Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Brick Time!

Did ya see it? Did ya see it??? We got a brick on the Winnie's Wish Walkway!!!

Ok ok, I know we have a few.. but our new one has been posted today!!!!

Over there I tell the story of two of my kitties, they were best friends and even though they've gone ahead to the bridge, I'm sure they are napping in the sun together there.

I told Calvin's story way back in August of 2012, but I don't know if I ever told Sheldon's. His isn't as long though, he was a lap cat all the way without the drama of Calvin's beginning.

I wish I had pictures of them! Calvin was a black kitty with short fur, he was big and powerful but acted like a scardy cat. He was heavier than he looked, when you picked him up it was "oof, big boy!" He was tall, long legs, not nearly so long as Leo though. I've never had a cat as long as Leo (I still say he has three extra vertebrae in his back and at least three or four extra in his tail!). He had big penetrating gold eyes and he'd stare holes through you until you noticed that he was sitting statue still waiting for you to pet him. And when you noticed, he flopped over like a toppling building hoping for tummy rubs.

Sheldon was a tiger and white, lots of white. He had like a saddle of tiger over his back, his legs and belly and neck were white, stark, perfectly clean white. He had white on his face too and was just adorable. Tiny Johnson at Katnip Lounge reminds me of him a lot. He was like a ragdoll, you could pick him up and he would just snuggle in. If you sat, he wanted your lap. It was very common to have Sheldon on my lap and Calvin beside me.

Calvin preferred to sit next to rather than on people for the most part, but occasionally he'd nap on me and me only. Sheldon would sit on anyone he knew, and next to strangers if they would pet him. They were my babies and I still miss them.

I'm so happy that they'll be remembered on the walkway. And that their brick means help for the kitties of Winnie's Wish!

The walkway may be full now, but the needs are not. The kitties there still need food, litter, medical care, cleaning up after, vaccinations, and mostly adoptions!

If you can help with any of these needs, please do so! Spread the word about the adoptable kitties. Use the Wish List on the Daily Dose sidebar to send needed items from amazon directly to Winnie's Wish. Use the donate button on their sidebar to send monetary gifts. Check out our on going FUNdraisers on my sidebar and get great gifts in return for donations to Winnie's Wish.

Don't forget to go over and see my brick story on Daily Dose today!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Trading Places and Opt to Adopt Blog Hop

Last Wordless Wednesday Star was caught sleeping on 'Leo's' ham-mick. This week, it's payback time!

What? Are you sure they're not both mine??

Adoptable Winnie's Wish Kitties!

Today we have a pair of sweet kitties who were rescued from an abandoned hotel in Florida. They are just too adorable and so very much want a home of their own with a family who will love them. Together or separate, these kitties need to be adopted!

Just look at the beautiful golden eyes on both of them! And if you know kitty coat patterns, then you might know that orange females are fairly rare! Here's your chance to have a rare beauty in your house! And Peter with his striking eyes on that grey tabby body, wow!

 Here's a newer picture of the two of them! Still adorable!
Please help find their forever family(ies)! Spread the word!

Monday, April 28, 2014

High Flyin' Ham-micks

Can you stand a few more pictures of the day we got the ham-micks? I promise, this is the last of them.

From that day anyway, lol, there is hardly a minute when at least one of the ham-icks isn't occupied.

There was a lot of loose nip in the box the ham-micks came in, so I sprinkled some on Star's ham-mick. Waste not, want not, right? Of course, she wouldn't get out of it, so it got sprinkled on her too!

Star: Thanks for the 'nip, mom, it just makes this better.. purrrrrr
Star: As always, I must wash my ears when I'm in the 'nip.

Leo: Gotta sniff this corner, there's nip left there!
I went to dump the rest of the nip on Leo's bed and he ran. Guess he didn't like the box. But as soon as I finished, he dived back onto this ham-ick!

Leo: More Nip! Thanks mommy!

Leo: *lickity lick lick* What do you think, Star? Aren't these awesome?

Star: Yes, now leave me alone, I have nip between my toes.

Leo: Fine.. *sniiiiiiffffffffff*

Leo: Ooo I may need a nap... Good thing I'm on this pawsome ham-mick!

And to think, when Leo first arrived here, he would run from nip as if it were poison.. I think he's got a wee bit of an addiction now!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Superhero Moves

There are never cameras when it counts. Yesterday morning Star acted like a superhero, and there's no pictures of it!

I think it's safe to say she's feeling much better than she was last year when she lost that whole pound. In fact, even without a trip to the vet to verify, I think it's safe to say she's gained back around half of that weight. Thank goodness!

Star is one of those kitties who gets all goofy and races around the house like a mad cat, scaling furniture, running full tilt up and down the stairs, leaping over obstacles, then stopping and mrrrowing on the top of her lungs! This is usually after *whisper* using the box.. These wild bouts usually last from a minute or two to close to ten minutes.

In all her wild runs, she's never made a move like yesterdays superhero incident!

Let me set the scene..

Notice that the mattress is on it's side now, not standing on end. Then in the middle is Leo's window tree. To be fair, Star uses it too, but really Leo uses it the most so we call it Leo's tree. Anyway, then next to that is a folding chair. When the door is open, one of the kitties sits on the chair, the other in the door, that way they are actually sharing without being next to each other.

At the time of the superhero incident, Leo was on the tree watching an ebil squirrel out the window. Star started one of her runs. She bolted up and down the stairs, (opposite and to the right of the mattress), raced through the living room, made a u-turn and went back to the stairs, turned again and scrabbled up the mattress!

From the mattress, with hardly a pause to think about it, Star LEAPED OVER LEO AND LANDED ON THE CHAIR!

Without over shooting and landing on the floor and without undershooting and smashing into Leo! No, she made a perfect leap and landing as if she were a, well, a superhero! Instead of a kitty on the verge of her 15th birthday who needs to climb paw over paw to get up on the bed now days!

Amazing, huh? Stunned me, I'll tell ya! And Greg who was heading in that direction nearly walked into the leap! What a girl! Whew!

And no camera! Of course!

Leo, who has only been on the mattress once when it was upright, finally decided that he could make the climb to the top while it was on it's side..

I had a camera for that.

Leo: Hey, if you'd been on the receiving end of a low flying Hissyface, you'd seek higher ground too..

Hope you all have a super weekend!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thankful Thursday

First, about yesterday's picture. You may think that was Leo's ham-mick Star was sleeping on, but I assure you, she thinks they are both hers. But then, so does Leo, so it all works out! Also, yes, she was sound asleep, she didn't even hear the camera. She's always sleeping with one paw thrown over her head and her claws stuck in something to hold it there. I used to think she was stuck, but now I know she does it on purpose. She's just a little odd like that. :)

Leo's got some Thanksfuls to talk about!

I's thankful for this here new bag! Ol' Princess Hissyface had put about three hundred sixty two bazillion holes in our garden of olives bag and mommy said it looked like it had been through the wars! So daddy fixed us up with this cool new one!

Mmm Smells like bagels in here! And look! Daddy cut the handles off of this one before anyone got into trouble with it! I's thankful for that too because every time Hissyface gets her head in the handles I think mommy's gonna take it away and never get us a new one!
So there ya go, I's thankful for the bag, for no handles, and for the yummy smell of everything bagels. Oh! And I'm thankful that I got to get in it first!
 You got anything fun to be thankful for today?

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day and Opt to Adopt Blog Hop

Happy Earth Day!


Two Winnie's Wish kitties today! Oh are they cute! Calicos! One dilute, one regular, both sweet!

First up, Matilda! She's a bobtailed darling who loves to knead and make biscuits and wants someone to give her pets and attention. More about her HERE.

Next up is Autumn! Another little beauty who just wants to be pet and pet. But she does not want to be picked up.. She's a lover though and will follow you everywhere. Just look at that face!
More about Autumn HERE.

Please help find these kitties, and the other Winnie's Wishers, great homes!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Leo Finally Gets It Right

Did you wonder all weekend if Leo ever figured out that his ham-mick was upside down? (On pins and needles I bet, lol) Well rest your mind at ease! Here's the pictorial evidence that he finally got it right!

Oh my gosh, there's even more nip on this side!

*lick lick lickity lick*

AND! It's soooo much more comfy this way! Oo look, I can see the top of my back foot..

I'm a big kitty, and I fit on here pretty well! Mostly

Oh look! My tail is here too!

Wow... Ya know, I think this nip might, just maybe, could be effecting me.. Just a little.. dude!

Friday, April 18, 2014

It's Ham-mick Time!

So obviously Star loved her Ham-mick. But would Leo risk coming out while everyone was here to check out the other one?

I moved Star's with her in it and tossed down Leo's. It flipped over accidentally. Before I could turn it over right side up, Leo jumped out and claimed it!

Um, I'm going to lay here and inhale for a while.. you peoples stay back, ok?

Man, this is nip-tastic! And soft!

Star: You know you're doing it wrong...

I don't understand what the bed posts are for.. But they smell like nip too!

Pardon me, I have to lick some of this up..

Oh I get it! The posts are for playing with!

And rubbing chins on.. OoooOOOoooo

I love love love rolling around on this thing! Oo look! There's my tail! Weeeee!

Oh dear, will the big goofball ever figure it out? Guess we'll have to check in next week to find out! Have a great weekend! A nice Good Friday! And a great Easter Sunday!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Just In Time For Summer! (IF It Ever Arrives..)

First off, I want to apologize for the quality of the pictures.. I know mine aren't anything to write home about on a normal day, but today's have their own special issues. It was dark-ish in the house but the door was open and a bright shaft of sunlight streaming in. Half the time the flash went off, half the time it didn't. I had to brighten the ones that didn't have flash so you can see what's going on.

On to the story!

We have seen something that many of you kitties have that you seem to all love. We have longed for one of our own.

And finally, we got one! Ok, that's not quite right.. We got Two!

What are they??

Ham-micks from 40 Paws!

Star braved a room full of people to test out the first one we put together! My sister, Twin 1 (the loud one), and her fiance where all here and Star didn't care, she had to see what this new thing was!
(It might have helped that they are packed with catnip in the box!)

What is this!? Nip!

Oooo and it's sooo comfy!

The scent of nip even brought Leo out in the midst of everyone. First he just sniffed from under the bench tunnel.

Forget it, Barbarian! You may sleep on my butterfly blanket, stomp in my laundry baskets, rub on my daddy's legs, take over the beds, but this, THIS is Mine!

Leo took the hissy hint. For the moment..

Oh this is marvelous..

I have to rub on every inch of it! And nibble off all the nip!

I think I have found... cat-vana!

Think Leo is going to get a chance? Check in tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Weather Weirdness and Opt To Adopt Blog Hop

Sunday - Sunny, warm, open doors, happy kitties won't leave the doors and windows.

Monday night/early Tuesday morning - Cold, damp, dismal, kitties looking for warm places to nap far away from cold doors and windows..

Opt to Adopt Tuesday! Please help these Winnie's Wish kitties find their forever homes!

First up is sweet Kippie! A calico Siamese kitty with crossed blue eyes! Isn't she just the prettiest thing?
Kippie loves people and attention! She would do ok with other kitties, maybe younger or male kitties? Read more about Kippie HERE

Next up is Sallie. Another sweetie! She had been put in a home on a trial basis, but it was not the home for her. Please find the home that IS for her.
She is longing to become someones computer chair kitty so if you need companionship while you are working, she's the kitty for you!
Read more about Sallie HERE

(Ok, I say it looks like a heart, but Chrystal says it's not, I leave it up to you to decide!)

Please help find homes for the Winnie's Wishers! And the other animals on the blog hop!
Thank you!!