Friday, October 21, 2011


With all the open area while we wait on carpet, the living room makes a great place to play with Da Bird! I didn’t get many good pictures at all because they were just wild! I have none of Leo even though they were both playing, but he was just a blur leaping and flying around before he dove under whatever he could find.

I think he was nervous about playing with the same toy as Star while she was also playing. Not nervous enough to NOT play, but enough that he was doing these attack and run moves. By the time I got the camera on him, he was out of the picture!

Star has faster paws, but she also sits and contemplates so I can pretty much tell when she’s going to attack. Leo does his butt wiggling readying to attack moves under tables and under the Royal Footstool.

(Does this one count for tock-tober? too blurry...)

I did catch Leo earlier in the day on the niece’s duffle bag. I don’t know if this was him trying to find somewhere warm off the cement or just a case of "it’s there, I must lay on it" but I’m thinking the latter because he was also seen leaning against the door as he licked his paws. And that has to be the coldest place in the house.

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Bellen said...

It's fun to watch the techniques that different cats have for playing, isn't it? My Tungsten rarely plays, but when she does, she's frantic and makes up for lost time.

Thanks for your comment on my blog. A number of people - and cats - have commented since they saw my story on the Daily Dose of Dogs. It's terrible news about the Daily Dose's Waggles, though, and after all her cancer treatments, too.