Friday, April 27, 2012


Way back on April 12th.. oh my gosh is it really the 27th already? Spitty the Kitty tagged us with the ABC award. I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I’ve totally lost track of time.. but I still want to do this!

I have to come up with an adjective for every letter of the alphabet that describes my kitties! I thought about doing only one kitty, but really, how would I choose? So I’m going to really tax my befuddled, drug fried, sleepy brain and do them both!

Leo’s words will be in Blue and Star’s will be in Red.

A is for Acrobat and Agitated

B is for Bonkers and Beautiful

C is for Crazy and Cranky

D is for Dangle (off the edge of anything) and Daddy’s (completely daddy’s girl)

E is for Effervescent and Elegant

F is for Featherboy and Fractious

G is for Goofball and Glamorous

H is for Heart-kitty and Haughty

I is for Instigator and Intractable

J is for Jolly and Jealous

K is for Klingy and Kid-gloves (as in what you must handle her with)

L is for Lover and Lovely

M is for Mine! and Mullish

N is for Nutty and Noisy

O is for Overboard and Obstinate

P is for Purry and Purry

Q is for Quirky and Queenly

R is for Rebounder and Regal

S is for Stringy-freak and Snorer

T is for Tease and Tumultuous

U is for Upsidedown and Undersized

V is for Vroom! and Variable

X is for XY (um, because he’s a boy..) and XIII (13, hee hee)

Y is for Young and Yeller

Z is for Zanny and Zapper

So to pass it on I think I would love to see Katnip Lounge try this.. I don’t know if they would do one for each kitty, pick one kitty or give two letters to each kitty, but I’m dying to see!

Please pardon me for not passing it on to any others, I really have mush for brains and cannot think of who to choose. Trust me, it was really taxing just to come up with some of the letters for my babies!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Normalcy Ha!

So back to blogging normalcy lasted all of one day! Then I had my MRI. Well, before my MRI I could not wake up all day. I got up, got down stairs, and slept on the couch waking up just long enough to take more drugs. Leo loved it, he got lots of snuggling time.

The MRI was a nightmare! They asked us to come early, 7:30 instead of 8:30, which was fine because it was night and I was tired anyway. Then they weren't quite ready, then the machine didn't work and when they tried to get me out of it, it kept stalling. Coming to a stop with a jerk. Let me tell you how much my back LOVED that! owie... They tried again, but nope. They had to call in a tech, so I had to sit on the thing (cause laying down was killing my back) until that person showed up. And guess what? I didn't figure I'd be there when it was pill time so I didn't take them with me!

The tech showed up and they got it working. (just like a computer, if all else fails, shut it off!) They said you'll be in there for 31 minutes. Ok, I can do that. HA! I had my arms over my head and after so long I felt like my shoulders were going to literally fall off. I told them that I had to move and in between scans, they let me. I don't  know how many scans they did, but she said only two more. And then they started counting down the minutes for me. I think I started crying but I cant be sure. Finally they got me out and Greg said I'd been in there for just over an hour! No wonder my arms hurt! Not to mention my back.. I couldn't even stand up straight when we left.

So there was no way there was going to be a post yesterday! I wasn't sure I'd do one tonight, but the drugs are working again so what the heck! Who wants to see some kitties? I do I do! Oh, that brings me to: sorry I haven't been visiting much, I've been trying to read when I'm awake, and comment when I can, but if I've missed you, it's not because I want to, and I will get to you as soon as I can keep my eyes open for more than five minutes!

So kitties!

Look who's not so afraid of Mirror Cat any more!

I know he's back there. But he doesn't seem to bother me...

Besides, if I give him my back, he gives me his. It all works out!

Ok, I don't have a picture of Star to share, but this is funny anyway. Leo was on the bed, playing a little, but mostly done and laying there with his paw on his stringy. Star jumped up on the bed. Ok, crawled. She doesn't jump so much any more 'cause she's getting old. But he saw her come up, jumped to his feet, grabbed the red stringy and ran with it! No way was she gettin' his toy!

I found it on the floor by my side of the bed later, but Leo was under the bed. Probably with the stringy that he accidentally took off with. I'm glad he didn't take this one and stash it with his hoard!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Attempting Normalcy

This is how I feel lately..

I have never understood people who do drugs for recreation, and having done a lot of these awful drugs for the back pain, I understand even less. Who wants to feel all foggy and weird and just plain icky ON PURPOSE???? Feels like my brain is in neutral. Thoughts flitter in and out of my head with alarming frequency and I fall asleep at the drop of a hat. I don't like it at all. I like the pain even less.

But you know what? I'm tired of not blogging. So, if you can put up with weirdness, which I will try to edit out when I notice it, and weird spelling, which I will try to fix with spell check, then I will try to post and try very hard to make it make sense.

Here goes.

We've had several nice sunny days, a few where we can open doors and windows and the kitties love it. Star especially, she will crawl over anything to get to the sunbeam. Funny thing is, she doesn't like to sit directly in the doorway when she wants to get the wiffies. She sits back on the carpet, about three feet from the door, until some critter comes by, then she charges to it.

Ok, this is going to seem like a random change of subject, but you'll see where I'm going soon. I hope.

What is it with goofy Leo that he had the WHOLE Royal Footstool to lay on and he lays on the edge? Half falling off??

Does this look comfortable? I mean, I know he's a large cat. Huge. Bigger than the average kitty! But there's is clearly room for all of his giant body on that footstool. Which is really more of a hassock or ottoman in size, but anyway there is room.

So he's all, sleeping on the far side and the door is open and the sun is beaming in and Star wants the sun. So she moved over to the edge of the sunbeam.

Which just happens to be right next to the Royal Footstool. She takes a bath in her sunpuddles. All but ignorant of who lurks above on the other side.

But he becomes aware of her lickity lick licking down there.

Ut oh, this not a good thing! He's all ears down and ooo she's gonna get me. But wait, no, she doesn't see me, that means I can get her! Bwhahaha! But I put my hand on his back, which I do when he looks like he's thinking of doing something bad and it usually stops him. For a while anyway. Sometimes I have to put my hand on him a couple times.

This time when I put my hand on him, it alerted Star to what was going on. Another not a good thing. Maybe even less good. Because no hand on the back or any other thing can stop Star when she's bent on teaching the barbarian a lesson.

I had to put the camera down at this point because I was sure a battle royale was about to begin. Star was going to try to be good, probably because I was right there. So she went back to licking, but still had her 'I'm gonna get you sucka' ears on. Leo couldn't take it, and before I could put my hand on his back again, he reached down and poked the bear! Noooooo!

Too late! Growling hissing and whap whap whapping happened before I could blink and Leo, the victim.. RAN like the hounds of hell were on his heels. And she was let me tell you! Not that she's a hound.. so I guess the feline of hell was on his heels!

There was a great thundering up the stairs. I assume at this point that Leo dived under the bed because that's his go-to spot when running from that mean ol' pussy cat who chases him for no reason at all. Except that we've discovered that a lot of these chases start by him poking her in the butt when she doesnt see him... hmm.... Not always, but enough times that I'm not totally buying his poor picked on kitty routine all the time.

Anyway, Star was back downstairs in less than five minutes without the sounds of a horrible kitty fight. Leo showed up about half an hour later, slinking in, hugging the edges of the room before leaping onto me and snuggling. I swear he was almost smirking... but then, that could have been the drugs, no?

Friday, April 20, 2012

Darn it update

Not much better here. Worse maybe. I've never had back pain like this. I've been in the ER twice and then to see the doctor. The vicodin and felxoril did nothing really. And I swear they are placebos! So on the second trip to the ER they gave me perkaset and Valium. I didn't know Valium was also a muscle relaxer. They help some, but boy they make me weird. Like, did you know staring at the wall is endlessly fascinating?

Leo has tried to help in his way... he likes to jump on the bed by landing smack in the middle of my back and then jumping off. Scares me awake in normal circumstances, but with this back issue, it's made me scream. Let me tell you, no one appreciates that in the dead of night!

So last night, I think he kind of sort of tried to be more careful.. He jumped up next to me, not on me, and carefully, slowly walked across my back. Yeah, it still hurt but not as bad as being jumped on by a giant kitty! So good kitty Leo. I wonder if he'll continue that after I get better?

Speaking of getting better, I have an MRI on Tuesday, looking for, I guess compressed disks or something. By the time they got around to discussing all that I was on morphine and some kind of weird shot that made the walls move while I was in the ER... I should ask Greg what they said probably..

Anyway, I feel like I'm rambling and not making any sense so I'm gonna toss in a few old pictures. mostly because I haven't really gotten any new ones..

Star: This is my concerned face. Who's going to give me treats if you don't get better?

Leo: I'll figure out what's wrong with mommy! As soon as I figure out which side is up on this book..

By the way, please dont forget to head over to daily dose, she could use help homing some kitties and her book would be a great read, and a great gift!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Darn it

I don't think I'm going to be posting for a day or two. I threw out my back somehow. My doctor couldn't fit me in and sent me to the ER and after four hours they gave me vicodin and muscle relaxers and I'm feeling quite loopy. I don't trust myself to write anything that makes any kind of sense and even this I'm reading a few times to see if it makes sense.. I think I'm ok so far..

anyway, instead of reading my weirdness, how about heading over to Chrystal's and read her great stories?? And think about buying her book and adopting a kitty! Or see if you think someone you know would be able to adopt, cause those kitties need homes, like now! Oh, here's the link daily dose

ok, and because I'm not totally wonked out I'm gonna post an old kitty picture just for the heck of it!



Saturday, April 14, 2012


Can you believe it?? One year ago I wrote my first ever blog about how I'd just adopted Leo the Chinese Lion from Chrystal! I can't believe it!

I had never thought about blogging, ever! Even though I loved loved loved reading kitty blogs every day. But when people on Chrystal's blog found out that I was adopting him, they kept saying I should blog so they could keep track of Leo. I was surprised really, then intrigued, then I said, what the heck, I'll try it!

Then I met so many wonderful people! And I found so many more blogs! It was like, wow, there's a whole bunch of other people out there as crazy about cats as I am! Cool! So I was hooked! Now I can't imagine not blogging and I have all of you to thank for it!

I know I recently shared in two separate posts about how I got Leo, first for the share your kitten pictures day and then for Leo's gotcha day. And before that, his birthday. So I'm not going to go into that again. You're welcome to scroll through my archives if you want to read about that, especially that first week or so of posts last year.

Right now, I just wanna celebrate!

Come on and celebrate with us!

One way I'm gonna celebrate is by buying Chrystal's book! Please please scroll down and read about it in yesterday's post! And click over to her blog, Daily Dose, and read about it there too! She does so much for hurting and feral and abandoned animals, and by buying her book, you can help her help them.

Friday, April 13, 2012


Oh my gosh! Look!!!!

Chrystal wrote a book!!

You know Chrystal! She's the woman, the amazing woman, who saved, rescued and tamed my formerly feral Leo the Chinese Lion!!

She wrote a book about her private rescue! And guess what?? If you buy one, and seriously, who wouldnt want one! If you buy one, it benefits the kitties!!!!! She'll use the money from each book sold to save more kitties and doggies!!!

So please, please, please consider buying one! It's a huge book of great stories of rescues! I'm getting mine ASAP, and I hope they run out and have to make a second printing really quick!

And who is that on the cover? Is that Winnie of Winnie's Wish, the campaign to adopt out the cat house cats?!! I think so! Leo is a Winnie's Wish kitty!

Here's the link to the place you can buy the book:  Yes, you can buy it on amazon and other places, but if you buy from the publisher, she gets twice the dollars for the rescue! So head over to Chrystal's blog, daily dose of dogs (aka cats with your coffee) and read what she says about it, then head on over and buy your copy!

Spitty, dear sweet King Spitty, tagged us on the ABC thingie and we will have that on monday! (or tuesday depending on how our weekend goes again) Thank you King Spitty!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Red Means Go, Green Means Stop!

As we left yesterday, Leo had spied a new stringy! Or did he?

New Stringy?

This stringy moves!

Stringy keeps coming out of this bag!

Where you goin' New Green Stringy?

Oh no, Stringy is actually going up onto twin 1's lap and being crocheted into an afghan!
Stringy just keeps movin', slidin' out of the bag and runnin' away!

I hear ya callin' me mom, just wait til I figure out the stringy!

Poor Leo, he wasn't allowed to put the bitey on the stringy that is not a stringy. This string COULD be swallowed and could cause him all kinds of problems. So after we got a few cute pictures, he was removed from the situation and the yarn is being kept in that ziplock out of reach so he can't get hold of it. He'll have to be content with his thick, difficult to fray, red stringies.

Speaking of his new red stringy.. The goof jumped off the bed with it draped over his tail and must have been freaked out by it because he ran immediately under the bed! With the Stringy.. which is now trapped under there because we'd have to remove the drawers or something to get it out. Sigh

Guess it's a good thing we have four of them but I didn't think I'd be breaking out another one so soon! I still have hope that he'll drag it out of there sometime soon. He does like to walk around with them after all..

In this instance, red means go, green means stop! Stringy color-wise anyway.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cabinet Capers

Wow did we have a long weekend! I can't believe it's Wednesday already! I've hardy got any new pictures of the kitties. So I'll give you a couple that, while they may not be the best pictures, are still kitties and still cute! MOL

You know that display cabinet that we got and that got broken the day we brought it home? The other day Star was trying to get away from her daddy's disapproval of her latest whap attack on Leo and she kind of slunk into the cabinet through the missing glass door.

Um, guess what, Star, we can still see you in there!
No you can't. And I didn't whap anybody either. Barbarian's don't count.

I'll crouch down. Now you can't see me.

Then tonight, Leo was looking for a vantage point to keep an eye on Star and he made his way into the cabinet! But you know who lives in the cabinet? That's right. Mirror Cat! Leo's arch nemesis! An even bigger nemesis than Star! That's why I only got one shot of him in there, and a bad one at that.. Oh, and please note that there's a Mirror Star glaring at him too!
Mirror cat AND two Princess Hissyface's?! I'm so outta here!!


I may seem vulnerable down here, but at least I can see Hissyface coming.. and Mirror Cat is no where to be seen! What was that!? Is that a stringy?

Hmm, find out the answer to that tomorrow!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Floofy Friday

Guess what? Guess what?? Maru has a stringy! Coulda knocked me over with a feather when I saw his post today! Check it out! How awesome is that? Leo has something in common with arguably the most famous cat in Japan!

On to floofy Friday!

Sorry there's no modesty tail, King Spitty, but Leo likes to just let it all hang out.. Young brash young mancat and all..

Hope you all have a great, fluffy, fun filled weekend!

If you have time this weekend, please stop over at Chrystals Daily Dose of Dogs (AKA Cats With Your Coffee) and check out the kitties up for adoption. They really really really need your help finding a home! Consider a donation if you can also. Every dollar helps maintain the kitties until they can get their forever home. Today is also the last day to get a brick in the Winnie's Wish Walkway, the profits from those also go to the kitties.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

More New Stringy

So before the new red stringies went upstairs, I had to cut and tie the ends of them downstairs. Of course this attracted a lot of attention! Greg managed to get a few shots on his phone and I stole it tonight so I could get them off of it.

As an aside here.. Isn't everyone else's phone but yours annoying? Don't you just hate trying to figure out how to do the simplest things that you can do on your own phone in like seconds?! Argh! His is frustrating and annoying! I, frankly, don't know how he can stand it.. And it's not even purple like mine, for which I gladly put up with worse pictures! Ah the superiority of one's own phone..

But I digress..

So after I had the stringies all ready, I could not just put them away, could I? Heck no! Star and Leo about went bananas playing with all four at once! And even played quite close to each other! Leo is on the Royal Footstool and Star is on the floor.

*whappiy whappity whap whap!* Too many to bat at!

Leo: I'm sittin' on mine!
Star: Me too!

Star: Ha! I got one away from her!

Leo: Hey... I think you got the best one!

Star: They're all the same, fuzz for brains..
Leo: *chomp!*

I've had comments before about them playing with their stringy and that it might be dangerous, so I thought I'd address that now. These aren't really string strings. They're cords really, the type you find in hoodie hoods or sweatpants. They're not thin, and the kitties really can't swallow them. Leo does chew on his and will occasionally drop it off the bed or carry it back onto the bed.

The old blue stringy was bitten mostly through in a few spots and I ripped it and tied it back together, and other spots I just tied knots over the chewed spots. There aren't any bits falling off for them to chew or swallow and the parts that I tore off were far too large to swallow.

Other string type toys downstairs are only used with a person, they don't get to play or chew on thin strings. The downstairs red cord stringy is tucked away with those other toys, for use with a person. Leo sleeps with his cord stringy, mostly he just lays on it or keeps a paw on it. It's his stringy baby, MOL!

Thank you for your concern, I do appreciate wanting to keep kitties safe!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I'm Afraid It's Frayed

You might have noticed.. We've gone Orange for April!


You all know Leo's stringy? He sleeps with it, he loves it, he has chewed it almost to bits. It came off of someone's hoodie, niece 1's I think. Star loves it too, and stole it once. But it's Leo's. As it's been chewed to bits, I've tied knots in it to hold it together. But it's gotten pretty bad. It gets full of fur too so it's quite disgusting.

I've been looking to replace it for a while, but no one wants to sacrifice their hoodie for poor Leo. What's the next best thing? Corded hoodie type string at the fabric store! Lucky, (I think) for us, our Joann Fabrics is moving and everything is on sale. Of course, there's not much good left now that it's down to 75% off... But they did have red and blue hoodie string!

Leo's old stringy is blue, so we got him red! And since it was on a good sale, we got four yards, meaning we have four new stringies! He can chew to his hearts content, there's another one waiting in the wings! And another and another!

What do you mean 'stringy is ratty'?? It's perfect!

OH! What is this!

Ok, NOT ratty, I get it now! Wow!

Hey! What you doin' with my old stringy??

I gotta chew on this one for a while.... nom nom nom

Argh! It's gettin' away!

I got you now, new stringy!

 Daddy played with him with the stringy for a while, and he loved it! Went wild! I said, great, he wont miss the old one! But Greg said why would he miss it? Because we're getting rid of that ratty old thing!
Oh no, Greg said, he can have both.. After all, he loves his old stringy! Argh!

zzzz ...I sleeps wif both of them.. Star no get... zzzz

Whisper: oh yes she can. I'll show those pictures another day!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Solar Powered Star

Star is solar powered. She lives for sun puddles. She tracks the sun across the living room all afternoon on sunny days. We haven't had a lot of sunny days, and it's been too cool to open the windows. What happened to those few great days when it was so nice and warm and sunny?? Was that it for spring?

Well, there was one day that I kept taking pictures of her as she tracked the sun. She's just so cute! She rolls around like a kitten and rubs on anything that's in the sunshine! I wish I'd gotten some pictures of when the sun was only on the boxes, she was doing everything in her power to get up there, including pushing some flaps down to make a flat surface!

I'm a sun angel, see how I glow?

Now this is real sun bathing! *lick lick lick*

Do you have a stapler? I need something to keep this sunbeam from moving.

I give today's sunpuddle an 8. It's bright enough, but it's partly blocked by that chair and those annoying boxes.

More sun bath time.. before it gets completely hidden!

Alas poor Sunbeam, I hardly knew ye. And now my legs and half my back are shadowed. *sigh* See you tomorrow, Sunbeam? Please? I hope I hope!