the windows were thrown open for us kitties! 

Glitter: We're thankful for the piles of boxes put under this window just for us while our window cat tree is undergoing repairs! 
Cashmere: Yes, thankful, however I thought it was a one cat seat..
Glitter: Nope! Always room for another to squeeze in!

Leo:  Does that include me? Because there's definitely not room for more than one, and really only ALMOST one, in this window! 
Girls in unison from across the room: NO!
Leo: Still thankful for the window wiffies.. Great place for a bath.


Lots of fun things on the auction! And more to come!!

Thankful Thursday Blog Hop

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Same Pose, Different Day

Glitter has some rather unique relaxing positions. This is one of her odd ones. I know you won't believe me, but these are taken on two different days.

Oh hey! I didn't lose all of my pictures after all! Some were still on the camera! (duh, where's my brain? I only delete it when it's full!)

While scrolling through to see what I had, I saw these two with other pictures of all the cats between them. I had to scrutinize them to make sure something weird didnt happen to the memory card. But the big tell is something I had to crop out because of the rest of the mess it showed. One side of the curtain is open in one, closed in the other. No way she wouldn't have moved if someone reached through that space to close the curtain! The fur ball on the post threw me.. it's the same in both pictures! Pardon me now while I find a vacuum because it's STILL there! MOL

One day
Glitter: You're interrupting my claw clinging nap.. Leo made the hole there, by the way; I'm just holding it open so you can see what a destructive boy he is!

Another day
Glitter: Who me? Just hanging around, holding the cat tree down so it doesn't get away. 


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Monday, November 11, 2019

Happy Veterans Day

To those who served, we thank you and appreciate you!


More items were added to the Winnie's Wish Auction this weekend! Remember, every bid helps the kitties!

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Caturday Art

I decided to use Glitters picture from earlier this week for my Caturday Art submission. I used lunapic for all of the artwork.

The first, one of my favorite effects, is Beauty




Christmas Needlepoint

And the original

It amazes me that even with a dark, blurry, cell picture, it can make such pretty art!


 The Auction for Winnie's Wish is in full swing! I sure hope you pop over and see all the goodies up for bids! I'll probably be adding new things before the weekend is over (or maybe Monday, depending on how things go) so check back often!

Friday, November 8, 2019

Interrupted Photo Session

While Twin2 was taking pictures of items for me for the Winnie's Wish Auction (Live now!!) Cashmere decided that the backdrop was the perfect spot for her.

Cashmere: You should focus on me, I'm much prettier than anything else. I don't see how you can use that measuring stick to measure my cute though..


Speaking of the Winnie's Wish Holiday Auction!! It's Live! Get on over and start bidding!

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