Saturday, February 25, 2012

More Bed Antics and a Request for Purrs

This morning, we had another play date on the bed. Star didn't peek first this time. I was playing with Leo with his hoodie stringy and I noticed her come into the room. I figured she'd look for a while and then maybe decide if she wanted to come up. But she jumped up at the end of the bed.

Which just happened to be really close to where Leo had ended up in the middle of the bed after jumping on the stringy. He immediately went belly down on the bed, but didn't run. Star looked at him for a second but was more interested in the stringy.

I thought, well, lets see what happens and played with her, and tried to engage him as well. He took a few swipes if I almost landed it on his toes but for the most part he just laid there, watching Star. She jumped around a little, but maintained her distance.

I managed a few pictures.. You can see how close they were. Note, if you will, that while he's willing to share the stringy on the bed, his paw is on his feather ball!
Leo: That's.. close enough Princess Hissyface.
Star: Seriously, I can smell your boy cat stinkiness from here..

He put down the ears of annoyance because she wouldn't stop staring. I put the phone/camera down to distract her from staring after this shot.
Star: I think you should leave...
Leo: Mom.. I was here first..

Right after I put the phone/camera down and teased Star with the stringy. It distracted her. She jumped and landed closer to Leo. Cutting the distance shown above in half. Leo was not happy.. They stared at each other for about 3 seconds then he gave her a quiet, almost.. petite little half hiss half grumble. Star returned with a full blown hiss.

While my mind was spinning with 'quick, gotta distract her!' and trying to figure out what to do, Leo decided to run. Bad idea Leo, bad idea. She was on his heels so fast I couldn't even grab her! Probably a good thing because I would be minus one arm then.. They ran all the way to my pillow where he hunkered down again. She delivered three or four whaps then dived off the bed. Leo sat there with a stunned expression on his face. And I let out a belated scream that did nothing..

Yes, I know I probably could have handled that a whole lot better! Just when you're in the middle of a situation, sometimes your brain shuts down.. at least mine does. But anyway, no one was hurt, though feathers were ruffled all around.

I'm not sure what I'll do tomorrow if she comes up to play again..


On a completely different note. Not sure how much I'll be posting early next week. You recall Sir Moose-a-lot Roadkill Goodyear Thunderbottom, my parent's cat? I did a post about him in the garden a while back. Thursdays in the Garden with Moose Well, his daddy and best buddy is my dad, of course. Next week on Tuesday my dad will be having surgery to remove a sarcoma (cancer tumor) from his leg.

We'll be heading up Monday night to stay closer to the hospital because the surgery is going to be very early in the morning and over an hour away. So I know I won't be posting Monday or Tuesday. We'll see how things go before we know about Wednesday.

Please send up any purrs or prayers you feel led to for my dad and Moosey's daddy, we'd all so appreciate it! It's going to be complicated because the tumor and it's tendrils are wrapped around the main vein and nerve and chemo and radiation didn't make it release anything. Thank you in advance because I know how caring the cat blogospher is!!

Here's Sir Moose-a-lot Roadkill Goodyear Thunderbottom! A real daddy's boy who has to lay on my dad and who my dad can't go to bed without.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Of Beds and Strings

We've talked a lot lately, about how Leo has taken posession of the bed and Star won't even come into the room. But also that lately she has ventured in a little and occasionally will get on the bed. Especially to escape those short visitors the other day!

This morning Star led the way as I came back to the bedroom. She stopped to see where I was going, and kind of stayed where she was. I tried calling her, tried getting her to get on the bed, tried petting her on the floor to lure her further into the room. No dice.

Giving up on her, I decided to play with Leo with his hoodie string. I tried too keep it out of Star's sight, but she noticed something was going on up there! She snuck around the other side of the bed and pretty soon I saw her little ears and eyes peeking over the edge watching Leo play. As soon as he caught sight of her, he kind of laid down and would only play from that position.

Granted, he does get lazy and plays that way a lot, but usually after a wearing himself out with a vigerous five or ten minutes of total crazy play. There's no middle with my Leo; lazy or crazy.

Star, not being a very tall or long cat, soon started sinking below the edge of the bed, so she went and sat on the chair that gives them a jump up to the jewelry chest at the window. At this point, there wasn't much play from the boy so I was back to my morning routine. Leo kind of low-walked/slunk up to my pillow and just watched the watcher.

Suddenly, Star leaped onto the bed and walked all the way across toward me. And the hoodie string. I looked to Leo, to see if he minded. He was hunkered down, but with friendly ears, so I guessed he was ok with it. So I played with Star with the hoodie string for a few minutes. She went totally banana's of course. She's a wild player, even at almost 13!

I tossed her one of her old favorites, a q-tip, but she only gave it a cursery swat. What she really wanted was that hoodie string. Eventually, though, she got tired and laid down to have a bath. Right in front of Leo! I thought, ok, this is good. He just sat there watching her, so all was well.

For a while. Once her abloutions were done, she started giving him the stink-eye.. Oh no you don't Princess Hissyface... Not gonna attack Leo on his safe zone. Not gonna happen, not on my watch! I tossed her q-tip, no go. I flipped the string. That got her attention for a few minutes. But soon she was staring at him again.

Enough was enough. She'd been a good girl so far, but no sense pushing our luck. I asked her if she was ready to go downstairs. She just looked at me, but when I stood up, she hopped off the bed and raced for the stairs! Drama averted! Leo stayed upstairs, probably breathing a sigh of relief, while she took a nap. Worn out, no doubt, from both play and containing her smacky paws.

Star: I've got you now, stringy!
Leo: Yeah, just... stay over there with it

Star: I know he's looking at me. Isn't he?
Leo: Don't flatter yourself.. I've learned never to take your eyes off someone who want's to chew you up and spit you out like so many feather toys on the carpet..

I'm not feeling very q-tippy today, but go ahead and tug on that string again... heh heh heh

*sigh* Can't she go now, mom? I'm late for my early afternoon nap. That means I'll be even later for my late afternoon nap and my early evening nap and so on and so on...

 While she was having her bath, I got pictures of toesies!!
*lick lick lick* stop looking at my toes.. *lick lick*

 And her tummy! Can you see how curly her tummy fur is?? It's so soft and curly and sweet!
Why can't you leave me alone when I want you to? Alone with the string, which I'm not letting go of by the way..

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mirror Cat

I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned that Leo hates mirrors. The first time I ever heard him growl was at a mirror. I've showed him a hand mirror on occasion, and he always gets all alert and a little growly at the 'cat' in there. I wondered if it was because it looked like a large Star... They are fairly close to the same color after all. Whatever the reason, he does not like mirror kitty!

This hasn't been an issue because we don't have many mirrors where he can get at them. The one in the bathroom where he sits on the counter to get a drink bothers him a little, but the towel rack and towel block the view while he's face first in the glass.

Everything changed last week though. We got a beautiful set of cabinets with glass doors and mirrors in the back. Oh they were so pretty! Used, from goodwill, but just exactly what I wanted. One of them was missing a little handle, but that's easily replaceable. Let me digress for a moment before getting back to Leo.

When we got the cabinets, we weren't quite sure where they were going to end up. It was late, we were hungry, and we just wanted them in the house. My brother in law and niece 2 helped get them in the house and temporarily set along the same wall as the TV. The second one wasn't back far enough so Greg went to move it backwards by kind of bear hugging it, leaning into himself and walking it back. Forgetting that the door was glass.. He barely moved it when the whole cut glass door shattered!

It was just a little devastating.. Not even completely in the house. Sigh. We're trying to figure out the manufacturer to see if we can get a replacement, but so far, no luck. This weekend we moved the cabinets to where they will probably stay. We clipped them together and they look great, except for the missing door. Ok, back to Leo!

Just about every afternoon, Leo comes tumbling downstairs from his all day nap and wants to sit on me. I always always always push aside the laptop and accommodate him. I can't ruffle him up a lot or go nuts petting him because what he really wants is to settle in for a post-nap snooze. He does this by stomping around in a circle on my chest and/or tummy depending on how I'm sitting.

He's gotten very distracted while in his circle stomp over the last few days and I finally realized what was going on. If he's in the right position, he can see the mirror cat in the cabinet! It won't stop staring at him! I wave at it, showing him how friendly it can be. But he doesn't like it. He will either take off, not wanting to look at mirror cat, or he will give it the back of disrespect and try to get his snooze despite the rude cat looking at him.

Sometimes he will peek back at it, but it's always always staring back! This state of affairs cannot continue. This intruder must be shown that he is not wanted! So today Leo, heart in his throat, went over to give that bad mirror cat a talking to! Or at least to get a closer look at him.

I'm not sure if they made peace or not, but after a long session of checking him out, Leo decided to live and let live. Until tomorrow probably..

Alright Mirror Cat, I think it's time you and I had a little talk..

 (note the ears of annoyance)
What's the matter, got nothin' to say for yourself?

(assessing the idea of jumping on the top... I hope he forgets about it because while I have plans to make a kitty shelf above it, right now it's full of wires and the top half of the light fixture!)
Distracting me by tempting me to jump is not going to work.. I wonder if I could make it in one leap..

Mom, I've given this guy hate eyes, laser eyes, and a manly growl, he's not responding! Does that mean I'm top cat over him?

I think so, Leo, I think so.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Showing Off Star

Hey Star, can we show you off for today's post?

I'd really rather not. I'm thinking it might be nap time.

What if I gave you some chin scritches?
Oh.. I'll think about it...purrrrrrrrr Ok, fine.

Guess what? I just learned that the white spot on your chest is called a locket! Will you show it off please?
Locket? I think I like the sound of that. Very well. You may show it.

Close up.. still hard to see. Not using the camera because the flash washes it out, but the phone camera makes it too dark... Well, you can kind of tell anyway, right?
It's there. Not my fault your phone takes crappy pictures..

Well, we tried anyway. Thank you, Star, you're a lovely model.
I know. Now go away, I wish to nap now.

Good night Star.


By the way, if you know anyone looking for a kitty or two, or if you think you can fit one into your home, please please look over the kitties in the cathouse, the Winnie's Wish kitties! Leo was a Winnie's Wish kitty and adopting him was the best thing!
There are more kitties in the cathouse that need homes. For every kitty that you adopt, you save the lives of two kitties! The one you adopted and the one who now has a space in the cathouse! So please, consider helping Chrystal and the kitties. If you absolutly can't adopt and seriously know no one who can, consider a monitary donation, I know she will use any monies carefully and fully for the rescue kitties!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday Toesies

Trying to get pictures of Star's toes is near impossible. She doesn't lay on her back, rarely on her side. Oh sure, she will lay sorta sideways and  you can see her tummy, but the toes? Turned down or hidden.

Leo, on the other hand! I'm not sure he knows how NOT to sleep on his back! His toes are always showing, as is his adorable tummy! Though you're not allowed to touch that... Unless you distract him with toys first, then you can sneak tummy rubs!

And does he have cute toes!! Little gray jelly beans with lots of toe floof sticking out! And don't forget the appeal of extra toes, with the corresponding extra floof! Here, let me shut up and just show you the toes!


Hey! Guess what?? Leo's sisters are featured on today's Twosome Tuesday!! oh please please help get the word out about these girls needing a home of their own! They're so pretty and so sweet and so deserve to be adopted! Just head over to Daily Dose of Dogs (AKA Cats With Your Coffee) and check them out! And all the other kitties in the cathouse still waiting for a home. Waiting for you!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Share for Safety

Today, for some mysterious reason, my niece, the one that lives with us, decided to babysit three little kids from three of her friends. And she decided that the best place to do this was at our house!

Don't get me wrong, I love kids! I previously met two of these kids. A sweet little boy who used to come over a lot and whom I would cheerfully steal from his parents if I thought I could get away with it. An adorable little girl I'd met once before. And a six month old baby girl I'd not met, but heard about often. The boy and girl are both under 4, closer to three I believe but wouldn't swear to.

My house is not baby proof. The twins are the youngest kids I've had around and they're 21! The only toys I have are cat toys. What I'm saying is, there's not a lot to do for active little ones. Netflix movies only entertain for so long.

What they really want, and boy do they want it! Is to play with my kitties! Are you laughing hysterically yet? Star? Play with a child? Star, not shred a little person for getting too close? Ha! Leo, not run and hide and freak out? Ha Ha!

Sorry kids, I won't force my kitties to sit still and let you pet them. You can call me mean if you want, but I don't intend to subject my kitties to, albeit unintentional, torture just because you wanna see the kitty. Learned that lesson ages and ages ago! (Ok, I was 12 or so and excited to show off my kittens and thought my 1 to 3 (cant remember exactly) year old cousin would like to see them. Ever try to pry tiny fingers from around a 3 week old kittens neck? Never, ever again!)

Suffice it to say, we did not see much of the kitties today. Leo did venture down when it was quiet. Lulled into a false sense of security bought by Gnomeo and Juliette induced silence. He quickly realized his mistake and after two circuits of the house successfully evaded them long enough to get upstairs without being seen aided by misdirection from the adults. "I think the kitty went that way! No? Sorry.." Ha

When Greg got home and went upstairs, all we had left was the blissfully, thankfully, sleeping baby, but the cats were not taking any chances. He managed to snap a few pictures of what he found. Now, he has a much better camera on his phone, but wow, these are some bad blurry pictures! I'm still gonna share them....

I believe I told you that lately Star doesn't really care to step paw into our room, though she has surprised us a few times. Well, Greg found her in our room sleeping against the TV Watchin' Wedge Pillow.
Thank Cod you're home, daddy. You won't believe what's going on down there!

 Leo was still king of the bed. Carefully away from all edges because she tries to reach up and smack him. But they were sharing the room!
Leo: Is she looking at me? I feel like she's looking at me. But better her than those miniature humans!
Star: Seriously!

Greg went to clean up, and when he came back to the room, he saw this! They're sharing the bed! No hissing, no fighting! They shared the bed for safety!
Star: He can watch me all he wants, I'm not leaving until those people do.
Leo: I think this is close enough.. don't you?

What's more!! When we went up to bed, Star came back in and was running around her daddy's ankles looking for his attention and to tell him all about her horrible day. But the jig was up, he'd seen her on the bed of her own accord, so she wasn't going to get away with acting like the bed was stolen from her by the barbarian. He picked her up and put her on the bed!

And she stayed! Not only stayed, got lots of pets, but wandered back and forth between him and ME! She headbutted me, demanding pets every time she wandered over! And through it all, Leo stayed, calmly, at the foot of the bed!

I'm trying not to read too much into it. I know they aren't best friends. Yet. But I'm loving what's going on while it lasts!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Freaky Friday

I've got some odds and ends, pictures of weirdness, and weird pictures. So why not just toss several of them at once? Ok, I will!

I'm honestly not sure who this is... I think it's Star, but I cannot swear to it. The light glares too much to see her tiny white spot on her chest, but I almost think I see it.. Well, Leo's super ruff isn't there, but I also don't know when this was taken, but it could have been summer when his fur was thinner.. anyway, hello nosey!

I don't know what this look is about, but Star is the master of weird looks! I still think she's so pretty!

I don't know which is goofier, the look on Leo's face or the way he's sitting! And is he flexing his extra toe on the back or trying to give me the finger in an odd way??

This is a common sight around here, but hard to catch on camera. He's always reaching out for something really fast then looking up at me like, I didn't do nothin'! I love my goofy Leo!

I shudder thinking about sharing this picture... There's just so much mess in the background and I can't crop it all out! I know, I know, there's a Christmas gift bag in the background too... but that's new! We just had a very very late Christmas party! The rest of the mess... inexcusable, I know.
But what a pose! How could I not share that???? I mean, look at the pointy toes! The leg lift! The caught mid lick! All the toe floof! And the thumb! His hand/paw is especially hand-y today!

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Yesterday I wrote about how Star was, after a long absence, getting on our bed again. We've missed her jumping up for pets and lovin'. The fact that she's getting up there again, even for only a few moments, is awesome! The fact that she's doing it even knowing Leo's already there is extra awesome!

I'm thinking about getting some of Jackson Galaxies Peacemaker spray, and I wonder if any of you have used it and if it worked? I know catself has used it and thought it helped. I wonder if it would help with Star and Leo. They are such snots to each other, and yet, we see progress like the bed sharing for a few minutes a day. I'm starting to think they do it just to make me crazy..

Anyway, they did it again! And I got a few pictures. Not together of course, but on the same bed at the same time! Whoo hoo!

Star stayed on the bottom corner on Greg's side, and I mean the CORNER!
Ok, I'm up here like you wanted. Can you throw him off now? Pwease?

 Leo stayed on the top corner on my side. He tried to look relaxed and cool with everything, but he kept his eyes on her!
I see her.. but maybe if I don't move, she won't see me..
Shhh, be vewy quiet, I'm hidin' behind my fevvers.

I think there's hope, but I don't want to get my hopes up! I would love it if one day they shared the bed and maybe even snuggled with each other. But that may be asking too much!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Daddy's Girl

Star loves her daddy. For his part, Greg would like to pretend he doesn't have a soft spot for her, but he betrays himself every day. He talks to her, pets her, goes out of his way to make her happy, goes the extra mile looking for her favorite snack, almost makes himself late for work stopping to pet her in the morning. It goes on and on. Is it any wonder she adores him?

When he's around, I may as well be invisible. Unless I'm eating chicken, but there's only so much chicken a person can eat trying to win the affections of a cat smitten with someone else!

BL, (before Leo), Star used to bug me at night after Greg went to sleep. She'd want pets when she wanted them and had no qualms about laying on my book to get them. Even after Leo showed up, she kept her claim on the bedroom and would spend time laying on me, or my laptop while keeping the room safe from barbarian intrusions.

Leo took his time, but slowly showed Star that he would not be kept from the big soft bed and soon he was sleeping with us and they would take turns. Then it was him more than her. And finally, him only and she wouldn't step foot in the room.

Whereas she used to get her morning pets on the bed, she now gets them on the top of the stairs or downstairs. We couldn't get her into the bedroom with a crowbar any more! Even when Leo wasn't in there! (Unless it was to chase him in, or sneak attack and try to give him a whappity whap, but he's usually too fast to be caught)

Until this weekend. Greg always tries to get her to come in when she's sitting outside the door looking like a lost waif. (She really knows how to play on his sympathies!) She surprised him by coming in and letting him pet her, while she stayed on the floor.

Monday, unbeknownst to me until today, she apparently jumped onto the bed, got a few pets while ignoring Leo sitting on the other side of the bed. She only stayed for a minute or two, but Greg was happy that she even got up there!

Not knowing about Monday, I was thrilled on Tuesday when I got her to come in, thinking I had done something Greg hadn't been able to! After I got up and went to the other side of the bed, Leo moved to lean against my pillow. I saw Star in the doorway and called her, not thinking she'd come, but wanting her to know she was wanted anyway. And she came in!

I reached down to give her a pet and she jumped up on the bed! She noticed Leo, and then turned her back on him to lay on the bottom corner of the bed. She has always liked to lay or sit just far enough away that you have to lean to pet her. Part of her ornery nature I suppose.. Why make anything easy on the lowly humans, right?

So she sat there for a few minutes, then left. I was so happy to tell Greg and brag that *I* had been the one to get her back onto the bed. And that was when he said he'd done it the day before.. *sigh* Well, at least she condescended to let me pet her anyway.

Here's a picture of her standing on her daddy's knee. See the tiny paws drilling into his leg? For such a little kitty, she sure knows how to put her imprint on people!
This is my daddy. He's been claimed.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Award and Tagged!

ThreeCatYard gave us The All Around Wonderful Blog Award! Wow, Thank you so much! I happen to think their blog is wonderful so having them think mine is, is pretty amazing!

Here’s the rules of this award:

1. You must be a follower of my blog.

2. You must link the award back to my blog.

3. You must pass the award on to three other blogs.

We’re going to give this award to:

The Monkeys

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Fur Everywhere


We’ve also been tagged! Lars and Odin of Bengal Business tagged us and we have to answer 10 questions now!

Here they are:

#1. Describe yourself in seven words. Leo: Funny Frenzied Formerly Feral Fluff-a-licious Fanatic Furball
Star: Sweet, Ornery, Softest, Spoiled, Sassy, Finicky, Dainty

#2. What keeps you up at night?
Leo: Nothing. Well, when daddy gets twitchy in the middle of the night, that kinda bugs me. Or when mommy rolls around too much. Other than that, I sleep allllllll night long between them.
Star: People walking back and forth to the bathroom, passing my warm sleepy spot. But I make them refresh my special water glass, so it works out.

#3. Who would I like to be?
Star: Queen of the World. No, Queen of the Universe!
Leo: SuperCat!

 #4. What am I wearing right now?
Leo: Gray Fluff and a hoodie Stringy!
Star: The softest gray fur in the world.

#5. What scares me?
Star: Strangers at the door. Or even people I know at the door.
Leo: Princess HissyFace when she’s in one of her "moods"

#6. The best and worst of blogging.
Both: Meeting all kinds of new furry friends and their humans is the best. The worst is when you can’t think of what to write!

 #7. The last website I visited. because we can’t find cupcake wars!

#8. What one thing would I like to change about myself?
Leo: Mommy says I should change not liking having my tummy rubbed, but I think the only thing I need changed is her obsession with my tummy! Does that count?
Star: Nothing, I’m perfect as I am!

#9. Slankets, yes or no?
Leo: slankets, snuggies, blankeys, comforters, anything warm and soft I can sleep on is fine by me!
Star: Sure, why not, I like to sleep on warm things too.

#10. Tell us something about the person who tagged you.
Leo: They’re young and fun like me! I’d love to play with them!
Star: They both have great eyes and very pretty furs.

The following is the list of blogs we're tagging:

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If you’ve already been tagged, you don’t have to do it again.

But if you wanna play.. YOU’RE IT!!

Friday, February 10, 2012


Wh.. what's goin' on? I can't get in my bed!

It's all full of toys!

Hey, I haven't seen that one in a while.. Maybe I can knock them outta here..

Thanks for emptyin' my bed! It's so comfy!

Hmm? I know the scratchy's behind me, wasn't I just sittin' on it?
I's just stretchin' in the toys, not scratchin' them anyway, sheesh!

Toys, toys, toys! I loves me some toys! *chomp*

Wonder if I sit on them if they'll hatch some new ones. Worth a shot anyway!
Mousies 'n fedders 'n balls 'n kickys. Mousies 'n fedders 'n balls 'n kickys!
Whatcha gonna hatch fer me?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Smart Kitty

Cats are smart right? They learn stuff and remember. So should I be surprised and amazed at Leo’s newest trick. Not that trick is the right word, but I don’t know what to call it!

When we head upstairs at night, I take a while getting ready for bed and Greg goes to the bedroom where Leo is either waiting or soon follows. While they are waiting for me, they usually play, what they usually play with is Leo’s hoodie string. I think you KNOW how much he loves that stringy!

Greg says he went in, sat on the bed and looked over at Leo. Leo waited until he saw Greg looking at him, then he reached over and patted the stringy!

Seriously? Did he learn? Is he saying "Hey daddy, time to play stringy!" Or am I crazy? Is Greg crazy? Or was this a huge coincidence?? I honestly don’t know, but I’m on pins and needles to see if it happens again tomorrow night!

I’ve got a video for you today. What you will not see in this video is a cat. "What’s that?" you say, "No cat on a cat blog? How can this be?"

It can be because there’s a cat IN the video, but you will not SEE him. "Andrea," you might continue, "We do not believe in invisible cats!"

No problem! Neither do I. I do believe that kitties like to play under sheets. Ah ha, now you’re getting the picture, right! So let me discontinue the pretend conversation to tell you what happened.

Leo, now that he’s discovered the joys of being between the sheets, goes under there almost daily now. If you don’t let him in, he will paw at the edges trying to get himself in! I thought the sheets were fairly thick, but I think he can see through them, at least a little.

He knows where his feather toy and Stringy are and will usually head in that direction. And yes, we sleep with the feather ball toy and the Stringy in the bed. How else do you think he keeps them safe from that thief Star?

(Don’t feel bad for Star, she’s got her very favorite butterfly toy as well as every other toy since Leo rarely goes downstairs at night)

I have seen Leo try to play with his toys from under the sheets, and I finally caught it on video! While I was trying to get my phone into video mode, he moved both the stringy and the feather ball about two feet across the bed into Greg’s legs. Never woke him up either.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Da Bird!

Ok, it's only half of a Da Bird, but that's because my kitties are rough on feathers! Especially Leo!

First up is Leo! He was feeling a little lazy, laying on the Royal Footstool and waiting for it to come to him. He does get really wild and catches some air while playing, but I need a second person to man the camera for those and I don't usually have anyone when he's feeling playful!

I gotcha fedders!

Hey.. where'd it go?

Oh, there you are fedders!


Sorry Leo, Star wants to play too...
Star: If I ignore him, he's not there and I can play.
Leo: Hey! My fedders!

Caught it. Just try to get it back..

Got it again, this is too easy!

I'm lulling it into a false sense of security before I strike again..

Once again, I have proven that it is indeed MINE. So there!

Cloony, Leo is indeed Leo the Chinese Lion (his full name), a Winnie's Wish kitty from Chrystal's Daily Dose of Dogs (AKA Cats With Your Coffee)!
That's why I'm so so so want people to go over there and think about adopting a kitty! Not only are they great kitties, but in adopting from Chrystal you save two lives! The kitty you adopted, saved from a horrible fate by that amazing family of rescuers, but you also save a kitty who will take it's place in the cathouse! So please, if anyone knows anyone who might want a kitty, send them to Chrystal!