Sunday, September 30, 2012

FUN FUN FUNdraiser Update

Hi Everyone!

I know you're probably all pretty tired of me pushing the FUN FUN FUNdraiser on each and every post, so I'm gonna stop! Well, since today is the last 'official' day of the FUNdraiser, I thought that might be a good thing, lol!

I say official because I have tons of toys cut out and sewn, some stuffed, but most waiting. So I can certainly continue this FUNdraiser indefinitely! So I will leave the badge up on my sidebar and you can feel free to continue to donate and get toys or send them to friends and whatnot!

We are so very close to my goal of $1000! Without doing the math, I'd say within a few sets of toys! So I have to thank you all so very very much! I know how very desperately they need funds over at Winnie's Wish, especially with new kitties coming in with no room in the cathouse!
Please! If you know of a home, know someone who could use some furry love, know of a friend of a friend even, please direct them to Winnie's Wish! These kitties have been waiting sooo long! They seriously need their forever home to show up! Share on facebook and twitter and anywhere else you can think of! Tell everyone you know! Great kitties need homes and they can be gotten to anyone anywhere!!

So, the FUN FUN FUNdraiser! You can still get 5 great toys for a minimum donation of just $15(US)! Now that's a deal!

You get:

One kicky with a feathery or boa tail!Almost like two toys together, the big body to kick and the tail to attack!

One Winnie’s Wish catnip pillow!It’s embroidered with the words "Winnie’s Wish" and is perfectly sized for kitty fun and napping!

One heart shaped catnip pillow!Heart shaped because Winnie’s Wish is about love and to bring in the heart from the Winnie’s Wish banner!

One Stringy!I know you’ve seen Leo’s favorite toy, now you can have one of your very own!

One Feather!Or is that Fedder or Fevver! However you say it, it’s a nice big colorful feather for you to chase and attack!
 Of the $15 you donate, $12 goes directly to Winnie's Wish! With postage being around $2.30 in the USA, that means I'm only keeping 70 cents for materials. I'm telling you this so you know where the money is going.
I also want to say a huge HUGE thank you to those who have already donated! Some people multiple times! You rock! You're awesome! Thank you so much!
I'm going to leave you with a few pictures of kitties enjoying the thank you toys!
These kittens are some of the Winnie's Wish kitties who are looking for a home, and whom are directly benefiting from the FUNdraiser!

These are Chrystal's own kitties!

These are Jeanne's kitties from Random Felines!

My mom's cat, Sir Moose-a-lot Roadkill Goodyear Thunderbottom!
Mell's kitties!

And finally, my cousin's kitties!

Ok, I think this is a long enough post.. lol! I hope you will still consider donating and getting some great kitty toys even though we're done with the official part of the FUN FUN FUNdraiser! And another huge thank you to those who already have!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Random Weekend

I found some random pictures on my phone. Now, as usual, it does not take the best pictures. But sometimes it's the handiest thing around when something cute is happening. Especially upstairs where I rarely take the camera.

I'm a little frustrated because I know I took more than one of each of these, but sometimes I forget that you have to push another button to SAVE the picture... Argh!

This first one I love of Leo, he's such a goof and I find him in this position a lot, so you've probably seen pictures of him like this before. But it's so cute!
Did I hear a bird out the window?!

This next one is a common sight around here... Someone stealing a drink from my freshly iced glass..
In this case it's Star doing the stealing. She used to get a drink every night, both from the bathroom and from my glass. Lately, she's only getting her drink in the bathroom. So when she came to steal some ice water, I snapped the picture.
I like to lick the cubes.. as well as get my drink.

I should take this moment to say how much better Star is doing! Her rash is gone and her fur is starting to grow back where she lost it. AND she started jumping again! We suspected arthritis in her spine perhaps maybe legs.

But for a long time she's been actually asking to be picked up and put on the counter, something very odd for her because she HATES being picked up. But when she stands in front of me and raises up to put her paws on my leg, giving me pleading eyes, what else do I think? So, expecting her to spaz out as usual, go all stiff and scratch the crud out of me, I pick her up anyway.. And don't get scratched! She comes softly, and as soon as she's counter high, she pushes and leans toward it so I set her on it. Where she gets her drink. I told Greg about it and we decided she was starting to show her age.

Now, when we had her at the vet, he gave her the allergy shot and said that it might do her some good with the arthritis too because it has some pain relief to it. Cool, I thought, and waited to see.

Two days ago, she came in for her drink, I waited for her to put her paws up, because if I don't, I still get mega-scratched! But she didn't put her paws up! She jumped! Just like she used to, no hesitation, no halting! She just jumped up and sat on the counter, all proud of herself. She did it the next night, this morning, (just to show off I think, not her usual time for a drink) and again tonight! My baby girl feels better!

And the last picture!
It has been chilly here. Not freezing cold enough to put a heavy blanket on the bet, but enough that we put on a second sheet for extra warmth. And ran a space heater, which both cats are afraid of!
I know I've shown video of Leo playing from under the sheet, grabbing his birdie or stringy and being a goof under there. When it got chilly, he started sleeping under the sheet! Oh was it cute!

He'd curl up somewhere near Greg's side usually and Greg would be careful not to kick him, to the  point he'd be sleeping with his legs off the bed! Leo will spend the bulk of the night completely under the sheet, cant see him, but the lump shows he's there. He does not sleep under both sheets, just under the top one. Two would probably smother him!

Then it started to warm up a touch, we moved the second sheet aside. Didn't put it away in case it got cold again, but left it on the bed, unused. Unused, that is, except for by Leo. But he's feeling warmer too, so he's not fully under the sheet any more. Well, you just have to see for yourself!
I'm snuggy warm, purrrrzzzz

Greg made sure he was tucked in good, and yes, this is the way he stayed most of the night! How cute is that?

Edit: Oh my gosh, I totally forgot to mention that one night when it was really chilly, Greg says he woke up to turn over and swears there was one cat on each side of his legs! Star and Leo both sleeping on the bed, together, with both of us here too! I sure hope that was not a dream.. MOL

You've been to Chrystal's blog, Daily Dose? One kitty had surgery, and a momma and four kittens need transport. If there's any way you can help, please do!

One way to help, of course, is also fun for your kitties! The FUN FUN FUNdraiser is still going on! Get your thank you toys in exchange for a donation to Winnie's Wish! There are some serious needs over there, and this is a fun way to help, please check it out if you have not. And please share with your friends!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Play Into Sleep

Let's finish the week with more... You guessed it, sleep!! Ok, not totally just sleep... This happened the other night. Leo was playing, in his lazy sorta half playing mode, and he just... fell asleep. Even knowing that I was taking his picture, the goof.

I know you're watching me..

Yeah, I'm playing with both the tweeting ball and the stringy.

I'm hiding it from you!
Daddy thinks he's gonna get my toys?!
Tough luck daddy... this mine!
You still looking at me?

Did you see Daily Dose?? After two weeks of trying, Chrystal got the third kitten! But he's got a broken leg and had to have emergency surgery! She's got a chip in for the surgery. The FUNdraiser money is being used for everyday normal expenses like fixing and shots and food, so this is kind of over and above. Poor little kitten.
But yes, you can still donate for the FUN FUN FUNdraiser! Five great toys for a minimum donation of just $15!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Continuing Sleepy

Leo's turn again! Daddy's chair is Star's chair when he's not in it. Leo only uses it as a launching pad to either the display cabinet with the broken door or to dive on something else. So this surprised me!

What you takin' about, I loves this chair
Very snuggly..
Nappy time..zzzzzzzz

Don't ya just want to snuggle in there with him? I do!

If you're keeping an eye on Daily Dose, you see the new kittens and their momma she's got, also the ones getting ready to move into the cat house, the little ones she found out in the middle of nowhere, not to mention the cat house full of cats. They really need all the funds they can get right now.
If you donate through the FUN FUN FUNdraiser, you get five great kitty toys as a thank you! Please consider helping! And please, help find great homes for the kitties!

PS. Can someone please ask 'Sometimes, Cats Herd You' to check their spam folder? I think they are another one that has decided I'm spam... Thank you!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Another Silly Sleeper

I seem to be on a theme... Silly sleeping kitties. But then, the kitties excel at sleeping silly, so I've got lots of that!

Today it's Star again. She loves her bean bag, and she sleeps in it when it's not blocked in by anything else. Well, even when it's blocked a little bit buy some stuff..
Must have a bath before napping of course.

Then check out where the barbarian is..

Gotta turn around until a comfy spot is found.

Getting sleepy....

May not look comfortable to you, but comfy is in the eye of the sleeper.


Personally, I don't see how she can sleep like that, but hey, it's her nap..

Have you been over to Daily Dose? Boy are they going through a lot recently! Those kittens someone dumped out in the middle of nowhere, that momma cat and her babies who showed up on the porch of a man who suddenly had to go into the hospital. Not to mention the young kitties about to move into the cat house, which, as you know, is full! So please, please, do what you can. Share them on facebook and twitter. Talk to your friends and family about finding homes. Buy her wonderful book. Be thinking about a brick as that sale starts in October. Donate if you can.

Oh! And don't forget about the FUN FUN FUNdraiser!
Every bit of your donation, save postage and a very tiny bit for materials, goes to those kitties! That's $12 of ever $15 donation direct to the kitties of Winnie's Wish! And for that donation, you get five, yes FIVE great toys!
With so many neuters/spays and shots coming up, not to mention food and litter and testings, they are going to need every dollar we can send!

Thank you to those who have joined in already! If you can, spread the word of the FUNdraiser on facebook and twitter too!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Daddy's Girl

Star is a Daddy's girl. She adores him. And while he tries to deny it, he adores her too. Need proof? Here ya go!

He does not like kitties to have noses above the table, especially while we're eating. But then, how do you explain the following pictures. This is right after dinner. She snuck up on the footstool that's under the table (and not occupied by Leo, who's usually there) and then begged for attention. Or bacon...

Yes, that is how I like having my nose pet, both thumbs please!

What do you want? This is my daddy, my snuggle time.

Oh purrrrrrrrrrrr

I loves you daddy.

Do you love your kitty? Need to spoil them? I bet you can guess what's coming next!
You got it! You can get your kitties five great toys by making a simple minimum donation of just $15 to Winnie's Wish! And if you're reading the Daily Dose blog, you will know that there's an urgent need at the moment.
So please, join our FUN FUN FUNdraiser! And if you already have, Thank you! And please share the link with your friends!