Sunday, December 30, 2012

Why I'm Cold..

It's been extra chilly lately. The snows have started. We've had terrible wind. And of course, we still have no curtains, so our leaky windows keep it nice and brisk in here. I hate being cold..

I have been using a snuggy, one of those blankets with sleeves. But they're kind of light. Even if Leo does like laying on it between my feet on the Royal Footstool, it was time to get out a heavier blankey.

With that in mind, I dug out my pretty butterfly quilt and set it on the couch for when I wanted to snuggle up. It fell off onto the floor because it's bulky. Then when I was chilly and ready to settle into the couch, I reached for it. But I was stopped...

You tell me, would YOU have taken the blankey if you saw this?

Star was so cuddled in, so comfy looking, that I decided I could make do with a snuggy for one more day.. Don't tell me you'd have done any different!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Rappin' with Leo

Rappin' or wrapping? Eh, either way.

Greg saw this the other day just before Christmas. I don't know that I've really seen Leo sleep in daddy's chair, but he must have felt that since it was a fort of sorts, that it was boy territory!


Aw, boy, you found my secret fort!

Guess it's time to leave then. *smack smack yawn*

It was a little low ceilinged anyway..

That about wraps it up!

We hope you all have a good weekend filled with lots of interesting naps!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sandy Claws Exchange

Well, we had a lovely Christmas.. Please note there is a touch of sarcasm in those words. Being sick, I missed just about everything. And the kitties had gift exchange of sorts.

But why doesn't that make me happy, you might ask. Well, the gifts they gave each other were not of the sweet variety. No, not even close. And we had to hold them down to remove the gifts.

Sandy Claws gifts.

Ok, maybe they weren't sandy, but they were claws. They exchanged claw sheaths to the face. Isn't that the sweetest thing?

Star's was very evident, her face fur is thin and sparse so it was easy to find and remove, once her daddy held her still enough. You'd think she'd be happy to get rid of it. Leo's we found later. His face fur is thicker and full, and his was in his cheek verses between the eye and ear. We just knew there was something funny. So in his case, I did the holding and Greg did the pulling. Yup, an even exchange of claws.


I suppose we should be grateful, there have been few altercations, even if one did result in the aforementioned gifties.

On the good side, Star has been coming up to bed more. That might be the results of a new bedside feature we have. Temptations kitty treats. She KNOWS they are up there, she wants them. It's a good thing she doesn't know exactly where they are stored, or she'd ransack the room for them. But at least we get to see her up there more.

And here is another good present! When she gets those treats, she and Leo share the bed! At the same time! Leo, of course, won't touch treats for some weird reason, but he gets pets. So we're making them associate good things with sharing the bedroom. Hope it works!

And we hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. The first few days of it anyway. Today being the Third Day of Christmas!

Saw these recently, had to share them!




Greg says I forgot to add the song that goes with the kitties gift exchange.. So here it is, sung to the tune of Jingle Bells.
I've got an old Tom Cat
And Santa is his name
I keep him nice and fat
But he hates me just the same
He got at me today
With those needles in his paws
And now I'm wearing bandages
On account of Santa's Claws!
(chorus doesn't go with the theme, but what the heck)
Jangle Bells, Jangle Bells, Jangle all the way.
We don’t know all the words but we’ll sing it anyway.
Jangle Bells, Jangle Bells, Ringin’ loud and gay.
We’ll be hearin’ Jangle Bells from now till Christmas Day.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Weekend Silliness

I looked over the other night, and saw....
(ok, YOU can see his ears, but that's because I was holding the phone camera higher than I can see..)
Just 'cause a fella likes to hang his head off the side of the bed...

He moved, probably because I was annoying him by taking pictures..
Oh great, now she's going nuts because of my tummy fluff moving in the breeze from the ceiling fan..

Leo rarely gets this disgusted with me.. He's so cute!
No more tummies for you! Side tummy is all you get. Sheesh I just wanna nap!
Star has totally taken over daddy's foot rest. In this series, he's got his legs totally curled up on the chair so she can have the footrest all to herself!
Thank you, daddy. You always give me what I want.

This is the perfect place for a bath. Or for sticking my tongue out at Leo. Payback!

What, mom? I didn't do anything. See my innocent face? I'm too prefect to get into trouble.

Have a good weekend! Try to keep your tongues to yourselves, Santa Claws might be watching!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Barbarian at the Gate

Is it wrong that the title of this post makes me giggle?

I know the pictures have been pretty Leo heavy lately. But that kind of makes up for the Star heavy week we had recently, no?

Well, anyway, this recent series was too cute to pass up, even though it's blurry beyond forgiveness from my cell phone. It was one of the days when we closed the gate at night to keep the kitties separated. It has to be from a week ago, but I just found it on my camera. We've had the gate open for most of this week and there have been only two fights, and one of those might have just been a loud game of chase! You have no idea how happy this makes me!

So the gate, which is a long folding table on it's side, was up and there's this little crack where it can't go all the way because of the floor moulding. They'd been bugging each other through it for a while, and a few times we even opened it about an inch so they could see each other better.

Leo looked like he was getting silly on his side of the gate this time. You know Star is on the other side because he's sitting there looking. When she's not there, neither is he. So I guess you could say Star IS in this post, just not shown!

I see you, but you can't get me!

I know it's hard to tell because his head is blocked by the doorway, but he's rolling over on his back and using one paw to play with the opening in the gate.
neener neener! This is how I roll!

And here he is realizing that recently Star realized that she's tiny enough to squeeze along the wall behind the gate if we accidentally leave it at too much of an angle. That was a bit shocking let me tell you! Suddenly she's there, giving him a whap, then she's on the other side of the gate looking innocent as can be! We weren't exactly sure what was going on for a while until we, slow humans, figured it out!
Uh oh... I hope the gate is tight enough today...

Gratuitous old picture of Star because I know you miss her face!
You never know when I'm going to appear.. heh heh heh!

Fingers crossed that we, and you, have a fight-less holiday!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Lip Licking Good!

Yesterday's picture of Leo with his tongue out was not easy to get, but I got it by taking lots of pictures as soon as he finished eating. Leo has a weird habit at snack time. He eats for a little bit, then takes a break, then goes back. It's not a long break. In fact, sometimes it's little more than just turning in a circle and going face down again.

This particular time, he moved away to sit and lick his chops for a few minutes. So I started snapping, as I was looking for a wide open mouth picture. The tongue was a happy accident that I didn't even notice until I downloaded the pictures to the computer.

Here's the series.

Hmm, that was tasty.

*smack smack* Cheesy!
*lickity lick* In fact..

..Tastes like more!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Silly Sleepers Revisited

After the HUGE excitement yesterday, the kitties needed to nap and rest from the partying! And of course, they slept in their own, unique ways.

Star likes pillows.

Leo found a new place, on the top of his mancat cave!
 Note how he covers it all except the hole!

We wish you all good naps today!

Monday, December 17, 2012


HEY EVERYBODY!! I got's an announcement!
THREE kitties from the Cathouse went to forever homes this weekend! TWO of them were my sisters!
Last week, my sister Mitts got a forever home! And she's Soooooo happy!
This weekend, TWO, count them, TWO of my sisters got a forever home!
And Cashmere!
And that's not all!!!
Before they got chosen, the people decided to take
Yeah, that's right! You heard me! THREE Winnie's Wish kitties got homes this weekend.

Can you see the excitement in my eyes??
My momma can't stop being all leaky eyed, which is one of those weird human things. I mean, I'm happy, so I wanna yell and run and jump and WHOO HOO!!!! I don't wanna cry, but that's my momma, she's odd...
There is only ONE thing that could make this better. ONE of my sisters is still waiting for her forever home! Spritz needs a special home, can you help her find it??
We's all happy around here today! Even ol' Princess Hissyface is playing like a kitten! We hope you'll join us in our excitement and read about the happy occasion over at Chrystal's blog, Daily Dose!
Chrystal saved us all, and now, new mommies have double saved my sisters and Circe! Because now there's room for Chrystal to save MORE kitties! That's EIGHT lives that were saved in the last two weeks! Four kitties, previously saved, were given the BEST GIFT EVER of new homes! AND there is room for FOUR MORE kitties to be saved and have space in the cathouse until THEY get their forever homes!
See why we's so excited!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

They Did It Again!

I reported the other day that my kitties engaged in what looked like an attempt at play. Well, I think I saw it again! You be the judge.

Leo was on the chair next to his tree, just minding his own business and keeping an eye on everything like he does. I think he sits there when there’s not much out the window to see to be honest with you.

Star.. how do I put this delicately... Star has a few times of day when she runs around like a lunatic, like she doesn’t feel even half of her 13 years, and many of those times occur after a trip to the powder room.. I understand that she is not the only kitty to engage in this kind of wildness after, lightening up shall we say? Anyway, I don’t understand it but there it is.

So Star is running around, jumping from chair to couch, tearing up and down the stairs, across the back of the couch, up daddy’s chair, and she ended up by the perpetual stack of boxes where she halted.

Leo, who’d been watching all of this with wide eyes and twitchy tail, dived off of his chair and under the Royal Footstool. Even though there was a blanket draped over part of it, Star could clearly see him.

Star dropped down to put her chin on the floor, rear slightly in the air and had the wide eyes and twitchy tail Leo had just been showing. I was a nervous wreck! I was sure world war three was about to start, and I would be in the crossfire! However, I’d told Greg that since they started looking like they might maybe sorta kinda want to play, that we should keep calm when they get close and wait to see what they’re gonna do. So I did my best to keep calm. Wasn’t easy folks!

Suddenly, in that fast herd of elephants way of hers, Star dove under the Royal Footstool!

Where Leo was!

At the same time!

Be still my heart, which was in my throat let me tell you! But then almost as soon as she dived under it, she came out the side. And she didn’t run away, no, she stopped just as soon as she emerged and turned to look back under at Leo. Who hadn’t moved! One of them, I seriously don’t know which, gave a short, quiet little hiss.

Tiny hiss by their usual standards! And Leo was not doing his grumbly thing that he does when he’s telling me she’s too close mom save me! They were quiet, just looking at each other from like INCHES away.

Then Star just turned and walked away. Done with her run, she just sauntered over to daddy’s chair, or should I say her chair that she allows daddy to use.. and settled in for a bath and a nap.

A little while later, Leo came out and needed a snuggle, which I was glad to give him. Star got lots of praise too as I told her what a sweet girl she was. My heart returned to its previous location. Whew!

On the heels of this second almost play thing, we have not closed off the upstairs for two nights. There has been one fight, that was mostly hissing and nothing else. I hope hope hope this is going to be our Christmas miracle!


Because I’ve been so busy with the fundraiser and trying to do some shopping, I still don’t have any new pictures, so I’m sticking you with some old ones again.. but I personally think they’re still adorable! Might be because they’re my babies, MOL

Leo: I like to chew on this birdie's string rather than the birdie!

Star: Do I look like I want something he's been drooling on?

Star: Have a good nappy weekend everyone.

Leo: G'night zzzzzzz


Speaking of the Winnie's Wish Christmas Fundraiser, as I mentioned before if you want to join in, you need to do so by Sunday if you want them by Christmas. If you haven't received yours yet, they will be out this week!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Busy Wednesday

Busy season! I'm late again, and might not be able to post tomorrow at all, but I wanted to put this out there:

I'm thinking that if you want ornaments for Christmas through our Winnie's Wish Christmas Fundraiser, then this is probably the last week where they will arrive in time. Because of the time it takes to make the program for the embroidery, I think if you order before the weekend is over, they should get there in time. Much after that.. I can't be sure.

If you know you want to order, but wont be ready this weekend, at least let me know what you want on them, even if you can't donate just yet, then I can have the program ready to go when you are ready, that'll save some time!

Thank you to each and every one of you who've already donated for them! If you haven't gotten your ornaments or toys yet, they will be on their way soon! I have a few more sets to go, but they will get there, I promise!

While you're in a holiday kinda of mood, please think about adding a kitty to your family. Chrystal has a whole bunch of adorable, sweet, ready-for-a-home-of-their-own kitties in the cathouse! Please help Clear Chrystal's Cathouse by Christmas! Tell everyone you know about these deserving wonderful kitties! Distance is no object, no matter where you are, a way will be found to get you your kitty!

If you can't add to your group, then please, tell everyone you know, and see if they can add to theirs!

Now, to hold you over, here are a few (old) kitty pictures!

 Star in front, Leo in window