Sunday, April 18, 2021

Sunday Selfie with Cashmere

 Cashmere: Well hello, I guess we're getting all up close and personal today. Ok, but only if you are generous with the chin scritches and belly rubs!


 Love this pretty girl. She's Greg's baby all the way, she waits for him, watches him, and demands his lap any time he sits down. Yes, he's owned by a kitty whether he likes it or not!

Notice the line down her nose? it's one of her cutest features along with her dark eye liner and her gray kissy lipstick, the latter of which rarely shows in pictures. 



Updates: Greg is still down with his broken foot, another month probably. Slow healing. But he's going to try going back to work three days a week, fingers and paws crossed that he doesn't do any more damage!

We lost Greg's dad in the early morning hours after Easter. With Covid and other issues the funeral was a whole week later. It's kind of why we've been a bit absent. 

I've been in therapy again, hoping to get strong enough to get out of the house again and to work on fundraiser stuff more. I have some projects in the works and will show them off soon. And since it's out there on other blogs on my behalf, I'll just say that yes, I do take commission work for many of the items I put on auction; puffy beds, crochet beds, nip toy sets, taco toys, lots of it. I will probably put something up about it with pictures and more info sometime soon. It's exciting to have items going out without the work and worry of a big auction at the moment!


Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you all have a great day!           



Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Our Tenth Blogoversary!

 Just realized that today is my blogoversary! Oh my gosh! Ten years of posting about my kitties! 

Since I'm not prepared for anything... long week, many unexpected things happening... I am going to post my first blogoversary post! 




Can you believe it?? One year ago I wrote my first ever blog about how I'd just adopted Leo the Chinese Lion from Chrystal! I can't believe it!

I had never thought about blogging, ever! Even though I loved loved loved reading kitty blogs every day. But when people on Chrystal's blog found out that I was adopting him, they kept saying I should blog so they could keep track of Leo. I was surprised really, then intrigued, then I said, what the heck, I'll try it!

Then I met so many wonderful people! And I found so many more blogs! It was like, wow, there's a whole bunch of other people out there as crazy about cats as I am! Cool! So I was hooked! Now I can't imagine not blogging and I have all of you to thank for it!

I know I recently shared in two separate posts about how I got Leo, first for the share your kitten pictures day and then for Leo's gotcha day. And before that, his birthday. So I'm not going to go into that again. You're welcome to scroll through my archives if you want to read about that, especially that first week or so of posts last year.

Right now, I just wanna celebrate!

Come on and celebrate with us!

One way I'm gonna celebrate is by buying Chrystal's book! Please please scroll down and read about it in yesterday's post! And click over to her blog, Daily Dose, and read about it there too! She does so much for hurting and feral and abandoned animals, and by buying her book, you can help her help them.

I still feel so blessed to have been able to do this and to meet so many other people crazy for kitties! I know it's been a rough year for posting.. and visiting... but I still love each and every one of you! And your humans too! 
Oh, and Chrystal's book is still available, just look on her sidebar for a link to buy it! Leo's family's rescue story is in it!! As well as many many other wonderful stories of saving and helping cats and dogs! A good read!
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Saturday, April 3, 2021

Drawing Time for the Raffle!!

 Today is the day! We just did the drawing for the Winnie's Wish Fancy Crocheted Velvet Sofa! 
I will be contacting the winner when I'm done posting the video of the drawing. 
First I want to say thank you to everyone who entered! Thanks to you we raised $470 for Winnie's Wish!! That's 94 'tickets' sold!! Thank you all for joining in! 

We really wanted a cat to do the drawing, but we couldn't entice any of them to get up from their naps to help.. So in the end, Greg had to do the picking while I recorded. 

I won't know if this video works or loads right until after I post.. not used to doing videos. :) 

Whether it loads or not, or if you choose not to play it, this winner is...



wait for it..



Congratulations June Campbell! 

The Fancy Crocheted Velvet Sofa will be on it's way ASAP!! 

I want to send a little thank you to Twin2's son, Minion1 (Minion2 makes his/her debut in August) for the use of his Easter Basket. Even though he doesn't know about it yet, lol! Had to use it, it was seasonally fitting. And easy for Greg, with his broken foot, to retrieve! 

Big thank you again to everyone who shared, entered, and supported Winnie's Wish! You all rock!

Friday, April 2, 2021

Feline Floppy Friday and Auction Time

Today we look at the anatomy of a perfect Feline Flop. Glitter will demonstrate, pay close attention.
Here she shows off the classic, original Flop. Note that her head is flopped at a normal degree over the leg in question. You can see how deeply she is into her flop sleep by the fact that her squished whiskers don't bother her one bit. This is your basic, deep sleep Flop.

This is the Flop Over, slightly more advanced than the basic Flop. Her neck is completely stretched out for this flop for maximum floppage. This is a heavy, deep flop. The floppee can expect some numbness and stiffness with the inability to move from this heavy headed flop. You will probably hear snoring. Flop Over is not for the beginner. 

Here's a really advanced, master class Flop. This is the hard to master Flop Under. See the tuck? The chin is in the chest and the foreleg is nearly obscuring the nose. The fur is fluffed out and the snore is greatly increased. Where's the flop in this flop, you might ask? Well she is still flopped on the leg, and the weight of her head is seemingly increased a hundred fold and the floppee has lost all feeling in her toes. This flop should only be attempted by floppers who have mastered the first two Flops. 
Thank you for attending our Feline Flop Master Class. We hope you, too, will be able to Flop with all the dedication, skill and utter abandon that Glitter has demonstrated. 
EDIT: THE RAFFLE HAS ENDED! Winner drawing soon!
Today is it! The Winnie's Wish Fancy Crocheted Velvet Sofa Raffle ends today! You have until midnight EDT to make your donation for tickets to the drawing!
Full details on the Winnie's Wish Auction site

The drawing for the Fancy Crocheted Velvet Sofa will be on Saturday! Make sure you don't miss out!

All donations for tickets will go to Winnie's Wish Cat Rescue and Sanctuary.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Throwback Thankful Thursday

 This is from March 1st 2018 and it still makes me laugh. Those girls and their grass obsession..

This Thankful Thursday the girls are thankful for grass! Cat grass, sheesh, what were you thinking? Leo can take it or leave it, and mostly leaves it, but to the girls, seeing a new pot of cat grass is time to celebrate! And by celebrate, I mean eat.

Love this first picture because it shows off Cashmere's floofy pantaloons! (that's just a part in her fur, she's too fluffy for you to see what you think you're seeing!)
Cashmere: A new pot? Ooo fresh! *munch*

Um, girls, I can't see your pretty faces. Turn around?
Glitter: Oh my cod, it IS fresh! *chomp*
Cashmere: I was here first..

There's Cashmere's face! ..with her tongue out.. Glitter, aren't you going to show your face?
Glitter: You lick that half, I get this half.
Cashmere: Half? We'll see..

Hello? Girls? Are you hearing me? Show me your face Glitter!
Glitter: Do you hear something?
Cashmere: Can't hear, eating.

There's your face, Glitter! Hmm, that's some look..
Glitter: This is so good I think I'm going into a grass-trance..
Cashmere: Trance your behind somewhere else then, please. Your big head is hiding too much of my grass.
Glitter: I got my side, you got yours, stop complaining.
Cashmere: My "side"? All sides are my side of the grass!*

Stop fighting over the grass, girls, you're going to...
Glitter: Daddy! Cashmere knocked over the grass again! Come stand it up again!
Cashmere: I can still eat it on it's side.. Almost easier, like when humans eat that yellow stuff on a cob.

Cashmere got a little grass-drunk and took a break. Glitter has no 'full' meter when there's fresh grass. Right Glitter? Glitter? Hello? Still can't hear me with your face in the grass, huh?
Glitter: Doggone daddy.. wont stand it up again. Not my fault he got one that wasn't weighted. Hmm, it is easy to eat like this. Cashmere has the right idea sometimes!

Glitter actually stood it back up all by herself at one point, but I had already put the camera away.. She knocked it back over again.

Unfortunately we don't do cat grass much anymore. We discovered a correlation between cat grass days and sloppy litter box duty and klingons.. Either they eat too much at one sitting or it just doesnt agree with their digestion. 

Two more days to get your raffle 'tickets' for the Winnie's Wish Fancy Crocheted Velvet Sofa! Including today of course. It ends Friday at midnight EDT! Winner drawn Saturday so be sure to get in on it before time runs out!! 

Please share about it, help support the Wishers by spreading the word! 

Thankful Thursday Blog Hop