Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Opt to Adopt Blog Hop West Woods Kitties

Four cats, two tails, for this week's Tuesday's Tails Opt to Adopt Blog Hop!


This week, I still have a BIG WISH for some Winnie's Wishes! This sweet family, the West Woods Family, are so in love with each other, so close, so sweet. Is it at all possible to find a great home for FOUR sweet kitties? If it is, I know that we, you and I, are the people to find that home! We can share them on our facebook, twitter, whatever social media we use, we can ask family and friends, we can do it, if we but try! So will you try with me?

I know it's a big thing to ask, so at the very least, I would love to see at least some of these kitties go together, please help however you can! All four, or in pairs! Or Nisha could go alone if it has to be that way. But my wish is for each of them to have family with them in their new, forever homes!

As I said, they don't HAVE to go all together, but it sure would be nice, wouldn't it? Can we try?

You can read more about these great kitties HERE

Contact Chrystal to talk about adoption: c3k@lazernetwireless.net

Here are some more pictures of these sweeties!

Yardley and Nisha


I know I said this yesterday, but I notice that different people pop over for the blog hop so I'm saying it again today!
Many of you have seen the article about Winnie's Wish and Chrystal that was in the newspaper. If not, read it here now!
I'm asking again that we all share this on every social media that we use to try to get it to go viral.
If anyone knows how to get an article like this picked up on a news wire and hopefully then into many other newspapers and on line magazines, please contact me or Chrystal! There is a SERIOUS need for adoptions and we're hoping that this article will help get the word out!
Thank you!!!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Multiple Guess

First, examine the picture, then answer the multiple choice question after it.

Cashmere is_____

A. Mad that she missed fight night on Friday's post.
B. Smirking because Leo won against Glitter when she failed to do so in the previous bout.
C. Is irritated at the camera disrupting her nap.
D. Plotting ebil things to do to the ebil squirrel that teases them from the door.
E. All of the above.
F. None of the above, and here's my guess: _____________


By now I hope you've all seen the article about Winnie's Wish and Chrystal that was in the newspaper. If not, read it here now!
I'm asking again that we all share this on every social media that we use to try to get it to go viral.
If anyone knows how to get an article like this picked up on a news wire and hopefully then into many other newspapers and on line magazines, please contact me or Chrystal! There is a SERIOUS need for adoptions and we're hoping that this article will help get the word out!
Thank you!!!

Friday, September 25, 2015

In The Other Corner...

Welcome to another wonderful evening of pawdicuffs, fight fans. I'm Meoward Cattail, and This! is Fight Night once again!

In this corner! Wearing grey on grey stripes, the champion! The great Glitzy Gloves Glitter!
And in that corner, wearing solid grey, the newest challenger to step into the ring! Long and lean Leaping Leo!

This is going to be a night to remember, folks! So hurry up and take your seats, the bout is set to start!

Time to touch paws and come out fighting!


At the bell, it looks like the champion has the upper paw! The challenger readies one of his extra toed mitts as he contemplates the Glitzy Gloves!

Taking to the higher ground, and putting himself in tooth's way, the challenger seems pause to assess the situation..

Oh what is this?!! Is the challenger running away? Is he giving up? Is he getting bit on the butt for his trouble? In all my years of commentating, I don't think I've ever seen such a thing!

Oh wait! I spoke too soon! He's turned around and is battling back! Glitzy swings.. and MISSES! Blocked by the large paw of her competitor!

She is not happy about that, folks! Look at her battle back! What form, what style! Look at the ears, the tail, the ready paw, the fierceness!

*inaudible whisper from the sidelines*
*Meoward in a whisper* I am not favoring the champion! I'm giving the blow by blow, just as I'm supposed to!

*back to his normal loud, stoccado voice* Sorry about that, back to the fight! It looks like the challenger, Leaping Leo, is running away yet again!

What's this? Not running! He's getting down for a better vantage! Oh! But he's repelled! He takes a paw to the head, but successfully blocks one to the chest! But he's unable to land a single shot of his own!

Leaping Leo lives up to his name and leaps back up to an even level! He looks for an opening! But what is the champion, Glitzy Gloves Glitter, looking for??

OH! MY! GOSH! This is.. It's unbelievable fight fans! Glitter has quit the contest! She fled the fight! She booked out from the bout! She bailed on the brawl! She has walked on the wrangle!

That's right, Glitzy Gloves Glitter has thrown in the towel! And that means...

Leaping Leo is the new Champion!!

I've seen enough to know when I've seen it all, fight fans.
This has been Meoward Cattail, reporting live from ringside! Thanks for coming tonight, drive home safely!


If you are on facebook, you've probably already seen it, but wow! Winnie's Wish and Chrystal made the front page of the paper!!!!

As you know, there is a HUGE need for adoptions as they are full up! So please please, spread this article around! Let's get it to go viral and hope for great homes!!

Read it HERE

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Opt to Adopt Sallie!


The Winnie's Wisher I want to share today has been waiting oh so long! Actually, a lot of the Wishers have been waiting a long time.. Sallie is a pretty dilute calico, or cali-tabby. Whatever you call her, she's adorable! She is a special case, she will need time to adjust. She does not do well with large groups of cats but would probably be good with one or two friends. She has two buddies in the cathouse, but she'd be ok on her own.

Sallie LOVES to be petted! She would love someone who has time to give her the attention she wants so badly. Won't you please help her find home? Surely there is someone out there, a friend of yours, a friend of your friends perhaps, who needs this pretty girl as much as she needs them! Please share her everywhere so she can find her forever.

Look at that smiling face and tell me you don't want that in your house!

Read more about Sallie, and her roommates, HERE

Contact Chrystal to adopt! (c3k@lazernetwireless.net)

Monday, September 21, 2015

Over a Barrel

Ok, more on it than over it!

Cashmere: Ha ha, you're funny, mommy. Now go away, it's not easy trying to sleep balanced over the hole in the top of this thing!

Silly Cashy, doesn't look very comfortable to me!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Meow Like A Pirate Day!

Avast, ye lubbers! This here be the pawsome Meow Like a Pirate day! So raise yerself a mug o' grog, hoist yer Jolly Mitten and Meow this way!

Mercats Glitter and Cashmere are lookin' to lure all ye pirate lads to a watery end, so if ye hear their siren call, set yer sails in the other direction or risk yer pirate ship and some of yer 9 lives!
Cap'n Leo is headin' ashore to dig up some of his booty! Don't ye be tryin' to follow him though, he has run though everyone who knows the way to his hidey spot!

The picture of Angel Star is my favorite pirate picture so I am showing it. She was a fierce pirate queen and some pirate cats still tremble from the slash of her mighty paw!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Night Watch

I love it when all the kitties are doing something all together. Open doors season is starting again, off and on. They will share the door, but this staggered approach was too cute to not get a picture of it.

Cashmere: All quiet out there right now.
Glitter: Wait, I heard the camera open!
Leo: Where?!

Glitter: Time to shift and ruin pictures!
Cashmere: Just when the bugs were starting to come out, rats!
Leo: They're not so easy to see from here anyway..

Hope you all have an interesting door/window weekend!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Opt To Adopt Tibby Bean!


Today I'm, once again, sharing about Tibby Bean. She's been waiting an awful long time for the perfect special family to claim her. Can we help this kitty get into a home? She's been in Winnie's Wish over six years, I think it's time!

Yes, she's a nibbler, and she can be grouchy with other kitties, but she loves human attention! None of these things mean she can't be a very happy kitty with the right, patient, people! Lets get it done for this sweetheart!

Learn more about Tibby Bean HERE

Contact Chrystal to adopt! (c3k@lazernetwireless.net)

Please share Tibby Bean everywhere so she has the best chance at forever! It could be your friend, or your friend's family or friend who decides that Tibby Bean is the perfect cat for them! Wouldn't you like to be part of a wonderful forever home story?

(If the blog hop linkies go up, I'll add it later, I don't see it now)

Monday, September 14, 2015

Kitty Weekend in One Picture

Leo: Argh! Tryin' ta sleep here!
Glitter: Seriously... so keep it down, Leo Loudmouth!
Leo: Well... they startled me..

Sorry for the crappy cell phone picture, but they'd have run if we'd have gone for the camera!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Sneaking Up On Leo

Oh hi.. I didn't see you there.

I'm so embarrassed.. I mean, catching me at my bath.. That's just.. I'm blushing under my furs!

Ya know, I guy should have a reasonable expectation of privacy when he's bathing, don't ya think? So I'm gonna go ahead and blame my mommy for this whole mess, k?

Hee hee, sorry Leo, couldn't help it..
Hope you all have a very good, and modest, weekend!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Opt to Adopt Blog Hop - Traci Mae!


Sweet Traci Mae, this weeks Winnie's Wisher, has been waiting so long for a home of her own! Won't you please please help her find her forever family? They are out there somewhere! Ask your friends to share too, maybe they know the people who are to be hers!

Learn more about her HERE

Contact Chrystal to adopt! (c3k@lazernetwireless.net)

Please share her everywhere so she can have a home of her own!

Monday, September 7, 2015

In The Pink

This is a rare sight around here! Leo in the pink beddy!

Yikes! What are you looking at?

Ok, I know.. I'm in a pink beddy, and pink is for girls... Oh boy, am I in trouble? Am I gonna get picked on?

Frankly, if Spitty can use a pink beddy, then catgoneit, so can I!
Uh.. do I have the chutzpah to pull this off?

Sure you do, Leo! You're in there, aren't you?
Ok, so Spitty has hoards of swooning ladycats that he lures in with his mancatliness who snuggle him in his pink beddy.. But I'm sure there's a girlcat or two who think  you're just as cute!

Leo: Are you sure you're not just saying that 'cause you're my mommy?

Well, I may be partial to you, my dearest, heart kitty, but I'm still pretty sure of it!

The reason this is such a rare thing is because Leo hardly ever gets into the pink beddy. And when he does, he's usually out faster than I can get the camera up! Pretty sure that's why I was getting those priceless looks from my boy, lol!

Granted, no one is using it a lot at the moment, hot as it has been around here! (I think that's a fairly warm bed) In fact, the only one who uses it regularly is Cashmere, and that's for playing, not sleeping! She dives in it, making it oblong, ducks down low, peers over the edge at whatever toy/sister/brother she's stalking, and then dives right back out of it on her unsuspecting target!

I have a feeling that it'll become a popular nap spot once winter hits, though I'm not trying to rush that season! Not in the least!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Floofy Friday

Leo is such a goof, He spend quite a long time sitting like this on the step up shelf. He's way too big for it! But it does show off his fabulously floofy tail!

Leo: I fit! For the most part...
We hope you all have a great weekend with naps in spots that hold all your parts!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Throw Back Thursday

This is the post from September 3, 2011. A few months into our blogging. It made me chuckle then, and it does now. Silly kitties..

This is before Glitter and Cashmere joined us, of course, and before Star crossed the rainbow bridge.


Bird Day?

No no no, we have been talking about birthdays, not bird days! What happened, did I miss the memo that said all birds must go nuts today? Or did it say they must drive cats nuts today? That must be it.

This morning, after sticking a claw in my foot to let me know he was there, Leo went bird crazy. This particular bird has long been driving me crazy.. We have an air conditioner in a window in the bedroom and it is a favored place for mourning doves (or something in the pigeon family, we just call them mourning doves) to sit.

Of course, they don’t just sit.. They coo. Loudly. And, I swear this is true, the air conditioner amplifies their coos a hundred fold. So there you’ll be, sleeping peacefully, all content and snug only to be jarred awake rudely by a deafening, amplified COO!

This bellowing nemesis of mine caught Leo’s attention. You cannot see the bird through the air conditioner, but that didn’t stop Leo from trying to get at it anyway. Unfortunately the only way to there is to cross a dresser covered with precariously balanced books and papers and assorted other things that really should be somewhere else.

Leo has tried to take this trek previously and something invariably falls to the ground. Catching his attention, so he follows it, then he hears the bird again, so it all starts all over again. Between Leo and the dove, I about went crazy.

And then... Star, who’d been napping on the jewelry chest, heard a bird land on the screen. How or why they do that, I’ll never know, but these little house sparrows are always jumping on the screens, their little claws or talons making a scraping sound as they hit the glass behind it. Makes my teeth rattle...

Star got all excited and pawed at the curtain trying to claw it open. In the interest of saving the curtain, I got up and nudged it open for her. She would hunker down and wait, then slap at the window when a bird would land. Her claws, which badly need to be trimmed, scratched over the glass.

So here was my morning:

Crash!(something falls off the dresser)
Thud! (Leo follows)
Bump-screeeeech! (Star attacks the window birds)
Coo-OOO-coooo (stupid dove)
fwump (Leo jumps on the bed, he’s getting better at jumping!)
And repeat and repeat and repeat..

Sigh, I love my kitties..

Whew, that was a work out, I need a nap after that!
Can't you keep it down, mom?

Driving you crazy is the one thing the infidel and I have in common.
You wouldn't want to take that way from us, would you?
Wow, that flash totally wiped out Star's eyes and made her look all kinds of evil, didn't it? I still have flash issues, but with a slightly better camera anyway, lol!