Monday, June 30, 2014

Furry Visitor

Oh my goodness did we have a busy week over here at the Celestial Kitties home! Even more than the already too busy getting stuff done for TSO's wedding. It was shower time and we had lots to do but we were so happy and had a wonderful time!

The busyness did make it impossible to visit or even post since Thursday, yikes! We missed you all and will try to catch up but we also have to kick dress making and other wedding things into high gear as we are less than two months away now. So please forgive us if you don't see us a whole lot, ok? We still love you all!!!

On to today's post!

There were one or two days of open doors around here (and boy do we wish they were back!) and Leo found, or tried to find... a furry pal!

Where? I don't see no new furry friend?

Is he over that way?

Wait.. is that... I think I see....

Hello? Are you the furry friend? Um mom, are you sure he's friendly? I mean, look at those teeth!

You wanna talk teeth, pal? I ain't trustin' those fangs of yours, not one bit! Please stop looking my way so I can scamper away when you're not looking.

Yeah, I know he's hard to see, it's from across the room through a screen door, but if I got any closer I'm sure he would have run.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thankful Thursday

I know what I should have done! I should have saved yesterday's picture for today and used it for Thankful Thursday! Right! Did you see it?? All four of my kitties in the SAME PLACE! And Star, Ol' Princess Hissyface herself, NOT HISSING! Napping in fact!

No, she was not napping first and then everyone else came up, she finished her snack and went to lay by the door, not caring where everyone else was! Now, Leo's bowl is the one closest to her, he had left already but came back after she layed down. Cashmere is cleaning up Star's bowl even tough you can see her bowl next to Glitter is not empty.

Glitter will go from bowl to bowl and nibble a bit from each. I think she has to make sure everyone else got the same thing.. Cashmere will also taste from all the other bowls, just usually after a bit. It's actually unusual for her to be in Star's bowl while Star is in the same area! And seriously unusual for her and/or Leo to be that close and not be getting growled at!

What about Glitter getting growled at, you may ask? Go ahead, ask, I'll wait. La la la de da.. Sorry, what was that? You want to know about Glitter and growling from Star? Well so do I! It's the funniest thing! Star does not growl or hiss at Glitter (much)(knock on wood that I didn't just jinx it!) We think Star kinda might almost sorta in her own way maybe might not hate Glitter!

This might be because from the moment she arrived, no matter what Star did, hiss, growl, carry on, all Glitter does is sit there, sometimes look at her like "What is your big hairy deal, lady?" or basically ignore her. Cashmere will do that a lot of the time, but she will also run off, giving Star the win. Glitter makes every encounter a draw or a nonevent.

It's really kind of awesome!

Here's another thing for my list of things to be thankful for! And it happened just last night!
With this girl:
(Oh no, she's only got two legs! What happened?? :)  Seriously, does that look comfy?)
Hello kitties and peoples. I'm kinda thinking I kind of like it here now.

Cashmere was supposed to be the shy scared one. In fact Greg keeps asking me if I got their names mixed up! As if! These are Leo's sisters so I've kept my eye on them from the start! Anyway while Glitter is NOT shy, she also won't come up anywhere with a person.

She wants all her pets and loving while she's standing firmly on the floor. Or occasionally while she's on a cat tree. She does not come sit by anyone on a couch and she most certainly does not go on anyone's bed which means she won't sleep with anyone either.

Cashmere has been coming up on my bed every once in a while for some time now. She will sleep between my feet when she feels like it and when she notices that I'm awake she will stomp up to my chest to get tons and tons of scritches and pets and snuggles and lovings! And yes, I'm thankful for that, but that's not new (think I've mentioned it before here).

Last night Greg sort of woke up, as people do, to shift positions, not really awake awake, just not asleep, and he bumped into something. He opened his eyes and it was Cashmere! Right up next to him. And his bumping her didn't make her run! He went back to sleep, bumped her again a few more times and still, she stayed right by him. So sweet! (When she sleeps with me and I move my legs, she will usually leave, she doesn't give me many second chances.)

When his alarm went off, Cashmere was gone. Sort of, she'd moved down to sleep by his feet! Now, I know that it might seem like Greg is taking my kitties.. but I'm just so thrilled that Cashmere is so comfortable here that I don't mind! (much) I think it's cute the way she follows him around!

The way Leo does.
And you all know Star thinks he hung the moon...
Maybe I should be worried..

Nope, sorry, not gonna think about it. Not today. Not Thankful Thursday when I'm thankful for so many things!

First, that all of my kitties were together in that first picture with NO HISSING!
Second, that Star seems to be forming some kind of friendship or at least non-hate-ship with Glitter!
Third, that Cashmere is settling in SO well after just one month!
Fourth, that Cashmere slept with Greg and didn't run when he moved!
Fifth, that I have the kind of guy that kitties love and even though he will deny it to the end of days, that he's a real cat guy who loves them back!

I hope you have lots to be thankful for today too!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sleepy Weirdness and Opt to Adopt Blog Hop

Don't you just love it when kitties sleep weird?

Leo: Who you callin' weird?

Ok, at first glance that might not look all that weird.. but did you see the feet? For heavens sake the FEET!

And those toe hawks! Couldn't you just squee???

I know I've featured Teddy recently, but today I'm putting out a HUGE plea! Please please, help! He needs, NEEDS! people of his own! He needs a family! He's so sweet and wants to be pet and loved on! I keep saying that the cathouse is a great place, better than alternatives, but it's just not home. Just not a family of their own. And Teddy is a guy who is desperate for that family!

He wants to share pets and love with a few less than a dozen or so other kitties.. Don't get me wrong, Teddy loves other cats, and would settle into a multi cat house easily. He needs his own people! He needs a lap to sit on, a hand to pet him, a bed to sleep on, maybe some buddies to cuddle with when the humans are busy.

Will you please please help Teddy? He had a home once and had to be returned because it was... ok, let's not go there because it's the same home my girls were in.. Let's just say they are ALL better off out of that place and now deserve so much better! My girls are in a good home (in my opinion, and I hope yours) and now Teddy deserves his chance!

Are you absolutely sure you can't put another kitty in your home? How about a trial to see if it would work? Are you absolutely sure you don't have a friend or neighbor or relative who would fit a kitty like Teddy into their home and lap? Are you absolutely sure there isn't a single family in your world who could take on a loving sweetheart? Will you please do all you can to get him in a home?

I know it sounds like I'm begging, and trust me, I AM! It's past time Teddy (and the rest of the Winnie's Wishers) got on with their lives with their families! So I will beg, I will cajole, I will even press guilt buttons if that's what it takes! Teddy wants a home and I want to help him get one. Don't you?

Read more HERE

Also featured recently, the new batch of kittens. They need homes before they grow up. People always want kittens, don't they? Let's find some of those people and tell them about these cute little things! And tell them that transport help is available!

Check out all the Winnie's Wishers at the Daily Dose blog, see them on the side bar. And please please PLEASE pass on the word about Teddy, the kittens and the rest!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Mattress Sleepers

All kitties love to sleep on beds, right? But leaning against the wall mattresses? That's just odd.
I've shown pictures of Star and Leo sitting on such a mattress in our house, and that's the reason it rests on it's short side not standing up tall. Star could climb it easily, but we worried about her getting down. Leo got up there once like that. But on it's side.. That's a different story. It's become a kitty nap zone!

This is Star taking advantage of space. See how cute and stretched out she is?

Greg managed to walk right past her without waking her up for a view from the other side. She's just the prettiest little thing!

I know you're there, I just don't feel like moving..

Wait a minute, this one isn't Star! Way too big.. it's Leo! In the same spot!

I could have a nap if you'd keep a look out for Princess Hissyface.

Oo, he doesn't look too happy here, does he?

My spidey sense, I mean, my kitty sense is tingling....

And here's the reason for that!

Star: That's my spot, barbarian..
Leo: Um, no speak english.. I mean cattish!
Star: You better learn it fast then! And move!
Leo: Time share?
Star: Fine, you've had your share, now it's my time!

Hope you find great sleep spots, and that it's always your time!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Flirty Friday

I know I have mentioned that Twin 1, (TLO, The Loud One), has moved back into town and brought along her fiance. We are thrilled that she's back! Star especially, as she's addicted to TLO's hair..

TLO's fiance has visited us here a few times and something interesting always happens.

Star goes absolutely freaky flirty with him! There was no, "stranger! Run!" attitude from her at all. I think.. and this is saying a lot.. I think she might love him more than she loves TLO! She doesn't do ANY of this for TLO!

Hello! Hello! Are you seeing me roll around over here?

*bonk bonk* Hi! It's me! I'm head butting your arm! Hi! Hi! *bonk bonk nudge*

Look at me! Pet me! Hello! I think you are awesome! Please pay attention to me!

Star: I have to confess... I think I love you, TAO!
TAO: Hi. you're a very nice kitty. Could you move over a little and hand me a tissue?

Star's love is destined to go unrequited.. Because TAO stands for... The Allergic One.. Just sitting next to her gets to him, he can't touch her! Poor Star, she's devistated because she doesnt understand why he won't pet her and bask in her love by petting her until she melts.

Allergies stink!

Hope you all have a great weekend filled with love and snuggles!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

International Box Day!

Today is international Box day!

..and we haven't had any interesting boxes in quite a while.. Darn it.

So I've gone into the archives to find box pictures so we don't have to miss out on the fun!

The first one here is a box in our closet that used to be Star's favorite sleeping spot.

This is nap time, not picture time. put that thing away and turn out the lights please.

I'm.. not sure what was going on here. But it's Star again, the box queen around here!

Get  your own box, this is mine! Thrrppppp

Leo has never been as interested in boxes, but once Star got out of this one, he had to check it out.

I don't get it.. what's the big deal with boxes?

Hope you all have a fun Box Day!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Two Tummies Tuesday and Opt to Adopt Blog Hop!

I promised it yesterday! Here it is today! Three T's! Two Tummies Tuesday! Oh my gosh, put your fingers in your ears so your brains don't leak out when you see the cuteness and squee yourself to death!


Are you sure?

Last warning...





Glitter: Welcome to my fluffy underside!
Cashmere: Oops, here's most of mine!

They were playing with Twin 1 and got tired so they continued to play from prone positions, too cute! I love the fluffy tummies! So soft and snuggley!

Was it worth the wait?


June is Adopt a Cat Month! And boy do I have more squee-able kitties to show you!

Winnie's Wish took in six, count them SIX of the most adorable, born feral, but ready to be loving housecats, kittens! Oh the cuteness!

The first three are the youngest, but the most ready to go to a home NOW! They want attention and pets and people! Please help these little yummy babies get homes before they have to grow up in the cathouse! (The cathouse is a wonderful place and a million times better than outside, but it's NOT home, it's not family, it is a stopping point between a terrible short frightening life of being a feral and a wonderful, loving, long life with their very own forever family)

Sugar Cookie, Pumpkin Pie, and Dreamsicle are ready!

The older, yet still kittens, three are not ready ready, but they will be SOON! They were outside feral just a little longer than the babies above and it will take them just a little while longer to know humans mean love. If you want one or more of these ones, trust me, by the time they fixed and vaccinated, they'll be ready, I'm sure of it! Chrystal really knows what she's doing with ferals. Look what she did with my Leo!

Prim, Finnick, and Peeta will be ready!

Won't you please consider adopting? Won't you please spread the word? Won't you please please help these babies find their forever families?
Thank you!

Donations to help with six sets of kitten shots and six spay/neuter surgeries would be greatly appreciated! You can find a donation button on the top of the Daily Dose sidebar!
There is a wishlist banner if you would rather send food, litter, cleaning supplies, and other things from amazon there too!
And as always, my FUNdraisers for Winnie's Wish never close! You'll find links for them on my sidebar!
Thank you!!!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Visitors and Betrayal

So so much has been going on since Glitter and Cashmere arrived here, what? Three weeks ago? Is that all? Has it been that long? In some ways it's like they've been here for a long long time, and in some ways it's like they've just arrived! Three weeks! Wow!

Very early that first week my dear cousin came over to see the new kitties. I was sure she would NOT see the kitties. I really wanted her to see the kitties! But I thought the kitties would not want to see her, or anyone else.

This is the wonderful cousin who's wonderful husband built our Celestial Skyway wall of shelves! (The shelves that I really have to get the kitties to get up on soon... oh do they frustrate me with that cool wall!)

When they arrived, there were no kitties in sight. Now Star kind of likes cousin and has recently even allowed pets. Leo has been pet by cousin but he doesn't sit still for any kind of lovin'. I think Leo was up in the upstairs window and Star was.. I don't know, not hiding, but not out. The girls, of course, disappeared.

But before long I was able to call Glitter out. Oh I know I sounded like a complete nutjob.. But Glitter and Cashmere really respond to their names when you say them in a high pitched sing-songy voice! It worked! Glitter peeked out!

Glitter wandered back and forth for a bit then she went over to the new tree. You might remember that the upper cave is the Cashmere cave? Well the bottom one is the Glitter Grotto! Glitter was teasing cousin by peeking out of her Grotto.

You can see me, but you can't get me! Na na na Na NA!

Cousin: Hi there! Can I pet you through there?
Glitter: No, you cannot see the kitty! The kitty is inside!

Glitter: That's not fair.. how did she see me in here?

But Glitter did relent and let cousin pet her. Quite a bit more than I expected really! After she left the Glitter Grotto, she allowed some pets and then she headed over to Leo's short tree and the top of the mancat cave. She has seriously taken over this spot that no other kitty has ever really used! Greg even sees her dangling her feet through the top hole to the cave!
(Note, she is laying directly over the hole..)

I like it here, it's perfectly Glitter sized.
She sat there and cousin decided to see if this was a good place to get a real pet in without Glitter walking back and forth. Turns out it was! She not only pet and pet and pet her, but she got to RUB HER TUMMY!
*I* had not yet had the pleasure of rubbing Glitter's tummy! And she just rolls over and lets cousin have full access to all that soft puffy floof! How fair is that??

Glitter: Oh that's nice! A little to the left.. ah purrrrrrrrrrrr
Cousin: She's purring!
Me: Noooooooo! She hasn't purred for ME yet!

How fair is that??

Hey, where'd you go? I didn't say you were done!

Yes, Glitter was a little attention hussy.. She loves cousin. It was days before I got to rub that floofy tummy! Days, I tell ya!

Oh Cashmere? She ran every time cousin looked at her. hee hee Guess you can't have them all!
But she did play peek a boo with cousin's husband. She kept coming out by the stairs where only he could see her from his vantage point and when he'd say she was there, cousin would go to try to see her and bam! Nothing left but a Cashmere shaped dust cloud!

I was going to show you a picture cousin tried to snap of Cashmere behind the couch, where there's no Cashmere and lots of just behind the couch.. but I decided you didn't need to see that many of our dust bunnies.. They, unfortunately, never hide from anyone.

Just wait til tomorrow! I have a very out of order Three T's Tuesday coming up! Oh my gosh is it awesome! Maybe you can contemplate that rather than how my new kitties seemed to prefer my cousin in their first few days...

Friday, June 13, 2014

Fast Friday

Just a quick post today! Too much to do on very little sleep..zzzzzzz

Oh yeah! Post a picture!

Finally got a picture of Cashmere enjoying the new cat tree. She's in what we might call the Cashmere Cave!

This is a nice nap spot, except for all the awwww's I keep hearing from the new lady..

Yeah, it's a crappy cell phone picture, but you can see her!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Tree Moves

The new tree could not stay in front of the front window. There was hardly any room to get past it to go to the stairs or dining room! This thing was much bigger than I thought it would be. The tree had to move!

Some kitty could hardly wait for it to come to rest in it's new place.. Greg and Twin 1 were doing the moving, Star was doing some seriously up close and personal snoopervising!

Star: Yes, I see the top most spot. I'll go there when it's my choice, not at you prompting, TLO*. I'm not sure I care for this spot. Keep moving it. Come on, dad, get out of the way!

Leo was up on the tree as soon as it was in it's new spot. I think he was thrilled that he had a new window to look out of. Previously those two cabinets were side by side and the window was blocked. We moved them not that long ago intending to put another blue tree by that window. This is much better!

Leo: Hey, I can see pretty far from up here! This is pawsome!

In the above picture you can see a piece of caulk dangling between the glass of the window and the storm window. That's what Leo's looking at in this picture. Leo is fascinated by it. I have seen both him and Glitter go after it on several occasions now.. Do you know what the sound of claws on glass is like? *shudder*

Leo: Why is this toy behind glass? I can't get at it! But that doesn't mean I'm gonna stop trying..

It wasn't until that night that Glitter decided to check out the tree. I think she waited for Leo and Star to stop going back and forth on it. Cashmere didn't get on it for days. (it was fairly dark in the house and the camera had trouble focusing. Flash works great though, lol)

Glitter: Oh mouses! They caught me looking!

I talked sweet to her so she'd know she was allowed to be there, so she continued to explore.

I like this thing. Wonder if I can go up there from here?

This top spot is pretty awesome. I think I'll start taking daily naps up here. Or on that one below..

I think it's safe to say that the tree is a big hit. Gotta love garage sales!

*TLO means The Loud One, aka Twin 1

Did you see the little orange and white kittens over at Daily Dose? Oh my gosh are they cute! They are going to need homes! Wouldn't it be great if they got them while they were still little kittens? Please spread the word and help find forever families for them, and all the Winnie's Wish kitties!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Slightlly Better Pictures of Our New Fun Thing

Yesterday's teaser picture was awful! Would you believe that I lightened that up quite a bit?? It's our house.. Dark inside, sunny windows and if you can't get the flash to go off, everything is dark, especially if it's anywhere near a window.

There were a few right guesses! Yes, we got a new HUGE cat tree!

Ok, new to us.. It was at a garage sale. I've always wanted one of those big multi level cat trees but they can be SO expensive! So when Twin 2 called and said she saw one at a garage sale I made Greg leave right that minute and go see! I'm telling you, I don't think these people's cats used it much! The sisal rope is all intact! The only thing wrong with it is the lowest shelf is a little wobbly weak. But if a kitty fell off it, they'd only fall about a foot and a half.

Do my kitties like it? I'm telling you, it wasn't hardly in the door before they were on it! This was maybe two days after Cashmere and Glitter arrived, so they were not in the mix when the great inspection was going on. Star and Leo were very very interested though!

(I edited out my very cluttered table, wish I could do that for real not just in pictures!)

Star was the first one on the tree, her sniffer was working over time!
I have to inspect every inch of this new thing. I smell... other cats! Oh no! This better not have any surprises in it!

Leo was on the tree WITH STAR! Because he was too excited to wait for a turn! You can see the weak shelf under his butt, but it's still holding him up so it's probably strong enough. Fingers crossed!
Star: Almost to the top, no cats, just fun. Whew!
Leo: Hey, this looks like a great place to sharpen my claws! Better than my almost destroyed blue tree!

Look! Three kitties together! Glitter is sitting on the bottom part of Leo's little window tree that we put on the landing while trying to decide where to put the new one. One thing was obvious right away, it could not stay there! That thing is huge! You can hardly get to the landing and stairs past it!
Oh, and look at Glitter getting pets on her second day here from her new daddy!
Star: There's a new cat! Oh wait.. it's one of the ones that showed up a few days ago.. Can we trade her for this tree?
Leo: Interesting scents here..
Glitter: When you two are done, I get a turn, right?

Star vacated the tree, grumbling at everyone else. Leo continued his inspection.
Long cat is LONG! hee hee
Hey, look! A cave!

No pin up girlcats in it. Yet!

This thing just keeps going up and up, pawsome!

Tried taking the cardboard out of the top window to see if we could get better pictures... nope, still had to lighten them a lot, which makes them grainy. argh!
This is great for the upside down dangling head move!

Leo left, and Star got back on, all by herself this time. Just the way she likes it..
I can resume my inspection uninterrupted now.. I do NOT need assistance from barbarians or introoders!

I think I approve of this thing. We can keep it. Now about those other new 'things'....
Tomorrow, rearranging!
June is adopt a shelter cat month. Please consider helping out Winnie's Wish! Not only are they over full at the moment, but some little kittens just crossed their path in need of help! You know what that means.. Please go over and see them, and spread the word about the need for homes! (and maybe donations?)