Thursday, May 19, 2016

Throw Back Thursday

This post was from May 17, 2013. Leo was very interested in a visitor!

It was called:
Cardinal Rules
With the warmer weather the door and windows have been open a lot. And of course there have been visitors. Leo loves visitors.

This red guy for one.

Oh hello Mr. Red. Why don't you come closer?

Hey, I said closer, where are you going?

I can follow you, you know, Mr. Red..

I can still see you! Oh, uh, don't mind the drool, it just means that I like you. Now hop up here and join me for dinner...


Mr Puddy said...

tee..heh..heh..Leo, you are a pawsitive pawson !
Happy Catitude =^x^=
Have a great day my friend

Eastside Cats said...

Leo, did Mr. Red come closer?

Summer said...

What a cool visitor! We don't get the likes of him where I live.

Sasha said...

my human was hoping the little bird was safe. I thought: lunch snack.

pilch92 said...

That is what drooling means :) MOL!