Thursday, May 26, 2016

Glitter and Cashmere's Gotcha Day!

Can you believe it?! It's been TWO years! I can't believe it's been that long! And I can't believe that they haven't been here forever!

Two years ago we drove, for the second time, eight hours down to Illinois to get some furry love. Two of Leo's sisters had been adopted, and then returned, and needed a good home badly. Even though we were worried about what Star would think (she still hated Leo after three years!) but their need outweighed our concern. Star adjusted to Leo, she'd adjust to the girls. (Actually, she reacted better to the girls than she did with the boy, and put up with them better.)

Here's the first picture I took of the girls. The ride home was just awful, poor Glitter did NOT do well in the van so I could not hold them on the ride as I had done with Leo. Cashmere, who was the shy one, wound up sort of bonding with me because I could pet her easily through the cage and did so often. Glitter sat on the other side drooling and mewing pathetically; I felt so bad for her! I tried to pet her too, but she was not happy about it and it felt like I was intruding so I mostly let her be, poor baby.

And here they are moments after arriving at our home, their forever home! Glitter already felt MUCH better, perked up and was very curious about what was outside of the cage.

After all the good vibes on the trip home and the pets and purrs, Cashmere reverted to very shy scaredy cat and mostly hid from us. This was taken at a great distance, across the living room, down the hall, through the kitchen, past the dishwasher she was hiding behind, but I got her! She ran of course.

And this is Glitter doing her 'drive by' petting. She'd come trotting out into the living room, bash her head into someone's leg, get a few pets and then trot back out of the room. Other than that, we didn't see a lot of her for a few days, then she discovered soft chairs and cat trees!

They were still nervous, but very interested in this toy, so they came out to play. They kept their eye on us though and were prepared to run if they had to. They were playful, but not relaxed in our presence. This was probably a month or so in.

Months later, Finally! I'd call this relaxed and playful! They were happy, and most important, feeling at HOME!

This, I love! This was sent to me when I was in rehab for my legs last year. Leo in the back, Glitter in the middle, and Cashmere in front. All the siblings happy to be together!

I know you all know that these three are from Winnie's Wish, Chrystal's blog Daily Dose of Dogs (AKA Cats with your Coffee). And I know you all know that there are lots of needs over there! They are full up and in desperate need of GREAT homes for adoptions! They can always always use Wish List items and Donations! And you can find where to buy her book on her side bar, and I just know you'll love it! If you want to see how these three, and their three siblings, came to her, you'll find that in the book!!

So you know what I'm going to ask, if you can, please give or use the wish list. If you can, adopt. Please please share the adoptable kitties on any social media you can. All you have to do is click a kitty on the sidebar and share their post, the hover your mouse over the words "share this" on the right just before comments, and choose where you will share! Easy peasy! Ask your friends to share your share too please, because you never know who's going to be the one who knows the perfect home!

Thank you all!!!

Happy Gotcha Day to my sweet girls, cuddly Cashmere and glamorous Glitter!

Happy birthday, dear caring Chrystal! We hope your vacation was/is wonderful and can't wait for June when you start blogging again! I cannot thank you enough for, first, giving me my Leo, my heart kitty, and then giving me his sweet loving sisters! You've made my family complete with all of the furry love!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Two for Tuesday; Momma Monday and Clover

I had not realized that the Opt to Adopt Blog Hop had ended! What a shame! Because I think it did help get the word out about adorable adoptable kitties!

I'm still going to share some adoptable Winnie's Wishers though, because I just don't know any other way to help find great homes. So I'm asking you all to share this post! Lets get as many eyes on these wonderful Winnie's Wishers as we can. You never know, you might be the link that gets a great kitty into a wonderful forever home!

This week I'm sharing two wonderful Winnie's Wish Kitties! A mom and her daughter, who love each other so much that they need to find a home together!
So my Two for Tuesday is Momma Monday and Clover!

 Sweet little Clover

Darling Momma Monday

Isn't this the cutest pair of tortie/torbie/calicos ever?? Please help find them a forever home together!

They may take some extra patience and time to adjust, but they will make a wonderful fur family for some lucky person/people! Won't you please share them so their forever can start soon?

Read more about them HERE

 Contact Chrystal to adopt! (, kitties can be transported across the country and even into Canada!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Pole Dancer

Cashmere does this thing on the top platform of the blue tree. She spins herself around the pole that connects it to the ceiling. The way she rolls around and spins and generally acts like a nut.. makes you think you can almost hear the music!

I've tried to capture this pole dance many times but she always seems to stop. Just like a cat... I really wish I could get it on video because it's cute as heck and she moves around so fast! I worry that she's going to fall off the thing..

The first two pictures here were at night, and from a distance. All of these pictures are from a distance, some with zoom, some without, and all are blurry and dark. I've done my best with sharpen and brighten, but well.. I still think the cute outweighs the bad picture aspect.

..And spin, and grip the shelf with one foot on top and one on bottom, and.. Whoops.. LASERS ON!

Watching a girl practice.. how rude!

Next I caught her during the day, and of course had sun light issues..

Pole spin! Da da, da da. Da da, da da..

Lay down spin, boom boom boom!

Do a little turn on the cat walk! Whoo!

Roll spin! Bada bada, Bada bada, bomp bomp bomp!

And now we strut!

Oh yeah, struttin' on the catwalk! Bomp bomp bomp!

Oh. Were you watching me again?

Show's over.. Buh by

Little brat! Isn't she a nut?
We hope you all have a fun weekend, full of dancing, singing, and of course, naps!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Throw Back Thursday

This post was from May 17, 2013. Leo was very interested in a visitor!

It was called:
Cardinal Rules
With the warmer weather the door and windows have been open a lot. And of course there have been visitors. Leo loves visitors.

This red guy for one.

Oh hello Mr. Red. Why don't you come closer?

Hey, I said closer, where are you going?

I can follow you, you know, Mr. Red..

I can still see you! Oh, uh, don't mind the drool, it just means that I like you. Now hop up here and join me for dinner...

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Opt to Adopt Pippin!

This week the Winnie's Wisher I'm sharing is a darling tuxie boy!

He is a playful guy and would do well with other kitties already in a home. Or he has buddies he could bring with him. He's so easy going that he'll be fine either way! All he really needs and wants is a home and family and person all his own! Is it you? Or maybe you can share and help find that special person for him?

Just look at this face! Too cute!

Read more about Pippin HERE

Contact Chrystal to adopt! (, kitties can be transported across the country and even into Canada!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Mancat Monday

Hey, um, tryin' to sleep here.. I know I'm being silly with the tail, but it's nap time, so stop squeeing please!

Sorry Leo, can't help it! I'll try to squee quietly.

Have you ever seen a kitty do this? I thought it was adorable! Leo has his tail tucked under him, by way of under the shelf he's sitting on! He was not waving it around, it was just folded up there like that for the longest time!
That's my silly boy!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Fluffy Friday

Glitter: While we're getting ready for weekend naps, you may admire my floofy tummy if you want.

And friends, this is a tummy that you're ALLOWED to rub! In fact, she makes tummy rub demands, so if you start, you're going to have to continue until she decides you can stop.
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

A Little Hammock Silliness

Leo was being a silly billy in the Ham-mock the other day. I mean, look at him! Can you see the goofy-ness in him?

What's that? Why do I gots my paw through the little opening at the corner?

'Cause... Why not??

Hey, gimme that camera!

Whacha mean "no"?? Why I oughta...

Aw, come on, put your hand back there. I won't smack it. Honest! Heh heh heh

Okie dokie, I gots my paw through the corner bit, I'm lookin' ta smack some camera, I gots wild looks in my eyes. Same ol' Same ol'! Right!

That's my boy!

No cameras were harmed during the filming of this series. Much to Leo's displeasure!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Opt to Adopt Traci Mae

I've shared Traci Mae many times. She's a sweet girl who really needs her own home. Just recently got adopted!! And then... returned less than a day later. Through absolutely NO fault of her own! This was not about Traci Mae but about an indecisive, and obviously not great, home. So please, help find this sweet girl a home of her own, a FOREVER HOME!
I'm reposting what I've said about her before because I think it's very relevant. Please, have compassion on this kitty and help however you can!

 I see on Facebook so many times people saying this cat or that dog has been in a shelter for 200 or 300 days and I think, wow, that's a long time!

But sweet Traci Mae, who is now around eight years old I think, has been in shelters most of her life.

That means Traci Mae has been in one shelter or another for around/over 2,920 days!
(There abouts, that's 8 years not counting leap years, and not sure exactly when she went into her first shelter before winding up with the Winnie's Wish Shelter and Rescue)

Surely you can agree that that's long enough? Please share this sweet kitty so she can get her very own family and a home of her own!
This is her poster from last Christmas, not this one that just past, but from 2014. I think she looks very cute there.
I made this one, spelled her name wrong, just noticed that.. but it's also from over a year ago.
It sorta says it though. Traci Mae wants to be petted. She wants someone to love her and pet her and give her the attention she deserves! Can you help find her people?
She can be bullied easily, so it would be nice if she were either an only kitty or with other mild mannered kitties.
This might be the most recent picture of her and I love it! What a sweet face! Look at that little gray chin! She's adorable! She needs someone to snuggle!
Traci Mae does have an issue with having a runny eye, but that could clear up with a change in diet that is not possible in a shelter situation. It doesn't stop her from being a sweet little love bug though!
She has a lot of years of love to give to the right, wonderful, person/family!
Read more about Traci Mae HERE
Contact Chrystal to adopt! (

Please share her everywhere so she can FINALLY have a home of her own!

Remember, kitties can be transported across the country and even into Canada!

(if the blog hop gets put up, I'll add it here later)

Monday, May 9, 2016

Mancat Monday

Apparently it was a good weekend for sleeps.

Leo: zzzzzzZZZZzzzzzzZZZZ

Pardon how dark and grainy this is, it was taken in shadows from across the room. But he's just so cute and fluffy! Couldn't help it, had to take the picture!
Bonus, from across the room it didn't wake him up!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Sun or Shade

Most kitties like sun puddles. But sometimes, apparently, they also like shade. I thought this was an adorable example of how different kitties like different sleep spots at the same time.

Note that there are plenty of places to sleep in the sun streaming in from this particular window, but they each chose differently. Glitter chose the shade of the Glitter Grotto and Leo chose the sun of the lower platform.

Leo: Ah, warmth.
Glitter: Ah, darkness.

Got the flash to light up the darkness of the Grotto.
Glitter: Turn out the lights, I'm trying to nap here!

Waited for the sun to get a little clouded over to see Leo clearly.
Leo: Bring back my sun shine, I'm trying to nap here!

What's on tap for your weekend, sun or shade? Hopefully lots of naps either way!