Sunday, March 31, 2013

Friday, March 29, 2013

Double Trouble

Do you remember Star's double decker super stacker set of boxes?

Well, apparently boxes are not the only thing she likes stacked double.

I love my double decker super stacker set laundry baskets.
Now stop with the flashy box so I can enjoy these while they're still warm.

She's not the only one who likes double stacked baskets apparently. Leo discovered them after snack time. The only time it was safe as Star was having her post snack bath and she's very particular about straightening her furs.

Princess Hissyface has been in here alllll day! *sniff* Smells like her..

Oh man, she posted a guard! She's coming back, isn't she?? I gotta run!

Double paranoia? Maybe, but probably not.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Leo's Got A Brand New Toy

Greg brought home this new toy the other day. I didn't give it much chance of engaging the kitties attention. I mean, yeah, it's got feathers and a dingle bell, but.. it's long and hard and doesn't look like it has much play power.

It did sit for a bit, but then I decided to put it on the Royal Footstool to see if anyone was interested. Leo took the bait.

Oh hey, whatcha got here?

Ok, this might be interesting...

*chomp* hmm, dis hard..



Ok, he seems to think it has some playing power. He's already removed at least one of the feathers. I wonder if he'll still like it when they're all gone?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Star's Progress

Thank you to everyone who came to Leo's Gotcha Day party! You made it extra awesome for us! It's hard for us to believe it's been two years! But then again, it seems like he's always been here!

Star's back is getting much better. She's not making the furless area any bigger and in fact, the fur is starting to come back. There are no more spots where the skin is looking scabby. The coconut oil really did a nice job softening up her skin. However, I had to stop putting it on her back. She really hated it being put on her back and was starting to run from me, as well as it made her lick the area more and I didn't want her licking off the new fur!

She's still eating it from the jar. She loves it! Her other rashy areas are doing ok, especially the ones we'd also managed to put some coconut oil before she ran. So all in all, she's doing pretty well!

I'm keeping an eye on Leo, stop bothering me.

Look all you want, just don't try putting anything on it lady.

I'd go after to barbarian, but I'm comfy here at the moment. As long as you don't try anything with my back again.

I doubt I'll ever get that blanket back...

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Leo's Gotcha Day!

Two years! Can you believe it?! I can't!

It's been TWO years since we made the eight hour drive to Illinois to get my sweet baby boy! My little (ha!) Leo! My great big 9 month old baby boy!

I can still remember the first moment I got my hands on him. I opened Chrystal's carrier and looked at him, face to face, not face to blog picture. I smiled and cooed and, when he didn't move, reached in and pulled him into my arms. He melted into me!

Leo on his way to me 2 years ago.

I knew Chrystal was waiting, but I couldn't help it, I took a moment to snuggle and tell him how much I already loved him and how happy I was that he was going home with me!

I held my baby at least half of the trip, he hung over my shoulder, leaning into my head in what I would come to call the Leo Scarf pose. I was never happier to not be able to move my head in my life!

The other half of the trip he spent in this cage.
By the look on his face, I think he was happier on my shoulder!

 Two views of 'Leo Scarf"
He'd stay like that for hours if I could sit still that long!

At this moment, my darling boy is on the Royal Footstool between my feet, head on my ankle. I'm as happy today as I was when I got him from Chrystal! Happier even, because I know my Leo is as devoted to me as I am to him!

Yes yes, I know he loves Greg too, but he's still MY kitty!


If there is one ding on our happy Gotcha day here, it's that one of Leo's sisters is still in the Cathouse. Don't get me wrong, I am THRILLED that the rest of them were adopted! Three of them so recently! But we want a happy home for Spritz too. If you know someone who needs a wonderful kitty who needs time to overcome her shy ways, please send them over to see her at Daily Dose!


Ok, now, as long as you are here, kitties! Lets all have some nip and ham and chickens and niptinis! Help us celebrate Leo's second Gotcha Day!!
Rock on! It's my Gotcha Day! Whoooo!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Bird Watching and a Plea

Before I get to the bird watching, let me make a plea. We need people to drive some legs of the trip to LA to get two Winnie's Wish kitties to their forever home. They are going from Illinois to Los Angeles California. Or at least as far as Las Vegas where the adopters can come get them. We're not asking anyone to drive the whole thing, just a leg of the trip. If we all work together, it's not too much on any one person. Can you help?

Here's the map of where they're going

Click to see larger

Do you live anywhere near the route? Do any of your friends? Can you post, share it on facebook, twitter, email? Thank you!!


This weekend Star spent a lot of time upstairs, probably getting coconut oil on the clean laundry. Again. So Leo got the run of all of her favorite places.

One special spot is the back of the recliner in front of the window. And as a special treat a flock of some kind of big birds were frolicking in the side yard right outside that window. Leo was entranced. I couldn't even get him to look at me for a picture.


Oh my gosh! Look at the birdies!

Yeah, I'm gonna bite me one of them big ones!
Hey, you, the pudgy one, keep coming closer!

So that was our weekend. Hope yours was as fun!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Shrimp Star

Kudos to Nellie from The Cat From Hell for getting the commercial reference in yesterday's post! That Life cereal commercial is supposedly the longest running commercial ever!

I show a lot of pictures of Leo sleeping because he sleeps like such a goofball! All twisty and weird and fluffy side up!

Star has stolen the red blanket from me again, and she even convinced her daddy to fold it up neatly so she doesn't have lumps! Spoiled much?

I got pictures of her sleeping on it over the course of a few days, and I think she looks like a little gray shrimp in some of these pictures. She's adorable!

She's double shrimping, ha! She's a tiny little shrimp of a cat, and she's curled like a shrimp!

This could be folded better..

Just saying.

I'll sleep here anyway.. But work on it, ok?

Now it's folded better. purrrrrr

You could learn a thing or two from daddy, you know.

For the life of me, I cannot figure out what foot she's got to her mouth... I swear her front legs are in front of her, and I see one back leg, but she doesn't look like she's got the other back leg folded up to her mouth like that! Could it be someone else's leg? I think I better go count Leo's legs, make sure he still has all of his!
I think.. I'll keep the remotes while I'm claiming things.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

He Likes It! Hey Leo!

I've said many times that Leo does not like any kind of cat treats and openly despises all human food. There is nothing that tempts him. Not bacon, not ham, not chicken. Not Temptations, not Party Mix, not any flavor, not any time. Not green eggs and ham either, in case you were wondering! ;)

He always perks up and wants to see what Star's getting when she gets treats. But when you give him one, he looks at you like you gave him socks for Christmas. Like he's trying to figure out why you think he'd want whatever that is. Like he's doubting your mental faculties.

The ONLY things he will eat are hard cat food and canned cat food. Period. End of story. Thank you and good night.

Now that Star is getting coconut oil, he's been curious. But I'm used to him being curious and then turning his nose so I haven't worried about giving him a sniff. I just worry about getting some on Star's back and some in her mouth. Of course, she does the 'getting it in her mouth' all by herself. She loves it. She noses the jar a couple times a day to point out that I could give that to her, now, right now, if I know what's good for me.

While Star was upstairs today, I decided to give Leo a sniff to satisfy his curiosity. I expected him to sniff, give me a look of disdain, and then walk away pitying my idiocy.

He sniffed. Looked away. Then went in for another big sniff. Then he gave it a few licks!

What.. what is this sweet smell?

Oh my gosh, mommy actually found something tasty!

Coconut oil, who knew!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Coconut Oil Dreams

So the question was, were we going to be able to get Star to eat any of the coconut oil, aside from what she licks off of her back. First thing this morning I opened the jar to scrape some out to put on her back and Star was right there. I decided to give her a sniff and see what she would do.

I think these pictures give the answer better than I could..

*sniff* Oh heavenly scent...


Oh yum! *lick lick lick* This is mine, right?

Mmmm *lickity lickity lickity* You can put more on my back if you want.

She was so involved that I did put some on her back while she was face down in the jar. Aside from having to move her face to get some out, she hardly budged while I soothed it on her spot. When I finally decided to take the jar from her, figuring she'd had enough, she went across the room and licked everything off her back.

Tell me I'm done will you? Well, there's more than one way to get more of that stuff. Ha!

Let me tell you, this has worked SO well SO fast! All of the red or scabby looking spots are GONE! The skin is so very soft, of course so is the itsy-bitsy fur that's growing back.
Coconut oil, who knew!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Leo Laments

Leo will be taking the blog today.

Blah blah blah Star
Whine whine whimper Star
Ouchie ow claws
Wah wah wah coconut oil
boo hoo shot in the butt
Star Star Star!

Honestly, it's not like Princess HissyFace is the only one who's been suffering around here!

Ok, she got her claws clipped too, but I have like.. twice as many claws as she does! AND I had to have my back feet done and she didn't! How fair is that?? Don't think I didn't tell mommy all about it either.. She said that's the first time I ever grumbled at HER. Well, I thought I'd made it clear, leave my back feet alone!

Ok, SHE had to take a pill But *I* had to take a pill and a HALF! How fair is that? What, being a big boy is punishable now? Got my revenge on that too.. I gave that half a pill a chomp and once that flavor hit my tongue I started drooling and foaming and just making a huge mess. Mommy has a delicate stomach.. heh heh, I made such a mess that she was dry heaving all over the place! Daddy couldn't do anything but hold me while mommy had seven kinds of fits! Ha!

Ok, ok, I didn't have to go to the vet or get a shot or any of that. But she gets some yummy stuff spread on her back a couple times a day now! And I don't even get a sniff because Princess HissyFace would rip MY face off! And don't let her tell you that she doesn't like it. If she didn't would she be licking it off and spreading it around her whole back? I think not!

AND, she's not keeping her distance now either! Like she has to be by daddy all the time! Well *I* get to sleep by daddy! She's not supposed to be on the bed, or on MY clean laundry basket! What mommy... Ok ok.. she's allowed, but she doesn't usually do it! She's ruining my nap places! Ok ok mommy... OUR nap places *eye roll*

Can I get some pity please? Sheesh, I need a nap..

Ok, while Leo sleeps off his lamented troubles, I'll update the Star update. She seems to like, or at least not mind, the coconut oil. And I think her spot looks better already. I don't know if all the licking off of the oil is going to keep the hair from growing back though. We'll have to watch and see I guess.

We're still working on that transport of the adopted Winnie's Wishers! We need to get them from Oklahoma City to at least Las Vegas, but please close to Los Angeles! Anyone know anyone in that area??

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Update On Star

Star went to the vet Saturday. And it was not bad at all. The fur had already started to grow back, but she's still licking it a bit. She got a shot for allergies. And they told us to get coconut oil for the spot. Never heard of it, aside from the stuff in hand lotion. Apparently it's like cooking oil, and it's hard as a rock! Luckily it melts easily and her body heat alone melted it enough to be able to rub it in. We're also supposed to see if she'll eat any of it.

No way was she doing that today though.. Because aside from going to the vet, we trimmed her claws, forced a pill down her throat, and rubbed that stuff on her back. She is NOT happy with us.

Oh dear, I just had a thought.. She's been sleeping on that basket of clean folded sheets that I showed Leo on a few days ago.. (I know, it should be put away by now, right?) And she has oil on her back.. I think I see rewashing sheets in my future. Oh well, as long as she gets better, right?

Leo got his claws trimmed too, which is probably why we had a hard time finding Star to do hers. She's no fool, she can tell when something unpleasant is going on!

Thank you all for your good wishes and purrs and prayers! She's doing well and her fur should be growing back now!

This has been a horrible day, sheesh..

It's over now, Star baby, no more vet, no more shots, no more pills, and no more clawing the mommy.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Star's Ouchie

Tomorrow Star has to get up early. She has an appointment. One she doesn't know about, and will not like. Yup, it's the vet.

It's her own fault. I think. I hope it's not serious, but we're taking her in just to be sure. You see, she's gone and licked a huge patch of fur off of her back. It's not an abscess, that much I'm sure of. It's bald. Her rough tongue did lift some skin off, but even that never got icky like you'd think. Just scabbed and healed. But she won't let the hair grow back. At least she's stopped making it bigger.

It started with a little tiny rashy spot. She gets these every spring and fall, but this was early. It usually happens when the air conditioners go on, and when the heat goes on. I don't know what set it off, but started the way it always does. She gets a rash, she scratches, then it heals and she's fine. Except this time, on this one spot, not all of them, she wouldn't stop licking it. When I noticed she was removing the hair, it was the size of a dime. In just a few days she made it bigger than a silver dollar.

I'm hoping the vet says it's already healing and there's no problem. And that she's a goofy girl for getting in a tizzy over her usual rash.

Want to see it? It's hard to picture as her skin is as gray as her fur.. And the flash shines on it.

It's not icky, but if you don't want to see, stop here and have a good weekend!

I'm not looking at your flashy box..

Ok, now I am. Are you about done?

I'm also ignoring you about the V. E. T. thing.. Don't expect to find me in the morning.

Hope you all have a good weekend! I'll try to post the results on either Saturday or Sunday.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Aw, Leo, must you pre-fur the clean sheets?

I'm a cat...

Of course I must!

Of course, I should have known.

We're still trying to get Hershey Bear and Frosting to their new forever home in Los Angeles California. They can get all the way to Oklahoma City so far. Can anyone help get them further? If you know anyone in or around that area of the country, please please contact Chrystal! Leave a comment on her blog. Her email is down, but she can get on her blog. Please please help us find a way! Getting a forever home is the most wonderful thing, but we have to get them there!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pulling Up By The Bootstraps

Leo bolts down the stairs when he hears daddy come home! You can almost see him, in his excitement, yelling "Daddy's home! Daddy's home!" But not for the reason you might expect.

Sure, he likes daddy just fine. But if he wants to be pet by him, it's upstairs, on the bed, in the morning. Only. Daddy want to pet him some other time, some other place? Ok, maybe, but not for long!

What he wants, when daddy comes home.. is his bootstraps! Oh boy, he just discovered this new wonderful toy in the last week or so. And he is thrilled with them! He has occasionally tried to make daddy late for work just so he can attack the bootstraps, the little brat boy!

Oh boy! See what I see??

I got it now!


Come back here you...

You're not getting away from me!

Bwhahaha! See! GOTCHA AGAIN!


I tried to make this series into a gif, but for some reason I couldn't slow down the speed. When I tried, it only slowed down the first few pictures.. Well, here, you can see it anyway.