Friday, October 28, 2011

Bedroom Antics

On those few days when the kitties were locked in the bedroom while the floor was being worked on downstairs I took a few pictures on my phone. I forgot about them and just ran across them today. They’re not the greatest because I got my phone because it was purple, not because it had a good camera. At the time I didn’t know I’d eventually have a blog that I’d want pictures for. Still, it’s purple!

Anyway, fuzzy or not, here they are!

Leo finished his snacky first and sat on the edge of the bed watching to see if Star would leave any. They do this to each other all the time. Most days, they switch bowls halfway through snack time.
You gonna eat all of dat?

When she finished, she got up on her closet box, which is pretty close to the snack dish. Leo wants the dish. Star thinks he's after her. It's a stand off. You'd think he could see from there that the bowl is empty..
Leo: I can smell stinky goodness, I know there's at least lickin's left in there!
Star: Back off or suffer the wrath of my Paw Of Doom!

Star grumbles the whole time he's walking on the bed, but as soon as he lays down, she shuts up and goes back to sleep. It's just the weirdest thing.
Leo: I'll stay on my side of the bed, don't get your bloomers in a bunch..
Star: Your side of the bed? You don't have a side of the bed! Both sides of the bed are MY side of the bed!

Leo usually sleeps on Greg's side. But for a while during the lock up, he slept on mine. Is it odd that I felt honored?
This pillow softer, but daddy's side is closer to the door, and escape..

Star's last line there is a movie quote.. but if you don't have kids or like kid movies, you might not get it.. ;)

Thursday, October 27, 2011


All month, every since I saw people starting to talk about Tock-tober, I have been trying to get a tock-shot or either or both kitties. I got that one blurry one of Star the other day. Leo has been most uncooperative, as I discussed yesterday. It's most frustrating.
Niece 1 got one picture while the big boy was sleeping. She wasn't thinking tocks, she was thinking how silly he looked. Like monorail cat deflated. Still, Tocktober is almost over, so since it's all I have, here it is!

zzz all aboard.. mind your head..zzzzzz

I love how you can just see the tip of his one ear! I don't know about you, but I think my kitties are cute, from any angle!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I did it to myself. I know it’s all my fault, but it’s still frustrating!

During those two days the kitties were locked in the bedroom, there weren’t many toys for them to play with and I felt bad. Especially for Leo who loves to play! So I teased him with my camera strap and let him play with it.

Now, every time he’s doing something adorable and I get the camera out to get the shot... he stops doing whatever he’s doing and runs over to play with the strap! Argh! Do you know how many goofy, sweet, funny and utterly adorable shots I’ve missed?? It’s driving me crazy!

I haven’t let him play with it since those locked up days, but still, he rushes toward that camera.. Tonight he was doing that pert, sitting up very straight pose and for a change, he had his tail wrapped around himself. I know, lots of cats do that, Star always does. but Leo NEVER sits that way, his tail is always out behind him or flipped to one side.

I snuck the camera to Greg and told him to hide the strap in his hand hoping he could get the shot. But the second he raised the camera Leo ran for HIM!

I have gotten out all the teaser toys and several other things like mousies and feather toys, hoping he loses interest in the silly little strap. Hopefully I’ll be getting some of those adorable pictures of him again soon.

I did manage to get the following set, but only because he was busy, lazily, playing with what’s left of Da Bird with niece 1.

Gotcha fedder!

Gotcha stringy?

Aw come'on... bring is closer..

I's waitin'....

Nope, still too far away..

Don't make me tell on you.. Bring me back my fedder... MOMMM! She be's mean!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Random Monday

I just love Star's tummy. It's all curly and adorable and so soft! And she lets me pet it on occasion. In fact, she will demand tummy rubs! She'll kick and kick and kick until your hand moves to her tumtum. Trust me, you don't not give into her demands!
I'm cleaning now, you will pet later. Be gone.

Leo, on the other hand, does not care for having his tummy touched. You have to sneak up on his tummy when he's sleepy and if you don't stop before he becomes aware of what you're doing, he will leave in a huff.


Remember this picture of Leo from over the summer? Inspecting the text books.
If I figure out how humans work, I can get them to do what I want, like give me more treats!

Star might be finding her own interest in learning.
Gotta keep the people's healthy, then you get more chickens.


Leo's getting posessive of the couch!


I don't know what happened here.. but it looks like some broke the kitty and put him together wrong! All four feet are by his face! He's such a huge kitty, so how is he still able to fit there all folded in half??

Friday, October 21, 2011


With all the open area while we wait on carpet, the living room makes a great place to play with Da Bird! I didn’t get many good pictures at all because they were just wild! I have none of Leo even though they were both playing, but he was just a blur leaping and flying around before he dove under whatever he could find.

I think he was nervous about playing with the same toy as Star while she was also playing. Not nervous enough to NOT play, but enough that he was doing these attack and run moves. By the time I got the camera on him, he was out of the picture!

Star has faster paws, but she also sits and contemplates so I can pretty much tell when she’s going to attack. Leo does his butt wiggling readying to attack moves under tables and under the Royal Footstool.

(Does this one count for tock-tober? too blurry...)

I did catch Leo earlier in the day on the niece’s duffle bag. I don’t know if this was him trying to find somewhere warm off the cement or just a case of "it’s there, I must lay on it" but I’m thinking the latter because he was also seen leaning against the door as he licked his paws. And that has to be the coldest place in the house.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Floor Inspection

Wow! What a harrowing couple of days we’ve had around here! Locked in a room with two cats who dislike each other! Not the entire two days, but as long as it took to put down the cement and then six hours to cure enough that there wouldn’t be any little cement shoes padding around the house. Trust me, that’s longer than enough!

I, myself, have spent the last two days upstairs because it’s way too crowded in the dining room and kitchen and there’s nothing in the living room except lots of empty space. And what have these silly cats been doing? Keeping me company! They can’t stand to be locked in, yet as soon as they are released, they disappear for maybe 10 minutes and then they’re right back up here.

Today we ventured down all together. Wow, we were amazed at the difference in the floor! And how echo-ey it is! Greg and my darling twin1 are hard on themselves, saying it could be better, but I think they did a really nice job. Carpet and padding will cover any irregularities!

Leo managed to find the Royal Footstool stuffed half under the dining table.

I’ve missed you, Royal Footstool! I’ll never leave you again!

Star checked out the new floor
This is why we had to stay upstairs? Hrmph

Our couch is a lazyboy, and lazyboys always have backs that come off for moving. Leo jumped up here not two minutes after the backs were set there..

Hey, this my sleeping spot, where’s the bottom? Is mommy gonna sit on the floor now? If she don’t, how I gonna sleep with a paw on her shoulder?

That’s my Leo though, he has to inspect EVERYTHING! Greg turned over the bottom of the couch to see if he could do anything about the broken lazy parts of the lazyboy ends. As it stands, it’s not so much a lazyboy as just a boy I guess.
Ok, my sleepy spot missing the bottom and now the bottom all tipped over.. I don’t know WHERE mommy gonna sit at all. She not gettin’ the Royal Footstool.. is she?

With The Chair back on the other side of the room, he had to inspect it too. And make sure his snackies were unharmed in all the confusion. (Most of them are in the blue box under the pile of stuff on the floor, both he and Star can hear that box open from anywhere in the house!)

Snacky box is all covered... That’s not gonna stay that way, is it?

Star checked out things by the door
Hey, no cracks! Nice. And no door on the tiny hidey room. Funny, I always thought that room was stuffed full of interesting things.. guess not.

We’re all so thrilled with our new floor! And tomorrow the carpet should get ordered. We should have that in two weeks! Can’t wait!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Incarceration: Day 2!

Star here today.

Today was just as bad as yesterday. No, worse..

I know that bozo told you yesterday all about our being locked up most of the night. Until I made my daring escape that is. I knew if I kept watching, I’d find a way. I’m smarter than mommy, and tons smarter than the infidel. The infidel who stole my sleeping spot! How dare he!

Today, during the day, we were free. But for some reason mommy stayed upstairs all day. Something about being claustrophobic, whatever that is, in the kitchen/dining room and the living room being bare.

That giant goober Leo and I explored down there a little, but mostly we spent the day upstairs with mommy, keeping her company and trying to figure out what the heck her problem was. Besides, I think that new floor smells..

Speaking of smells.. the Mad Bouncer kept laying on the big comfy bed AT THE SAME TIME AS ME! Is he crazy? When I am on it, it is MINE and MINE alone! And I let him know about it too. Don’t let mommy tell you that I was a good girl about it. I was protesting, yes I was. It’s just that once he settled down, laid down, and quit annoying me, I decided to suffer in silence. I was not snoring while he was on the bed with me! That is a bold face lie she’s trying to spread!

I knew I should have made a run for it when that twin girl came home, and most certainly should have run when daddy got home. Well, I did, for a few minutes, but I wanted daddy’s attention, to tell him about my horrible day. And do you know what he did??

Oh it was a terrible betrayal.. I mean, I own him, he does what I want when I want. I have him completely wrapped around my little paw. But once I came back into the bedroom, HE SHUT THE DOOR! He locked me in with that loon Leo again!

Can you believe it? These people are in for trouble once I get loose in the house again.. I will shred whatever I can shred, I will bite, I will scratch.. Wait a minute.. what’s that noise? Ah, they’re making that mess with what they called sea-meant again. More of that junk? Sheesh, why do they want to play in that?

Ok, yeah, we got snacks, and I got my favorite, fresh hot chicken, but that does not begin to make up for the humiliation and degradation of this situation!

Everyone crawled into the big soft bed again! Daddy snored in his stop-snoring mask, mom and the twin-key settled in watching TV and there was no room for me! I showed them though, I squeezed my way in and sat on mommy’s laptop, so ha!

Everything was quiet, (except for the TV) for a long time and then that goofy girl rolled outta the bed. She lays across the foot, so it was easy for her to do, but still, she raised such a ruckus!

So big deal, she had a wet butt, I remember when she was little having a wet butt in bed all the time, who cares? But then mommy started freaking out too and woke up daddy. With everyone standing around staring at the bed there was little place for me and Leo, so we were chasing each other around them and under the bed and in the closet.

All I know is they said one of the bed’s tubes sprung a leak, a likely story.. And that commenced another hour or so of them running in and out of the room and just carrying on like gibbering idiots. Honestly, they were worse than Leo...

During all this running around, I escaped! But they had the stairs blocked so I didn’t get very far. They stink, they really do. Can someone send a rescue party please?

A rare sight late at night. Rare anytime... but this was late at night just before the bed leak issue.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Hey people! Leo here!

The horror! Oh my goodness you won’t believe what’s going on around here! And it’s continuing even at this very moment!

I am talking to you from UNDER the big comfy bed in the hopes that someone will come to my rescue! You see, I’m trapped in here! The door is shut tight and they won’t let me leave!

Oh but that is not the worst part.. No, not even close to the worst! You see, I am NOT alone! Oh the abject horror... Loud and grumbly Princess Hissyface is locked in here with me!

It all started sometime this afternoon. I was flipping out.. um, I mean I was just taking it all in as what little was left in the living room kept disappearing. Even the couch that I like to sleep on the back of!

I mean, sure, it showed up in the dining room, but I wasn’t about to trust it! It moved all over the livingroom and I was cool about it, but this was beyond the pale! How was I to know if I sat on it if it wouldn’t disappear again?! No thank you please. I hid under mommy’s computer chair. Even Princess Hissyface didn’t trust the couch, she just kept creeping around the house.

There was all kinds of loud scary sounds coming from the living room and one time I sat on a box and poked my head out. That was my big mistake! Mommy saw me and shouted something about forgetting to put the cats away. Put the cats away?!?!?! What in the world does that mean?? Put us away like groceries? Like kitty treats hid away in the treat box? I am not an animal to be locked up! Oh wait.. heh... well, not to be locked up anyway!!

Everything stopped and suddenly one of those look alike girls, (the one that doesn’t live here, but who brought the Cot of Awesomeness), crawled through and grabbed me! I put up a mighty struggle let me tell you! Usually all I have to do is wiggle and she puts me down, almost like she’s afraid of me or something. But this time, nothing!

She headed for the stairs with me! The great grumbly one must have suspected something was going on because she started running up the stairs in front of us. She always hides upstairs when things are happening. But we dogged her every step all the way up and even into the Land of the Comfy Bed! She put me down, finally, but before I could escape, she shut the door right in my face! What!? She can’t do that!

Oh the relief, she opened it again in a few minutes, but before I could get out, she dragged in a litter box! Why would we need that in here? And what was that about not wanting paw prints in the new cement floor? I didn’t know and I didn’t care, I just wanted out!

When I couldn’t get out with look alike girl again, I took up residence under the bed and that was that. I didn’t even care that under the bed is where hissyface likes to sleep during the day! If she wanted under there, she was gonna have to share!

I bet you think that’s the worst thing, don’t you? HA!

A couple hours later mommy came in. I refused to come out for her though because I heard that door shut behind her. Then the other look alike girl, the one with the interesting room at the other end of the hall, came in. She’s loud and moves around a lot like she’s got ants in her pants. So no way was I coming out for her either.

And then, can you believe it, daddy came in too! All five of us in this one room?? Are they crazy! I tucked myself so far under that bed that they wouldn’t be able to get me outta there without dynamite!

Then all the scents started. Were they seriously eating dinner in here? Star, the wack-a-doo, jumped up on the bed with all of them. From the complaints I heard she must have thought someone had chicken, she flips out for chicken. I have no idea why, don’t ask me. But anyway, I’m sure she was mistaken because I heard them say something about eating TV’s for dinner, how weird is that?

Not long after that, I smelled something else... Something I did like. I smelled.. Stinky goodness! Up here? In the Land of the Comfy Bed? I mean.. In the hideous prison? I want you to know that I resisted as long as I could, just as any hostage or prisoner of war should. But five minutes was all I could stand! I crept out in stealth mode and went face first in the bowl!

After I scarfed it all up, I decided to try to trust these weird people who seem to be taking ‘togetherness’ way too far. I jumped up on the big comfy bed, but wow! They were all three there! I ducked and weaved, running between them, stole a drink from mommy’s glass of water then decided to try my luck under the bed again.

If only Hissyface hadn’t decided that’s where she wanted to be.. I’m glad to say that I won, she left in her usual loud fashion. Mommy convinced her to get on the big comfy bed. Too crowded for me, she can have it!

Eventually the girl left and daddy put on his Darth Vadar mask and went to sleep. Mommy alone was awake, so I came out again. I didn’t feel like trying the bed, but I got some more to eat and settled down under the folding chair that mommy says is there to help us get on the jewelry chest without scratching it. (I say if you don’t want it scratched, don’t put it under the window!)

I don’t know how long our sentence is, how long we’ll be prisoners.. but we’ll prevail! We will get out eventually! I’m not even listening to the talk of running out of cement and having to finish tomorrow.. No, I’m just going to sit here and plot and plan how to get out.. If I start chewing on the door, how long do you think it will take to get through?


Star escaped! Mommy left for a few minutes and when she came back good ol’ Princess Hissyface snuck out! Right between her feet, bwahaha! What a hero!

Mommy sighed and said it’s only been five and a half of the six hours it takes for their precious cement to cure.. (I didn’t even know it was sick!) But she didn’t go chasing after the grumble butt! In fact, she left the door open for me too! I told you I’d figure out how to get out of here!!

Ya know what.. I know there’s two litter boxes downstairs, but I think I need to use this one.. Five minutes of freedom is all I needed to decide that. When daddy gets up, maybe he’ll forget the box is there, swing his legs out and think he’s planted his feet on a sandy beach.. complete with tootsie rolls! Bwhahaha! Revenge is sweet!

(No pictures because mommy’s not sure where the camera is and is whining that she’s too tired anyway... sheesh, what a rip off)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Star Shredded Hamper

Oh hey do you see, by ceiling’s dim light
What so proudly once held all our dirties by the door
Who’s wicker sides and tight lid kept all our stuff out of sight
Oh how pretty t’was once painted blue to match decor
All the socks and underwear, the shirts and shorts hid in there
Gave proof, day by day, that the sides were not made of air
Oh say does that Star Shredded Hamper still stand
In the door of our room, the Comfy Bed Land

Under the condition of anonymity, from a secure location, the suspect speaks.
Yeah, I did it. I'm proud I did it, and given the opportunity, I'd do it again!
In fact.. when I leave here, I'm gonna do it just for good measure!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Disrupting Kitties Routine

We finally got a lot of work done on the floor this weekend! The last of the carpet is up (saved a hunk to keep tootsies warm until the new carpet comes in), the tile by the door was chiseled up, the cracks were cleaned out and filled, and two trouble spots were started to be dealt with.

Wow, all that work is noisy, glad they taking a break..

One spot was apparently a post hole (rumor has it that the house was a barn in it’s beginnings) but the cement that had been used to fill it was all crumbly so it’s gone, and the other spot was the bad crack in front of the door. Chipping the high spot down ended with a cavern instead of a crack. Both of those spots will be re-cemented this week!

Of course all this work disrupted the kitty routine around here. And silly Star actually sat down on the crack filler before it was dry which resulted in a chase situation to get it off her before she licked at it. Of the whole, open empty floor, why did she have to sit in that exact one spot?? I’ll tell you why... because she’s a cat. And that’s that.

Furniture got moved again and shoved into a corner. Star sitting on the back of the chair and Leo sitting on the back of the couch may seem like enough of a buffer, but they were so close I was surprised there wasn’t growling.

I know he's looking at me.. Aren't you tired of him yet? Can't we sweep him out with the rest of the trash?

Not lookin' at you, ol' Grumblepuss... If anyone goes with the trash it should be you cause you don't know better than ta sit in it..

Leo: Hey! She moved over onto my couch!
Star: You don't have a couch. I have a couch. I have a chair. All furniture is my furniture!

The non-growling is slightly different from what I heard happened this morning. Greg said that when he woke up and moved, someone jumped off the bed from by his feet. It had to have been Leo because when he looked, Star was sleeping between my feet. Greg called Leo back onto the bed, and he came, but Star was all grumbley about it. She didn’t leave though, so perhaps she was just making sure no one thought she was softening.

After all, there hadn’t been any growling before Greg moved..

Friday, October 7, 2011

Feather Friday

Leo’s birthday was just over a month ago. I still find it hard to believe he’s a year old! Still, he’s just a big ol’ baby at heart, playful, bouncy, wild, and when he’s bounced all his energy out, he just flops over and naps. Then he starts all over again!

For his birthday he got some feather toys because those are his favorites. They disappear from time to time. Occasionally a feather or two from them show up only to disappear again. He really loves his feather toys!

Remember this picture from his birthday party? He was so happy with his new toy!

Yesterday the feather toy showed up. I found it laying in the middle of the living room, a sad, broken, mess of a toy if ever there was one. It had one bent and broken little feather left. And to be honest, I was surprised it had that much!

Clearly this was a message. A cry for a new toy, new feathers, more feathers!

What’s an indulgent cat-mom supposed to do?? Well it would take a heart harder than mine to deny the little sweetheart. So I dug out the mate that came with the birthday feather toy, the one I’d wisely put away because I was sure he would go into a feather ecstasy from which he’d never recover.

Poor ol’ dead feather toy next to the bright shiny new one.

What happened next was beyond adorably cute. And you know what? I didn’t get a single picture of it. Not even one. True, I’m still recovering (set backs and oh so fun additional things like anemia drawing this out, ugh), but still you’d think I could have gotten out the camera for a moment.

But no. I just enjoyed watching my baby carry, flip, toss, and bat round his new feather toy all by myself. And boy did he go nuts with it. And when he’d worn himself out, he, the feather toy, and myself, we took a snooze on the couch.

Life is good.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cot Wars

Remember the cot niece 2 brought over to spend the night? We put it up for a while, but it’s out again, party because the girls like to sit on it and toss their stuff on it and partly because the cats ADORE it!

Oh, I forgot to say: Niece 1 is home from Alaska after almost six long months! The cats are happy that they get access to her room again, even though it’s crowded with the living room stuff while we (still!) work on things. I’m thrilled that she’s back too of course! I missed my girl!

Ok, so back to the cot. If there’s room, there is almost always a kitty on it. But only one at a time. They have gotten to the point of sharing the couch. They will occasionally share the bed, but certainly share our bedroom now. But the cot? Never!

It is mine, I have claimed the Cot of Extreme Coolness!

Don’t be silly, you cannot possibly appreciate the finer points of the Cot of Extreme Coolness.

Leo (on cot) and Star
Leo: Then how come I got it and you don’t? Huh? Tell me that Miss Everything-here-is-mine!
Star: This is a temporary situation only.


Here I am demonstrating one of the best Cot of Extreme Coolness features. The ability to get closer to Daddy’s pets without getting close enough for him to glom on to me.

Daddy is a most excellent petter. He makes me rub my head on everything and buddy bump his leg.

Now that he’s addicted to giving me pets, I move ever so slightly out of his reach. If he loves me, he will stretch and continue the petting that he KNOWS I want. He usually loves me.

No no no! The bestest thing about the Cot of Extreme Coolness is the playability! Whoop! What could be under there?!

Whoop whoop! What’s on the other side!?

Whoop! No matter how great things are, the underside of them is always fun to look at!


Again, you are proving your insanity. One day soon I will convince them to have you locked away from all good feline society. Namely me. The Cot of Extreme Coolness is first and foremost a very good thing to lay on.


Whatever BossyButt, it’s still mine more than it’s yours! Bwahahaha!

Cot Wars... Is there an end in sight?