Thursday, March 26, 2020

Leo's Gotcha Day!!

Oh I'm almost missing it! I haven't posted in so long because of health things that I nearly missed my sweet heart kitty's 9th Gotcha day!!

I would like to start by letting you all know that I appreciate your well wishes from Leo's last post. It means a lot that this cat community really cares and thinks about each other. I do indeed love you all!
I am improving, much better in fact, but just slowly trying to get back to normal. I fully intend to get back to blogging as soon as I am up to it! I have been trying to visit other blogs when I can, I don't always comment, but I'm there.

On to the Gotcha Boy! My darling Leo The Chinese Lion came to me 9 years ago from Winnie's Wish and I could not be happier! (and his sisters coming two years later only increased my happiness!) We drove 8 hours, and Chrystal drove close to two hours five hours*, to meet us and give me my sweetheart! My first sight of him I thought, oh my gosh, he's not little! At nine months old, I expected him to be a half grown teen sized cat. Not my giant boy! All long in the body and legs with his adorable fox-like face, I was instantly in love!

*edited, I messed that up, I knew she drove further and I wrote only 2 hours, no, she drove a long five hours and hit a freak snow storm on her way home to boot! She's awesome and always goes the extra mile for the kitties, and those who love them! Sorry Chrystal!

These are some of the first pictures I saw of him on the Winnie's Wish blog (daily dose of dogs, aka cats with your coffee)

How could I resist, right?? I have a thing for gray cats anyway and there he was! All gray, shy and adorable!

This is how he came to me with Chrystal, see how big he looked! 

I transferred him to a cage in my van and oh my, so big, so pretty, so scared! I had to take him out and he rode half the eight hour trip home on my shoulder! We bonded on that trip and he still clings to me and I adore him! 

He's leaning up against me in this picture, his favorite spot. Where he's spent most of my recovery also! His purr is healing!

Happy Gotcha Day Leo the Chinese Lion! You are so loved!!!

For Leo's gotcha day we are sending food and litter to Winnie's Wish. Times being what they are, Winnie's Wish is having a very hard time finding litter and food and other necessary supplies!
If you are able, and maybe in honor of Leo's gotcha day, or in honor of your own sweet kitties, could you please help to send Wish List items or donations to Winnie's Wish? There is a donate button on her blog sidebar.

Amazon seems to be out of the cat food they use at the moment, so is chewy.. I did wind up finding some at Target's delivery service. If you want to send food or litter and cant find it or use the services I mentioned, you can use my donation button on my sidebar and I will make sure to find and send every cent of it in food and/or litter! If everyone sends a little, we can get them through this shortage crisis and keep the kitties of Winnie's Wish fed and cared for!
Thank you so much!!!!

Stay safe out there everyone! Love you all!