Sunday, September 29, 2013

Happy Happy Moose

Sir Moose-a-lot Roadkill Goodyear Thunderbottom is a happy happy cat today! His daddy, my dad, is home from the hospital! Moose was so happy to see him that he nearly jumped into my sisters car when he was trying to get out!

Every time daddy moved his wheelchair, he'd put his hand down and Moose was right there. He followed him everywhere as if he were afraid to let him out of his sight again. He slept in his home hospital bed, on the tilted part, upside down, just to stay near him. Now that's a devoted daddy's boy, no?

We're all glad to have dad home. He's got a lot of work ahead of him getting back on his feet, but he's determined that it will not take the year they predict it will take to walk again. And that determination is half the battle. Radiation is done, chemo is to come, and we're all praying that no more of the nasty C shows up anywhere else. We're grateful for today, and thankful for everyone of you who purr and pray and send good thoughts. Thank you!

Moose laid there doing happy paws for ages, even after dad stopped petting him.

Moose: Happiness is scritches from daddy.

Who's daddy's big boy?

Me! I'm daddy's boy! I love you daddy!

Lay down already, Moose!

Daddy, you're so skinny that I'm almost bigger than you!

I'll even take the hugs just to be by my daddy!

Two happy guys

Let me stomp myself a soft place to lay down, then I'm not moving so you better be in for the night!

I gotta say it again: Yay, my daddy's home!
Ok, Moose-a-lot's daddy too!

(I've gone against my own policy of not showing any of the human's faces, but the expression and evidence of conversation between the two of them is too good to crop out)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Busy-ness Takeover

Star here taking over for the moment. So mom has been busy on the phone and searching the web and basically being too busy to blog. Ok, she has kind of a good excuse. Her dad, Sir Moose-a-lot's daddy, is coming home from the bad place on Friday! He was told that he might not be able to walk for about a year, but he told them "The H*** I won't!" He's determined, and that's half the battle!

There's been wider doors to find and install, ramps to build, equipment to research and order and so on. Not that my mom did any of the physical labor, just the computer and phone stuff. And then Sir Moose-a-lot's mommy, my mom's mom, had to go to the emergency room herself! She's ok, but that was not a fun day for anyone!

All this to say, that's why we missed a day and might miss more for a little while!

Don't worry though, I'll keep the laptop warm for mom. I'm sure she'll be back to her regular schedule soon.

Oh, and for those of you wondering. No, Moosey did not get to go up for a visit. He would have needed to be all kinds of certified with extra shots and flea free and stuff and no one had time to get all that done so he could take a hour's drive that probably would have freaked him out anyway. but he's going to have his favorite lap back tomorrow so all's good! Yay!

Like I said, don't be shocked if you don't see us every day for a bit. We love you all and will visit when we can!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Look Out Post

Who's that using the bright sun to hide in the back light?

Only the shadow knows... bwahahaha!
Oh, I'm sure a handy cloud will come by and make you visible soon enough..

Oh, then maybe I better spruce up..
Can you tell yet? Did you notice anything particular about the toes? Or maybe what you can see of belly fur?

Where'd you go Bright Sun? Rats, now they can see that it's me, Star. The one with the correct number of toes and the pretty curly belly furs!

I happen to like this shelf, it gives me just enough height to see where that barbarian is and what he's up to. And I know he's totally jealous when I take it over for the better part of the day. hee hee

There you are again Bright Sun! Now I can perfect my vulture look so I can stare at mom and contemplate how to get more treats out of her..

On a side note, will someone tell me why cat tree makers don't cover the underside of tall shelves? I mean, unless you're over 9 feet tall, you're gonna see the bare wood! Ok, this is a cheap one from Walmart, but still. And I've seen the same thing on more expensive ones. The kitties do love it though, so we might get another because they both want it all the time.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Top Shelf All The Way

So did anyone make it to the upper shelf on the new cat tree? See for yourself!

Oh yeah, I remember noticing this shelf when I was up here before.

I don't know if I want to try it though. Let me sit and think for a moment..

Well that was a no brainer! hee hee!

Is that all that's holding this thing upright? Think it'll take punishment?

I don't always sit on the top shelf, but when I do, I glare at the camera.

I can't believe I used to be stuck down there.. Sheesh

Yay, Leo made it to the top! I give him another day to discover the top of the cabinet.
Star still has not made it to the top shelf. She doesn't seem interested at all. She knows it's there, just doesn't want to bother with it since she can see everything she wants to from the middle shelf. (I know you can't see it, but there is a lower shelf, it's just lower than the edge of the bed.)

Friday, September 20, 2013

Leo In The Tree

Did you think we were never going to get around to Leo's turn in the new cat tree? Me too!

After Star vacated it in favor of Twin 1's hair everyone dispersed. It was beginning to look like no kitty was going to want to get in the new tree! Then all the sudden, Leo came over for an inspection!

Hmm, this looks new..

It smells vaguely of Star. That could be a problem..

I don't know, this is kinda high..
Mom note: Leo still doesn't realize that he's a big kitty and perfectly capable of leaping great distances! When he does it without thinking, he's fine, but if he stops, he thinks he cant do it! 

Hey, that curtainy thing is open! I bet I could see out really well from on this thing!
Leo Note: Don't mention the curtainy thing to mom.. she's still ticked that she doesn't have window trim and new curtains up yet..

Ok, maybe if I look at this from another angle..

Made it!!! And look! There's another seat up there!

I was right, I can see out good from here!

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! I can see really far!

Oh! What was that??

I gotta go on tippy toes! I think that was a flying rat!

Yeah, I think I've seen enough now.

I can see good stuff from down here too anyway. Right?
And that was his whole first experience with the tree. What a goober boy. He only went on the one shelf! Will he, or Star, ever go up to the next place?? Or even the top of the cabinet that we cleared off JUST FOR THEM?? I guess we'll see another day..

Psst, guess what's still available?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Meow Like A Pirate Day!

Maties! Thank ye for settin' sail with us on this here Pie-rat day! We hope you're havin' as great a time as we are bein' swashbucklers!

Wench Star is the roughest, toughest pirate girl there ever was!

Captain Leo swab that deck, or he'll maroon you somewhere less hospitable than here..

So raise your Jolly PurRoger and join us on the high seas!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Post Post!

Way back on the 10th I posted pictures of Star in Twin 1's hair. But since I was telling how Star loves everything about Twin 1, or TLO as Star calls her (The Loud One) I didn't tell the whole story of the hair sniffin' that day.

We had purchased a new kitty tree some time back, but it was too tall for our ceilings. Greg finally had some time that day to cut down two sections so it would fit in and we put it up. I had the camera at the ready to see which kitty would inspect it first! I was excited!

I was really surprised to see that it was Star who got up on it right away! Leo's the climber, the one who likes to be up as high as possible. But Star beat him! I was ready to start snapping away... And Twin 1 sabotaged my photo session!

Hmm, interesting. I think I could like this thing.

Almost as soon as Star got up there, TLO, who was sitting on the bed, called Star and then flopped her head down on the bed!
Twin 1: Hey Star, look!
Star: Oo! TLO hair! I remember that stuff!

Star: Oh yeah, I love this stuff! Huh? What's that mom? What tree?

Sigh... I had to wait to get good kitty on the new tree shots..

Monday, September 16, 2013


In my previous post I showed Star sleeping on a pile of Twin 1's pillows and clothes:

She spent so much time there that Leo got curious. He kept stretching up to peek at her and see what all the fuss was about. Star was not about to give up her prime TLO (The Loud One, Star's name, and opinion, of Twin 1) but a girl does have to eat once in a while.

Leo took advantage of her need to feed and jumped up for his own inspection, or shall we say Twinspection. I missed getting a picture of him sticking his face so deep into the pile that he looked like a headless cat! I only managed to get one shot, as he was leaving...
I don't get what the big hair deal is...

Let's just say that he doesn't have Star's discerning tastes..

Star had her own Twinspection when the suitcase made another appearance.

I knew you were hiding this somewhere, it's about time you brought it back out for me to sit on!

'Scuse me, quick bath time.... See, this is the perfect spot for that!

Mmmm, I've got to sniff this thing all over. I've missed it's scent so! We can leave it right here from now on, right?

What do you mean she's taking it with her? Who said TLO could leave? I need my hair fix!

I don't know who told her she could leave, Star, but the brat caught a plane on Saturday outta town! I know she'll be back for vacation in October, but we miss her! Don't we Star?

Seriously though, we all appreciated that she came home to help out with her gramma and grampa (Sir Moose-a-lot's daddy and mommy, my parents) while grampa is going through his cancer/surgery/recovery here. Looks like he will be out of the hospital/rehab in about a week! And hopefully back on his feet and walking and golfing soon! He's got a great attitude and that really helps in recovery! And so do all the prayers and purrs you all have sent his way, so thank you again!

Friday, September 13, 2013


Before I get to today's post I wanted to thank everyone for the anniversary wishes yesterday! And for your encouragement about my dad, Sir Moose-a-lot's daddy! Good news is so important! And it made me feel good sharing it with you all! So thank you again!

Greg got me these for our anniversary, aren't they lovely??

On to the Twintastic post!

I talked recently about how Star is addicted to Twin 1's hair. And suitcase. And clothes. And basically anything that belongs to her.. As she's preparing to head back to Wyoming (BOOOOO) she's doing laundry. Her pillows and laundry piled up on a chair. Star sees this as the ultimate twintastic sniffable bed!
Oh it's mine mine mine... I'm just going to sink into my new favorite spot and stay here forever!

And then Twin 1 gave her another of her favorite treats.. A roll in the hair!
Oh TLO (The Loud One) hair! I love you so!

I bury my face in you.. I'm never coming out!

Seriously, this is awesome stuff! I should bottle it and sell it on ebay.. I'd be a gazillionair!

Somehow I don't think she'd agree to you cutting off her hair to bottle.... I could be wrong though!