Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Cozy Boy

Leo: zzzz 'smy nap time..zzz 'bout time I get featured the blog though.. been far too long especially since I'm the one it was started for.. Why they gotta get me at nap time is beyond me, silly humans..zzzzzz has a nice nap everyone..zzzzzz

*whisper* Because you're a cute, rumpled, fuzzy napper, that's why!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Thankful Thursday, Update Edition: Cashmere and Piper

I have updates!

First, Cashmere is doing great! After one day of taking her new pills everything was flowing freely again! She still doesn't like the pills, but she's not running from us. We give the pill right before Snackin' Time, which is her favorite time of day, so she sticks around. As soon as we get the pill down her throat and put her down, she's rubbing on legs and acting all lovey and looking for her snack.

We looked for the pill paste/pill-doh/pill disguiser stuff but they must not carry it anywhere around here because we cannot find it. Also not finding any pill pockets that are not greenies.. I do thank you all for your suggestions! I will have to look for the pill disguiser stuff on line more, but for now, she's actually not being that bad about just taking it, surprise surprise!

Cashmere: I'm not happy with you people.. but as long as the snacks keep coming, I'll put up with your pill nonsense.

And now Piper!
Piper is the kitty my mom adopted from the place the Random Felines mom fosters for that we brought back to her from Columbus.

She's doing so well! She still runs when someone comes into the house, but she comes back out most of the time. She's a cautious girl!

Mom sent more pictures!

Piper: Hi hi! This my spot. MINE! I own it!

This is where they put the towel I laid on for the whole trip home, my scent soaker they called it. I don't need the towel any more to tell me that this is my spot, I just know now!

See, it's right where my mom can scratch my head. ooooo yeah, that's the spot! Thank Cod she has good nails for the scritchin'!

I like to lean right up against my mom now. I press in hard and she knows I'm here for the scritchin'! Oooo I'm a very happy kitty when I get my head scritched..

Look what I discovered! HUGE cat TV! It's AWESOME! Come closer, I'll show ya.

See what I see? Bird feeders! Lots of them! And lots of birdies come to visit every day!

Here's a peek at some of my view. Do you see them all? Gold finches and wood peckers and ... well, mom knows most of the names, I just call them Crunchies! hee hee!

Oh. My. COD! This, THIS, is my most recent discovery! FISHIES! And turtles too! Do you remember when I was at the Colony Cats and they was tryin' to pick me up and I was lookin' at the fishy tank there? Well who knew I'd have one HERE! And I didn't even notice! Not until one day one of the turtles started smackin' the top of the water and splashin' and making a big ruckus. Then I HAD to see! I stood up and put my paws on the tank that day. But now I know there's this chair here just for me to fish watch from!

*Happy sigh* I could lay here all day. But I'm also trying to figure out how to catch me one of them fishies. Not the turtles though.. they don't look appetizing. But fishies.. I'm very fond of the fishies!

We are so very thankful that Cashmere is feeling better and doing better with the pills. And we are very thankful that Piper is just loving her new home!


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Read more about Sunspot HERE

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Two for Tuesday

Two happy girls on their tree!

Glitter: Trying to nap here..
Cashmere: So enough with the flashy flash please!

Just figured out this week that it's sweet quiet little Cashmere who ripped the crap out of that post on the cat tree! With her teeth! Ornery girl... MOL!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Cashmere VS the Vet, Take 2

You all remember last month when Cashmere had to go to the vet for a UTI? We did manage to get all ten of those pills down her and she was doing fine.

Until Tuesday. The Fourth of July. When the vet was closed. Of course, right?

Poor girl kept trying to pee on everything but nothing was coming out. I was contemplating taking her to the ER vet because I was worried. She managed to go a little bit in the box, and didn't act like she was in distress, so we waited. And worried. I called the vet bright and early Wednesday and they got her right in.

Want to see how happy she was about that?

Cashmere: I will cut you....

Cashmere was gracious enough to provide them with a fresh sample. Right on the exam table... They tested it and yup, blood in the urine. Poor girl!

So she's on a 14 day course of antibiotics this time (instead of 10 days like last time) and we had a lovely time getting her first pill down her.. Where's the sarcasm font? I can about guarantee two weeks of her running from us at pill time.

I know Greenies makes pill pockets, but all three of my kitties HATE greenies. Does anyone know if any other company makes pill pockets? Are they soft or hard? I will take any and all advice on getting these pills down her. She will not eat any human food so can't put it in tuna or liverwurst or chicken or cheese.. She doesn't care for soft tender treats. If there's a better way to do this than shoving them down her throat, I'm listening! Please and thank you!

You brought me here again, I'm not even going to look at you.. Bring in the vet tech who knows how to scritch my ears, but keep that V. E. T. person away!

Nice try, but you cannot make me like you by giving me treats. I dislike you so much that I'm not even going to EAT the treat! So there!

One other question. Has anyone ever given their kitty Amitriptyline HCL to keep them from straining when they pee? I don't know that I want to give it to her.. I had to get it at the people pharmacy and they always give paperwork with pills so I read it. This stuff is an antidepressant! (I'm really concerned that she can't drive or operate machinery while taking this! not to mention it specifically says no alcohol or marijuana, how will I ever explain that one to her?) Even the off label use paragraph said nothing about straining. But here's the kicker, one of the side effects listed is.. trouble urinating! Um.. seriously? Would you give this to your kitty? Should I? Anyone have good results with it?
(Why do I feel like a new pet parent.. shouldn't I know all this by now? sheesh)

Thanks in advance for any advise, and for purrs and prayers for my little sweetie!