Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Daddy is sick. Again... But this time he finally went to the doctor! Nurse Leo is on the job, making sure daddy gets a little exercise by making him give scritches and by keeping him warm by sitting on him. I'm sure he'll be well in no time! (And then mommy will kill him for stealing her baby boy because HERS is the only lap he's supposed to sit on!)

Leo: That's right, between the ears, first the back of the hand rub, then..

Leo: right side of the hand, finger scritches.. Awesome work today. Keep repeating. And if mommy keeps complaining, then she should get her butt home so I can lay on her again!

Ok, Leo. You made your point. Thank you for helping with daddy. And get your fuzzy buns ready, because it wont be long now and I will be home! And I expect snuggles!

Ok, to tell the truth, I have been able to go home for the weekend for the last few weeks. They call it 'vacation'... um, ok sure. Anyway, it's all in preparation for going home permanently next month, yay!!!! CANT WAIT! The girls forgave me for being gone within minutes of arrival! Leo made me wait two hours the first weekend, and half an hour the next. Little brat boy!


For those of you who donated to pretty kitty Angel's surgery, she had it Tuesday! The results weren't conclusive, but thankfully ruled out some really bad things. Please read about it on Tuesday's Daily Dose Post. I have not forgotten your gifts for donations to her surgery! I just forgot to bring the mail pouches with me so I can't get them out until the weekend, I'm sorry!
If anyone still wants to donate to the surgery it would sure be appreciated! And I will send you a small, but cute, thank you gift! Just use the donate button on my site, or on the Daily Dose site and note that it's for Angel!


Monday, February 13, 2017

A Story Told In Four Particularly Blurry Photos

The tale being told is too cute to pass up regardless of the blurry low light crappy cell phone pictures sent from daddy's new crappy cell phone. Of course, moving kitties did not help in the blur department.

Opening Salvo: Leo sits, guarding the chirpy cricket toy. Or the cow kicker. Or both.
Leo: These are mine! None shall touch! Mwahahaha!

Part The Second: Glitter checks to see if it's safe to come out and snatch a toy for herself. A different toy.. not the sasial mouse. Or any of the ones in the box next to her. A chirpy one perhaps.
Glitter: I need to get that toy, but how? Where is that brother of mine.. is it safe to come out?

Round 3: Leo leaps into action! No, it's not safe, he's guarding still!
Leo: No no, never! All toys are my toys! Mine mine mine!! *maniacal laughter*

The Final Move: Cashmere learns his weakness!
Cashmere: He's easy to defeat, as long as you remind him that there's left over snack, and it's one of his favorites! hee hee hee! My chirpy cricket now! Glitter, you can have the cow kicker!

Worth the eye straining blur? I hope so, because I thought it was adorable! Then again, I miss them, so everything they do is adorable to me!


Last week I told you about the special needs Winnie's Wish kitty on the Daily Dose blog, and how she, Angel, needs surgery on the 20th. We're trying to raise the cost of the surgery, so if you are able to donate, that would be a huge help! While I'm still in rehab working on getting my legs stronger I cannot do a full fledged fundraiser. But what I am doing is trying to make a small thank you gift for those who are willing to help with a donation. Please read about Angel's issues HERE and on today's Daily Dose post HERE.
Then if you can, please use the donate button on my site, or the Daily Dose site to help with the vet bill. Thank you!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Wordless Wednesday with Cashmere


In yesterday's post at Daily Dose, Chrystal talked about a kitty there who needs surgery. If you can help with the cost, it would be greatly appreciated! READ THE POST HERE
I can't do a whole lot from where I am, but I'm trying to come up with some small thank you gift to give to those who help with Angel's surgery.
I wish I could do a whole fundraiser, but at the moment I cannot, I'm sorry.

Angel's surgery is February 20th, please help if you can by using the donate button either on my site, or the Daily Dose site! Thank you!!