Friday, November 30, 2012

What They Do When They Think No One Is Watching!

Leo The Chinese Lion thinks himself alone...

Baf time, the long furs on the back of my leg take forEVER to clean and straighten..

Lickity lick lickity lick... over and over.

And all these spare toes! I'll be a year on these alone!

Ta heck with it.. I'm bored already!

Time for a play break! I bet I can rip the corner offa my shelf!

Oooo real toys down there!

 Ornaments for Christmas! Or toys if you prefer! With or without catnip or squeakers!
AND you get to help Winnie's Wish at the same time!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Packing Disturbs Kitties!

Well, the Loud One is leaving today. That means the kitties have got to hurry and sleep on all of her stuff while they can! Star got a jump start because the Loud One left her bedroom door closed, but not completely, so she pushed her way in and spent the whole night in there! Take that, door closer girl! heh heh heh!

The Loud One, Twin 1 as I call her, has been doing a lot of laundry as she gets ready to go. This has pleased Star to no end!

I gotta get comfortable in here..

What are YOU looking at? Getting comfortable takes time.
I don't know what end of her this is...
Ah, this might be good. For a while.

Hey, wake me when it's my turn ok? It's been All Star All the Time lately.. When is it gonna be Leo's turn??

Ok, Leo, it can be your turn now. Want to talk about the Loud One too?
Yeah! Ok, see this? This is MY tree, and that is my chair to use when I get into my tree or when I want a shorter perspective on things! Guess who's stuff is all over BOTH of my things!

How the heck am I supposed ta lounge in my spot when her crap is in my spot? If I could.. I'd show her what this pose is all about..

What's he yammering about now?

Oh great, I finally get five minutes on this blog and SHE photobombs me! I don't even want to talk about how having to share my tree isn't fair because that bag of hers takes up more than half and I'm bigger and...

Oh to heck with it, I just know that if I get on a roll here, she's just gonna upstage me again..
Star: heh heh, you know it. Let me straighten up my furs for when I do!

So Twin 1 heads out tomorrow for cold and snowy mountains. She's gonna freeze her tuckus off... maybe that'll make her want to stay home!


Speaking of cold and snowy... The holidays are coming and you just know your kitties and doggies and other various critters want their very own ornaments! Or, if they don't want them for hanging on a tree, they can surely use them as toys! So please help out the rescued kitties of Winnie's Wish by joining in on our Christmas Fundraiser!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


First I wanna say that I updated the Winie's Wish Christmas Fundraiser post to include a doggy squeaker option and ornaments with people names! Any names or no names is fine by me! MOL

Spitty Speaks and Marks Mews both gave us the Blog of the Year award!

The rules!
This is an award you can receive SIX times so you can fill up all the star spaces. (See how on the badge only one star is lit up? When you've received it six times, all the stars will be filled.

So we want to send it back to both Spitty and Iza, Marley & Ayla of Mark's Mews so they can fill up their stars!

I also want to pass it on to:
Katie Isabella
Katnip Lounge
Housecat Confidential
The 9 Lives of Wu-Dong

We also got to pick an award from Texas, A Cat In New York's Award-palooza! We didn't have the 7 Things About Me award, so that's the one we choose!

Here's our seven things!

1. Star can be a big chicken and runs from most strangers, even friends, but if they stay a while, she'll come back out. Only a select few get to pet her though.

2. Leo likes to have his tail pet. When he walks by, he rubs against me and twitches his tail so I'll pet it. It kind of started when my back got bad and I couldn't reach down, so all I could pet was his tail. Now it's kind of a 'love you' thing as he goes by.

3. Both cats hate Greg's new hours. They do not understand why he isn't there at his usual times giving them their attention at their chosen times.

4. Star knows how to close my laptop so she can sit on it. She finds it to be a most excellent butt warming device.

5. Leo lost his singing birdy feather toy, no one could find it. Then it showed up again out of the blue.

6. Star knows when her daddy is home and will sit on the edge of the carpet and stare at the door until he walks in. At which point she runs because he's walking.. She comes back when he sits down.

7. Leo won't let Greg pet him much when he's downstairs and won't let me pet him much when he's upstairs!

I'm passing this one on to:

A Tail of 3 Kitties
Whiskers In The Window
Cat's Eye
Honey I Shrunk the Pig

Thank you all!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Prototype Thief

I forgot I was going to post pictures of Star with the prototypes of the ornament balls for the Winnie's Wish Fundraiser! I must have made about six different ones, and they kept disappearing! I stuffed them, but never even sewed the hole up because I was just seeing if they were round.
Let me tell you, making a round ball is not as easy as it sounds! I tried making patterns off of the kitties toys, didn't work. I looked some up on line, and got football shapes instead of round.. I finally found one that I could alter a little and get a pretty round ball! And that one disappeared too..
It was Star. She stole every one of them and batted them around the house. Every time I saw one, I'd snatch it up and sew it shut so she didn't lose stuffing all over the house! I'm pretty sure they're all sewn now.. I hope.. At the moment, I only know where three of them are. And that's because Star batted them through the livingroom today!
I made them out of denim because I had some worn out jeans that I was going to toss out and then thought what the heck, they can be prototypes! There is no nip in these balls, but Star loves them just the same. She scoops them up with her claws and throws them around! She's gotten pretty good at it, but it's soooo hard to catch her with the camera! Digital is so slow!
Anyway, here's the pictures I got!

This is my ball and I am not going to share it. Got that, barbarian? M. I. N. E. Mine.

Getting ready to attack it.. the secret is to not let it catch you looking at it..

Then snatch it! Bwhahahaha!
(see my tooth? I was serious!)

I dived under the Royal Footstool after it!
Mom missed that with the flashy box, hee hee!

Alright, something is happening out the door, playing is on hold now.
See two balls in this picture? Both MINE!

Don't forget our Fundraiser! Ornaments for your tree, or use them as toys for your pets! Catnip is optional! And now, so are squeakers for doggies! (They are ordered and will arrive within a week I hope!) So lots of fun for kitties and doggies if you prefer them as toys!

The FUN FUN FUNdraiser toy sets are still available too! Presents for kitties!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Loud One

Star is doing the blog today.
The loud one, mom's niece who she calls Twin 1, has been home here for weeks and weeks. She hasn't let me in her room more than a couple of times.

What does she think I'm going to do? Pee in her slippers? No one can prove *I* did that. She think I'm going to steal her hair things? That's her fault for having tasty smelling hair. She says she won't open her door because there is a litter box just outside it. Big deal, my stuff don't stink!

So now she started packing. I guess she's going back to Wyoming to work the winter in some snowy resort. That does not sound near as fun as staying here with me and letting me claw her hair whenever I feel like it.

I'm going to sleep on her suitcase and hold it down so she can't take it, and therefore can't leave. That'll make mom happy, and maybe I'll get another chance to get into her room. I bet she has another pair of slippers.. Or some hair stuff!

Please remember the Christmas Fundraiser for Winnie's Wish!
We're looking into squeakers for doggies for those who want them for toys rather than ornaments! Details to come!
Winnie's Wish has a HUGE need for Adoptions! If you or someone you know could make room for a kitty or two, please please go to the Winnie's Wish page and pick out your new buddy! Help Clear Chrystal's Cathouse by Christmas!


Thank you to Ann of Zoolatry for our new header!!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Winnie's Wish Christmas Fundraiser!

Shopping season has officially begun! Time to decorate! Time to think charitably! Time to think of your critters too! Want to combine all of the above into one thing?

Then you are just in time for the


We’ve got ornaments! That double as cat toys! That you get for donations to a great cause!!

These ornaments are personalized with the names of your kitties. Or doggies. Or whatever or whoever you want. Red and green paneled balls are individually embroidered with metallic gold thread.



For a donation of $15 you get three ornaments. Additional ornaments are $3 each.

There are four panels on each ball. You can have separate names on each panel if you want. You can have one name per ball, either on one panel or two or even all of them. You can have two names on each ball. Honestly, you can design your set any way you want.

As an example, I have done Chrystal’s animal family. Chrystal has 19 animals. Each animal has their name on one panel, she needs 5 balls, and one space would be left over. On that final space, I put "Winnie’s Wish".

side one
 side two



If you prefer not to have personalized ornaments, there is a limited selection of patterned paneled balls instead.
 Or mix and match!


Here’s how it works!

Decide on how many balls you want and what you want on each of them.

Make your donation by using the red "Winnie’s Wish Donation" button on my side bar.

This is an important step!!! Email me at anniclan AT aol DOT com with your names/options.
AND your mailing address!

Use this template to plan your ornaments. Fill in names or choose fabric pattern. (snowman, red snowflakes, gold snowflakes, green candy canes. solid red, green and white also available.)

panel 1 ____________
panel 2 ____________
panel 3 ____________
panel 4 ____________

panel 1 ____________
panel 2 ____________
panel 3 ____________
panel 4 ____________

panel 1 ____________
panel 2 ____________
panel 3 ____________
panel 4 ____________

and so on as needed
Additional BALL
panel 1 ____________
panel 2 ____________
panel 3 ____________
panel 4 ____________

Please understand that these will not be sent out the next day as the first fundraiser was. It will take time to create the personalization pattern to load into my machine, so please allow a few days for the work.

Mail in the continental US will then take 3 days to a week.

These are available anywhere in the world, for additional postage. It’s about three dollars extra to most places 
EDIT: Current postal rates are higher than at the original time of this FUNdraiser, please email first before placing out of country orders.
I have no control over how long it will take these to arrive out of country, but I can tell you that in the previous fundraiser it took up to three weeks to some places. (guaranteed 3 days to a week cost a minimum of an additional $17, yikes!)


Every dollar above postage and a very tiny materials amount goes to Winnie’s Wish! That’s about $12 a basic set! Winnie’s Wish is dedicated to rescuing abandoned or feral kitties and finding them great homes where they can be loved for the rest of their lives! Please consider helping them by participating in this Christmas Fundraiser!

Oh, I almost forgot! There is no nip in these as I’m assuming they will hang on Christmas trees and we don’t want the kitties tearing down the tree to get at them! However, if your kitties are anything like my kitties, they still make a great toy to roll all around and attack after the tree gets put away! (I’ll be sharing pictures of my babies playing with my prototypes as I worked on creating these ornaments in the coming days!)

If you want these just for toys and want nip in them, let me know and I’ll add it at no extra charge!

Also, for you woofie lovers out there, we now have squeakers as an option if you want your doggies to play with them!

Don't forget, you can get people names too!


Don’t forget, if you want gifts for your kitties, the other FUN FUN FUNdraiser is still available too! You can get the set of five Winnie’s Wish toys, details HERE!

Please email for any questions! anniclan AT aol DOT com

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Ok, we're a day early.. but since this will be up tomorrow too, I figure it's ok.

Leo: Hi Everybody!
Star: Happy Thanksgiving.
Leo: Oh yeah, Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Whoo!
Star: Oh boy..
Leo: Star says I can be the star of the day!
Star: heh heh heh.. ahem, I mean, you certainly are!
Leo: Ok.. that was weird.. But anyway, since today is all about Me! I thought I'd tell you why I'm thankful! I'm thankful that I have my mommy, and my daddy, and my home. And even for ol' sour puss... I mean Star!
Star: I'm thankful I have a shotgun.. *toothy grin*
Leo: You do?
Star: Yup, that's a big part of today! Turkey hunting!
Leo: Really! Oh.. hey.. What did you say I was dressed as?
Star: The guest of honor.. *smirk*
Leo: Ah, ok! Cool!
Star: To all of our American friends and those who celebrate Thanksgiving, we wish you a very happy Thanksgiving day!
Leo: And to the other kitties around the world, Happy Day!
Star: And happy hunting to everyone! heh heh heh
Leo: ..I think I better go find mommy now..
Star: Spoil sport.


And we'd all be VERY thankful if you could help get some of the kitties at Chrystal's adopted! Remember, we want to Clear Chrystal's Cathouse by Christmas! And that will require a little help from everyone!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New Schedules Stink!

Good news: Greg got a promotion!
Bad news: It comes with really stinky hours..
Good news: Overtime is back!
Bad news: That makes the stinky hours even stinkier..

So after he worked half the night, we went grocery shopping in the middle of the night because... that's the only time he has now.

I'm so messed up on hours, and it's only the first day! So now that it's way past normal bedtime and I'm past tired... I don't have a blog ready and I'm too tired really to care at the moment.. So let me just share a couple of things then I can start snoring! (not that *I* snore! no, not me! Ignore any rumors to the contrary..)

First off, Jeanne of Random Felines took in the Gemstone kittens from Chrystal to get them into a shelter near her! Whew, because Chrystal did NOT have any room! But now those kittens are getting over being sick and the vet bills piled up. So they are having a fundraiser auction! Yay! We donated a few Winnie's Wish toy sets and there's LOTS of other cool stuff! Check it out please!

And speaking of Chrystal, she is still in desperate need of adoptions! Please, help find great homes for the kitties in the cathouse! Lets Clear Chrystal's Cathouse by Christmas!!!
You can see all the wonderful kitties HERE!

Here are a few of the ones looking for a home! Show them to everyone you know! Facebook it, tweet it, please help!

Monday, November 19, 2012


Star would like you to know that she will not be fooled any longer!

It may be hard to see, but the Red Dot is on the Royal Footstool!
I will get you this time!

And she did, she was fierce in her chase! Always is! She thunders from one side of the room to the other in pursuit of this particular dot!

However, she caught sight of something in my hand... And took it from me!
So, you thought you could fool me, did you? I think not!

You're mine now. However, that does not mean that I won't continue to chase you, even though I know your secrets!

Now I only have to worry that she'll learn how to run it herself and what she'll do to Leo when she does!