Wednesday, September 28, 2016

ThrowBack Thursday

ThrowBack Thursday! This one is from September 2nd, 2011 and was called "Sleep On It"


Sleep On It
If you have a cat, you know that they believe that EVERYthing is put there for them to sleep on. Anything you lay down becomes an instant kitty bed. Leo has always been a silly sleeper, contorting into the oddest positions. But lately I’ve been noticing a trend in some of the pictures I have of him.

Recall him helping to pick out the new carpet?

Unfortunately, we aren’t going with that choice. But he was quick to give his approval of the new choice! He also thought it was a nice place to scratchy so we had to trim off a few stray bits he’d pulled before we took it back to the store...
(it's not the exact carpet, but the blue is the right background color, a sample of ours wasn't in stock)

You might remember this old picture of him sleeping on a saw.. I still don’t understand that one!

Now that he’s decided he can share the bedroom, pardon me, The Land of the Giant Cushy Bed, he’s finding all kinds of new places to snooze.

And then we took the curtains off the door so we could prep it for painting..
Guess I should have expected it, huh?
Lots of goodies on the Winnie's Wish Auction! Be sure to have a look!
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Monday, September 26, 2016

Testing, Testing!

I meant to share this series of cuteness right before or just after I posted the bed bowls on the Auction. But with everything else going on, I never got around to it. And the bed bowls sold lickity split, so it would seem that I wouldn't have a reason to share them now. But what the heck, it's cute, so I'm sharing!

This is product testing! I finished the bed bowl and set it in a sun puddle to see if any cat would be interested.

 Waiting.. 3.. 2... 1...

Cashmere: What is this sitting in my sun puddle? *stomp stomp turn turn*

Cashmere: Oh, it's a kitty containment sun spot accelerator!

Cashmere: Yes, I'm holding the chair. Not 100% sure I wont be sucked down into a new multicolor universe from this most awesome huggy thing.

Cashmere: Uh oh.. there's a disturbance in the force...

Leo: Hey, what are you in??
Cashmere: Nothin'... Go'way

Leo: It is too something! Looks pretty cool too!
Cashmere: It's a torture device! Yeah, that's it! I nibbled mom's fingers again so she stuck me in here and the multi-colored black hole is sucking the life force out of me... Go away now, I don't want you to watch this, it's going to be horrifying.

Ten minutes later..
Leo: Torture device my big fuzzy buns.. I'll show her torture device if she tries to pull that again.. heh heh   Ya know who'd really like this? A room full of kittens! (That's right, foreshadowing, da da DA!)
Leo: What do you mean, 'We're not keeping it'?? That's not fair! It's a perfect fit too!

Sorry Leo, test over! Time to give it up, poor baby.


The bed bowl might have already sold, but there are other awesome beds and other things on the Winnie's Wish Insta-Auction! Make sure you check it out!

Remember, every bid helps the kitties of Winnie's Wish!

Please check their blog for a very important post today!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Keeping It Warm

Leo: Glitter and I are keeping mom's bed warm. We don't know what's going on, but we know she'll be back and she won't want a cold bed!
Glitter: Yeah, warm beds are good. But I kinda like it better when I get to lay on mom, not just her bed.
Leo: Well, yeah, the bed doesn't give scritches!
Glitter: Or tummy rubs!

Cashmere: I'm not on her bed, but I'm keeping an eye out for her. I like her pillows but they've gone missing just like mom has.. I think aliens stole them!

Greg took these pictures on his phone and sent them to me. I miss my babies as much as they miss me! (at least I hope they miss me, not just my pillows!) No idea how long I'll be here, but considering last time it was three months, my plan is to not be here any longer than that! My stupid legs better decide to snap into shape quickly because I want to get back to my babies! And Greg too. :)

The internet is spotty here sometimes, so I wont always be able to post. That and I expect to be worn out with PT and OT! But we are still here and will post when we can!

The Winnie's Wish Insta-Auction will go on! Unless the internet gets worse and it's impossible to keep up, but right now I believe I will be able to keep on top of things.

Speaking of keeping on top! I have added a few new items! Oh you'll have to go peek because there's some cuteness there!

Remember, every bid helps the kitties of Winnie's Wish!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Fun Times, NOT

Hello peeps, Leo here to let you know what the heck is going on.
(This is my Serious Face/We Have To Talk picture)

We have not had a blog post up in... three and a half gazillion years! That's what it feels like anyway.
First, it was vacation time for daddy, and that's fine because we got more hands to pet us when he's home. Then vacation ended and we still didn't blog..

And the reason is not so fun. We has been havin' some seriously not great times around here. The mommy has been to the ER and stuff and nurses been coming here (I do not like these nursie peoples! Who do they think they are, ringing my doorbell, (which I hate more than anything in the world) and then chasing me offa my mom, MY MOM, so they can poke at her. I've had enough, I tells ya, ENOUGH!)

And that's not bad enough! NOW they are taking my mom away! And no one will tell us for how long! Daddy says he hopes not more than three months, like last time. Oh yeah, last time, I remember that.
When the girls were new-ish here and Star, Princess HissyFace was still here, mom had to go into rehab for her stoopy legs. Star went bye bye to the bridge when mom was gone last time. She's given us strict instructions that that will not happen this time!

I keep getting side tracked.. Ok, so the mom is going away. We are not happy. Daddy will keep spoiling us and sending mom pictures so that if she can get an internet connection she can post! But it wont be the same! I needs my mom cuddles! Who's gonna give me my mom cuddles?? Ok ok, the girls will miss their mom cuddles too, but I'm more worried about MY cuddle times!!!

Mom says the auction for Winnie's Wish will stay open. But she's going to take down some of the things that daddy might have a hard time packing and sending all by himself and put up only easy to send stuffs. It might be a smaller auction, but it will still be some cool stuff!

Ok, I need to stop crabbin' about stuff and get in my mom cuddles before she has to leave on Monday! We don't like it, but we hope she comes back better and not so ouchie. We also hope they are wrong about how long it will be. If any of you can spare a purr or two for mom, we'd all appreciate it! She'll post again when she can, from THAT place.


The Winnie's Wish Insta-Auction will, indeed, continue! As Leo said, I'll be taking down some things and making it smaller, easier to handle, but it will be on going! If it becomes to difficult, I will let you all know, but right now, it's a go!

Remember, every bid helps the kitties of Winnie's Wish!
Another big need they have is ADOPTIONS! Please visit and look at the adoptable kitties on the side bar, click on one, then use the 'share' button at the bottom and share it on your facebook or twitter or pinterest or wherever you use social media! Thank you so much!!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

One Word Wednesday



Winnie's Wish Insta-Autcion is NOT on vacation! :)  Open for your bidding pleasure 24/7!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Happy Labor Day!

We hope you have a nice, restful day!


If you have a minute on your, hopefully, day off, check out the Winnie's Wish Insta-Auction!

All bids help the kitties of Winnie's Wish shown on the Daily Dose blog!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Caturday Art

This time I thought I'd play with Cashmere's Flirty Fluffy Tummy shot. It's just so cute!

This one is using something called Neon. It doesn't do well on a lot of pictures, but I really like how it did this one.

Cartoon, always a favorite!

This one I used two elements on, first I used oilify then applied canvas to make it look like a painting. I wish it were a brighter picture, it might look better.

I wanted to do a colored effect and made this kind of red. But I wasn't crazy about how it came out.

So I tried something else. First I used photocopy, then I applied the color. I think it looks a tiny bit better, but still kind of weird.

Here's the original. Just love the look on her face and that fluffy tum!
There is artwork on the Winnie's Wish Insta-Auction! ;)
Seriously though, I hope you've had a peek at some of the newer stuff added this week.
It's a different kind of art, but there are several 'artistic' hand made items such as the following:

 This is actual art!


 and framed!

I know the postage is scary on the framed art, but I'm willing to work with you and I'm still working on packaging differently (I need help with it and it's difficult getting that help, sorry I keep promising and not getting it done..)

Anyway, there's so many different kinds of items! I hope you'll take a minute and peek through. Remember, every bid helps the kitties of Winnie's Wish and they really need it!


Thursday, September 1, 2016

ThrowBack Thursday

Today's throwback is from August 19, 2014
It was called: Leo Blogs

It's me, Leo! takin' over the bloggy today!
Mommy has a busy day ahead of her and said she didnt have time to blog but let me post some old pictures! So here's my tummy and my fangs!

Oh boy! I added some cool new stuff to the Insta-Auction! Mid-week even!
I also took a few things down for a while. There were still a lot of book sets so I took down a few for now as well as one or two art prints. I'm working on better postage for the art prints! So if you like one or more (a better postage deal right off the bat!) don't despair! I'll have the new rates posted as soon as I can figure out which flat rate boxes which prints fit into!
The Winnie's Wish Insta-Auction benefits the kitties of Winnie's Wish who are seen on the Daily Dose blog! They are wonderful kitties who need homes! A lot of them need special homes with a lot of patience to help them get over shyness.
Please consider adopting one or more of these great kitties! Or perhaps you know someone who could use a little furry love? Share them, please, and be the person who helps them find their forever family!
By the way, if you don't see anything on the auction that strikes your fancy, they could always use donations! And there is a Wish List on Amazon that offers a practical way to help them! Every little bit helps!
Thank you!!!