Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year!

We all hope that the new year is good to all of you!

Happy New Year!!
Cashmere: I'm getting ready for midnight, ready to shout!! HAPPY NE.... Ok, not yet, but it's close!

Glitter: I'm ready, someone pass me another Nip-pagne!

Leo: I'm ready! I can't wait for midnight! I'm hoping for a smooch!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Scratchy Christmas

Today is the fifth day of Christmas, and since I didn't share this last week when I intended to, I'm putting it here. I know a lot of you have seen it, but I think it's cute!

The reason it's a Scratchy Christmas is because my kitties got their new scratcher opened on Christmas day. And let me tell you, it was an instant hit! And the moment they got it is when the batteries decided to die in the camera.. So these pictures are crappy cell phone pictures, but I think you get the idea that the kitties were kinda happy.

First up was Leo, which surprised me a little actually!

Leo: Double wide? Are you trying to say something, mom?
Me: No Leo, some manufacturers have a weird idea of what single and double are. You're a big boy, but you're also all floof.
Leo: Thank you, mommy. Ok, I claim this as mine then!

(Cashmere in the food dish, Glitter's back in the foreground)
Glitter: Yes yes, you're a long lean tube of a cat. But I object to your claim-age of the scratcher!
Cashmere: *munchmunch* Yeah, we didn't even get *munchmunch* a turn yet!
Leo: Too bad, so sad, I got here first!
Glitter: I just might have to tell a certain tuxie girl that SOMEcat is a selfish double wide mean ol' goober of a boycat..
Cashere: Now that's a good plan! *chompmunch*

(Considering how closely Glitter was watching things, I was equally surprised that Cashmere was second!)
Cashmere: Oh yeah! It has good nip on it!
Glitter: No wonder ol' nip-head wanted to claim it.
Cashmere: Who you callin' 'nip-head'!?
Glitter: Um, I was calling Leo a niphead.. but if the snort fits..
Cashmere: Oh, that's better then, everyone knows that Leo has a nip probl... hey!

Cashmere: Oh boy, oh yeah, this is so yummy.. I can't resist rubbing my head alllllll over it..
Glitter: Yeah, 'Leo' is the one with a nip problem..
Cashmere: Oh rolla rolla rolla roll around, nothin' better than that scratchy sound..
Glitter: I'm never gonna get a turn at this rate!
Cashmere: Oh hush.. I'm just putting my seal of approval on it.. purrrrrrrrrrrrr

(Finally, Glitter got a turn!)
Glitter: *snifffff* Oh yeah.. this is good nip! smells like mommy's secret 'for toys' stash!
Me: Yeah well, we were ripped off, there was no nip packet with that as advertised.
Glitter: Aww, what a shame, no cheap comes-with-the-scratcher nip for us! Hee hee, weeeeeee
Me: *whisper* Yeah, Leo and Cashmere have the nip problems..

Glitter: This should be mine, right? Because the other one, that I LOVE, got torn to bits. Right? And I was falsely accused of the deed, right? So.. Mine!
Me: I wouldn't say exactly 'falsely' accused.. More like ALL the blame wasn't yours.
Glitter: Close enough! Mine mine mine! Hee hee!
Leo: (from a distance) No fair! My claim stands! Besides, there's no proof!
Glitter: Roll that beautiful destructive footage!
Leo: (from a distance) Uh... footage? *gulp*
Me: Oh, sorry. Not today, out of space! Guess you'll have to settle for a three way claim!

I have been meaning to share THOSE pictures.. Perhaps this week!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas

To all of you, from all of us
Merry Christmas!
Thank you Ann for the wonderful Christmas graphic!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Glitter Gets a Turn

Pardon me, I have to have a quick look around, just to make sure..

No Cashmere, check. Now the sniff test! Hmm, interesting scents in here.

The most important thing is no other cat scents. That means I got the box first! And that's a rare deal around here!

Can I declare this one as mine? Really? Awesome! My box! Whoo hoo!

Yours for now anyway. No promises after you get out and Cashmere discovers it!

Monday, December 21, 2015

More Boxes for Cashmere

I don't think Cashmere has met a box she doesn't like.. And it's the season for boxes around here!

I approve all of this thing you call 'on line shipping' since it means new boxes show up every day. These ones meet with my approval.

I hope you realize, though, that I'm gonna have to test them all out. This one is good, but how do I know the one under it is? Rearrange please. Then unstack the ones over there so I can try each and every one of them. Yes, even the tiny ones!

Yes, Cashie, whatever you say, Cashie!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Flashback Friday (Leo's First Tree)

This one is from December 21, 2011, Leo's first Christmas with us.

It was called Tree Time!

Leo got a look at his first Christmas Tree a few days ago! I know he was alive last Christmas, but he was in the Cathouse at Chrystal's and I'm pretty sure she doesn't put a tree up.. I could be wrong I suppose. So lets say for sure that this is his first Christmas tree HERE!

We have an artificial tree because real ones give me spots. I don't like spots. Spots are not a nice fashion accessory, they don't look good on anyone... So we have a nice artificial tree. That's been through the wars. You might notice tinsel on the tree. That tinsel has been on there for more than.. Oh boy.. I don't want to age myself, but it's been on there since the first year we got the tree, 24 years ago. Oh boy, I sound old.. Anyway, that tinsel is so thoroughly wrapped around and embedded on those branches that it would take a dedicated lumberjack five years to remove it! And yet, every year there seems to be some just hanging delicately off a branch or two... Those, I remove. Someday I'll understand tinsel logic. Maybe

So Leo! And his first look at the tree! I had the camera ready! And missed every shot where he was nibbling on a branch. *sigh*

What the heck... What is this?

Tastes... plastic-y... Scratches the back nice though.

Is this what you meant by 'lights on the tree'??

I not biting it, honest! Ok... not honest, don't want sandy paws thinkin' I'm a liar! But I didn't bite it much!

Ok, I'm being good now, I'm away from the tree... I'll bat it later heh heh

Star got her look at the tree too.
Oh this thing again. Why's it in a box this year? Is that MY box??

It is! It IS my box! You broked it!

You shall pay for this, you have stolen the throne of the Queen of the Box and she is displeased. Prepare to be scratched in your sleep!

In my defense, the box is to keep the old metal legs off my new carpet in case there's any chance of rusting, it will be on the cardboard instead. And I think she actually likes the box like that because she has sat in it more than once. We will flatten it once the tree is decorated and in the spot we want. And then yes, we'll get her another good box to play in.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Cashmere, Queen of the Boxes

I, Cashmere, declare myself to be Queen of the Boxes! Every box is mine! I own them all! I will rule with a velvet paw! Leave the boxes to me, and I will be generous, allowing you any bed in the house. Displease me, take my box, any box and I will respond with force of claw!

Keep those comments and snickers to yourself, shredder boy... Or I'll be forced to tattle about who really destroyed the... what's that? Being quiet now. Good...

Destroyed the what, Cashmere? Cashmere. Cashie.. Hey, I'm not buying your pretend to be asleep routine.. oh wait, you're snoring, must be real sleep. Well, I want some answers when you wake up!


Did you all see??? Monday Chrystal posted the results of the Winnie's Wish Holiday Auction!
Together, you all helped raise an impressive amount for the kitties of Winnie's Wish!


Thank you so much to everyone who donated, bid, shared, sent good thoughts, and helped in a million unseen ways! You all rock!!
Ann, thank you again for all of your wonderful work getting the site looking so wonderful!
Marg, thank you for all of the advise!
Everyone, thank you for everything!
Can you believe that number?!!!!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Friday's Feast With Cashmere

I don't see anyone watching.. Good.

Because I hate being yelled at when I'm in the middle of a good box.

I think the cardboard and packing tape content in her blood must have been low.. A common occurrence with her, apparently, because she lets no box go unchewed!

Hope your weekend is filled with boxes, for sleeping maybe.. not eating!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Throw Back Thursday

This TBT comes from December 2011, when Star was still with us, and was titled:

Toy Overload

I.. I.. I think I'm on toy overload!

FEVVER TOY! Ona string!

Which way did it go? Which way did it go!

Your offering displeases me..

This is more like it.

*Snniiiiffff lick lick lick*

Monday, December 7, 2015

The Many Faces of Sleeping Glitter

Can't help it. When I see a kitty sleeping cutely, I have to take pictures. Lots of them! Glitter was clearly enjoying the heating pad, even though it was off, it's still covered in a soft flannel pouch that she can't resist. Perhaps she was trying to turn it on in her sleep..

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Throw Back Thursday

Todays throwback is from June 24th 2014. Ok, not all that far back, but Leo was sleeping so cute!

It's called "Sleeping Weird"


Don't you just love it when kitties sleep weird?

Leo: Who you callin' weird?

Ok, at first glance that might not look all that weird.. but did you see the feet? For heavens sake the FEET!

And those toe hawks! Couldn't you just squee???

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Opt to Adopt Smokey! And Auction News

This week I'm sharing Smokey! A great Winnie's Wisher who just wants a person to love and a cat buddy to hang out with! If you don't have a buddy for him in your home, that's ok, he has a best friend who's being fostered with him! Either way, won't you consider giving him a home? And if you can't, will you share him and help him find his forever?

Read more about Smokey HERE

Contact Chrystal to talk about adoption:


If you won a bid on the Winnie's Wish auction and you haven't heard from me, please check your spam folder! I have several people who have not responded to my emails. I will be emailing again, but if I'm going to spam, that's not going to help.. So please, check, mark me as not spam, add me to your contact list so it doesn't think I'm spam, and please email me if you have not heard from me and you won an item! anniclan AT aol COT com

Thank you to everyone who made this auction such a success, now lets take it to the finish line by paying and receiving items!!! Yay!!!


HUGE thank you to Ann of Zoolatry who not only made the auction site look so great, but who also made me my new Christmas designs here! (She has reasonable rates if you want a makeover for your blog!)


Monday, November 30, 2015

Leo Doesn't Take Excuses!

Hello kitties and peoples! Leo here trying to understand why mommy hasn't posted since Wednesday! Holiday smoliday, paperwork smaperwork, packages smackages! Although my sissies and I ARE enjoying all the extra boxes laying around the place... we still don't much care for her excuses. Nor do we like that she's not helping us visit! She promises it will be better soon, but we have our eyes on her, just in case. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go see why daddy is hauling off all of our excellent new boxes to the post office! Don't they have enough boxes of their own??

I am honestly surprised it's been since Wednesday since I posted! Wow, time flies! But we'll be back to a regular schedule soon!

Speaking of boxes!

If you won a bid in the auction and you HAVEN'T heard from me, please check your spam folder! And please please contact ME at anniclan AT aol DOT com
Thank you!